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MAZDA 6 I GG GY 3rd grinding bad but with exceptions

Hello everybody My 06 mazda6 2.0i has a BIG problem with its 3rd from 61 gears. As I try to keep it simple my long story is the folowing Whenever I try to put it into 3rd I hear and also feel a grinding noise and I know that the syncro or something in that box is bad. I am also a mechanical engineer but I work in plastics and Ive just bought the car and I dont know it like my late Alfa156. My question

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Wary noob

Hey all--Ive been sneakily cruising your forums wo registering for a few days now. Im interested in buying a 540i wagon but after looking at the Wiki and FAQ here Im kind of wondering if its a good idea. That is--it seems like there are so many things that go wrong with the 5-series is it worth the buy I own a 1991 Land Cruiser so Im not unfamiliar with preventative maintenance...but are these just

I also looked at some Hemi Dodge Magnums which are intoxicating but I decided Id rather have a better handling BMW. I like driving a nice manual gearbox but I really dont care for the manual transmissions in the E39s. They dont seem precise to me. Im always uncertain on the engagement. Perhaps I just didnt spend enough time getting used to it but I never had that issue with my VW Golf or my mazdaspeed

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KIA SPORTAGE I K00 Considering aSportage need general info about them. Reliability etc.

I currently drive a Bronco II 1990 but am thinking of updating. I just saw a Sportage and it appears to be a similar vehicle but I know nothing about Kia or the Sportage. I use this vehicle only in the winter about 10000 miles a year. All on road need 4 wheel drive only once in a while on unplowed snowy roads. Pull a 1200 pound iceboat trailer once in a while. Generally drive alone once in a while

The good Oversized boxed frame mazda engine gearbox front and rear diff made by the same company that builds them for Audi and lambo. Short and narrow wheel base and light weight make it a nimble off roader. When looked after they are a great little 4x4 The Bad The Sporty was a entry level 4x4 alot of the trim fittings and KIA made parts do not stand up over time. (KIA cheaped out in this area) When

KIA SORENTO I JC Would you take it back if you could

Ive had a couple of threads about my 2005 KIA purchased a little over a month ago and the problems Im had already. Although they are minor problems so far the latest being replacing the heater .... assembly the topics in the forum are really scaring me. Ive already talked with the dealership that I purchased it from and told them I was very concerned due to the number of problems Ive heard and depending

needed due to faulty parts or even miss-use. Often times maintenance is neglected problems arise and all the sudden the Sorento or other vehicle is considered a piece of junk. That just simply isnt the case. Im sure there are many of us on this forum that have owned countless vehicles. My first year 2003 Sorento EX has had fewer or the same number of problem areas as any other car Ive owned. My mazda

FIAT BARCHETTA II Docs Barchetta vs 03 MX-5 review

At this time I have my hands on an 03 MX-5 for the next week or so. This Sat I will test drive both cars and see how things match up. My B has a few mods but the MX-5 is stock so a little unfair but the MX-5 is the 1800i 6 speed sports model with all the upgrades on it. Check back to find out what I found.

steer which is then again easily controlled with the superb steering. Build quality MX-5 - better materials used mediocre fitting crap design more reliable mechanical parts Barchetta - poor materials good fitting nice design vulnerable mechanicals if used hard. Practicality MX-5 none Bachetta none 1 Comfort MX-5 - two medium sized adults and a cat in the boot might fit. Brings in my mind that mazda


I had a chance to test drive one of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz B250s this afternoon. My wife was with me being initially skeptical but warming up considerably to it during the ride. The model we drove had the sport suspension navigation Xenon lights and the premium package which includes a glass sunroof heated seats and THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control. As owners for over 5 years of the previous

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