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mazda 6 headlight washer I GG GY
mazda 6 headlight washer I GG GY

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY My new painted headlights....SO MAD SOMEONE GIVE ME IDEAS PLEASE

Ok so my stock housing is chrome and i wanted to do black like evryone else. then I wanted to do white cuz my car is white. n then i wanted to do a two tone black and white but after i opened them up i realized how hard to tape shit up would be so I painted them white. after I put them on the car i didnt think they looked good at all...PLEASE give me advice everyone and I mean everyone who reads this

i wud agree but if u are goin with the all white thing id leavem and even paint the ws washer nozzles as well. What may look sweet is some one with an artistic hand painting some type of mazda something in the headlight housing in black either the 6 or the evil M or the full mazda name IDK

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headlight Tinting Question

Now that I&39m in the middle of my winter storage modding the headlight tinting comes first. The front bumper is off and the headlights are out but I&39m having trouble with this next step. From instructions Step Ten Disconnect the large electrical connector on the back of the light housing. Remove the lamp covers for the low beams high beamsfogparking lights. Disconnect and remove all bulbs from the

Quote i would pull the bulbs...i have participated in the baking of six sets here in az and every set we did ended up needing atleast 1 new lowbeam bulb. so i would just pop the covers off the back and take the bulbs out. its so easy especially with the headlights off the car. [b] Dammit I didn&39t read the replies before I baked tonight. Oh well. How much does a lowbeam bulb cost I can&39t imagine

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Changing the 194s in the headlights

Beforehand if you&39re interested you can get these bulbs at 2 places OR ON to the how to D Ok this morning I changed my 194 bulbs in the headlights to LED&39s. Before I did this though I asked around got directions on how to and attempted it. Which resluted in the following set of instructions I am posting for anyone else that wants proper knowledge before

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Windshield Washer fluid resevoir

I&39m trying to replace my low beam headlight bulb on the passenger side and the only thing in the way is the washer fluid plastic resevoir. I have seen elsewhere that you don&39t have to take the bumper off to replace the bulbs so how can i do this if i have to remove the plastic thing how do i do that Thanks

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headlight replacement

Hi all I apologize if this has been asked before but I couldn&39t find any specific information. Closest I could find was an article on replacing the 194 lights but those are a totally different animal. Anyway I had to replace one of my headlight (low beam) bulbs last week. I ended up removing my front bumper so I could get to the bolts that hold the light assembly in place undoing them and then finally

Quote Originally posted by LapisBlue6spd Nov 17 2005 0634 PM i replaced mine without taking of the bumper. i had to unbolt the coolant reservoir and move it to the side little bit on the right side. take the air box out on the left side to get to it [snapback]560141[snapback] I could get to the turn signal and high beam light without removing anything. However to get to the headlight even removing

Take the dust cap off and look inside and youl see how the light is held in place all you have to do is push in on a little clip and move it towards which ever way it goes and pull it out and thats your low beam bulb. Now I have a 4 cylinder and I have big hands and was able to do it in under 5 minutes. Not sure about the v6 on how much room you got but all you have to do is move your air box on drivers

MAZDA 6 I GG GY HELP&33 required changing headlights

Earlier this evening one of my headlights went so I opened up the bonnet to see what had to be done to change it. Without reading the user manual I managed to remove the plastic dome and extract the blown bulb (nimble hands I think) Anyway I took the necessary precautions before installing the new one - disconnect the ve battery lead (with the red cap on it) since I was worried about blowing fuses.

i have changed headlights on my 6i and there&39s no need to remove the airbox or washer fluid reservoir. the driverside low beam just gets a bit tight in there but you&39ll manage.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Broke my headlight adjuster.. what to do

I went to adjust my drivers side lowbeam height.. fine was good... did my passenger side low beam... adjusted the height cuz it was very low.. but as soon as it got to the same level as my drivers side... it was started to get hard to adjust... i twisted it one last time and ... it just dropped completely... im guessing the adjuster is broken or loose... how can i fix it am i royally screwed Should

