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LEXUS GS IV L10 2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD is long on quiet and comfort short on thrills

Prices for the 2013 lexus GS 350 start at 46900 for a rear-wheel drive model with a six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota With its unique spindle-shaped grille and sleek profile the 2013 GS 350 AWD gives lexus a new face but the luxury brands soul remains the same long on quiet and comfort short on thrills. That formula -- plus reliability resale value and great service -- helped make lexus

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 Fuel Filter replacement DIY S430

Last weekend I replaced my fuel filter my S430 with 64k miles. Since I found only marginal descriptions on the forum on how to do the removal and replacement decided to post the results. One post indicated a dealership charging 200 for this job. DISCLAIMER &8211 This write up is intended to be a &8216blog&8217 account of my changing the fuel filter on a 2002 S430 Mercedes. Nothing contained herein

On the circ clips I did not know they were reusable. I tried multiple times to remove a few using a flat head screwdriver without any success of getting the blade into the right spot. I was out of town this past week and my wifes lexus had the check engine light come on (RX330 73000 miles). She took it to the dealership who wanted to replace the fuel filter amongst nearly all the emmisions control

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Questions on Replacing Fuel Pump and Filter.

My 2001 ML320 still has its original fuel pump and fuel filter. I just received new pump filter and hoses from Duvall motors and am going to replace them this weekend. I have read as much as possible from this forum and Wolfgangw web site. I still have couple questions 1. Looks like the connectors on the hose to the pump and filter are simple push-in type. Do I need to move the tab forward to lock

I replaced the fuel filter on ml320 2001 couple weeks ago. it was fairly big job. i am not sure why you are replacing pump. i replaced my filter at 67k miles. i had some trouble with connectors at filter. the ones on top of pump were easier. you more or less squeeze tabs and pull. but mine did not work well. and it is not that easy to squeeze as you are supposed to have special too. be very sure that tank is not full. as when i did i had tank full. and some gas was coming out of top of tank when i removed lines. i know that was dumb but i wanted to get done and it was already 3rd try on this job. i would not do project with just mercedes jack. that is not safe. with tire off and having to be under corner and inside vehicle not a good idea if it falls off jack you will damage car or you. get a set of jack stands (4). as you will need over the years. and get a hydraulic jack. i used hy-jack to jack up and placed stand under frame on that corner and then lowered onto stand on that corner. i did use silicon cault to replace cover. i am not sure how it is holding because it is too hard to remove seats carpet etc to check. i removed the 60% side of seats. also a pain as lots of female (external) torx to remove and couple regular. seat is heavy and you have to move too back. covers break easy and moving seat can scratch plastics. i only removed seats as i could not get job done from wheel well. which by the way i could not remove as it was in too tight. so i had to just take off a couple of nuts and kind of bend out of the way. lines were too short to work from wheel well. good luck it was a royal pain. i am not sure i want to own this vehicle in another 60k miles. and not too sound bitter. i know this is different subject. but i also recently had to replace mas air sensor. which was noo big deal except having to have torx driver and only 110 on ebay. but you know what i have only owned this ml320 for 6 mos and i already have spent more on it then i have on my 99 maxima. and the mas sensor has not out on that yet. maybe i should have let my wife by the lexus...and that is a dumb ass place to put a filter with too short of lines to work with.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Fuel Filter Replacement procedure W140

FYI I changed the fuel filter today. It takes about 15 minutes to change the filter and is very easy. But it took me an additional 30 minutes to find the filter since there seem to be no service manuals available for the W140. My BMW has the filter in the front so I was looking in the wrong place initially. So to spare anyone else from having to locate the w140 fuel filter I thought Id post some pics

I changed the fuel filter yesterday but it was NOT running all that much better immediately afterward. This morning I went and got 2 bottles of Chevron fuel system cleaner and 2 bottles of water remover. I think the combination of the fuel filter and chemical went to work right after I held the rpms at 3000 for a minute to accelerate the heat buildup. Amazingly the spluttering and hesitation stopped The MB is running well like my lexus I urge anyone who has not performed this procedure to do it. Thanks again Rainmaker.

