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mazda 6 headrest I GG GY
mazda 6 headrest I GG GY

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Front seat headrests are poorly designed

Two issues one is life threatening the other is incredibly poor ergonomics Issue One Why in the world is the head rest angled DOWN with no option to adjust Can you imagine what will happen in a rear-end collision First your head will fly backward and hit the headrest (its a good height for whiplash protection if only the engineers could have thought about the angle for any length of time). Next once

QUOTE Quote Originally posted by madmonkey Not everyone is built the same way... So mazda will not build seats with just YOU in mind... I personally prefer to have the headrests angled forward or else if my head were to touch the headrest my it would be tilted to far back leaving me staring at my roofliner... I dont think that my head has even touched the headrest in my current ride... and

QUOTE Quote Originally posted by 84FordMan Adjustable headrests What other cars are these. With the hundreds upon hundreds of all kinds of cars I have driven I cannot think of any that had adjustable headrests outside of what mazda offers up and down. Hell my last vehicle didnt even had headrests doubt Ford cared about that back in 1984.[b] My 2003 Jetta GLI VR6 headrests can be angled any way that I want. Oh and my dads Jag and my moms A4. My mazda 6... doesnt. Lame.

QUOTE Quote Originally posted by ChronoB Bear in mind that mazda has designed a seatheadrest system to reduce whiplash. Swapping out the headrests with some other kind might hinder that system or even counteract it. From mazdas website The front seatbacks feature an anti-whiplash design with supportive springs and a new-style head restraint that helps prevent the rearward lurching of the head

QUOTE Quote Originally posted by mazda6s_in_ky Im not collision expert by any means but I do not see how this headrest will reduce whiplash more so than a normal flat (comfortable) headrest. To me it looks like it will make it worse. Instead of giving your body a smooth somewhat flat surface to absorb impact from a rear end collision there is no support for your neck. So as your body is thrown back

MAZDA 6 I GG GY New headrest monitors

I just wanted to post my experience with Jeremy at . I emailed him and asked about putting headrest monitors in my mazda6. From start to finish it was a easy process. I sent my headrests to him via UPS and he had my headrests back within a week. The installation was simple and included wireless IR headphones. I am very pleased with the final product and my kids are happy also I am getting

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headrest monitor

Hello everyone. There are a few people who have the headrest monitors on this forum. But how many were done by themselves Well I tried something new today. I installed a headrest monitor in the passenger headrest. The hardest part was making that first cut. Along with my trusty hi-res digital camera I took about 20 pics of the whole install. And for my first time everyone I showed agrees it look perfect.

The only thing I would do differently is I would splice the AV wires so that I could run them through the supports posts of the seat backs or find a monitor that had one end un terminated. And this site lets you send in any headrest monitor they will install it for you and ship it back. They also have complete kits and are the only site I found that supports the mazda6

sry110 actually the headrest runs almost parallel with the monitor. It is just that I sat as far back in the rear seat and at an angle to get both screens in the same pic. I may have to adjust it a little though which is not a big deal -- my tutorial will explain more... I will take more pictures tonight for a more detailed show. And I have to work on that tutorial too..... diesel5599 the 7 is just

Quote Originally posted by diesel5599 mymx6 was that just the screens and install or the whole kit I am thinking about just getting the whole thing from mobilevideo4less for around 1300.00. Their price includes both headrests 7 monitors FM modulator wireless headphones and DVDTV tuner. I paid 285 for my 7 tv in the dash 400 for my dvdmp3 pioneer head unit and I installed that myself.. as far

MAZDA 6 I GG GY 6s backseats with headrests

Hey guys I was driving around today and saw a guy in a 6s 5door. The car was all stock but what stood out to me is the fact that there were headrests in the back seats. That was a shock since I have yet to see a 6 in any style with rear headrests and being the fact that I wanted to have such since I saw pics of the mazdaspeed 6 (I think rear headrests make a sedan look more sportier especially a car

Quote Originally posted by FreeStyLinDrive Jul 23 2005 0126 AM Its stock for the mazda 3 also. I even installed a 3rd head rest in the middle. [snapback]464541[snapback] Did you install the 3rd headrest yourself if so then how did you do that I was thinking about doing it myself by just buying the headrests and installing them but don&39t know how to. Thanks.

Originally posted by Sigma Jul 24 2005 1150 PM June of &3904 they were producing Sedans Wagons and 5-Doors so it&39s very possible that you have them. You can feel around the top of the seat and see if you feel anything out of the ordinary. It&39d be a hole in the cushion. Otherwise you&39d have to remove the seatback and the covers. Not a very easy task just to check for something. [snapback]465999[snapback]

MAZDA 6 I GG GY My custom 7 lcd and 6.5 headrest

Finally after waiting for the front TV to be finished I installed my whole system. It took a few hours but was worth it. Let me know what you guys think. My front lcd is a NESA 7 touchscreen httpdomesticdefiance.compicspic1.JPG Another View httpdomesticdefiance.compicspic2.JPG httpdomesticdefiance.comoicspic3.JPG My headrest tv&39s are 6.5 Liliput screens they were cheap so I got em lol. httpdomesticdefiance.compics.pic4.JPG

Quote Originally posted by mazda6sedan Jan 14 2005 0224 PM I like what you have done. Let me ask you this. How have you connected the head rest LCDs [snapback]347775[snapback] Thanks as for the headrest...I ran wires down the seats under the rug and into the center console. From there I wired both headrest to the lighter plug. Now my radio (pioneer dvh-p5000mp) has Two video outs lables front and rear.

