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LEXUS IS II Frontier A redesign is scheduled for the 2009 or 2010 model year.

Officials are mum about it but insiders say the Cube is definately coming in early 2009 as a 2010 model. By LINDSAY CHAPPELL AUTOMOTIVE NEWS Nissan has played catch-up on new-product releases in 2006 and 2007 after a lull that slowed the brands sales pace. In the past 12 months Nissan has introduced the Versa redesigned the Altima and Sentra and re-engineered the Titan pickup. The next two years will

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Suspension Walkaround

A Look Underneath the Fourth-Generation lexus GS Sedan 2013 lexus GS - Detail - 1 The 2013 lexus GS 350 doesnt just kick off the fourth generation of the rear-drive sport sedan. It also provides clues to the future direction of the 2014 lexus IS. February 13 2013 Scott Jacobs for Edmunds The rear-drive lexus GS has evolved steadily since it first appeared in North America some 20 years ago as a 1993

steering shaft with less tortured U-joint angles and those forward-mounted tie rods tend to deliver lateral compliance understeer instead of oversteer. Both attributes are desirable because they add up to more precision and control. Even though the front-steer layout isnt new this year and the bolt-on ball jointsteering arm (green) idea has been on the GS since the beginning our new 2013 lexus

That reason is the new option fitted to our 2013 lexus GS 350 F Sport Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS). You cant put a steering rack like this ahead of the axle because thats where the driveshaft and differential reside. If lexus engineers wanted a four-wheel-steering option then the rack and its tie-rod links had to live out back. The DRS steering rack is electronically actuated by a computer that is tied

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LEXUS CT Am I going to void the Lexus warranty if I buy and install the F sport spring

Hi all Just wondering Am I still going to void the lexus warranty if I buy and install the F sport spring from sewell and install it myself Does anyone try installing the spring themselves is it easy to do so

lexus is just realizing that there is a huge market out there for the mod enthusiasts just as BMW has found out. Do you how many mods BMW has put out for their e46e90e93 series And now the newly introduced 2012 F30 & F10 series Mini Cooper is another brand whose owners are generally a bunch of true die hard mod enthusiasts and DIYs. I can unequivocally vouch for you that in spite of the fact BMW vehicles

LEXUS CT Road Magnet Lowering Springs

I ordered a set of these today thru Brian at Fox Marketing (his username is FoxCars over on Club lexus and owns the supercharged CT with the widebody kit). Hes not with Road Magnet but he helped them develop them and loaned his car to them for developing them and gave feedback to get the spring rates where he felt they would be appropriate for the CT but without a harsh ride. Hoping to maybe get them

Thanks pomexcan that makes more sense & seems to match the pics posted on that site. Going to need to be REAL careful now with curbs and curb stops up front when parking. The good news is this CT has a much smaller front endnose length when compared to my prior car and Im always a ways away from the curb when parking & still have room at the back of the space since the CT isnt too long. Post pics if you get a chance as it looks like youre going to beat me to the install

LEXUS CT Spring replacement questions

I do most of my own car repairs and have replaced springs and struts before. I own a spring compressor. I plan to replace my F-Sport springs with regular springs as I now carry 3 passengers most of the time to use the carpool lanes and the car is bottoming out too much. You can hear rubbing in the rear on turns. I plan to keep the F-Sport sway bars. I plan to replace the rear springs first drive that

LEXUS CT Procedure for replacing your own springs

I do most of my own car repairs and have replaced springs and struts before. I own a spring compressor. I plan to replace my F-Sport springs with regular springs as I now carry 3 passengers most of the time to use the carpool lanes and the car is bottoming out too much. You can hear rubbing in the rear on turns. I plan to keep the F-Sport sway bars. I plan to replace the rear springs first drive that

LEXUS CT f-sport springs part

Hi i wonder do anybody has the part for F-sport spings Many thanks

According to Sewell lexus site it is PTR0777110 But please confirm Note The price is 226 if ordering from Sewell with Clublexus discount. 2012 CT200h Sport springs - Lowers the vehicle by 34 in both front and rear Enhances on-road vehicle performance with quicker turn-in enhanced steering response and improved cornering Features FSPORT developed proprietary spring rate (linear in

LEXUS CT Installed CT f-sport springs

Finally got to installing the F-sport lowering springs for the CT. Nice slight drop while still remaining 100% functional (impossible to rub or bottom out). Handing was greatly improved.. much less body roll than stock. right-click -- open image in new tab to view larger size in a separate tab or window.

