jeep liberty cherokee radiator grille

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jeep liberty cherokee radiator grille
jeep liberty cherokee radiator grille

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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE How To Install Replace Front Radiator Grille 2005-07 Jeep Liberty

How To Install Replace Front radiator grille 2005-07 jeep liberty YouTube YouTube

So much easier than my 2004.

I have to say of all the KJ things you could make a how-to video about removing the grille on an 05-07 would seem the least necessary


Is it just me or is the front grille on the liberty too open and just a big invitation to radiator damage. I can see some stones have already bent the radiator fins in a couple of places.

I forget exactly where I saw it but I came across this grille insert that went between the outide casing and the radiator itself. I think it was meant to add more bling bling but its honeycomb pattern would be useful for at lease deflecting some road debris. But then your shiney honeycomb grille thingy would just get all marred up.

I guess you could drive backwards Steve to protect the radiator but thats not the best idea. I have AC in my liberty which puts the condenser in front of the radiator on mine. To protect it from stones and bugs I installed a screen between the grill insert. It seems to work pretty well and is an easy install. If you would like me to send some pictures of what it looks like just email me. A little time and about 6.00 is what your looking at. Later Brad IN 03 liberty

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Im struggling to find a winter radiator grill muff I want to get the heater blowing hot instead of luke warm..the blower & heater are fine ( upgraded resisier etc ) it just cold here -10 last night can anyone help .

First off does your factory engine temperature gauge show a normal temp reading ( temp needle in the middle) Also when in all honesty have you had your liberty in a real shop to have the cooling system flushed and re-filled with the correct coolant (No I didnt read all the comments to this thread.) You can buy chrome grille trim incerts that restrict the air flow through the grille. That will help.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 3.7 RAdiator change out question

Well looks like the radiator in my friends liberty has failed (as I just sold it to her I feel obliged to help fix it ). Anyway Ive searched alot of great info on here and found that nearly all UK 3.7 jeeps have the additional fan so that will need to come off. What I cant find though is any reference to removing the hoses that seem to go in around half way up on the RH side (looking forwards). Ive

Quote Originally Posted by Tkarner03 i changed my radiator about 2 weeks ago and didnt do anything with the hoses on the RH side. just make sure you got radiator completely loose and wiggle it out. thats how i got mine in and out and absolutely nothing is wrong or damaged Thanks for the reply. Does your liberty have Aircon and Power steering ( I assume all have power steering). Im going to have to

Quote Originally Posted by AndyTee Thanks for the reply. Does your liberty have Aircon and Power steering ( I assume all have power steering). Im going to have to take another look under the bonnet and check those hoses as I was sure they went into one of the end tanks on the radiator however the text below is taken from the shop manual (3) Remove the front grill (Refer to 23 - BODYEX- TERIORgrille

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Radiator removal problems

Im really struggling to get the viscous fan off in an effort to change my radiator on my 2002 liberty. I need a tool hold the water pump pulley in place but cant get hold of one in the UK. In the USA there is a tooll available here I was going to make my own and would be very grateful if someone can measure the length of the holes on the

i dont remember pulling the fan off to replace mine but i replaced the condenser at the same time. we were in a fender bender the ins co paid us then the ac went out no biggie then the radiator had a hairline crack a few months later. i pulled the grille and bumper cover out and did it all from the front as i recall. i also made it a point to bring my wife out when i had it all apart just to see the look on her face when her jeep had no face while she looked at the skeleton she almost cried.......

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE pictures of grille guards...anyone

im looking to put a grille guard to my KJ and was wondering if anyone here had picutures of some grille guards on their liberty. i dont see many of them but i want to get an idea of whitch one to put on my car..

Well did not get a bull bar soon enough. On trip 600 miles from home hit deer on I-90 in Minnesota take out radiator everything in that open hole in front. Rental car back home car trailer next day to get liberty will need all front parts radiator trans cooler lights hood etc. Going to replace all with the ARB bull bar for KJ. Suggest you do the same before it happens to you. Easily spent over what

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2005 insert to stop bugs from destroying my radiator

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a good grille insert to stop bugs from destroying my radiator. I have heard to not buy through mopar because they are very expensive. Thanks for the help

Dude do you live in a Starship Troopers planet What kind of bugs are there in your area... Kidding aside I have seen people sliding cardboard in front of the grille but another set uf windows screens could help as well..

Obviously not. It sounds scary. They are also selling those shiny grille inserts that are tighter than the other ones check them on ebay they look like someone just cut them and ship them to you doesnt look touched up much but they may serve the purpose.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2004 jeep liberty 3.7 sport radiator fan control relay location

Ive been looking for this relay. I know where the 40amp is and its fine. Want to know where the control relay is to change it. Im getting the error code p1491.

Its under the battery tray newer relays have a big heat sink on them so possibly look different from the one fitted at the moment. Easiest way I found was to take off the grille battery and tray and then you can even easily remove the headlamp assy to give you more room.