PONTIAC GTO 2004 GTO replaced with 2008 Lexus IS 350

My wonderful wife bought me a lexus IS 350 for my 50th birthday last week. This was a complete surprise and involved my trading in my 2004 GTO. Ill miss the GTO in some respects but the lexus is much more comfortable and refined with all the bells and whistles and pretty darned quick too. I wont miss GMs and Pontiacs mediocre service departments and never plan to look back. I had XM and Lojack installed

LEXUS CT K&N air filter....anybody have one

I was considering installing a K&N air filter in mt CT....any thoughts Ive had them in all my previous cars & motorcycles & there is no doubt that they flow more air than question is does anyone know if it would help -or- hurt the hybrid system.....I know its designed to work a specific way & I dont wanna disrupt that. Any thoughts would be much appreciated Thanx & God bless to all

FYI K&N filters Can Cost you Thousands - Technical Discussion Discussions at FYI for anyone who has a K&N air filter in their car and eventually experiences what seems to be fuel injection problems hesitation a mystery transmission problem acceleration bucking etc. After 3 years trying to diagnose my problem in my 2001 Grand Am it came down to this. The oil that the filter uses ended

TOYOTA TACOMA 42 for a fuel filter

I had no idea the OEM filter would cost that much for my 02 V6 Taco. Checked with AutoZone and the version they sell meeting OEM standards is 18. Do owners here recommend going with Toyota brand or what else is out there that would be just as good for less coin 42 just seems a bit prohibitive.

Quote Originally Posted by Dmonkey I searched and found a reputable toyotalexus tech who says he changes them every 30k no year min or max. this still doubles your 15k1 year estimate. httpwww.customtacos.comforumsho...85&postcount3 Thats about the same i posted above you will get that is just some random guy. If you ever work around fuel for a living you will see why i change filters out.

LEXUS CT Miles per tank of fuel

Love my new CT It just glides smoothly through space. httpwww.ct200hforum.comforumima...liessmile.gif 43 MPG combined. The NAV is so intuitiveconvenient. I could go on and on. but one minor nagging issue below I drive a lot for work. 3000 miles per month. I would like to push the number of miles I get from each tank. When I run the Cruising Miles remaining down to zero it still only takes 8.5 to 9

The only valid concern I can think of would be with much older vehicles. Crap can accumulate in the bottom of the tank and stay there for years until the tank is run empty. At that point in theory it should gunk up the fuel filter and stop the car dead. In reality maybe some gets past the fuel filter and damages the engine. But I dont see that being a real concern in a brand new car. I would just carry

BMW X3 E83 Fuel filter replaced now Im leaking fuel

Some of you may (or may not) have read that I got my fuel filter replaced just this past Tuesday done at the local indy shop right down the street. The difference is certainly noticeable- smoother shifting from the AT a slightly more responsive throttle and lower fuel consumption to boot. I achieved just 78 l100km according to the Board Computer on my short trip to the mountain biking trails today

jobs outside the dealer service center. But then you already have figured that out. I have learned from your problem and will never take a fuel filter replacement anywhere but the BMW Service Center (and I have Dinan in my back yard) just because if it is screwed up then BMW can fix it whilst I tool around in a nice loaner. I am sorry for your problems and I do agree that perhaps a nice lexus

LEXUS IS I Something is Wrong with my 2001 S4...

The past couple of days Ive notice a issue... Ill be in 3rd gear at WOT around 3500-4000 RPM and its like I loose 50% of my power and the car shutters for a few seconds.. and then all goes back to normal while the RPM climb past 4500. Now this happen a few times only in 3rd gear so Im thinking this must have something to do with the tranny. A day later Im in 2nd gear at WOT and it does the same thing

LEXUS IS II 2013 P4X what is this part

So my 13 P4X only has 800 miles on it needless to say I havent had it long. I finally got around to crawling underneath it to look around. See the first 2 images below. There is a fat hockey puck looking thing attached to the exhaust above the passenger rear axle near the shock. Its not attached to anything else and it seems like nissan went through a decent effort to attach it to the exhaust. What

they are not going to be sucking any dust into them. I can see where putting some sort of filter on them would keep creepy crawlies out of them but other than that I have no idea why anyone might put them on the vent tubes. Quote Originally Posted by JettyLife Some people add a filter for looks. No biggie leaving it open. Sent from my Nexus 4 Quote Originally Posted by zoomzoom As youll see on this

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Replaced fuel filter still not getting power

