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mazda 6 ignition cable I GG GY
mazda 6 ignition cable I GG GY

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Amp power cable

I would like to install a system in my 6. In doing so I was going to run the power cable from the battery to the trunk through the interior. Is this the right way to do so If so it seems HARD as hell to get anything through the firewall where all the other wires come through cant even seem to get a coat hanger in there much less a 2guage - 4guage power cable. Some help would be greatly appreciated D

I tapped directly into my cars ignition to run my remote wire so that my amp turns on as soon as i put the key in the ignition. As far as running the cable through the firewall i just drilled a hole and used some high temp sylicone to seal the hole. I also tapped into the driver side rear speaker to get the leads for the RCA converter. I dunno if its the best way to go about things but i have has my system installed for about 3 months problem free )

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Possible ElectricalIgnition Problem

So here is my predicament I was headed home from school my foot slipped off the clutch and the vehicle stalled out. I went to turn it back on and the vehicle just clicked. Clutch all the way in and the nothing. The dials moved all the way to the end and back and just a bunch of clicking like as if the battery cable was loose. I checked the battery cable and it was fine. Luckily this happened on a hill.

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MAZDA 6 I GG GY Vehicle Startup Ignition Problem

Hi I have been deeply frustrated with the following problem and and hoping that someone has any ideas to get me in the right direction. Model mazda6 Year 2003 Mileage 38000 Mods CPE Intake and MAFci Customizer attached to ECU harness. Viper791 alarm. NOTE both the above mods have been removed and set back to stock. While I have been trying to determine cause of problem. Problem Vehicle doesn&39t start

The conclusion. The problem was caused by a broken crank sensor. Oil then came through the broken crank sensor and migrated through the cable plugged into it. The oil migrated all the way out to the end of the cable to the harness and shorted and fried a few wires. Beside the fried wires the computer was also damaged. --------------------------- It was a battle getting the car fixed. That is why it

MAZDA 6 I GG GY adjust parking brake cable

how do you tighten up slack in parking brake cable on 2004 mazda6

Straight from the workshop manual. 1)Start the engine and depress the brake pedal several times. 2)Stop the engine. 3)Remove the ashtray behind the center console. 4)Turn the adjusting nut as shown in the figure. 5)After the adjustment inspect the following points 1)Turn the ignition switch to ONpull the parking lever one notch make sure the parking brake warning light illuminates 2)verify that the rear brakes do not drag

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Tsb&39s Sticky&33

Post only TSBs in here. No commentary on the TSBs. Thanks

you have them please post up the details. Thanks[b] Ok here goes. I dont have the pdf&39s so these will be copy and pasted from the site Wheels - Stain Prevention Information TSB 02-00607 ALL MODELS - STAINS APPEAR ON WHEELS APPLIcable MODEL(S)VINS All Models DESCRIPTION Some automotive cleaning products contain strong acid or alkali. When these types of cleaners are used to clean the wheels on mazda

MAZDA 6 I GG GY WARNING to CAN BUS SCANNERS Scanner shutdown link & applied brakes (U1900 ABS)

Condensed story 06s approaching 90000 miles. 2013-09-23 morning commute had the car idling for 1.5 hours. It was fine when I parked it. I had no observations. Drive home 9hrs later. I notice its being kinda grab ss with the throttle and the idle is down about 100 RPMs but not missing. Just low thus making the take off feel kinda strange. So i plug in the OBDII blue tooth reader and get the Android

MAZDA 6 I GG GY U0121 Cel

Hi Guys Recently I got a CEL on my car so I bought a Scangauge II in order to scan the code and have some nifty functions as well.. When I looked up the code on the Scangauge it told me the code was U0121 which I dont see listed on the mazda6tech website list of codes for the 2.3L. I have no engine modifications to my car and the light has gone off and not come on again for a couple weeks so i&39m not too worried but I was hoping someone would be able to tell me what this mystery code is Thanks

Next time try plugging it in and scanning it when the ignition switch is NOT in the ON position or that the car is NOT idling. That appears to be what causes the miscommunication codes to be ran. APPLIcable MODEL(S)VINS All 2003 - 2004 mazda6 2005 mazda6 2.3L only DESCRIPTION Some customer vehicles may have a false MIL illumination with multiple U-code DTCs. This condition may be caused if the WDS