I just bought a 2004 liberty Sport -- and promptly broke it in nice and slowly 300 miles of slow n easy dirt road driving between 5000 - 6000 ft. high in the mountains along the Idaho-Montana border. Love the liberty Dont love the stock lighting Too much of my night driving is on the North Idaho back roads where youre as likely to see deer elk and moose as you are other cars. Extra lighting is a MUST

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Yet another towing question...

Because ours is a 2002 and has that over-sized tranny can it really tow more than the 2000 pounds the manual says (without factory tow options) Were renting a hybrid camper that says 2300 pounds dry but loaded with water and etc. itll probably be much closer to 3000. I figure well just try it out and if the trans temp light comes on Ill know thats too much but has anyone tried towing large loads with the 45RFE stock

radiator. It is a smaller vertical cooler in front of the radiator. I would suggest the factory 7-pin wiring harness. Makes it easy to install a brake controller if you determine you need it in the future (I would personally but thats your call. Its not the going but the slowing when towing...) Go to this page and scroll down to the 7-pin harness. Below it is the supplemental harness. If your jeep


I was driving by a car lot and saw this Libby and had to stop to check it out. I think it was an 04 CRD 4x4 leather interior 33x13.50s Rockcrawler 8 lift. Pretty bad looking rig and you could tell they wheeled it. Thought you liberty folks would like to see it.

Quote Originally Posted by BVCRD Its a Limited. The reason why it isnt an 04 CRD is that they didnt make a jeep liberty CRD until 2005. It has an 06 grill in it. Probably aftermarket. It is a CRD though as determined from the extra cooling in front of the radiator...............................But wait do you gassers have both belt cooling and electric PS cooling Heres the story. Its a 2005 or 2006.


My daugther screw up today. Be a couple of weeks before I can get there and see how much actual damage. Doesnt look cheap though.

Sorry to see that hope it doesnt affect her insurance much - I worry about that more than a jeep. If going the self-repair route instead of a full claim and body shop estimates there are lots of liberty folks here that might chime in with help. Liberties are usually pretty sturdy and as long as no airbag deployment shouldnt be too awful... looks like the plastic fascia pieces are toast at least one

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Liberty Trans Cooler Plumbing

Ive got the grilleradiator area open for repair on my 03 liberty 3.7L and want to install an aux trans cooler. Hayden directions say to plumb in series on the return line to the trans. Anyone know which line at the cooler is the return

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2004 AC cooling when i drive red lights stops cooling.

Hi guys and gals need help with my 2004 liberty AC. Not sure what this is but maybe someone can shed some light on my situation. Here goes.... When i drive the AC seems to cool properly. The problem starts when i stop a red light or stop the vehicle with engine running you hear this loud noise from the front engine area (sounds like this - TACK) then the AC blows warm air as you sit at the light for

httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf28possible-air-conditioning-problem-wont-cool-off-816032 FYI When you turn on the AC the fan needs to kick on and pull cool air over the condensor. This is located right behind your grille and looks like a radiator. If the fan is not working the AC will still cool when you are driving because air is being forced through the condensor. When you stop at a light the condensor has no air and the AC gets hot. Good Luck.


Hello everyone Im on my second liberty - first was an 2002 V6 auto the new one is a 2005 V6 auto. Im having a problem with my trans temp light coming on during moderate 4WD operation specifically when driving around on the forest roads here in CO. I drive a road that rises 2600 in about 4 miles 9800 to 11400. There are a couple of sort of long sort of steep pitches but nothing major or extreme. In

Quote Originally Posted by Mike_L Thanks for all the replies and info. Ranger I looked at that aux cooler on line didnt see one at Auto Zone - but Im sure I can get one. It looks like theres an input from the trans and a return line to install. Where did you mount the cooler And where do you tap into the trans How hard a job was it and is there any impact on the 770 powertrain warranty Thanks again

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE fuel milage 03 renegade

Anyone have any advice to increase fuel milage My 03 renegade gets about 16 mpg. Been thinking about a complete K&N intake system Help please Thank you Stan

Quote Originally Posted by sevenn07 On the highway I believe the CAI could have a little bit of an effect. Not ram air but just colder air forced through. Better than sucking from right under the hood with a hot engine. It sucks air in from just behind the grille in front of the radiator. the stock KJ has a cold air intake from the factory good sir as do 99.9999999999% of automobiles produced in the

JEEP CHEROKEE Want to buy a used Cherokee... what should I look for

Hi everyone. Im in the market for a used cherokee. I did some research & came ti the conclusion that I can afford a 97 through 2000 model (based on a budget of 10000). What I want to know is... Whats the difference between the Sport versus everything else Im a VW enthusiast & dont know much about jeeps so any information as far as which model to get which would be great. Which year did the cherokees

with the crossmember contact can be eliminated. 1990s 1996 The cherokee is of monocoque construction - no separate chassis - which permits a much lower car-like stance. The current cherokee shape dates from 1979 with an update in 1984. In 1997 the cherokee was revised getting a slightly more rounded shape and revised interior. The VM 2.5L turbo charged diesel was also offered in Australia. jeep

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