I have a 2001 325i with about 160K on it. I had noticed some shuddering when idle several months ago and I started with adding fuel injector cleaner to the tank at fill-ups. After adding one car would run wonderfully for a tank or two but then right back to shuddering. About two months ago I was at an appointment and when I went to leave the car wouldnt start... it was acting like it was out of gas

they came up with plus the computers definition of the problem (which were pretty much all cylinder misfires with no causes attached... gee thanks) P1352 - Misfire during start cylinder 6 P1351 - Misfire cylinder 5 with fuel cut-off P1345 - Misfire cylinder 2 with fuel cut-off P1347 - Misfire cylinder 3 with fuel cut-off P0300 - (they didnt have a BMW definition for this code so they gave me the lexus

LEXUS IS I Is my truck supposed to have or do... I am about to loose my mind with this truck

I bought my 2003 Frontier XE crew cab from a reputable dealer about 2 months ago. Since then I have had to have the rear main seal replaced replaced blower motor resistor replaced climate controls Have found that I have a bad knock sensor (yet to be fixed) been told by Nissan that I need new valve lifters (also yet to be fixed quoted 2000 to do both lifters and the knock sensor) found a hole in my

To answer question 3 Low oil levels (depending how low) could cause your lifters to chatterclick until enough oil is pumped to the top end of your engine. Lifters dont like being run drywith air in them and theyll raise sand to let you know it. Make sure your oil filter has a check valve (rubber seal inside behind the holes along the outer part - most do some dont). An old oil filter whose check valve

LEXUS IS I Just got back from the auto store and this is what I got.....

Well my truck is still new to me so I have alot of Maintenance to do to it. Whenever I get a new cartruck I change EVERY drop of fluid and give em COMPLETE tune ups. So heres the list of what I came back from the auto parts store with. Blue Option Racing 10mm plug wires NGK V plugs(coppers) they burn hotter and thus offer more power and efficiency. Mobil 1 5w30 Motor oil x4 Champ Oil filter Redline

LEXUS CT new air filter

Hello guys I am sorry if the thread is not correct but I would like to know if it is possible to change the engine air filter with a new panel one in better material (tipically a Sprintfilter in sintetic material or else not a CDA or else...). This would cause any error in the CARs ecu or something Many thanks Giulio

No I know actually I try to gain the most I can in terms of fuel economy and so I think that this would help as it gives an help in term of pumping loop cycle. I know that would change nothing but this tuning repays for itself with time as you dont have to change it at the periodic (how it is called). So... Many thanks

LEXUS IS I So because I paid less than 5k this is a parts car & Other questions

People on here said any C4 under 5k is a parts car. Well take a look at the one I just bought and tell me if you think it is. Keep in mind I paid FAR FAR less than 5k and just drove it 4 hours home. Its a 3 owner 94 Lt1 auto in dark red metallic (1500 made) Immediate mechanical needs Tires and alignment & a lifter that taps replaced Starter takes 15 clicks sometimes to finally catch Not so immediate

Did your truck have any of the problems like mine when the sensors started acting up I orginally thought it was a bad fuel filter or clogged injector because the gas here is pretty bad. Where you able to do anything to clear the problem

LEXUS CT 100k Mile Service Yikes

Howdy....about 1k from hitting 100k miles...mostly highway driven....probably take it to the dealership for 1 last oil change by them as my warranty will expire at 100k and just want them to give it a last once-over as I will start doing routine maintenance on my own after 100k...I am thinking I should change spark plugs maybe wires got K & N to refresh....was curious if I should look into fuel filter

There is no spark plug wires anymore. Direct ignition. Dont waste your money on a fuel filter cause in all lexus vehicles have a filter already that never get pluged on the fuel pump. I have done so many lexus vehicles now that customers had accidentally put diesel fuel in their cars and never replaced the fuel filter and it still ran great. Not to mention that lexus fuel filter are usually hard to remove without damaging the threads coming off. Sent from Free App

look adds a unique luxury touch at once both modern and traditional. Cabin materials include three types of wood specially chosen to highlight the unique flavors of the model variations. Meticulous detailed contrast stitching is used as a visual accent on the instrument panel door trim center console shift knob and steering wheel to create a rich tailored interior space. Next-generation lexus

