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JEEP WRANGLER cel codes p0031 p0037 p0052 and p0057

I have an 05LJ and the engine light comes on and off more on than off and when i check the codes i get p0031 p0037 p0051 and p0057. could it actually be just the 02 sensors or something bigger. hard to believe they would all go at the same time.

Id check the fusesrelays having that many triggered at once sounds like an electrical problem.

check the wires at your sensors. sounds like thayre shorting to ground somewhere. i read on a subaru forum not long ago about this happening and the guys wiring on his airfuel sensor and o2 sensor were melted and shorted.

Quote Originally Posted by oakmckinley Id check the fusesrelays having that many triggered at once sounds like an electrical problem. which fuse are related to the o2 sensors i didnt think there was one but i am not one to know a lot about them.

i dont believe there are any relays but there are fuses. look in the fuse box under your hood. youll find the fuse(s) in there. if you had a bad fuse you would be getting a no signal code for you o2. look at your wires for any damage.


I posted a few months ago that my check engine light was coming on and it was giving p0052. Which is the code for Heater control circuit high forgot which bank and sensor. I think the back sensor. My dealer ship replaced it and 3 days later it came on again. They were trying to say that my Airaid CAI and throttle body spacer was providing too much oxygen for the computer to work with and it was burning

An update and review of all my findings on this thread I installed the Airaid CAI and throttle body spacer back in the winter months and have been doing great with my 06 jeep wrangler Rubicon. I re-oiled the filter and drove it for a few days and everything was fine. At the beginning of the summer I took it down to the coast in Texas and my check engine light came on. To this day and then the engine

JEEP WRANGLER Engine Codes - thanks for help

Recently my jeep has been throwing a bunch of codes and it sems to get worse when I run the AC. In fact the jeep was confused at one point and the rev-limiter kicked in at 2500 rpms and not at the 6500 that its supposed to. Im hoping you guys can help me out. So it throws codes P0032 P0038 p0052 and P0058 which are all O2 sensor related (heater circuit high voltage) - so I replaced the O2 sensors but

JEEP WRANGLER Coder readers

What mechanism do you use to get the engine codes

Quote Originally Posted by j_niko What mechanism do you use to get the engine codes try the key trick. put the key in the ignition and turn it from on to off three times. after that where the gauge cluster normally shows your mileage you should see a code (e.g. p0052) or something like that. please see both httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf9ch...trick-1072145 httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf9tj...e-list-861376

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 2005 Throwing O2 Sensor Codes

Im having a problem similar to this thread. About once a month the jeep starts up and then stalls out. Im unable to start it for a day or so then it will start up normal with no issues. As of now it has the following codes stored. P0032 P0038 p0052 P0058 It seems like the problem started when my battery died in November. Im going to inspect the grounds

Its running again. I disconnected the battery to clean some corrosion. I hooked everything back up and tried to start it. No go. After putting everything away I tried it again just to see. It fired right up just like normal. Before turning it over I checked the codes. It was showing p0038 and p0058. After it started and idled for a while I shut it down and checked the codes again. Back to p0032 p0038 p0052 and p0058.

JEEP WRANGLER III JK 08 JK engine fault codes - help

Just wondering if anyone can help me fault find my 2008 3.8 JKU. Today the following fault codes came up under normal driving conditions P0300 - Multiple cylinder misfire P2096 - Downstream mixture lean bank 1 P2098 - Downstream mixture lean bank 2 P0038 - 11 O2 sensor heater circuit voltage high P0058 - 21 O2 sensor heater circuit voltage high Some history on the vehicle - we bought it two months

hmm actually the codes are as follows P0300 P2096 P2098 P0032 11 O2 sensor heater circuit voltage high P0038 12 O2 sensor heater circuit voltage high p0052 21 O2 sensor heater circuit voltage high So actually these codes relate to all O2 sensors. Both front sensors heater circuits are reading high and rear right sensor heater circuit high and reading lean. But The rear left only lean not heater circuit

for other circuitry problems but am scared of blowing the sensor circuit by continuity testing the wrong pins (cant find a pincolourmeaning layout for the JK O2s anywhere). I pulled them all out they are not clogged or damaged. Is it looking more and more like the PCM is playing up Im the third owner and warranty is long gone anyone know the cost of a PCM do u no what this guy was doing with the jeep