Wow i like it the setup is VERY similiar to mine (search 8 touchscreen navi installed). Those headrest sets they have any glare if not im thinkin about gettin me a pair now wow they look nice. how much did u get those headrest stes for anyways i see em for about 150 each. anyways let me know thanks. anyone know of a good dvd mp3 cd player that would work good in a car thats cheap like i have everything

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headrest monitors...had to swap mine out for new ones

I&39ve had my no name brand back headrest monitors for 3yrs now and eventually having to reach around and switch on the back two became unbearable so I bought a pair of XOVision XO-2708&39s. My front map pocket monitor has always had the capability its something from Nesa don&39t know the exact model but the back two were from Luxma (terrible brand btw). Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone planning

Quote Do you have overall cost andor wiring how to&39s [b] Below is my post with a complete wiring diagram I did awhile back. Its still the same setup I&39m using now httpforum.mazda6club.comindex.phpshow...wiringdiagram I don&39t like thinking about the overall cost have been addingswappingremoving pieces here and there for 5yrs now I&39m sure the overall cost is some unmentionable number. If you

I see this board has really gone downhill when n00bs try to flame someone for posting usefull information. The only person I bought the screens for is myself seeing morons speak is funny nonetheless. What do aftermarket rims tinted windows headrest monitors and underbody neons have in common They were bought to please their owners was any of it necessary No that&39s why its called a hobby not a utility. Disagreeing with someone else&39s choice of modifications contributes nothing to the hobby as a whole unless said aforementioned input was requested. But alas I digress to the moronic level of the flamers. As promised I&39ve posted pics of silver on blk headrest monitors in a silver 6 for anyone interested.

Quote Thanks that one took about 2hrs not counting getting the faceplate off. This was back when I still had the factory HU. [b] Nice work on your setup I&39m thinking of doing a self-install of some headrest monitors this weekend. I&39ve got a pair of Icon 6.5 on the way but I&39m not sure how difficult they are to mount. I certainly don&39t wanna f-- up my headrests. Any helpful advice.. I&39m assuming you installed yours yourself. Thanks- [fontArial]

They were bought to please their owners was any of it necessary No that&39s why its called a hobby not a utility. Disagreeing with someone else&39s choice of modifications contributes nothing to the hobby as a whole unless said aforementioned input was requested. But alas I digress to the moronic level of the flamers. As promised I&39ve posted pics of silver on blk headrest monitors in a silver 6

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headrest decals

IMO they&39re awful but for those of you wishing to chance it. httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotors6-mazda-626...989879841QQrdZ1

Quote Originally posted by scottw Jul 28 2005 0643 PM Hah letter. I can see them rubbing off and having the mazda emblem stuck on the back of your headneck area. [snapback]470425[snapback] thats when you know youve been shifting too hard slam your head into the headrest and take the logo with you.

you guys are knocking it but you have really no idea what it looks like i have a set of the mazda symbol not mazda on each headrest front and rear . in a aluminum looking silver mine are not vinyl its almost like a very thin metal . i bought them a while ago and cant remeber where . its on my black leather seats . a few members have seen it and they liked it . i think it adds to the interior makes

MAZDA 6 I GG GY 7 In-Dash TV Tvs In the Headrests


MAZDA 6 I GG GY Tips on Installing Headrest Monitors anyone

Hi I am about to install headrest monitors in my mazda 6 and am wondering if anyone can give me some tipshow do I go about feeding the wire down through the seat

Quote Will take a picture when I am done went with some 9 wides I love the bulkier headrest it came with looks better than the sleek ones that came with the 6. [b] well where the hell are the pix my tr4 has headrest monitors but it was done at a shop. this time if i decide to get some for the m6 i&39d like to do it myself. so any tips or pix you want to share

That looks really cool. Remember when headrest monitors were pretty much the most pimped out thing you could do to a car Now it&39s no big deal I&39ve got custom leather so I&39m sure I couldn&39t find a headrest that matches perfectly. Can anyone comment on how to install monitors into the stock headrests takes some skill to mod the stock headrests. I think it consists of something similar to this Remove the leathercloth cover cut the foam out of the headrest for the screen. Fit the screen and build a bracket to house it (sometimes you can buy premade) Glue the bracket and screen in place. Drill a hole and run the wire down the metal pole (I don&39t believe ours are hollow either). Wire it all up.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY OEM Headrest DVD Monitors

I am looking for OEM headrest DVD screens or a complete kit for the mazda 6 has anyone found someone that makes these yet All the sites I have looked at so far only make them for the SUVs havent seen one yet that makes it for the 6. Epik has the most variety and I sent them an email but I dont have much faith in that.