KIA 09 Borrego EX-V8 4WD Engine is Stalling

Dear Sirs Please bear with me as I need to relate the entire story as it has unfolded. Its also good for me to document what has taken place to this point. We recently took a roadtrip with our new (1 yo) Kia Borrego EX-V8 4WD to do some rockhounding in Utah. When we left it had about 24500 miles on it. Due to where we live (Wyoming) we put a lot of miles on our vehicles (its 90 miles rt just to get

source of the problem although coupled with the whining tweeters and the occassional 4wd light coming on all by itself (yes theres a 3rd problem too) a short certainly isnt out of the question. 6) Emissions Control. Is it an O2 sensor How about the catalytic converter--especially given the fact that the issue arises when the vehicle is very hot With Toyota just announcing a recall of 180000 lexus

KIA SORENTO I JC Fuel Guage Gremlins

On my wifes 2005 Sorento the fuel guage does funny things. I got it for her for Christmas with 495XX miles. It is now at 522XX. The fuel guage thing has been going for a month. When she fills it up it goes to full. The next day it will be on 14 tank. Then the next day or so it will go up to 12 tank and then slowly go up to 34 tank and if she hasnt driven that much a day or two later it will register

Quote Originally Posted by IBenDCars OK so I am not supposed to know the OP code and it probably isnt helpful because the service dept. probly isnt capable of back tracking it anyway The service guy also said there should be a fault code if anything is wrong Would this show up as a fault code Or does the computer even know the gas guage is off Wondering what next the dealer wanted me to bring it in but what if it isnt acting up after I drive 250 miles to his shop A fault code for a gas sender What has that dealer been smoking. Yes for a fuel pump under performing you will get a code. It triggers the fuel RAIL PRESSURE sensor. And yes for anything relating to makeing the vech run or run funny or not at all yes they will throw codes from the related sensors. A fuel sender for the GAUGE has nothing to do with any of this nor has a sensor babysitting it. What does it need one for And mine was not throwing codes and mine was fixed for free. Mine was doing just what your wifes is doing. Your dealer is a BS artist at best. He has his nose bent that you know more then he does and he can not charge you for it without the BS factor he is selling you now. The part number I gave you is the part you need. If you can change a fuel filter in it you can do this job. Tell the dealer if you drive there and buy part and put it in yourself you will charge him for the gas and mileage and labor and part if he does not give it to you free to do it as well. Or he can just do the job for free and bill KIA like they should with no BS. Or the next call will be to a lawyer and see what KIA has to say. KIA knows their is a history on the senders. Your dealer is just being a AW. And he needs to know you know it and will not play that game. I can help if you like to send me a privet note. A fax is very easy to do back to you. But it is up to you really. 90 is the price I told you it was billed to KIA. Now see what they tell you it is to have them do it and pay them. As I posted in the first place it is a .40 time job. LESS then a HALF AN HOUR. It is totally and was for me a while you wait deal. They take out the pump assy and take off the part I gave you the number of repalce it and put it all back. Just like if they were doing a fuel filter on it. My biggest objection would be driving 250 miles each way as you stated to get anything done Let alone buy OEM requiredonly avalible parts. With a dealer that far away why did you buy a KIA That is over a tank of gas to just buy a part or get anything done At this rate it is very wise to do your own work or get a indy shop to do anything close to home. Right now it is cheaper in a goofy way to buy the part mail order and do it yourself. And then never buy OEM again unless it is required due to not aval aftermarket. Even if the price at AUTO ZONE is more slightly then OEM. I hope not very many are in the same boat as you these days. I love the fact that here in SC where I live I can get to six KIA dealers no more then 100 miles away. TWO are 20 (mine) mins away and 32 (where I bought the Spectra) mins away. I can thou go to if I wish to ColumbiaSumter Beufort all in SC and Savanna GAMyrtle Beach NC like I said all within 100 miles. I beleive youyou when you say it. But I can not wrap my head around the idea of any dealer being 250 miles in all four direction. Outside the one and only SAAB dealer that just closed here (not sure where the closest is now) no other maker has less then two in the area. More then 100 miles away. Many have two of them like KIA very close. Heck we got the following right here not 100 miles awaythou there are them within 100. so I feel blessed really. As I am not in a major city area like NYCATLLA ect SMART CAR MASERATI MAYBACH RANGE ROVER PORSCHE MB BMW AUDI ACURA (2)TOYOTA (2)HONDA (2)SUZUKI opps both closed now sorry i forgot VOLVO MINI (2) KIA and mine is building a brand new twice the size new building on a new lot and moveing. (2)HYUNDAI (2)ChryJEEP (2)LINCOLN (3)DODGE lexus Jaguar (4) Ford (4) Chevy (2)GMCBUICKPONTIAC HUMMER (2) VW (2) MAzda SUBARU MITSUBISHI

