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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2003 liberty overheating issue

Hello new to the jeep forums obviously.. but today I was going for a short trip with family in their 03 jeep liberty 4cyl 2wd and it overheated there has been an overheating problem since it was bought the last time it was in the garage the thermostat was replaced the cooling system flushed and it seemed to be ok for a while at least until today after some slow neighborhood driving. In the parking

Quote Originally Posted by jeeplibltd Hello Im having the same problem with my 2002 jeep liberty ltd. One day was driving to work and out of nowhere the thermostat shot to the H. During the time my air was still working and there was no smoke until I parked. Once I parked the smoke came and what looked like coolant all flushed out the bottom of it. Yesterday I went out and bought a new radiator cap

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Towing with a 4x4 liberty sport

Is it possible to tow a boat with these vehicles If so which hitch and accessories do i need. It isnt a huge boat. About 17-18 ft. runabout. Any help is greatly appreciated.

a bit of research on every aspect of the CRDs. From what I can tell the CRDs already have the power steering and transmission cooling on them even if they did not come from the factory with the tow package. I say this because on a CRD the price of the trailer group is 285. I would seriously doubt they would put two coolers the hitch and electrical wiring for that amount. If you look on a gas liberty

the price is 365. This says to me they may add the coolers on the gas models with the hitch and wiring. It just looking at the radiators on the CRDs there are no visible changes between the ones with and without the trailer group. I could be wrong but thats just my .02 Yes they can charge 285 when you get it from the factory. Ever wonder why the factory skids are alot cheaper if they come on the jeep

a bit of research on every aspect of the CRDs. From what I can tell the CRDs already have the power steering and transmission cooling on them even if they did not come from the factory with the tow package. I say this because on a CRD the price of the trailer group is 285. I would seriously doubt they would put two coolers the hitch and electrical wiring for that amount. If you look on a gas liberty



I have a 2002 jeep liberty with the towing package that just had the plastic on the radiator cracked. I am looking for a replacement and was wondering what a good modelbrand was.

I promise you. If you buy aftermarket for your liberty. You will hate it. Hate your jeep. Hate your life. Seriously. Dont do it. The liberty runs at 18 psi. The 3.7 L aftermarket radiators are rated to a max of 15 psi. It wont say it on the box but I called the manufacturer and they freaked out. They obviously didnt make the aftermarket to meet or exceed the specs specifically for the liberty. Buy

Quote Originally Posted by jeepkj617 I promise you. If you buy aftermarket for your liberty. You will hate it. Hate your jeep. Hate your life. Seriously. Dont do it. The liberty runs at 18 psi. The 3.7 L aftermarket radiators are rated to a max of 15 psi. It wont say it on the box but I called the manufacturer and they freaked out. They obviously didnt make the aftermarket to meet or exceed the specs

Quote Originally Posted by Turbobearcat I have to call Bullsht on this one...the tanks are made from plastic and I had ZERO problems with mine..and its been well over 3 months. No leaks or cracks or overheating has been what you want the chances are it will last just as long. Well I can attest to how crappy aftermarket radiators arewent through 5 of them in 20000 miles.One did not even

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Coolant System Questions

Hi everyone I normally hang out in the xj section of the forum cause thats what I own. A friend asked me post a few questions on your board. I tried to search but could not find any answers. He has a 2003 liberty with the 3.7 engine. He thinks it has the dreaded closed cooling system that plagued the earlier xjs. Is that true If so is there a way to convert to an open system There is an excellent write

Haha some people may not know what youre talking about on the xjs. Ive read about that and the kj does NOT have that problem. They did go back to the open system on the 07 kjs for no reason though. Only thing that seems to be a problem with the libertys cooling system is cracking radiators and the normal water pumps going bad(just like all jeeps). Most people will first notice their heat not working

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Things I should look out for before buying a JK with 168K Miles