I bought a JY headlight and didnt realize till I got it home the bottom adjuster for the high and low beams was sheared off the housing I ended up usin silicone to seal a washer and made my own spring loaded bolt to hold it. the aim is off but with the HID its no big deal

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headlight Bulb Stabilization

Hey everyone. My xtec HID low beams have been in for about 3 weeks now and one of my only peeves about my headlights is that the light spray shakes a lot when I hit any sort of discontinuity in the road surface especially large bumpscracks. At first I thought it might be due to the salts in the bulb gas chamber shaking around as they were jolted up and down. However I was in the process of adjusting

would a rubber washer help or does the material need to withstand high heats...sry i dont fully understand the situation but i am concerned. i havent installed my kit yet but it&39s on its way to california

Quote Originally posted by HowyKaos Nov 14 2005 1205 AM would a rubber washer help or does the material need to withstand high heats...sry i dont fully understand the situation but i am concerned. i havent installed my kit yet but it&39s on its way to california [snapback]556590[snapback] My only concern with a rubber washer is that it might perpetuate the shakiness. But you have a great point regarding

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Blaked-Out Headlight Housing

I just got done painting my headlight housings black and do they look awesome I have an &3903 Glacier Silver mazda6s and this black look is sweet What do you all think EDIT UPDATED PICS [attachment33469black1.JPG] [attachment33470black2.JPG] [attachment33471black3.JPG] EDIT UPDATED PICS [2.24.08 - 2204 EST] All lights on (brights) [attachment33483headlights_brights.JPG] All lights on (minus the brights)

Quote how much would that go for[b] Apexcone D2S Kit 129.95 for 35W and 159.95 for 55W TSX Projectors Mine cost 160 off ebay but I guess it&39s a crapshoot really. Then whatever tools you&39ll need like T20 Secure Torx bit 832 screws 8 washers etc.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY OEM HID vs. S2k vs TSX vs TFX vs 4300k vs 6000k

I used a nikon d90 with the same settings and all projectors were at about the same distance from the wall give or take a few inches (about 15 feet). the rectangular object on the wall is pure white where as the rest of the wall is some off white beige maybe. I also had a candle lit in the photo to help calibrate the colors . the ballast used is a apexcone 35watt (non slim) ballast and a computer power

MAZDA 6 I GG GY What do you hate on your Mazdaspeed6

Here&39s my list of what I hate on this car the grille the wheel design and very limited choices of aftermarket wheels due to offset and fender space no provisions to add guages with NAvi equipped OEM mufflers difficult to have a smooth shift on city driving chrome garnished tail Altezza look no rear wiper from jdm specs no headlight washer from initial product release...not even an option large chrome emblems feel free to list yours...

Quote Here&39s my list of what I hate on this car the grille the wheel design and very limited choices of aftermarket wheels due to offset and fender space no provisions to add guages with NAvi equipped OEM mufflers difficult to have a smooth shift on city driving chrome garnished tail Altezza look no rear wiper from jdm specs no headlight washer from initial product release...not

no headlight washer from initial product release...not even an option large chrome emblems feel free to list yours... [b] The mufflers do their job muffle sound and help with emissions what more do you want for a brand new car How many 4 door sedans in the US have a rear wiper arm None that I can think of. If it was a 5door then it would come with the rear wiper arm (just like the standard 6&39s).

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Mazda OEM lower fog lights - Complete Walk-Thru&33

All right this is my first attempt at a walk - thru so bear with me. I did miss some photo opportunities during the project especially during the step underneath the dashboard. However the mazda instructions are very complete and I wll do my best to explain the steps. I bought the kit from Trussville mazda. The order was placed last Sunday night and the kit arrived at my apartment on Wednesday. Here&39s