Originally Posted by Dc5nomore TennisPlayer100 can I request you to take some side profile pictures of your car front back side side etc. I m debating on getting the f sport springs or the tanabe.... Its hard to judge with the pictures you posted do to the angles. Ill try to get some up... but the bottom line is If you want the best drop with minimal wheel gap but losing some warranty get the Tanabe. If you want an OK drop while keeping your factory suspension warranty get the f-sports.

LEXUS CT Tanabe NF210 Springs.

Has anyone installed a set of Tanabe NF210 springs yet in the US Heres a link lexus 2011 CT200H (ZWA10L) Tanabe NF210 Lowering springs (TNF165)Tanabe NF210 springsTanabe JDM suspension They look like exactly what Im looking for. Nice 1.5 drop all around with very soft OEM like ride quality (I have my z51 vette for handling performance) I just want a lower ride height for my 20k miles a year I will

I just installed the Tanabe NF210 springs. The install was easy using my Milwaukee impact wrench alone with spring compressors for the front struts. The ride is a tad firmer than stock. The handling is amazing with flat cornering. The fist sized fender gap up front was cut in half. The fender gap in the rear was eliminated. The ride handling balance is excellent. I highly recommend these springs.

Originally Posted by Cruzindon Hi What are Megan coil overs How much are they Where can I get them They will be out soon as I got them custom from them. Usually around 950. These are adjustable shocks and ride height. They will also have the spring set which is on the softer side and fixed height cause some of the lowering springs the rear is lower than the front.

LEXUS CT Megan Springs

Has anyone tried the Megan springs Megan Racing I am looking for a slightly raked look and these seem to fit the bill. They claim to drop 1.5 in the front and 0.9 in the rear but Ive seen other springs not exactly deliver on their claims. They are also the only aftermarket spring I have seen that claim to be progressive in the rear. I know the F-Sport springs are progressive as well but they do not

I have a couple thousand miles on the springs. The fronts lowered 1-38 (1.375) on both sides. The drivers side was 316 lower before and after the install. The rears lowered 1316 (.8125) on the drivers side and 1-116 (1.0625) on the passenger side. The drivers side was 516 lower to start. After lowering the driver and passenger are within 116 of each other. Ride is firm but so was stock. I cant tell

LEXUS CT my 2012 ct.s stance is complete

took me a month to deliberate and execute the all the mods but its finally done. ended up going with bc racing coils and ichiba spacers (15mm front and 25mm rear). the spacers pushed wheels out almost perfectly flush to fenders without any rubbing. coilovers are adjusted to 1 inch from their maximum drop leaving about 1 finger gap between tire and fenders. dampeners set to 3 clicks manual said standard

I used the spacers for fitment only. I have the f sport springs so its not as low as you. 5mm looks real flush with the front fender but the back is about a fingers width more needed so I figure about 10mm more. Thanks for the advice and your car looks really nice

LEXUS CT Modellista Sport Springs

Just have the Modellista sport springs installed yesterday and Im very pleased with the 1 14 drop as well as the increased stability... the damage is around USD 650.00 including the installation.

Also is it me or is the front higher than the rear

LEXUS CT F Sport lowering springs

Hi Guys Just curious how much of a drop do the f sport springs provide Also does anyone have pics with F sport springs and 18s Thanks

Thanks I read the description and it is approximately 1 drop front and rear.

LEXUS SC II SC400 2004 SC light build done with it for now. & info request

Well Ive officially had this thing for over two months and I havent wanted to shoot myself yet. I actually rather like it despite the abysmal fuel consumption. I traded in a 2012 Jetta that I bought new and honestly loved but just needed a major change and wanted to get into a more basic vehicle. Its a 2004 CC4AT4WD and I bought it from a local Honda dealer with 102k miles. Immediately after I bought

Quote Originally Posted by cseaman Well Ive officially had this thing for over two months and I havent wanted to shoot myself yet. I actually rather like it despite the abysmal fuel consumption. I traded in a 2012 Jetta that I bought new and honestly loved but just needed a major change and wanted to get into a more basic vehicle. Its a 2004 CC4AT4WD and I bought it from a local Honda dealer with 102k

One run through our slalom course was all it took to feel just how different the 2013 lexus GS 350 F Sport is from the previous three generations of GS. Damn was how our incredibly eloquent test-driver put it. An early prototype drive had given us an indication of the GS 350s improvements. But we didnt have any performance data to back it up. Now we do. It Runs the Numbers Good Ones A few runs later