JEEP WRANGLER III JK Jeep JK - Frequently Asked Questions

Standard acronyms used on the forum BL - Body Lift CV Joint - Constant Velocity Joint I4 - Inline engine 4 cylinder 2.5L I6 - Inline engine 6 cylinder 4.2L or 4.0L V6 - Engine used in Libery and JK - 3.7 litre V8 - Engine used in Grand Cherokees MML - Motor Mount Lift RTI - Ramp Travel Index SYE - Slip Yoke Eliminator Does the JK stand for anything - It does not mean J ust K idding as some people have

P0016 &8208 Crankshaftcamshaft Timing Misalignment P0031 &8208 O2 Sensor 11 Heater Circuit Low P0032 &8208 O2 Sensor 11 Heater Circuit High P0037 &8208 O2 Sensor 12 Heater Circuit Low P0038 &8208 O2 Sensor 12 Heater Circuit High P0051 &8208 O2 Sensor 21 Heater Circuit Low p0052 &8208 O2 Sensor 21 Heater Circuit High P0057 &8208 O2 Sensor 22 Heater Circuit Low P0058 &8208 O2 Sensor 22 Heater Circuit

JEEP WRANGLER Checking out fuel pump pressure tomorrow...but explain cluster going dead.

Have either a sensor or fuel pump issue. Drove 20 miles-ish and engine died 10 times. I can theoretically track down why engine was dying but why did my cluster crash when I still had power Doing 60 on interstate. Engine had died multiple times. Had to turn key off to get it restarted. Rolling along and cluster crashed. Immediately thought engine died...but no it was still running. Eventually engine died and restarted. Cluster has worked fine since. Any thoughts

Went by local independent guy that has worked on Chryslers for 30 years. He suggested I look for a loose ground wire under the dash. Threw six codes besides speed sensor. I am going to edit in case anyone ever looks for this. Threw all four O2 sensors port injector lost communication with side restraints... in order below . He recommended I check for a loose ground and even if they were tight I should

JEEP WRANGLER III JK 2008 rubicon fault codes

I have a 2008 rubicon with 26000 miles. I get the check engine light every once in awhile. It doesnt stay on for very long ( a few miles to a day) then it goes off. the codes I get are p0032 p0038 p0052 and p0058 . should I worry about anything since it resets itself

they are saying o2 sensor heater circuit high p0032 is sensor 11 p0038 is 12 p0052 is 21 and p0058 is 22 so all four sensors are showing the same thing. Probably not all four sensors have gone out so it must be something else triggering fault codes. also intermitent so am going to have to try to figure this one out.

JEEP WRANGLER so is this heat soak

driving today home from work. live in san bernardino mountains coming up from san bernardino. really hot day 90 plus and i slow down to make a turn and my engine cuts off. radio still playing all gauges read normal other than rpm and temp being off due to stall. pull over and jeep starts right up again gauges normal. get maybe half mile to make another turn stop and stall again. this time it wont start

alright OP here had the same issue today super hot day of driving so same start to my story but this time i threw some codes up p0508 p0201 p0032 p0038 p0052 and p0058. thats a lot of codes and i believe the p0201 has to do with the PCM. so im gonna guess a bad computer. any other thoughts would the crank or camshaft position sensor blow a PCM or am i right in thinking the PCM is causing the sensors to flip out

JEEP WRANGLER all 4 o2 sensors throwing codes

all 4 sensors on my 05 TJ were throwing codes so I picked up two new sensors for the top (before the cats). put them in yesterday and had a buddy reset the dice all 4 are still showing faulty readings could this mean that my cats are out I called a dealership and talked with a service guy and he said that it is strange that theyre all 4 throwing...he said it could be a wiring issue. anyone

Well we tried to flash the computer tonight by disconnecting the battery and touching the wires together but the codes came back on in about 2 minutes... Heres the codes its throwing... p0052 P0032 P0038 P0058 Looks like theyre all heater circuit high voltage...what could cause this on all 4 at the same time J.