Hey Fellas First post and potential First jeep coming to the parking lot I used to be a 2003 Lifted Trailblazer owner but sadly went away. Im currently in the market for a liberty and came across a 2003 liberty Renegade if im not mistaken. I havent seen the car in person but only got pictures of it. Im planning on seeing the guy over the weekend for a test drive and check up. I love this jeep but its

system to look for leaks. Read the OBD2 codes with a scanner to see if any trouble codes are stored. I dont consider it a common problem but quite a few people report compression problems particularly on cylinder 2. libertys are known to crack radiators. They tend to get small cracks somewhere on the black plastic part of the radiator. Mine was a tiny pinhole that made tiny bubbles when the jeep

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Leaking coolant... Cracked radiator

So heres the situation. About 2 months ago I had an oil change performed on my jeep at VIP (I had a gift card there from Christmas that I used up). The change and courtesy inspection they do went well and everything seemed ok. Immediately upon pulling off their lot I noticed I barely had any heat at low RPMs. While getting up to speed etc heat was fine. Checked the coolant level reserve was almost

Very nice pictures and diagnosis. Ill hit a few quick topics here - tjkj knows alot more about it but Ive had to replace my radiator in my 02 KJ renegade about 7 or 8 times. HOAT coolant can be found unmixed at either the jeep dealership (its like a red ish pink) or at a ford dealership (premium gold coolant). You can also get another comapny at just a parts store (so Ive heard.. its Zerex) but I can


I just bought a 2004 liberty Sport -- and promptly broke it in nice and slowly 300 miles of slow n easy dirt road driving between 5000 - 6000 ft. high in the mountains along the Idaho-Montana border. Love the liberty Dont love the stock lighting Too much of my night driving is on the North Idaho back roads where youre as likely to see deer elk and moose as you are other cars. Extra lighting is a MUST

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE towing packages for 2007 Liberty

I read in a recent thread something about the 2007 liberty having the extra cooling radiators for the transmission and power steering fluid as standard equipment. Can any of you guys confirm whether or not that is the case and if it also came with the break controller harness Thanks in advance for your response.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE I need help finding a replacement radiator for an 03 Liberty

Ive found dozens of places that sell replacement radiators but the problem is that they all include Transmision Oil Coolers therefore there are connections on the radiator for the transmission fluid lines. My liberty has the 42RLE transmission which uses an oil cooler seperate from the radiator so the replacement I get should not include connections for the transmission fluid and I cannot find a replacement

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE What are common problems with your Liberty

Hello everyone Im usually over at the YJ forums but since my GF is looking to buy a liberty I was wondering what to expect as far as problems. What goes wrong and what mileage it happened. Does the drive train hold up past 100000 miles or do things start falling apart. Is there a certain year that has had problems Things like that. Im just looking for personal experiences.

at 190k TPS at 210k 2 AC compressors (100k and 180k) passenger side intermediate shaft and CV (180k) front drive shaft (175k) upper a arms (160k) oil pressure sensor (200k). It has been lifted since 40k miles with 2457516 tires. The 02 and some 03s had the better 45rfe transmission and all others have the 42rle. The 42rle seems to be a lot weaker and I see a lot more posts about problems. The liberty

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE yj owner needs some help from you liberty owners

Hey guys I need your opinion on a liberty Im looking at buying. Its a 2005 v6 4 wheel drive with 175000 miles on the clock. They are asking 5900.00 financed. I drove it today and it seems to run just fine it has a slight pull to the right other than that feels ok. (Im thinking it needs an alignment.) Its in pretty good condition other than a few broken interior parts that are easy to replace. The engine

05s and 06s are way prone to window regulator disintegration. Has been a few posts here of 3.7 deaths but that can happen with any manufacturer or model. If you have any doubts have a friend that knows his way around a wrench check it out. Broken interior parts is usually a sign of poor overall care from previous owners. Get the seller to pony up for a carfax report - also get the VIN and have a jeep


Was in some stop and go traffic with my boss and his jeep overheated now whenever you have the heat on it alternates from hot for 10-20 seconds then back to cold for a minute or two. What are some possible causes of this I searched and found nothing conclusive. Thanks guys Mike