JEEP WRANGLER Fuel sending unit recall

Well i just called the dealership to ask them about that free seatbelt replacement thing since my drivers one is totally garbage and doesnt work. Anyways the seatbelt stuff they dont replace.. only child seatbelts.. So i guess im gonna have to buy one. But she also told my there is a fuel Sending Unit Recall on my 97 TJ 4cyl 5spd. Just wondering how serious is this should i get it done or what Im afraid

was contaminated. I asked my wife to look at the yellow cap on the brake master cylinder she said the cap was dirty and had no fingerprints on it STEALERSHIP... I then told her not to worry about it until I got home in a week or so. When I got home I went to the stealership and read them the riot act and made a complaint at the Better Business Bureau Stealership is right. I had to take my wifes lexus

Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bransford Stealership is right. I had to take my wifes lexus into Jiffy Lube for an oil change years ago (my car ramps are too steep for the low-slung lexus to do it at home) and the weanies told me the air filter was absolutely filthy and clogged and was causing poor gas mileage. For 70 they would change it for me. What they didnt know is that I had personally changed

Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bransford Stealership is right. I had to take my wifes lexus into Jiffy Lube for an oil change years ago (my car ramps are too steep for the low-slung lexus to do it at home) and the weanies told me the air filter was absolutely filthy and clogged and was causing poor gas mileage. For 70 they would change it for me. What they didnt know is that I had personally changed

TOYOTA YARIS New info on Amsoils EaO09 & EaO10 Oil Filters

Just got this notice in the mail from Amsoil... filters used with any Toyotalexus application or with the Pontiac Vibe featuring the 1.8L engine built by Toyota. AMSOIL now recommends changing EaO09 and EaO10 filters used in the above-listed applications according to the filter change interval recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Refer to your owners manual. Customers operating with any of the

Hey 1st Thanks for posting this as this really should be brought to peoples attention. I think they mean ANY Toyota or lexus app regardless of displacement. They include the Vibe because its Toyota powered. In the Amsoil product guide for the Yaris it specifically makes the above recommendation. There was actually a forum member here whose filter came apart internally due to severe fuel dilution and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 For all you lexus guys out there.

Our LS430 has been sitting for around a month and I decided to pull over to the house and attempt to start and drive it last night. Heres how my experience went.... So I got in the car put the key in the ignition turned it all the way anticipating the semi decent sounding startup of the 4.3l toyota engine. Thats not even close to what happened. I turned to key to hear the motor crank for about 20 seconds

Just got the repair bill in and imagine that the front air suspension on a lexus was near collapse also WOAH NO WAY Haha bill is totaling 4475 NOT including fluid changes. It does include two new front struts new timing belt drive belt water pump seals tensioner tires fuel and air filter alignment spark plugs. Anyways just thought Id share some more hard core facts that lexus are not always more reliable than MB.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Come on...It is a nice ride

I just now - 10pm - borrowed the wifes 2001 ml320 - that i maintain - to get gas and some milk. Forget the replaced maf cps ill positioned fuel filter air mix motor and fact that my small boat has a larger fuel tank... For 8 years old it is a nice ride. I could not even haul the boat in the lexus suv. And the ride is just as good. Sure the lexus would be more reliable but the satisfaction of an accountant

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 01ml320 is this a fair price

I finally found another white ml320 with the sport pkg. Its a new car trade at an Infinity dealer. One owner lease trade in and always in Florida no New Orleans floods ..etc. Anyway it has AMG wheels and 45k miles and they dropped price down to 19900.00 from 24.900.00. Im thinking that 18000 would be a fair price. What do you guys think

they do tend to be more problematic when new then go for a while without any problems. Of course later in life they tend to develop more problems but there does seem to be a good period of worry-free driving for the most part. If you donĂ‚„t have the mechanical inclination and donĂ‚„t want to be hit with the rare but ridiculously expensive repair then by all means either buy a warranty or a new lexus.

