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jeep wrangler p0344 II TJ

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JEEP WRANGLER II TJ OBD II Codes P0340 and P0344

2005 jeep wrangler X - 53k- I6 - MT My check engine light came on on the ride home from work...figured it was a loose vacuum line because my cruise control would not work. However it would downshift very roughly. When I got home I turned it off and tried to start it again- nothing. Just cranking. I did the key trick and got the following codes P0340 and p0344. Looks like they are camshaft position

Sounds like the cam position sensor (AKA stator & coil pickup) took a dump. I have heard of instances where the magnet falls off the mounting plate and falls into the distriburtor.

JEEP WRANGLER P0344 Code Keeps Coming Back

I am getting a p0344 Code (Camshaft position sensor intermittent) with less then 35K miles on the jeep. I get allot of shaking and sputtering from the engine after the engine has been running for about 20 minutes and I rev above 2500 RPMs fine all day under 2500. Here is what has been done so far - I took it to the dealership (bad move -- I was out of town and thought this maybe covered under the power

i had the same problem to a T. check the seals around the computer connections on the firewall mine bowed out just enough to mess with the connections. that and a little mud here and there so di-electric grease and connection cleaner took care of that. also some of the clips failed during the troubleshooting so a couple zip ties hold the connections in place till i can come up with something better hope this solves your problem

I went ahead and cleaned the computer connections with contact cleaner clips look like they are holding connectors looked clean before I used contact cleaner. I also cleaned the camshaft position sensor connector as well. I took it out for a spin... issue came back. Now in addition to getting a p0344 code I am getting a P0016 (crankcam misalignment) Any other ideas

Just read another thread sounds similar ... I guess this maybe heading back to the dealership Any other ideas before I get taken to the cleaners....

Just an update I have not given up and taken it to the dealership yet. I was reading a different forum and someone claiming to be a jeep mechanic said a p0344 could be caused by a crankshaft position sensor despite being a camshaft position sensor code. For 20 I went ahead and replaced the crankshaft position sensor cleared the codes took it for a spin -- right on cue about 20 minutes in the shaking

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ OBD II Codes p0340 and p0344

2005 wrangler X - 63k 6 speed I6 - no engine mods Drive at 50 mph my check engine light came on and it started chugging when I up shifted from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3. I was able to limp it home. It also takes a while to crank over. With my first pass of OBD I threw p0340 and p0344. After I erased the codes I am only throwing p0340. It looks like a camshaft sensor code Is there anything behind it throwing

(M) Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminated during engine operation if this DTC was recorded (depending if required by CARB andor EPA). MIL is displayed as an engine icon on instrument panel. (G) Generator lamp illuminated Generic Scan Tool P-Code DRB Scan Tool Display Brief Description of DTC P0336 (M) Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Signal Problem with voltage signal from CKP. P0340 (M) No

Did you replace the sensor or did someone elseCamshaft sensor is located where you would see a distributorCrankshaft sensor is on top of bell housing and engine area on drivers sideSounds like a bad CMP

I looked back. It was the camshaft sensor that was replaced 10k miles ago. I did it myself. When it went out the first time my jeep wouldnt even turn over. This time it turns over...just takes a while. Does anyone know if they sell a cam sensor after market Last time I had to go through the stealership for it.

I know most auto part stores sell them. You might have to order it though I have bought them through Auto Zone before I just did it online because they didnt have it in stock


I thought my check engine light was nothing because last night it was P0457 and I saw my gas cap was tilted. So I tightened it. Tonight while driving it started surging. I checked the codes both p0344 and the orginal P0457 were there. I tried to get it to mess up again but I cant. Says intermittent on the PO code sheet. jeep only has 35000 on it do the CPS really go that fast on jeeps

Normally no.

Hopefully it doesnt crap out on me on the way to work.. I guess I will see how intermittent it is.