LEXUS GS IV L10 First Test 2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport

January 25 2012 By Kim Reynolds Ron Kiino and I were staring at the 2013 lexus GS 350 F Sports ferocious spindle grille snout prior to its test session at the track and after a silence he said in a James Earl Jones baritone Luke -- followed by a heaving exhalation -- I am your father. That sizzling sound you hear is the F SportLord Vader association being branded onto my brain. No matter what else

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS350 AWD GS350 F Sport (Car and Driver Review)

lexuss middle child wakes up. Really. MARCH 2012 BY STEVE SILER Since the mid-size lexus GS sedan first appeared in 1993 it has aspired to sportiness but never quite delivered. Nearly 20 years and three subsequent model generations on a truly enthusiast-friendly GS has finally emerged our initial impressions and a comparison-test encounter with the Audi A6 have borne this out and now we&8217re taking

Now you&8217re being introduced to a new redesign and up to the GS 350 model and let me tell you lexus isn&8217t f&8217ing around. Attacking the Mid-Luxury segment at full speed the GS represents a new generation of lexus vehicles. You&8217ll notice this most with the styling it&8217s bold aggressive and matches well with other platforms like the IS and LFA. The front grill found on the GS is the first

LEXUS CT Grinning from Ear to Ear Picked it up Today

Hurray Finaly picked it up today. Sorry for the poor picture Ive had to many buttons to play with this afternoon I have only done 30km so far but to those of you still waiting hang in there the car just feels so right when you are driving it.

Originally Posted by darkride Ya there is no performance differences and I dont even think they add F-sport springs or something along those lines. Here we go I have the answer for you better than the info in my last post Your answer is right at the bottom New performance dampers In a lexus first performance dampers are standard on the F Sport and Sports Luxury models. Found on a very limited number

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 Road Test

The 2013 lexus GS 350 sheds its predecessors boring skin and emerges as a bona fide luxury sport sedan. What It Is A true midsize luxury sport sedan alternative for those tired of BMW Audi and Mercedes-Benz Best Thing The first lexus in years that feels special. Worst Thing We dont own one. Snap Judgment The best car lexus currently builds. What makes a luxury car worth its price Objectively theres

The Grocery Run Strip away the luxury trappings and powerful V-6 engine and the 2013 lexus GS 350 is a midsize sedan perfectly suited for grocery getting picking up the kids from school or whatever sundry task you may assign it. Besides its not like its 57000-and-change price tag is so high that you have a legion of servants to do those things for you so the GS 350 has to be at least reasonably practical.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Koni FSD shocks on 540iT - Air Springs - Full Report & Pictures

The car is a 2000 540iT with rear air springs and factory sport suspension 93K miles. Handling has never been a issue has always handled amazingly well for its size although seemed more heavy lately. The reason for wanting to install new shocks was the poor (harsh) ride quailty particularly from the rear suspension that seems to plague every iT with the air (self leveling) suspension. Maybe in CA with

AUDI A8 D3 Do I have sport suspension or not on my 2004 A8L

I was looking for new shocksstruts and I have been asked if it has sport suspension or not. How do I tell if my car has this or not

want to look at Subaru or even an AWD Ford Taurus...nothing ever goes wrong with them right And you can get your parts from J.C. Whitney. ...and theyre just as much fun to drive NOT. Think about your priorities...just looking for transportation or a car thatll make you smile when you drive it Heres a couple of recent links talkin about A8s Maintance and Common Problems A6 or A8 I drive a 2002 lexus

Quote Originally Posted by milellie111 I drive a 2002 lexus GS430 that just turned over 100000 miles and is paid off. I just ordered front and rear struts because the ride was beginning to get harsh going over bumps and bouncy. The price for OEM front left and right struts were 62 and the rear right and left were 73. Of course those prices are vastly different from 1400 per OEM strut that i have seen

Quote Originally Posted by silverd2 The prices you quoted for lexus struts could NOT be for the entire strut. A strut general is the entire housing for a shock absorber insert the hydraulic insert and spring as one assembly. The inserts (the actual shock absorbers) are the part that is replaced in struts...sometimes strut bearings (cheap part) that contacts the strut at the car body. Also those prices

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus ES 350 - Review (CarConnection)