Check the coolant level. Seeems like some people have been having troubles with radiators cracking and leaking. How many miles are on the jeep and what year is it


Need to replace my radiator...What are good brands or ones I want to stay away from Any input would be great

its really up to you. I went spectra because its all I could get quick. It has a lifetime warranty on parts and labor when installed by a professional. However in less than 6 months I have gone through 5 yes 5 radiators. They come apart where the plastic tank connects to the aluminum core or the plastic just cracks. I dropped my radiator pressure cap from 18 psi (what is recommended by jeep) down to

I went through 3 aftermarket radiators(one CSF and 2 localall made in the same plant in china) in about 9000 miles due to seal failures on the passeneger side lower tank.Dished out the for a OEM and it has outlasted the last 3 combined so far so the extra cost is well worth it even when the aftermarket ones have a lifetime warranty as being SFAd its a little more difficult. Heck even at work we have

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE CRD Technician Video Fact Sheet

Just watched the CRD Master Technician Video with highlights of the 2.8 CRD Some we knew 4 valves per cylinder 160 hp 295 ft lbs of torque variable-geometry turbocharger. What I did not know that there is a engine driven viscous heater that looks like a air conditioning compressor with a clutch driven face that will provide supplemental heat to the passenger compartment. Cast Iron cylinder block with

Quote Originally Posted by ukliberty I do have to say though that the huge lump of a fan that they place on the front of the engine does not help - it sucks way too much air through. Am looking to replace with an electric one soon. Im not sure where I get this but it is my understanding that the liberty CRD which will ship in North America has a mechanical fan as well as a supplementary electric fan


At about 117000 (maybe 5 months ago) my radiator cracked in the top right corner on the plastic part. I had a new one put in at over 350. The new radiator has a life time warranty on it which is great. About a week after the new radiator was put in i noticed I was leaking transmission fluid from the radiator. brought it back and had a new one put in free of charge. A few months later I found another

Do not use a lower psi capyour system was designed for a 18psi cap and that is what must be used for proper cooling. Aftermarket radiators for the KJ just suckI know I had the same problem you had.It sucks changing it out when its snowinggot so good at it that I can change my radiator in 45mins.I sad screw it after replacing 4 radiators in 10000 miles and got a OEM radiator(yep 470) and has been problem free for the last 10000 miles.

Quote Originally Posted by jeepkj617 Things I know so far Entire system holds pressure for 24 hours when the radiator is first put in Coolant is clean looking Engine oil is clean Last radiator began leaking when the system was cold and not pressurized No coolant is ever left in the coolant overflow Your issues were just like minewould only leak when cold and the leak would go away when warmed up.Its

Quote Originally Posted by jeepkj617 I actually had the radiator cap replaced when i had the first new radiator put in. New doesnt mean its working. Could be bad luck and you got a faulty one... Quote Originally Posted by jeepkj617 my system runs at about oh idk... basically right about 0 psi right now because it keeps going through radiators so it constantly has holes. The holes dont mean that pressure

Quote Originally Posted by jeepkj617 Thank you everyone for helping. Had the radiator cap tested and it is venting at about 18 psi. When there is a hole and the cap is closed there is so little pressure that when the engine is hot you can take the cap off and no air comes rushing out I left the pressure tester gauge on over night and it hadnt dropped at all when i checked it the next day still at 17


Ive got 02 jeep liberty with a 3.7 V6 that has about 105000 miles. Last month it overheated but I caught it before the needle ever hit the red replaced the thermostat and that fixed it. Two days later it started missing badly throbbing and jerking even when at a stop. The check engine light was on for about a year before this and was told it was an O2 sensor and no big deal so I didnt mess with it.

Originally Posted by jklanier84 Oh man yea the Northstars were such crap. Spike the temp one time and its a motor swap. Worst part was the radiators were garbage too and liked to crack andor blow out big nasty holes and on that motor there was no kinda running hot to warn you. It was fine one minute and the next minute the heads warped clean off the block.... I found out the hard way with our liberty.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Radiator replacement after just three years

Our 2005 cherokee Limited which we just made the last payment on needs a replacement radiator already. Is this an unusually short lifespan Its always been serviced by the main dealer according to the schedule and its not been driven hard either. Then again we live in the Middle East and so its being driven regularly in temperatures of 120F with high humidity.