P0032 Oxygen (AF) Sensor Heater Control Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 1) - DTC Code p0052 Oxygen (AF) Sensor Heater Control Circuit High (Bank 2 Sensor 1) - DTC Code

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ cannot remove 02 sensor. suggestions

ive been trying to remove my front 02 sensor for a bit of time now i gave it at least 3 or 4 different shots. ive tried all i can think of open ended wrench PB blaster 02 Sensor removal socket Vice Grips Adjustable pipe wrench. While engine was hot while cold heating with torch Nothing will take this damn thing off. Sadly im at the point where the fitting is almost rounded making it even more difficult Any other suggestions please thanks

P0135 is the exact one mine is throwing right now....unless you know the exact code with an O2 sensor you are taking shots in the dark. Here are the codes that deal with O2 sensors P0030 HO2S Heater Control Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1 P0031 HO2S Heater Circuit Low Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1 P0032 HO2S Heater Circuit High Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1 P0036 Sensor heater relay problem P0036 HO2S Heater Control

JEEP WRANGLER Help me with this code. P032P052

2006 Rubicon Unlimited. I have been having alot of o2 sensor problems. I have had all four changed in November. I have recently had a dealership run their diagnostic check. Ultimately they say that I must redo all sensors again. They did not install the previous sensors. Now I am getting P032 and P052. I can find P052 on the code sheet. I cant find P032. Any help would be appreciated.

P0032 is bank 1 sensor 1 p0052 is bank 2 sensor 1 Dont know if those codes are both listed in the TJ FAQ in the stickies or not. I checked them here... httpwww.allpar.comfixcomputer-codes.html I know very little about later TJs with the mini cats and more O2 sensors so cant really help more than the codes at the moment.

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ I got engine codes P 0456 and 0457

Hello all Check engine light came on today. I did the key trick and it displayed P0457 and then switched to 0456 after about a second. Dealer just put a new fuel pump in last week. Anyone know what these codes mean

GENERIC OBD II CODE DEFINITIONS P0010 A Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) P0011 A Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) P0012 A Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1) P0013 B Camshaft Position - Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) P0014 B Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1) P0015 B Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded

JEEP WRANGLER Diagnostic Trouble Codes

As stated elsewhere if you have or have access to an Accupro Programmer to correct for different size tires andor gear changes it also reads your diagnostic trouble codes. Here is what they mean jeepJKComputerDiagnosticCodes B1001 &8208 ACSWITCHREQUESTINPUTCIRCUITLOW(ATC&MTC) B1002 &8208 ACSWITCHREQUESTINPUTCIRCUITHIGH(CCN) B1016 &8208 REARDEFROSTSWITCHINPUTCIRCUITLOW(CCN) B1031 &8208 EVAPORATORFINTEMPERATURESENSORCIRCUITLOW(MTC

Continued P0016 &8208 Crankshaftcamshaft Timing Misalignment P0031 &8208 O2 Sensor 11 Heater Circuit Low P0032 &8208 O2 Sensor 11 Heater Circuit High P0037 &8208 O2 Sensor 12 Heater Circuit Low P0038 &8208 O2 Sensor 12 Heater Circuit High P0051 &8208 O2 Sensor 21 Heater Circuit Low p0052 &8208 O2 Sensor 21 Heater Circuit High P0057 &8208 O2 Sensor 22 Heater Circuit Low P0058 &8208 O2 Sensor 22 Heater

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