MAZDA 6 I GG GY How-to Retrofit your 6

This is my first write-up guys so bear with me. First of all READ all the stuffs before you buyretrofit Bosch e46 HID projector retrofit renamed post and RETROFIT I paid 415USD shipped from a seller on eBay. I can tell you guys his eBay ID if you want. I&39ve got couple of sellers. If you want to buy a new one get them from hid-planet. And if there&39re 10 people are buying they will give you guys

you should be ok. The depth of the screw SHOULD not exceed 1 i m not sure.. i just find any screw in my toolbox. Yep well said about the need of the new harness that&39s always true eventhough you are only planning to get a HID kit instead of retrofit. Sorry to beat you first but i think robinlb should get all the credit. He was the one who started telling us all the info about retrofitting our 6.

to 6000k bulbs 4100k has max output and practicability. BTW we may do the process such as bending shield or adding washers to get more blue above cutoff line.(but your cutoff beam looks like well) You may not notice that compare with H1 aftermaket hid e46 prj retro can bring wider and softing lighting effect.(especially more wider on ground vs my original h1 hid). Thanks... Well i was the 2nd mazda6

MAZDA 6 I GG GY extra switch blank

what is the extra swtich blank on the right of the TCS onoff for this is driving me nuts .. i have no clue what it could be .. my 6 is Loaded .. every thign but cargonet and cargo tray .. i must be missing a option any clues Chris

you order the foglights ( upper or lower ) you should get this new switch for the left hand side of the steering wheel as well -- i dont know how you call that black thing but it will replace the original one with very little effort. All cabeling is pre installed ( for upper foglight ) The smoked plastik things are leftovers from the headlight after installing the fogs httphome.arcor.deatenzausermazda6ba...ghtsbild09.jpg


I just purchased some SlimeLine 55 watt 8000K. I want to install them and I was wondering if anyone could point me to a thread already made or someone give me step by step instuctions how to install them Thank you Very much Christian

QUOTE (Spaz Jan 21 2009 0753 PM) Quote I just purchased some SlimeLine 55 watt 8000K. I want to install them and I was wondering if anyone could point me to a thread already made or someone give me step by step instuctions how to install them Thank you Very much Christian[b] It is not that hard but it is time consuming. The hardest part is removing the front part of the inner fender lining. The only tools you should need are a phillips head screwdriver holesaw for a drill or a dremel tool and some wire ties. 1. Just jack up your car and remove wich ever front wheel you feel so inclined. 2. Remove the front portion of the inner fender lining (black plastic). This is only held on by three or four phillips screws inside the fender and one under the front bumper (just follow the plasic down). 3. Now you should be able to see up to the backside of the light housing. Remove the cover for the headlight bulb. 4. Using either a dremel tool or a holesaw cut a hole a little smaller than the rubber plunger looking peice on the HID bulb that you just got. This provides a water tight seal since you have now cut into the cover. START OUT SMALL ON THIS HOLE AND WORK YOUR WAY UP LITTLE BY LITTLE to make sure that you get the tightest seal that doesn&39t deform the rubber plug. 5. Run the wires thru the hole installing the plug into the hole you made in step 4. 6. Install HID bulb and reinstall cover. This will require some positioning of the wires you just added due to having alot of extra wire lenght. Don&39t worry too much about melting the wires since the bulbs don&39t burn that hot. 7. Reinstall the fender lining and wheel. 8. Locate a spot to mount the ballasts. I just used a hole that had no bolt in it on top of the headlight in the core support. 9. Repeat on the other side. I started with the left side and then moved to the right. I know that you need to remove the wheel for the left side but I have read that you can gain access to the right side by just removing the washer jug but I don&39t know if you get enough room to manuver in this operation. Try it and see. I just removed the wheel as I did on the other side. Hope this helps. Sorry I can&39t post pics. I did this about a year ago. I know they can help but it really is not really a complicated process. Damn After typing all that I find this. httpforum.mazda6club.comindex.phpshowtopic66145