The 2013 lexus ES 350 joins the hourglass fray with the brands latest styling drama fronting its new redesign. Its also joining Toyotas overall drive to add hybrid versions to all its models by 2020 with the addition of the new ES 300h sedan. Both the ES 350 and ES 300h keep the family ties strong to the Toyota Camry. For the ES 350 that means a 3.5-liter V-6 with as-yet-unreleased power figures and

on the other hand has been on a tear with each new generation of vehicle seemingly better than the last. One of its latest the A7 splits the genus between sedan and hatchback coupe a move that could either get a leg up on the competition or land in the gray area along with the rest of the automotive mutations that should&8217ve remained concepts. Will the accolades continue or will this latest lexus

moving from the conventional setup that has sensors in each corner of the vehicle to an all-new system that calculates dampening based on overall movement This new system allows the AVS to control all four wheels simultaneously improving ride quality at low speeds and stability at high speed &8212 very important when it comes to balancing performance and comfort. Also new to the 2013 GS is lexus

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS F Sport By TRD - TRD Parts List Pictures Information & more here

Toyota Racing Development released 2013 lexus GS parts on their Japan website. All text has been translated so if it doesnt make complete sense youll know why I would like to hear everyones opinion on the TRD aero kit with wheels. If you want my opinion I love the aero kit but the wheels need to go TRD lexus GS F Sport Pictures

front Aero Spats set to achieve an effective balance between aerodynamics. Sports muffler and rear diffuser Developed a set of rear diffuser and four exhaust out. Consistent down force is extracted from the front air flowed through the lower surface. By employing a large fin was stable performance and high downforce more stable straight. sports muffler and diffuser is fitted with a set TRD 2013 lexus

LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 Drive Review - AutoWeek

What is it The new lexus GS range is the fourth generation of the companys luxury sport sedan that competes against cars such as the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benzs E-class. In this iteration the GS previews new design language that eventually will carry over to the rest of the lexus range. Reactions to the new look have diverged but its clearly not bland. The model will be available with available

LEXUS CT Project Matador - Build Thread

Recently picked up a 2013 lexus CT200 Matador Red F-Sport. I traded in my beloved 2010 Prius IV and loving it as my replacement commuter. It has all the luxurious items I like from my weekend car (besides the power...) in a great little package. Not going too crazy as this will be my daily driver and need it to be somewhat comfortable.....and its a no track days Ill be updating the thread

Wheels Tires suspension installed and aligned to spec. 1. Enkei Nt03 SBC 18 x 9.5 40 2. Bridgestone S-03 2354018 3. BC Racing Coilovers 4. OEM lexus Camber Bolts Review These were test fitted before they were mounted. The fronts and rears clear fine. However there was only about 3mm of space between the rear inner rim and the rear control arm. The fitment is PERFECT. It does NOT protrude out of the

LEXUS CT Goose AutoLuxury CT Build Thread

Hey everyone Its been a while since I last updated on my car. A lot has been going on these past few weeks. Bought Goose a 2011 lexus CT 200h hatchback hybrid from Vista lexus one week after the unfortunate earthquake in Japan March 12 2011. Color is Starfire Pearl. Have had Goose for 7 months now and lovin it First mod was tinting. I believe its tinted 17% in back 35% in front. Then I swapped the

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Prelim report - Koni FSDs on iT with air springs

This is a very preliminary report on installation of Koni FSD shocks on an air spring equipped 540iT. More details and pictures coming later. Only the rears have installed so far less than 5 miles driven. There is conflicting information if any shock other than OEM will work on the rear of the air suspension iT. But we all are looking for something different due to the harsh ride of the car when empty.

LEXUS GS Please Help New Wheels and Tires Rub

I posted the following in the Wheels and Tires section but thought it may get more attention here Let me start by saying Im new to this forum and really need some help I recently purchased a 2013 GS 350 for my wife. I ordered a set of Lexani CVX 44 20x9 front and 20x10.5 rear with 24535r20 front and 27530r20 rear Nitto 555 tires. I did as much research as I possibly could and didnt see any problems

Hey check out the Club lexus site under 4th generation GS (if you have not already). There is a suspension section and wheels and tires discussions. I believe most people that are running 20 X 9 up front are also using 24535 20 but with 38 mm offset. I am no technical car guru so I cannot confidently comment on the real issue. Is your GS lowered If so which spring set did you choose Is it an F sport

FIAT UNO II Suspension Help Needed.