JEEP WRANGLER p0344 camshaft pos code

hey guys i just got a CEL for p0344 camshaft pos sensor code on my 05 LJ auto with 70K. I took off fast at a stop light and it started bucking at 3k rpms. I let off the gas and nursed it home. Seems to me that i cant accelerate fast or go over 2200 rpms or it starts to buck like im hitting the rev limiter. How do i go about fixing this I did a quick google search and it seems like people having the same issues had a multitude of fixs where do i start

A side not i havnt checked my OPDA for wear yet...only have this jeep for about 1000 miles could that have anything to do with my problem

Quote Originally Posted by MakeyourlucK A side not i havnt checked my OPDA for wear yet...only have this jeep for about 1000 miles could that have anything to do with my problem Yes it could unfortunately. p0344 or P0016 are the two telltale codes that go along with OPDA gear wear. Id pull it immediately and have a look.

Quote Originally Posted by willydigger Im on my phone or Id link it. Find the OPDA failure thread. It will have a video that shows how to quickly pull the OPDA. Did it squeak or make any sounds at start up What do you know about the history of the jeep I dont know too much about the history of the jeep. It ran great for the 2 months i have had it before about a week ago when it started to idle rough

Quote Originally Posted by MakeyourlucK I dont know too much about the history of the jeep. It ran great for the 2 months i have had it before about a week ago when it started to idle rough bouncing between about 750 and 900 rpms. (i didnt think anything of it because i just did a TT and hadnt cut down the exhaust hanger hoping i wouldnt need to then a day later discovering that i should have...)anyway

JEEP WRANGLER P0344 after Dorman ODPA install

I just got a code p0344 on my way home from the gym. I installed a Dorman ODPA after getting the laughing monkeys less than 50 miles ago. I tried searching and I couldnt find anything so I am looking for some advice. I am assuming it is not a good idea to drive around with this code correct

p0344 -- Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent Have seen that happen with the Dorman sensor. Try putting the old one in & see if that fixes it.

Ill try that tonight and Ill post my results.

That seemed to do the trick. Thanks a lot.

JEEP WRANGLER CEL P0344 - anyone

I have a 2005 X (I6 - stock) that has thrown the p0344 Code for a Cam Sensor Condition. The symptom I am having is that anytime I rev over 4000 or so (when merging or whatever) it stalls almost as if its hitting a rev limiter after that it wont let me rev over 2500 without acting like its at a limiter. It will do this until I shut off the engine and re-start it. Anyone ever have symptoms like this andor have a suggestion on what I should do Thanks

Its telling you that the camshaft position sensor is giving a problem. The cam sensor is on the passenger-side of the engine atop the shaft that enters the engine which is what the now-gone distributor used to be on. Its a simplequickinexpensive job to replace it. Id try disconnecting its electrical plug and reconnecting it first before buying a new sensor perhaps the connector is just intermittent.

Thanks Jerry. Do you think that could cause the symptom I described

Quote Originally Posted by dalby Thanks Jerry. Do you think that could cause the symptom I described Certainly.

Ill try replacing it... I disconnected it re-connected took it off put it back on... still the same thing. Its not EXACTLY like its hitting the rev limiter but every time I get over 2500 it sputters REAL violently.

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ 05 Sport Error Codes

My check engine light has been on and off the past few months but whenever I do the self check (hold the trip button turn the ignition on) it says Panel open and goes through the lightsgauges on the dash then doesnt give me any codes. So today i found out about the on-off-on-off-on system so i tried that and got 3 codes. P0573 P0513 and p0344. Looking online ive somewhat found what they mean P0573

JEEP WRANGLER 06 LJ getting CEL (codes P 0456 P 0582 P 0586)

After running the jeep pretty hard (including some water crossing up to the bottom of the tub ) over the weekend Im getting the CEL and codes 0456 0582 and 0586. I know P 0456 is minor leak in evap system - I have checked the gas cap and filled the tank. I cant find any information on the other codes. The jeep is running fine. Any ideas Thanks in advance

Quote Originally Posted by SpeedyMitch It has been a while since I posted this. Unfortunately the CEL codes P0582 and P0586 are back along with p0344 (Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent). Im going to go check the connector on the Cam Position Sensor but I still cant find P0582 and P0586 anywhere. Any ideas DRAT I changed the Cam Position Sensor a few weeks ago and the CEL cleared. Today I filled the tank and drove 30 miles to work. No issues. On the way home I got CEL P0456 and p0344 (Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent) anytime the RPM went over almost exactly 2500. Im just about ready to take the jeep to the stealership. Any better ideas Speedy

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