MAZDA 6 I GG GY SpeedSix stuff for the regular 6

I have a 2006 mazda 6 V6 3.0 5spd. I particularly like the mazdaspeed 6 rear bumper do you guys think I can fit it on my 6. Also the mazda 6 that is in the banner on the home page of the mazda6club while it doesn&39t look like anything real at all I particularly like the grille is that an actual grille that I can buy or its just some art work. Also I noticed that mazda 6 in Europe has headlight washers

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Apexcone HID Kit Recalls

Just came across this doing a search on Apexcone HID kits. Thought I would let everyone know. Apexcone HID Recall

Quote well..... half true and something missing... even when you retrofit it&39s still illegal without the levelling system (manualauto) and i think the headlight washer is needed in some country for HID-equipped cars.... might only be in europe iirc [b] Yeah the model with xenon come with leveling system and headlight washer

MAZDA 6 I GG GY HID Kit Installed

Well I finally got around to installing the HID kit from the GB. They came in quickly with a good turn around time. When installing any kit please have all tools and give your self anough time. It took about 3 hous to install this kit because I wanted to make it look as stock as possible. Time is all dependant on skill level and availability of resources such as screws tape soldering iron etc.. Removing

headlight washers. These spray washer fluid on the headlights when you spray the windshield. These are standard on the 6 in certain markets (Europe and Japan I believe). I haven&39t seen them on any North American models.

yes headlight washers. ive only seen them on euro mazda6&39s

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Installed 6000k XTEC&39s the other day

I spent a good I-kid-you-not 6-7 hrs on this the other day with frequent breaks in between to bang my head in frustration. Here&39s how it went 2 hrs () disabling DRL - what a btch. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake.. how hard could it possibly be to cut a wire from the blue box under the steering wheel dash and ground it... ya right. I had to bend over backwards on the driver seat floor

MAZDA 6 I GG GY My new mod...More pics add on 070508

Finally i got a chance to make my dream come it is. Acura RDX retrofit and i will be the first with this beautyful projector with out the (washer Mod) .I recently purchased a set of brand new 07 M6 factory HID headlights with bulbsballasts complete set and a set of 07 RDX projector for 95 bucks. As you all know the the MS6 and the M6 HID the housing just a little bit different....... here

this pic show you how to mount the RDX projector... this one show the RDX does not need to cut..... this one is my old tsx set up and you do need to cut the projector.... old tsx set up.... New RDX set up.... TSX 10 feet from the wall.... RDX 10 feet from the wall.... RDX color without washer mod.... TSX 25 feet showing washer mod.... RDX without washer mod 25 feet away.... RDX 25 feet away.... inside

MAZDA 6 I GG GY HID Bulbs eBay vs. OEM

Hello everyone again Hopefully everyone who wants good HID lighting has read my writeup and has PM&39d me with any questions on how to do it. A friend of ours was selling his stock OSRAM Xenarc HID bulbs from his MS6. Figure WTH might as well try SOMETHING OEM in this mess. Heres what we have... Four pics one of the 6000k ebay cheap-o D2S bulb cutoff and up close at the projector. Same for the OEM

QUOTE (mgalyan Mar 5 2009 1012 PM) Quote I&39ve seen sharper and more colorful than mine... But I&39m fairly happy with it. I could have probably put a washer on the outer top corner during the colormod and sharpened it up a hair more. Might have reduced the flairs a little. Who knows all projectors are different and you have to experiment some with each. I&39m not quite dissatisfied enough to bake

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Catz Zeta intallpics

Well...I had a quite lengthy and detailed write up about how every went and what had to be done and when I went to submit it the internet froze ( so ill re-type it when i get home tonight...anyways...who has an image uploader site for me to put pics on here Thanks Kyle

try this again P I ordered my Catz Zeta system from the ATO kit (which is what we need since we dont have H4 bulbs) plus a set of Catz Galaxy White H1 bulbs all for 185.00 shipped...not too bad in my opinion since ive seen the kit with bulbs go for more than 300 on some sites. Now before I go any farther I must warn that there is some minor wire splicingconnecting involved since our 6s