Dear All I have Uno 45 i will fit a Turbo engine. Expected 170-200hp maximum speed desired 200 - 240 Kh What i need to change in suspension to handle this performance and not to loose ride quality 1) springs Absorbers 2) anti-roll bar. 3) Alloys Tires. Thanks for help. Mostafa

sprungunsprung weight ratio. If you dont know what that is I suggest you are not well-placed to make modifications in the interests of ride quality If you want good ride quality and 200-240kmh best value and best ride quality would be to buy an Alfa Romeo 164 (bargain prices these days) or perhaps a Stilo Abarth like mine (about ten times more expensive) Early 90s BMW 7-series or Toyota Soarer (lexus

BMW X3 E83 Dramatic suspension improvement

Dramatic suspension improvement on my 2005 3.0i After losing the oil in my Right-front strut I set out to not only fix by enhance my ride. As most of us know the X3 can feel like it was welded in place from time to time. From reading this board I have seen a few posts about BMW re-designing (slightly) the suspension in the 08-10 X3s. Based on that I searched for a set of Strut-spring assemblies from

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Rubi suspension build part 2

Well I picked up my Rubi a few months ago and its got a full traction 3 inch lift in it. Knowing myself I wanted to do it the right way and so the work begins Full set of JKS arms (upper and lower) Set of JKS disconnects Set of front and rear JKS track bars New drive shaft to get rid of the tc drop New set of BDS shocks Anything else to think of

Well the suspension is finally in and I decided to go entirely JKS with the exception of the springs which are full traction. The differences are night and day the jeep now drives like a lexus relatively speaking. It also flexes like crazy but I need another inch of lift to stop some rubbing at full flex. Breakdown of parts Full Traction 3 in springs JKS adjustable control arms all 8 JKS front and rear adjustable track bars JKS disconnects BDS shocks and steering stabilizer Tom woods driveshaft

LEXUS CT Has anyone taken deliver of a 14 model F Sport yet

Has anyone on the forum who has had the first generation 200h F sport taken delivery of a new 14 model F sport yet (sorry to call it first generation i think the 14 model is more of an update than a second gen car) If you have what do you think are the key improovments What about the ride Just abouit to place an order for a 14 model blind as UK cars ar not aviable until the end of March i have driven the first gen F sport and found the ride a little harsh. Thanks Simon

According to Autoweek...Perhaps the biggest difference is the tuned suspension with firmer coil-spring settings and optimized frontrear roll-rigidity distribution which should add a dash of sportiness Read more 2014 lexus CT 200h and F Sport versions facelifted - Autoweek Follow us AutoweekUSA on Twitter AutoweekUSA on Facebook

LEXUS CT Let the mods begin....

I took delivery of my CT premium with Nav in Starfire last week. I finally got to drive it all weekend and put her through some miles and I have to say I REALLY LOVE this small car This car pretty much has everything I wanted - Style good mpg and sportiness. I was quite impressed with how it handled its own in some corners through the mountain roads - i can imagine how better itd be if I had gotten

First mod going to be done this weekend - tint lol. Looking for my suspension now. Has anyone done their own suspension work on their CT Is it pretty straightforward Ive done a few in my time and Im hoping its not anything different. Is there anything I should be aware of My buddy who has a Honda Fit had issues with his front suspension when he changed the springs. Apparently if youre not careful the

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Parking Sensors for Front Bumper

I admit that Im pretty useless at judging where the pointy front end is when I roll to a stop in front of one of those concrete parking blocks. As a result Ive had a fair share of scrapes under the front bumper. After doing a search on the net I came across some front parking sensors at this site and wondered if these sensors would be effective if (just)

controlled suspension systems is a system that raises the front end at slow speeds (parking lot speeds) drops it cruising speeds and either drops or keeps it up when parked. All selectible by the user. Would also help with getting the car up on service ramps etc. Count me in as someone who would definitely purchase that sort of option if it were available. I ordered the air suspension on my lexus

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Confirmed M5 Front Sway Bar fits 535xi

Confirmed The M5 front sway bar is a direct fit for my 2013 535xi All I have to say is wow and everyone must do this. This is how the car should have came stock. My car has DDC and ACS springs and I am in sport mode 99.9% of the time. Before the M5 sway bar I would rate the handling of my F10 a 4 or 5 out of 10 at best compared to my previous E46 and E90 on coilovers but now its a solid 7. The suspension

to track with my F10 (I dont see whats the fun in driving a big heavy car on the track anyway) so I wont need anything extreme. I just want to feel like Im in a BMW not a Lincoln like Alan mentioned. I was looking at KW coilovers to get it done right in one shot but I guess they are too expensive for my basic needs. Seems like lowering springs sway bar upgrade is sufficient for me. I once had a lexus

