jeep liberty cherokee power steering fluid cooler

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jeep liberty cherokee power steering fluid cooler
jeep liberty cherokee power steering fluid cooler

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 03 lib power steering fluid & antifreeze

Cant find a definate answer on power steering fluid for my 03. book says see dealer some say ATF 4. I just want to make sure whats right before Im topping the res off. And are global antifreezes alright What are the guidelines I should follow when choosing antifreeze Yes this is my first jeep. Thanks

HOATG05 should be flushed and replenished every 5 years or sooner. The power steering requires ATF4. It does get dirty that PS fluid and it should be flushed out as well. I now use a mixture of ATF4 and LubeGard power steering fluid which immediately quietened down the pump and it now runs cooler. No stiff steering when cold either. I suction out the PS fluid once a year from the reservoir and get clean stuff in there.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Power steering cooler

I know what it does but why towing create the need for one Just curious.

i was kinda shocked to see this too i cant see how towing would create a need for a cooler for power steering fluid. a tranny cooler on the other hand would have been a better choice.

package but why a power steering fluid cooler also I agree an oil cooler would be nice also.

Maybe its because some people dont know how to back up with a trailer and theyre always cranking over the wheel. Or for slow speed trail climbing and having to make a lot of steering inputs. Theres a sythentic PS fluid out there. DC probably should have just done that instead.

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE power steering pump replaced

My wifes 2005 kj 4x2 limited w 3.7liter started to get a small leak between front wheels about a month ago. fluid was slippery and red tint. Couldnt spot the source. Leak progressed worse and worse. steering was groaning but fluid were all good. Engine had no loss oc power no excess white exhaust and oil clear as well as coolant color ok. Just to rule head gasket I ran a CO2 test on the surge tank

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2003 Liberty - Power steering pressure line leak

2003 liberty - 250000k It seems the thin metal power steering pressure line that runs along the front bottom (under the engine) of the vehicle has rusted and is starting to leak fluid. However Chrysler doesnt seem to offer the part on its own and they want to replace the whole rack and pinion system which will be about 6-800 labour to install. Other garage said they might be able to source out someone

is it the hard line that loops from drivers side to passengers then back to drivers on the front crossmember I think its there to act as a fluid cooler of sorts for the PS setup

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Noob Fluid question.

Sorry for such a noob question but I just had my transmission fluid changed.. and power steering (transmission at Jiffy) (power steering mechcanic) My jeep currently has 109000. No transmission problems no steering issues. When should I be flushing transmission agaion When should I be flushing power steering again Thank you.

ATF4 is used both in the transmission and power steering. I would personally suction out what ever is in the power steering reservoir when hot. Note level. (ATF4 Compatible synthetic) Then replace with Lubegard power steering with LXE....this stuff is good and will keep things in smooth quiet working order keep seals moist and help when cold. I used the 32 oz bottle as in this link 10. My pump was

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Changing trans fluid

Is it hard to change trans fluid for AT Took my liberty to a shop and they said they would half to take half the car apart...maybe an exaggeration but they did not attempt it until they told me so it must have been significant. Dan

Torque spec is 105 in lbs on the 545RFE transmission and 15 ft lb on the 42RLE. Never unhook your cooler line and pump out the transmission thats rediculous. If you change your oil every 30K the trans will last a very long time. All unhooking the line does is what someone else mentioned burns your pump up. Same kind of pump as your power steering you run that dry and what happens it whines and eventually

Quote Originally Posted by brandoncrone Torque spec is 105 in lbs on the 545RFE transmission and 15 ft lb on the 42RLE. Never unhook your cooler line and pump out the transmission thats rediculous. If you change your oil every 30K the trans will last a very long time. All unhooking the line does is what someone else mentioned burns your pump up. Same kind of pump as your power steering you run that


I am looking to put the tow package parts on my Wifes liberty but the only place I have found them is through Mopars site. Anyone know a place to get the parts cheaper. It says that it will only to 2000 without the engine fan cooling kit and the boat we are looking at with trailer is almost 2200 lbs. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by &liberty4all Sorry 02limited but it is a transmission cooler a power steering cooler looks the same but jeep does not pre install a exturnal power steering cooler on 02-04 libertynot sure about 05 but we are talking about a 03. and no you do not need one for towing. Section 19 page 20 in the service manual The power steering fluid cooler is located at the front of the vehicle.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Towing package vs. tow hitch

Hiya I am looking at a used liberty CRD but it doesnt have the tow package. Can I add this myself and get the same towing capacity and ability I would get with the factory package If so what do you think this would cost to add Thanks

All KJs as far as Ive seen have PS coolers in addition to the transmission cooler. The reason for the power steering cooler is DC has had problems with mini vans overheating the power steering rack they had a problem while testing the KJ in the real world(Rubicon Trail) with the power steering overheating so they all get a ps cooler. That is why the correct power steering fluid for any Chrylerjeep

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE P0299 Code. Low Turbo Boost

CEL P0299. I have checked the hoses and they are fine. I know these vehicles are notorious for bad EGR valves. I have been on here a few times. I am leaning towards trying to clean the valve (I know it is a pain in the arss to get too) and going with the GDE upgrade. I am a little slow to make a decision. Anyone with any thoughts on the best way to get to the valve and if the GDE CPU upgrade is worth the 500.00.

really irritates me The 100 oil changes I meticulously followed every 3200 miles were with mobile one 0 w 40 an API CF oil an oil that IS NOT designed to be used in a diesel engine with an EGR AN EGR THAT EVERYONE IS FINDING CLOGGED UP AND SOOTED... The US MANUAL REQUIRES ONLY THIS OIL yet the car was supposedly delivered to the dealerships with a different oil MY CAR WAS AT THE MARINO CHRYSLER jeep

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Help what is this hose

Hello i will first start off by saying that im a tech guy not a car guy. Im completely stupid when it comes to cars. With that said i recently got the high pressure power steering hose replaced on my jeep liberty 3 days ago. Today i noticed this hose poking down thru the front of my jeep. Does anyone have any idea of what this might be When i turn the jeep on and turn the wheel nothing comes out of

try to trace it out. my 05 liberty has a power steering cooler an AC condenser and a transmission fluid cooler that all run hoses around that general area it could be any of them. Have you run your AC since you noticed this

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE How low is low pressure

Hi all Been a while since i have contacted the forum but the jeep hasnt let me down.....tis broke After a few Zjs i now have a Kj. 2.5CRD Sport. Problem i have is a leaking power steering pipe. The low pressure one that returns from the cooler in front of the rad to the fluid reservoir. Leak is a spilt in the metal pipe. Question is how low is the pressure and temp here Want to avoid a full replacement

JEEP WRANGLER Definitive Hemi Swap Q&A

Im looking for a few answers to a few specific hemi swap questions. 1. Which 5.7 engine (year and vehicle) is the best way to go I see the GC Commanders Durangos and the 1500s. Ive been reading I should avoid MDS and VVT engines. 2. If youve done the swap does your cruise still work or can you get it to work Im curious about the Rubicon folks as well seeing if they got all that stuff to work. Heres

motor and 545RFE trans. 2. No info on the cruise yet but once mine is in and running I am going to try to make it work. 3. The truck NVLD is needed for full emissions in Cali. I am using my 98 tank with an 06 fuel pump. I am going to adapt the 06 truck NVLD. I should research this a little more actually because if I could use an 05-06 wrangler setup in the factory mount Id go that route. 4. jeepSpeedShop

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