Quote Originally Posted by AVR2 Our 2005 cherokee Limited which we just made the last payment on needs a replacement radiator already. Is this an unusually short lifespan Its always been serviced by the main dealer according to the schedule and its not been driven hard either. Then again we live in the Middle East and so its being driven regularly in temperatures of 120F with high humidity. Yes that

The plastic sides on the libertys radiators are known to crack. If thats what it is then it was just a defect. If its over heating I would check everything else first. Seems odd it would already be plugged up unless someone used the wrong coolant.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Axullary Transmission Cooler

Im looking for an axullary transmission cooler for my jeep liberty. I dont want to get into the arguement about if the liberty has a cooler or not. I know it has a radiator tranny cooler but I want an axullary cooler. The wife will kill me if I kill the tranny not to mention I dont want to spend 2-3k on a rebuild. The trailer Im going to be pulling this summer has a max. of 2000 lbs but a larger trailer

That makes sense to me but Im not sure wherehow to mount it. The one I put on my cherokee a couple of years ago I used the pastic tie downs and pulled through the radiator but Im not sure if I want to do that with the KJ. radiators are a bit expensive and if that type of mounting reduced its lifetime Ill be living in an Iglo next winter in the front yard (No dog so no doghouse )

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2003 jeep liberty - Loosing coolant

about once a week i need to add about 13 gallon of coolant. dealer thinks i may have a cracked engine gasket or need a head job Man this sounds super expensive. Is there anything I can check to confirm it actually needs a head job I dont see radiator fluid on the driveway floor. However I checked the engine dipstick today and the oil filler cap.. i did NOT see the milky residue people described in

radiator. Two out of the three radiators in ThunderbirdJunkies KJ left no coolant on the ground.

If you have water droplets along side of the radiator its leaking if your radiator is like mine its aluminum with plastic tanks on each side these are not repairable like the old copper radiators with metal tanks when was the last time you changed antifreeze and flushed it I would start calling around for a radiator dont get the cheapest one out there the Chinese ones arent worth the time to put in.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2005 Jeep Liberty Burning Oil

Hello New here I searched the forum first before asking about burning oil. First a little about my car. Its an 2005 with 245000 miles on it bought it new and drove it just about everywhere. Lot of miles. I havent really had any problems before now had to have the differential rebuilt at 168k miles along with the housing 2 new radiators and thats about it -knock on wood-. But lately its been starting

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2002 Jeep Liberty overheating

jeep dealer said i need radiator and thermostat have not done yet. Another mechanic said to replace clutch fan which we did. still over heating. IS it the radiator and thermostat any other suggestions

Quote Originally Posted by pav245 Had a minute radiator crack show up on my wifes 2002 KJ. It was high up on the plastic reservoir right behind the rubber air dam on the drivers side. New radiator was 175 at Autozone so I used JB Weld to fix the old one Was able to just drain the radiator and epoxy it without removing it. The repair worked great but have never seen a radiator reservoir crack like that

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 I see about 2-3 cracked plastic tanks on radiators a weekit happens and there is no fix that will last very long besides replacement. it happened to mine about 2 yrs ago. I bought a new one and replaced it myself. I think the aftermarket one is better than the stock IMO.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE thinking about getting a liberty

Im thinking of trading in my Ford Expedition for a used liberty. Mainly as a family vehicle but it could see some off-road use as well. I know nothing about the KJs and have never even sat in one (yet). What should I look for What should I keep away from Any particularly bad years Would it be too small for a family of 4

You will not have near the room of the Expedition 15-16 mph city 19-20 mph hwy.. 02s to 05s have been the better yrs. 06 - 07s have added electronics faulty window regulaters go out constantly lower ball joints are an on going problem with 02 - 07 models. Some have had problems with radiators cracking along the side. Best bet would be to go out and drive one to see how it fits. If Mommas going to be