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 need opinion on Lexus HS vs 335d

Would like to get everyone opinion on New lexus HS vs 335d.

is great for a truck or a car something like a VW TDI. I dont think BMW has sold very many. The value equation isnt there either unless you get a huge discount from BMW. The 4500 may be enough to make it worthwhile though. Alongside of having to pay for the Urea you have to replace diesel fuel filters every 15-20k on most applications. Major maintenance wont be cheap at all on those. Now the lexus

is great for a truck or a car something like a VW TDI. I dont think BMW has sold very many. The value equation isnt there either unless you get a huge discount from BMW. The 4500 may be enough to make it worthwhile though. Alongside of having to pay for the Urea you have to replace diesel fuel filters every 15-20k on most applications. Major maintenance wont be cheap at all on those. Now the lexus

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 MB dealer recommended trans fluid be changed is this new

Ive read it on forums a zillion times Mercedes-Benz claims the transmission fluid for the 722-607 five-speed automatic is a lifetime fluid. However I noticed something the other day while rifling through my files The last time my car was at the local dealer in the recommended services section of the receipt they entered auto trans service. I made an appointment and had my fluid & filter done today.

trans service ( syn. oil & filter ) Quote Originally Posted by SilverBillet As for changing the tranny fliud I want to be able to replace the fluid in the torque converter too. I hear that 2000 and up dont have a drain nut on the torque converter is that true True 00 models dont have a tg drain plug. Quote Originally Posted by SilverBillet I used to do all the fluid changes and maintenance on my lexus

KIA SPORTAGE III Tuneup advice- what is actually required

My 2012 sx has 50000km now (30000miles). So far i have only done regular oil changes. Nothing else. My dealer suggested i get what they call the service 4.. which is 500 bucks Some of the highlites included with service4 is Coolant flush. All filters changed.. Oil gas cabin air. Change all fluids oils. Clean injectors. Cant remember what else.. Sparkplugs So is the above reasonable needed at 50000km Is the price fair Thanks. I do not trust any stealerships.. Never have never will.

Depending on your driving habits here is my 12 SX maintenance schedule since day one. Every 5k change oil and filter (Mobil 1 Syn) (Kia filter) (I bring the oil to the dealer) I also replace the front wiper blades. Add Techron additive to fuel. (do this the tank BEFORE the oil change It helps keep the crap in the old oil rather than contaminate the newer oil right after the change. Every 10k Change Engine Air filter & Cabin Air filter & replace rear wiper blade. Every 30k Replace brake fluid (brake fluid loves moisture) this really makes a difference in the brake pedal fell. (like a brand new car fell) check condition of transmission fluid(if discolored not bright red drain and fill) Every 50k Change drive belts and differential fluids (front and rear) Mobil 1 or Royal Purple (Fav) and drain and fill transmission fluid(regardless of color). And replace all spark plugs. Thats really all. I have done this similar chain of maintenance for all my cars this Kia (which is the wifes) and my lexus is250. Keeps both cars on the road without and mechanical issues.

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 bmw 320i e93 run of out fuel got more fuel but now wont start

Hi there i have a bmw 320i e93 2007 the car was on my drive fuel was low and it just turned off i tried starting it back up but it started cranking after 5 minutes i tried again it started but for about a second then i went and got 12 litres of petrol it shows it has got petrol and the indicator for petrol has gone up and now shows 105 miles to fill up but car will not start it just cranks can anybody help please thanks

SilverX3 Happened to my cousin car... And he got it running again 2weeks Later and 6000 bill SilverX3 - I am sorry but I call BS on what you said. There is no way on Earth one could do 6000 worth of damage to ANY car by running out of fuel. I know you had bad experiences with your BMW but there is no need to exaggerate and lie to try to scare people. And I thought your next car was going to be a lexus

or sucked some contaminants into the fuel filter and clogged it from the bottom of the tank. SilverX3 - I am sorry but I call BS on what you said. There is no way on Earth one could do 6000 worth of damage to ANY car by running out of fuel. I know you had bad experiences with your BMW but there is no need to exaggerate and lie to try to scare people. And I thought your next car was going to be a lexus

LEXUS SC II SC400 2008 Z06 ECS SL1500 Paxton SC Install

Okay so here are the results of the East Coast Supercharging SL1500 supercharger kit I installed on my stock 08Z with only 4000 miles on it. After installing the kit and (edit) the base tune Doug at ECS prepared as requested for 91 octane and no meth inj. - the first set of Mustang Dyno runs and tune at Lightspeed Innovations netted 545hp and 571 ft lbs on 91 octane in 70 degree temperatures but I