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Upper Fog Problem

I just got an 04 mazda 6 with integrated upper fogs that will not come on. I checked the fuse in the engine bay and it is fine. I also re-seated the fog relay. I guess both bulbs could be burned out but I havent checked them yet. Are there any other fuses to be checked Also are the parking lights on an 04 on the sides because the amber bulbs in the headlights assembly appear to be turn signal only. How the heck do you get to the bulbs on the passenger side with the washer fluid neck in the way

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Internal foglights (aftermarket install)

Hi people -) I have a 2005 mazda 6 wagon and as this does not have the sports-package I have empty compartments where the foglights where to be. There is no reflector or bulbholder and from what I have figured from my research the lens is probably plastic. Anyone got some hard facts on the lens is it plastic or glass Anyone ever done a aftermarket install with the original oem parts or aftermarket

Quote Originally Posted by gonvart Hey I have a 07 mazda 6i with the same thing in my headlights - that empty space where fog light would go. Does the 07 have the wiring as well and all i have to do is unscrew the cap to get inside Or is it different for the 07 model. Also what would I need to buy if I wanted to install a bulb or anything in there Thanks. Your car is prewired for fogs but to the bumper

MAZDA 6 I GG GY HELP&33 retrofit people in or around toronto&33

I have everything off... i cant get the damned tsx projectors to fit onto my stock bracket i drilled the holes as per the How to on mazda6club forum. Can someone come here or can I come to you and have you mount them on for me i can do the rest. Ill pay like 50 dollars for the service desperate... dont want to have to throw back my halogen projectors... put the headlights back together... and put back

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Out With E46 And In With Tsx Projector On The Ms6

i was so bored today so i decided to open up my headlights and retrofit the TSX projector.Took about 45 minutes for each headlight with minor mod..Also my E46 with be up FS soon.Here is the result..The last 2 pics is E46 you can see the different cut off patern on both E46 and the TSX...enjoy More pics to come but i have to wait until darkthose pics are taken in the daytime.....

see the housing have plenty of room for the projector to move around Quote and another the readability of overhead signsspeed limit signs on the right hand side of the road..are you able to hit that to the E46&39s which i currently got in my 6 right now[b] yes it can read fine i just like the cutoff on the tsx better than the E46 ....Now i&39m gonna rename my car.mazdaSPEED6-TSX

MAZDA 6 I GG GY ATH German Body Kit

I was curious if anyone knows if it is still possible to find the ATH bumperkit anywhere... I&39ve been searching around and have come up with damn near no results whatsoever . I wonder if anyone would be willing to remanufacture such an item for the NA models because I think that product would make the car look friggin schweeet Kit looks like this but without the little washer ports for the headlights...

MAZDA 6 I GG GY OEM Xenon to halogen.

Hey. This might sound strange but i need to modify my OEM xenon low beams to work as halogen lights. I dont have headlight washers on bumper so my xenon lights are illegal. I dont want to buy new headlights just to pass inspection so its easier and cheaper to modify them to work with halogen bulbs. I did some research and i found out that H7 bulb is the best for my needs. The H7 installation to headlight

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Pics of my new mods and a few other misc pics. Please excuse my dirty car.

OK here are a few pics that I took today since I had the day off. Brake Light Mod Tail Lights on brakes NOT applied Brakes applied While we are here my Japanese black tails New lower fogs Fogs on Upper fogs and lower fogs on

Quote Thanks guys I&39m said to say that the yellow HIDs are going to be going away my 4300K D2S bulbs came in. Before I pull them I will try to get some pics of the light on the road. Plans within the next 2 weeks just have to find a good 2 days to take the headlights apart again Head lights 4300K D2S Integrated fogs Driving Lights 4300K D2S Halogen High Beams....Cool little JDM touch will post pics

Quote ANOTHER VICTIM OF HKPLUS [b] Yup From a distance not bad but up close....wish I had kicked out the money. Quote how do the directionals work now with the brakes and all plugged in together also how do the directionals work with the brakes on is there any change in the system [b] No change I followed the how to on this forum and it worked GREAT. Quote eh u got integrated fogs using D2S u sure