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Replacing 04 radiator

Hey guys I usually stay in the WJ section but my girlfriends sister asked me if I could change her radiator since its leaking from a hairline crack near the drivers side top corner of it. Ive replaced the radiator in my 86 CJ7 and swapped the axle in my WJ so I like to think Im pretty mechanically adept haha. I recommended replacing the thermostat upper and lower hoses and factory clamps while Im at

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Weird coolant leak

Hi All First post. (I couldnt find a answer by searching this forum) Im the original owner of a 2002 KJ 3.7L. 124K miles. Always synthetic oil regular maintenance no problems. 99% of driving is city streets. I live in the heat & cold of Michigan. Last week... 1224 - I noticed the heater failed upon idle. Discovered coolant reservoir empty. 1227 - jeep dealer did pressure-test water pump was leaking.

Not sure why you went with a re-manned Mopar radiator - likely to have problems in the same areas that caused it to be put in the re-man system to begin with. My guess is there is a pinhole leak at either the inlet or outlet points - typical of these radiators. The warming and cooling is opening the leak point just enough to allow the coolant to drain out. When the jeep is at the dealership for pressure

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Do you have to remove front bumper fascia to change radiator

Swapping out a rad in the KJ looks pretty straightforward but Haynes says that you have to remove the front bumper fascia. Is this really necessary All those annoying plastic rivets to be drilled out and replaced

The only rivets you should need to drill out are the ones right next to the hood latch above the radiator in the black metal plate. I just replaced with 2 bolts. Just a warning I have put more than 4 after market radiators into my jeep in less than 1 year. They all rupture crack or have other problems. If I had to do it again I would go stock radiator every time. The cost of lost coolant and frustration


Hey All Just wanted to hear some others stories about their liberty. Nutshell story behind mine - Wife came equipped with it when I married her. We just started dating when she bought it. Its a 2005 2wd 3.7L 6 speed currently has 120000. I was skeptical at first about the thing but it has grown on me (my YJ is still my 1 girl though.) This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. Only thing that

Same old things as usual change the fluids (diff & trans) - flush the cooling system with fresh HOAT (due every 5 years or 100K roughly). Check your upper and lower ball joints. Change your belt watch for any loss of coolant often as the radiators tend to suffer an earlier demise than some makes.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 2003 Liberty 3.7 overheating

My liberty keeps overheating with temp gauge only at halfway mark. We have replaced radiator(twice) thermostat radiator fan relay water pump connector to the radiator fan replaced fuse(s). The radiator fan doesnt come on although it did run when hooked to the battery. We ordered a new fan and it would not work when we plugged it in but it worked fine when hooked straight to the battery. The ac needs

Quote Originally Posted by streetglideok Time to do a block test. Go to the parts store and ask for a combustion leak tester. Napa and a few others sell them. Follow the instructions in the box. Ask on here if you have questions. I predict you will find your problem with that. IMO dont spend any more time chasing the issue until that test is done. X2............... was going to recommend just that with blowing out 2 radiators statement.

I agree with tjkj and Streetglide and think the test is the next step. But I would also like to ask if you replaced the radiator cap Ive seen faulty ones cause problems. Never seen them blow out radiators but they can let pressure build up. While the problem does sound more like pressure buildup than actual overheating if it really is the fan not coming on then it could be the temperature sensor that tells the fan when to come on.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE What Repairs did you do to your liberty

Just want to know what other liberty owners had to go through with repairs. Also list what parts you had to replace thx

Actual repairs or repairs including mods If just repairsnot including maintenace items I have one waterpump and 5 radiators(stupid aftermarket junk).Repairs with modswell that is a couple pages worth and about 45k.