I can run 91 octane fuel if I have to in 70 degree temps without detonation even when under full load and heat-soaked - although I will be running 93-94 octane fuel whenever possible. I believe he pulled back the timing and richened the mixture in order to avoid detonation on 91 octane and thats partially why its a little shy on hp at the top end compared to what some others are making with this

LEXUS CT Mileage And Range

Hi all Just a question. I have been getting consistently about 750Km and that will usually take me close to 0 (zero) on the remaining range indicator. When I go fill up I only fill up about 35L which means I should still have around 10L (45L tank) left which should allow me to do around 200km (based on average 4.8L100km usage) past the 0 mark on the trip computer. Has anyone tried driving past the 0 mark on the trip computer range indicator

Running the petrol in the tank low - shouldnt be an issue. I think the sediment that everyone talks about is an issue for old cars and old petrol pumps. Saying that though Ive never had chance to look inside a petrol tank. If anyone knows people who has switched a petrol tank or otherwise seen one come off a car ask em what the condition of the tank was. Modern fuel injection usually works off a ring

BMW SERIES 3 E46 When is a good time to sell and buy another car

Hypothetically speaking Ive always made money on cars. But mainly I bought honda for 3-6000 dollars and sold it for 500-800 more than what I paid for them. However with the BMW I dont think I can do that. BC I paid premium to find a car thats super super clean. Anywho I feel that my car has depreciated about 3-4000 in a year. Its 2002 330ci. I bought it last year with tax and all.. about 16500 How

can void the warranty. Now mind you theres nothing exotic about the M113 lump - the basic design is probably 20 years old (the earlier M119 was actually a more advanced engine - imagine that) and with its not a particularly stressed theres really no excuse for it. But hey be my guest... In my opinion the SL is a beautiful car but it has been spoiled in MBs attempts to cater to the lexus

LEXUS CT CT200h gas tank issue & discrepancies - Discussion

hi everyone i decided to make a whole new thread for the sake of discussing whats been brought up a few times over the past few weeks by ct200h owners. it was taken from the thread below How many miles do you get from one tank of gas Originally Posted by 2hunny I believe the CT200 uses bladder type gas tanks from my experience on the Prius when its cold the bladder shrinks or stiffens and you will

above 14 of a tank left mark and usually between the 12 to 34 empty at worst. In tank fuel pumps use the gas to keep the pump cool not sure where its on the CT but Id rather error on the side of not running out or shortening the life of the pump. Going along with what Bob259 said I also usually fill it up when it hits 14 full because of another reason which doesnt really apply now since the car is

BMW X5 E70 X5 3.5d low temp fuel stations etc.

Please educate on exploiting&maintaining a diesel powered X5 1. Are there issues starting diesel engine at temp 20F 2. How often would one need to add diesel exhaust fluid (manual mentions it) 3. Whats winter diesel fuel is it really relevant 4. Anyone knows if diesel B5 (or lower sulfur) stations can be easily found and clearly identified in Chicago IL Many thanks

Quote Originally Posted by calif11 Thanks for your replies. Those who own X5 3.5d would you buy this car again Any car can have issuesbreak and its always a balance of fun driving vs. maintainance costs (including time etc.). So is the balance positive in this case No if I knew now what I knew when I purchased mine I wouldnt have purchased it. Im trading mine in. In about a month I will have my lexus

LEXUS CT Regarding the intake

was wondering were it is located and if anyone has a clue on how to get to it to change out the filter i was thinking of adding a K&N filter and also removing the extra charcoal filter. that extra filter is very restrictive from what i read on the prius forums it looks like they have it so that means the ct200h has it also. i call it the charcoal filter since it makes the car a SULEV and not a ULEV.

So youre not sure but you take out the filter anyway. Have you any idea what youre doing Let me tell you about my own experience. I have a 70s sports car with two carbs on the engine. The previous owner put headers and a big bore exhaust on it. It made the car louder but not faster. When I got it - I was young and foolish - I thought it would be a good idea to put K&N filters on the carbs. They looked

your 1970 must have not had a MAF sensor which regulates how much fuel to give compared to how much air is coming in. all newer cars have them. after 15 miles of driving im noticing a slight better pullresponse ill update my MPG later on once i fill up and do the calculations. if it turns out my MPG is worse then i can always put back the permanent filter.