chikoo no the first one shown is a headrest screen but not an OEM kit and the second one does not have that custom look to it. The pic below is one of the kits I am talking about but I have not seen a complete kit for the M6 yet. Basically I want to just get a kit and drop in the headrests everything even the FM modulator is included as shown below. If you get just the screens you still have to get

MAZDA 6 I GG GY headrest televisions.

hey. my sisters camry has headrest tv&39s and since she doesnt even use them shes allowing me to take them and put them on my mazda6i. the only thing is... i dont know how to transfer the set of tvs to another car. any how-to&39s thank you

well get some pics up but the getting free tvs are the least of your probelms. Its doable but how good are these LCDs what would the cost be Your sister doesnt mind having torn up headreast I mean to install the LCDs properly in the headrests will take a lot of work unless you just hot glue them to the back of the headrest and have the wires taped to the back of the seat... not to sound like a dic

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Embroidered Headrests

I want to embroider my headrests with a custom logo. This is pretty easy to do if I could seperate the headrest cloth from the actual headrest....but it seems to be attached to the foam in the headrest with glue. Has anyone else tried this before or anytips on how to do it Also I want to add DVD displays into the back of each headrest. What is the best way to do this...just cut and instal

Has anyone taken the cloth off of their headrests before I don&39t beleive that the cloth from the headrest is glued to the foam inside but it may be. If anyone has taken the cloth off of their headrest to embroider it let me know how you did it.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headrest Monitor Help

I&39ve ran a search on the site for headrest monitors and get lots of returns. I readskim through lots of posts. What I gather so far Make sure to get a pair that has some power mode so they come back on when you turn car on. Not sure what the name of that was. I was looking at these httpwww.onlinecarstereo.comCarAudioPr...ProductID19102 (If they have them in black) Or maybe these httpwww.onlinecarstereo.comCarAudioPr...ProductID15975

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headrest Cover Removal

Has anyone had any success in removing the covers off of their headrests

I want to embroider the headrests with a custom logo and install moniters in the two front headrests. Yeah I figured out today that I cannot remove the covers. So unless I can figure out a way to embroider the fabric while it is ON the headrest or find custom made covers for the 6. But I want them to match the fabric of the car.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Front seat headrests

My 6 has developed the most annoying rattle (actually more of a clicking). After doing alot of searching I pinpointed the culprit as the passenger side headrest. Changing the position of the headrest makes no difference but actually removing it makes the clicking go away. Has anyone else experienced this If so is there a simple fix (other than taking it to the dealer or removing the headrest)

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Mazda 6 Headrest & Console size

Hey all I&39ve searched high and low but can&39t find the dimensions of the headrests or the deep centre console... can anyone help The story goes... i&39m not getting my 6 for another 3 months (its killing me.. now run outside and give yours a hug and be thankful) Anyway i&39ve found some LCD screens that are reasonably priced and also a DVD player... I&39m planning to put the DVD player in the centre

Hey thanks for that damned if i know where i&39ll put the dvd player Maybe a 6 stacker under the passenger seat Does anyone know how much room is under there I honestly dont know how i&39d get my hands on the metra kit (im in Australia).. i&39m already up for 300 for a dash kit from - pic below - to house alpines hard disk player which also means i can&39t do an LCD in the map pocket.

I&39ll get you exact measurements (in cm) when I get my car back right now it is in the shop. I would think you could still get the dashkit the shipping would probably be more but it would definitely be worth it. Right now I have my DVD player in the trunk mounted on the sub box and it is a complete pain. Not to mention when the bass hits the DVD skips. What you could do is reverse mount the brackets

Hi all Anyone had a chance to measure their headrestsconsole yet thanks Lockie.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Headrest TVs

Is there anyplace that sells a headrest package for the 6 IF not how hard is it installing screens into leather headrests any info would help Thanks

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Best Place to shop for Headrest monitors

I am gonna be putting my slim PS2 in my 6 since I will be getting an XBox 360 for christmas. I was wondering where is a good place to shop for headrest Monitors I know some people have said 6.5 is as big as you can fit in our 6 headrests but I have also seen some members with 7. I know it all depends on the make of the monitor. Where is the best place to shop or at least compare Monitors.... Please

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  • Mazda Premacy Headrest Head Rest Grey Cloth 1999 - 2004 - Grimsby,United Kingdom (5.49 GBP)
  • MAZDA DEMIO 2000 5DR FRONT HEADRESTS (GREY) - Bridport,United Kingdom (23.50 GBP)
  • MAZDA 6 2008-2012 REAR SEAT BLACK LEATHER HEADRESTS SET (42663A) - Bournemouth,United Kingdom (39.99 GBP)
  • Mazda 323 headrests (set of 5) grey velour - Lymington,United Kingdom (20.00 GBP)
  • Mazda Premacy Headrest Head Rest Grey Cloth 1999 - 2004 - York,United Kingdom (5.00 GBP)
  • mazda 323 sport rear headrest year 2002 - Aberdeen,United Kingdom (4.99 GBP)

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