MAZDA 6 I GG GY whats up with the 3rd rocker switch on the dash

whats the BLANK for do some models have all 3 filled i.e. non-sport fogs hoho

Acually the Euro spec has FOUR switchescontrols in that place. 1. The updown control for headlights (if you load something heavy on your hitch you can bring the headlights down so you dont go blind everyone you meet) 2. headlight washer 3. TCSDSC off 4. Dimmer So now you know. No more speculations. Sorry to kill the fun. )

MAZDA 6 I GG GY My Tsx Retro Is Complete&33&33&33&33&33

Hello everyone I finished my TSX retro today. I must say I thought it would be a lot harder than it was. specs - TSX projectors TSX ballasts and 4100K or 4300k bulbs (whatever OEM is) washer mod enjoy [attachment30769hid_024.jpg][attachment30770hid_025.jpg] What do you think -Nick So here is the story. I installed them on saturday and pretty muched followed the write ups on the board but I had different

Quote Did you buy the Nissan headlight sealant Did you paint your bezels Which aiming method did you use[b] Don&39t know what the Nissan headlight sealant is but I put a silican pack in the headlight and the only hole i made on the bottom for the ballast has been sealed up pretty water tight. I have an &3905 so my bezels are not chrome and I used a level to aim them....they are pretty good (a little curl from the washer mod rainbow).

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Are all H1s the same

Just like the question says Does it matter for quality and bulb life (how long will they last until they burn out) who the manufacture is I bought some H1 bulbs previously from Squatty&39s garage (Luminics) and they last about a year then I bought some generic bulbs from superbulbs () and they last less than a year now I just bought some bulbs from eBay (Noyka supposedly a reputable brand) and am wondering

mind that those ones are gonna runner you a hight price Piaas can run from 45 up to over 100 for a set depending on what you get and from where Id say if you dont wanna spend to much then try and atleast spend 25-30 for a good set and you should be fine and happy..[b] Well I have the the Noyka&39s and am not sure how long they&39re going to last. I don&39t wantneed to install them and find out 6

MAZDA 6 I GG GY What are these wires for

Hey guys... I am in the middle of installing HIDs into my 2004 and just got done taking off the bumper and I found 2 wiring harness plugs that were not plugged in to anything on the right side. The left side doesnt have these. Can someone please tell me what they are for and if they should be connected to something I am hoping they are just there for optional equipment that my car does not have Any help is appreciated Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by Byakuya Actually I dont think so. We were discussing this in another thread. I believe they go to the Euro Model cars for their headlight wipers. Well one of them is the grey one. The black one might be fogs cant tell. Do you mean headlamp washers jets Quote Originally Posted by mmceorange Pretty sure one of them is for rear window washer pump. I believe you are correct.

They are required by law for any car with HID headlamps according to ECE as well as headlight leveling devices. Quote Originally Posted by chrisk2010 Why do the euro cars need washer spary for the headlights Sent from Free App

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Identify the Mystery Plugs

Ok while installing my clear corners tonight I ran across 2 plugs just hanging and not being used. These were in the area behind the front passenger side corner marker and were actually attached at one point to the wires going to the corner light....but they are just hanging there. What do you think

heheheh didnt see that . ................ now looking at the picture again it looks just like the plug for the windshield washer tank maybe that plug could be for the headlight washers that the euro cars have hmmmmmmmmmmm sound like a mod to me im gonna look at the PDF manuals for this

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Installing Integrated Foglights

Has anyone ever installed bulbs in the place where the integrated foglights are at and wire them manual somehowsomewhere. Thanks

Quick update I ordered the integrated fog kit (being a standard UK estate I don&39t have lower fogs) as shown on and have just fitted them in about 45 mins and I&39m no electrical expert... Wiring is already in place the connectors for the fogs are measured & ziptied in place next to the foglight bowl already and fitting the new switch to the steering column is easy as long as you follow the