BMW SERIES 3 F30 What is the real world MPG on the 2014 328d

In trying to determine what car to buy after test drives I found real world ownersuser complaining the MPG were not near the EPA ratings. The EPA rating for the BMW 328d Diesel is 3245 mpg. What was your MPG at break-in and after Please state type of driving cityhighwaymix and average MPH. If there is a post like this on the website please point me to it. I do not want to duplicate a former thread.

trash them later. Not to imply youre either a complainer nor mislead. Just a big fan. pflau is right no free economy lunch. If youre more highway then city the diesel rocks. A BIG thank you I know I will love the diesel. My journey in arriving at this purchase has been long and emotional. I knew there were two must haves in purchasing a new car good gas mileage and AWD. I almost settled for a lexus

LEXUS CT Reprogramming Control System

Im sure its a little early in the life cycle of the CT is ask this but I wonder if or when someone has looked into modifyingreprogramming some of the behavior of the cars control system. Using a handheld programmer and tunes accessed via the cars ODB port. For example I would really like to raise the speed at which the EV MODE disengages from 25 mph to 30 mph. I would find this very useful for residential

Been idly looking at mods EV mode - not sure here could be a location specific thing. When the car is up to temps (and is allowed to give or receive more Amps) I can gently accelerate to 30 and beyond on the flat. Im not convinced the motor has the grunt to accelerate much past 30 although it can sustain 40-45mph quite well. Upping the power - was reading about someone using forced induction on a

LEXUS CT Mods...just the beginning

Hi everyone I posted this on the other forum first (cause it wouldnt let me post this morning) but wanted to share with you too. I picked up my new-to-me 2012 CT last month (April) and ever since I have been itching to do mods to it. Very first thing was to get it tinted. I felt naked driving around without tint plus in Florida its almost a must-have just to survive during the summer. Here is how it

Originally Posted by Bill Hi everyone I posted this on the other forum first (cause it wouldnt let me post this morning) but wanted to share with you too. I picked up my new-to-me 2012 CT last month (April) and ever since I have been itching to do mods to it. Very first thing was to get it tinted. I felt naked driving around without tint plus in Florida its almost a must-have just to survive during

LEXUS SC II SC400 Help 02 SC Cyl 2 misfire...

Hello all OK so here is my situation. I was going up a hill and notice a mis in the engine (I could hear it in the SC). Then the check engine light starts flashing and the truck is running really bad. Get to the top of the hill and its running ok. Ran the codes and im getting the cyl 2 misfire code. Changed the plugs wires and checked the spark with a spark tester and all looks good. Im starting to

replacing the fuel filter is a 5 minute job and run some seafoam through the tank that should clear up your injector if thats the problem. But I would say cap and rotor as well

OK New cap and rotor ran a can of seafoam through the gas and still misfires on cyl 2. Where is the fuel filter located If its not the filter is there any way I can test the injector in cyl 2 Looking at the injector it doesnt look easy to get to at least lol.

LEXUS SC II SC400 2004 SC Motor Ticking Question

Id like to start off by saying my names Tony and im relatively new to the forum but not to owning nissans as we have several in our family. I currently own a 2004 Frontier SC with 56k miles on it. About a week ago the engine started cutting out and misfiring ect. I figured it was due for a tune up so I replaced the plugs & wires fuel filter air filter and oil change. This tune up did not clear up the

Example offers of car parts lexus is fuel filter

  • LEXUS IS 2.2 D 2231 CC 2005 ONWARDS FUEL FILTER - Leeds,United Kingdom (5.99 GBP)
  • AIR OIL FUEL POLLEN FILTERS LEXUS IS I SAL 2.0 114KW 99-05 QF557 - United Kingdom (33.63 GBP)
  • LEXUS IS 2.0 BLUE PRINT Fuel filter, 99 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (51.95 GBP)
  • LEXUS IS 2.0 BLUE PRINT Fuel filter, 99 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (50.95 GBP)
  • LEXUS IS 2.2 BLUE PRINT Fuel filter, 06 00 - Stockport,United Kingdom (18.95 GBP)
  • AIR OIL FUEL FILTERS SERVICE KIT LEXUS IS I SALOON 3.0 157KW 01-05 QF1725 - United Kingdom (40.71 GBP)
  • OIL AIR CABIN FUEL FILTER KIT LEXUS IS I 200 155BHP Saloon 99- - Cheltenham,United Kingdom (37.18 GBP)

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