TOYOTA TACOMA sloppy rear suspension

In the past 6 months I have noticed that my Tacoma has been riding more and more rough and the suspension seems sloppy. To be blunt the rear end seems to be all over the place and the ride is very shocky and sharp. At times it feels like Im being kicked from underneath and other times it feels like King Kong is aggressively rocking the rear end. I thought that if I changed the shocks then the ride

BMW X3 E83 Is this the end

Well I took my 2007 X3 with AT in for its annual NH inspection. I mentioned to my SA that I heard a noise while turning left. Thinking it could be a bearing or maybe a suspension component I braced myself for the typical 1000 repair. I received a listquote of items to be fixed. 1. Noise is rear differential failing. Replacement recommmended. 2. Oil pan leaks oil as does crank seal - recommnd repair.

of the bunch so far 320xi for its quietness and power. The Mini was fun my wofe liked it except the road noise was way too much. The Subaru - no Ford - no way Nissan Maxima is a possibility only since they have around 10000 in incentives driving the price from 40000 to 30000 for a fully loaded car. It just does not handle nearly as well. Still going to look at Mercedes CPO (C300 probably) lexus

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 W210 wagon suspension questions

I have a 99 E320 wagon with a build date of 1098. I purchased it for my wife back in July with 128K on the clock. So far I have changed the oil and had the tranny serviced. It now has 131K. It runs great and the driveline seems solid and smooth. Transmission shifts nicely and there is no perceivable lash or vibration in the driveshaft or differential. Unfortunately I have no service history. I purchased

I bought used at 53000 but that was before they tightened the rules and I got the book on this beast. There is nothing earth shattering in there but these pages still give me the warm fuzzies. Id check all the ball joints (I was told one of mine is wearing at about 85000) and wheel bearings. Also check the spring perches for signs of rust. I dont know what their logic is. Ive got a 1996 lexus

LEXUS CT The Voracious Mod Thread - Coilover Kit Sway Bar Kit WheelsCenter caps Lugnuts

Hi Everyone I am now beginning the journey on real mods. As of now I have the IS250350 Auto Shift knob illuminated door sills OEM all rubber floor mats OEM trunk tray and like all the nets for the trunk lol. Oh yea DDM Tuning HIDs for the headlights and fogs. 4300k for headlights and 3000k for fogs. I recently just ordered a coilover kit sway bar kit wheelscenter caps and lug nuts. Heres what I bought

Yay. After a long Saturday the Tanabe Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers are in We didnt install the F Sport Sway Bar Kit due to lack of some tools and time. Ill save that for next time. The install took about 4 hours out in the hot sun. Delays were caused by working with the springs to take them in and out getting some bolts back in took some time losing this 1 nut in the back took a lot of time (from the

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Bad roads in the F10 vs my old Lexus GS350..

So I absolutely think this F10 is head and shoulders better than the GS350 I had...however I kind of miss the way the lexus floated over bumps in the road. I have noticed lately going over rough pavement the F10 can seem a little thrown off (unsettled) and also depending on how bad the pavement is I noticed a little bit of noise from the suspension in the back. Not sure if this is due to the run flats

I already put 3 sets of regular tires on the car (went from Michelin MXV4 to Continental DWS and now to Michelin Pilot Sport As). I had all 4 rims bent from factory that were defective and replaced at no cost last year so I know what a bent rim feels like. I tried alot to rectify this so dont tell me otherwise. I spent almost 2k on tires and more on balancing rebalancing alignment etc. My dealer says

LEXUS CT Megan Street LP Coilovers

Planning for coilovers and wanted to know if anyone is running these already They have a CT200h specific application with 5kg front spring Rates and 7kg Rear spring Rates. Megan Racing I really like the ride of the stock CT and want to retain that as much as I can. Im okay with it being stiffer as long as it remains predictable like the stock setup. Just want to know who is running these and what your

Example offers of car parts lexus is front suspension spring

  • suspension front strut spring ns lexus is 200 99-05 breaking sheffield - Sheffield,United Kingdom (45.00 GBP)
  • suspension front strut spring nsf lexus is 200 99-05 breaking sheffield - Sheffield,United Kingdom (45.00 GBP)

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