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 Actual repairs or repairs including mods If just repairsnot including maintenace items I have one waterpump and 5 radiators(stupid aftermarket junk).Repairs with modswell that is a couple pages worth and about 45k. Getting ready to replace my 3rd here soon lol... wish there was a steel radiator replacement for our KJs.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE liberty transmission trouble

My 2005 liberty transmission constantly and intermitently keeps going into limp mode. Actually slammed its way into 1st gear while doing 50 mph ( completely not safe ) so now we dont take it far and at high speeds. Code showing is only P0700. took it to a trans shop and they told me it was an electrical problem told me the code explained EATX relay stuck off. Cant find this code in the book and it

Wow lots of views and no replies Foundrepaired the problem before it actually went to the dealer. Cut opendisassembled wiring harnesses and traced wiring related to the EATX relay and foundrepaired brokencorroded yellow(wblue trace) relay control wire in harness that runs in the front under the radiators. Looks like it was pelted with road rocks over time and damaged that wire. Just for anyones future knowledge.


I am thinking about looking at a 2002 liberty with 150000 miles. What are some things to be looking for Trouble spots Is that too many miles Can I haul a bike in it with the seats down Thanks Scott

Quote Originally Posted by cliffordingles Sorry to jump in but the radiator thing. Is that a common problem I just got an 04 with a 2.4 and a 5 speed and I have noticed a very small amount of leaking coolant on the drivers side... Yep common problem and aftermarket radiators are worse.I went through 5 aftermarket radiators in less then 1.5 yearsone went south with zero drive miles.It was installedsystem bleedand then sat for 3 months and started leaking.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE 3.7 RAdiator change out question

Well looks like the radiator in my friends liberty has failed (as I just sold it to her I feel obliged to help fix it ). Anyway Ive searched alot of great info on here and found that nearly all UK 3.7 jeeps have the additional fan so that will need to come off. What I cant find though is any reference to removing the hoses that seem to go in around half way up on the RH side (looking forwards). Ive

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 If you hace the 45RFE trans you will need to remove the 2 trans cooler lines that connect to the radiatoreasy job.No need to remove any power steering lines or AC lines.You will need to drill out the 2 rivits on the upper radiator support.The biggest thing is to remove the battery trayit will save you alot of time and effort.Also be very carefull pulling the radiator

Sorry if I expressed myself wrong. I mean the fan with propeller blades and and a slippery heataktivated centre. The main engine fan. Sucking air through the radiators. That is the one I took away and got a quieter enginge with less vibrations. There is air enough through the radiators to cool the engine. You must be thinking of the extra heater visco termo thing that one works fine and will stay forever. anders

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Working out the bugs nees some advice

Hey guys I bought an 03 KJ 4wd Limited with 185k miles. The plastic end on the radiator cracked a couple days ago. That one was more then likely my fault. I didnt have it but a couple days and I never checked to see how the coolantwater mixture was. The temperature dropped to the mid 20s and the next day I noticed a small puddle after driving and saw the crack on the plastic end cap behind the flap.

X2 as 02blue. Plastic radiators bust. Right in same time line as yours. I just swapped out my daughters 02. If it were me I would have held off adfing dexcool but too late. Right now Id drain all I could and flush with hose until Im confident ALL of it is gone. This includes the thermostat and purging heater coil. Then fill with HOAT. Libbys are extremely sensitive to overheating so being very careful

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Need a new radiator

So I found out today that my radiator in my 2002 KJ sport V6 is cracker and I need a new one. I was quoted for 535 today at NTB. Does anyone have an idea of how much it should cost Thanks for the input.

Quote Originally Posted by huntbuggy Isnt the OEM from Mexico Everythings plastic composite tank now in any case... I guess take your pick. Perhaps OMIX still sources some stuff from the good old USA. Agree price isnt everything if you need serious performance and heavy cooling (in which case why not go for a high-perf truck full aluminum from SummitRacing or Jegs) Mines an aftermarket from China

Quote Originally Posted by tjkj2002 The sad thing is the last 5 radiators that have failed me has not been from that crack on the upperdrivers side tankits always the gasket leaking from the lowerpassenger side tank right by the lower radiator hose. Oh and no aftermarket all alloy radiators for a KJ unless you custom make one or modify one to work in a KJ. And I found mine doing that since the cold

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