MAZDA 6 I GG GY changing xenonlights

Does anyone know if it&39s possible to change the xenonlights by your self or must it be done at the workshop Because I&39m thinking of buying a mazda6 and it would be really bad if you couldn&39t do it by your self if you are at a place without workshops. So is it possible ps. does anybody know how long they last

Yes you can change the xenon bulbs yourself although you can make life easier by carrying a philips screwdriver (ie the type designed to fit screws with a cross pattern in the head) and a small adjustable spanner. That&39s all you need to take the bumper off which hugely increases your access. As for changing the bulbs themselves you&39d need to be carrying spares - I don&39t know what availability

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Xtec 6000K H1 and H3 Install HOW TO

Howday THis is my 1st how bear with me. Gotta give alot of cudo&39s to Oliver and the guys....they had the kits out to me in about a week (and thats to GUAM....really fast) so with out further delay the how to. this is how they came out of the shipping boxes....purty boxes opened up...getting better one kit layed out ..all parts there check pretty good instructions....gotta watch out....they

for the ballasts. The kits included a bunch of pretty long zipties but I dont trust them. So for me its screwed in place. Find a location as far from engine and radiator heat as allowable (the power wire harness will be your limiting factor in this case as they are the shorter of the two.) This I have to say is the only fault I have found with this kit. I wish the power wire harness was about 6-12

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Different low beam install method

Through my search yesterday in the forums of best methods to replace the low beam bulbs I did not come across this way so I thought I would post it. If you go in through the wheel wells you have a direct shot to the low beams (I have an 04 Sport others may vary). I removed the 4 screws holding the wheel well shroud to the bottom of the bumper and then removed enough of the clip screws in the wheel

On my 06 the left headlight bulb was easy to replace the harder one was the right side. But what I did is I loosened the container for the windshield washer fluidmoved it outta the way and badaboom easy access to change the right side headlight bulb

Quote On my 06 the left headlight bulb was easy to replace the harder one was the right side. But what I did is I loosened the container for the antifreeze moved it outta the way and badaboom easy access to change the right side headlight bulb[b] That&39s good to know I was actually doing this on Friday and the right side was a total pain in the ass. The left side was very easy because I have a CAI.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY lower foglights

How can I get the lower foglightsbezels for my mazda 6 Ive looked everywhere and still nothing. I live in the US. and I have the sports package bumper which seems to be the same as the front aero bumper across seas. Can someone please help me out and point me in the right direction This is what Im looking for ( (

Are those headlight washers underneath the headlights on the front bumper Definitely gotta be a euro thing. Wonder how much of a pricey option those are....

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Got my Eibachs fitted

Ha Ha No pics yet made you look P Will take and post pics at lunchtime (2 hours or so) )

Quote Originally posted by blackmagik_13 What are the little black things in front of the headlights The drop looks damn good def. on my list of to dos. They appear to be headlight washers Euro versions get all the cool stuff huh

Example offers of car parts mazda 6 headlight washer

  • 2010 MAZDA 6 MRZ-CD 2.2 DIESEL HEADLIGHT WASHER JET GS1F-5182X 41033 - Dewsbury,United Kingdom (129.99 GBP)
  • Genuine MAZDA RX8 RX-8 Headlight Washer Nozzle Jet and Cover LH Front - Middlesbrough,United Kingdom (40.00 GBP)
  • 2003 Mazda RX8 231 Offside Front Headlight Washer Jet - Launceston,United Kingdom (40.00 GBP)
  • Genuine MAZDA RX8 RX-8 Headlight Washer Nozzle Jet and Covers - Ilford,United Kingdom (75.00 GBP)
  • 2003 Mazda RX8 231 Offside Front Headlight Washer Jet Cover Lens - Launceston,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • 2003 Mazda RX8 231 Nearside Passanger Front Headlight Washer Jet - Ilford,United Kingdom (35.00 GBP)
  • 2003 Mazda RX8 231 Nearside Passanger Front Headlight Washer Jet - Ilford,United Kingdom (25.00 GBP)

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