MAZDA 6 I GG GY U0121 U0155 and U0100

I took my 04-6sAT to an inspection shop today to get my annual state inspection. When they hooked up their computer to the OBD at first it wouldn&39t connect but then it spit out three codes (U0121 U0155 and U0100). They did not know what the codes meant (claimed their software was not up to date) and advised me to see the dealer. They also tripped the check engine light in the process. I don&39t have

They&39re miscommunication codes. Means their scanner wasn&39t up to snuff. U codes are all WDS related codes not car specific codes. I wonder how long before the state gives up trying to scan can cars and just automatically passes them. Yee old MRI APPLIcable MODEL(S)VINS All 2003 - 2004 mazda6 2005 mazda6 2.3L only DESCRIPTION Some customer vehicles may have a false MIL illumination with multiple

MAZDA 6 I GG GY check engine light

So i was driving around the other day just normally no WOT or anything and the check engine light came on. I didnt have my accessport with me so i couldnt read the code so i drove home to go get it. Shut my car off went inside grabbed it came back out turned the car back on and no more check engine light.. I have driven the car since and it runs perfect just like before with no hiccups or anything.

Also found this.. i dont know if it applies to a speed 6 but gives me a good idea of what im looking at. ILLUMINATION - P0172 P2178 P2188 SET APPLIcable MODEL (S)VINS 2004-2005 mazda3 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1BK 350581 ( produced before July 1 2005) DESCRIPTION Some vehicles may experience MIL Illumination with DTC P0172 P2178 P2188 stored in PCM memory. This may be caused by a poor connection

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Stock radio display not working in cold

sorry if this has already been covered i&39ve searched and couldn&39t find anything. title explains it all... it was about 25 degrees the other day which is the coldest it has been since i&39ve had the 6. i get in my car start it up and wait for it to warm up to normal operating temp. i turn on the radio and notice that nothing on the display shows up it&39s just completely blank. when i get the interior heated up it decides to turn back on but the time was an hour off. any ideas

it up and wait for it to warm up to normal operating temp. i turn on the radio and notice that nothing on the display shows up it&39s just completely blank. when i get the interior heated up it decides to turn back on but the time was an hour off. any ideas[b] Had the same thing there&39s a TSB pdf on it somewhere out there. My dealer ordered the part and fixed it under warranty. httpwww.coremazda.comforumsmazda6-tec...temerature.html

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Jerkinginterrupting acceleration from low to 2000rpm

Hello all I have 2003 european M6 with 2.0 litre engine. I have a problem with accelerating from low rpms when engine is heavy loaded during acceleration like Im in city waitng for the green light on road which is climbing up and want to accelerate but from low rpms like on 3rd gear acceleration form 1000rpm climbing up. In normal situation the engine would be heavy loaded but will accelerate in slow

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Just bought the car throwing several codes. maybe pre-cat failure need help

I just got a 2004 mazda6 3.0 auto 191k in a trade i knew that it had a miss but i figured it was something simple. It has a low rpm hesitation and misses at idol. it is throwing codes for a miss on cyl 6&3 random miss cats (po421&po431) and egr( po455 maybe gas cap). Im just not sure where to start. research as led me to think maybe a clogged precat could be the cuprite but experience with mazdas makes

So to be clear here.... You have the following DTCs P0303 Cylinder 3 misfire detected P0306 Cylinder 6 misfire detected P0421 Warm-up catalyst efficiency below threshold (Bank 1) P0431 Warm-up catalyst efficiency below threshold (Bank 2) P0455 Evaporative emission control system leak detected (gross leak) As well you have the following driveability issues Misfire at low RPM Hesitation on initial acceleration Lets take a look at this First your P0455 is NOT an EGR code it is an EVAP code and means the ECU has detected a gross leak in the evaporative emission control system namely a vacuum leak. This may very well be causing ALL of your codes. Think about it....Low RPM miss (that presumably appears to cease after a certain RPM) Hesitation on acceleration. Misfire All classic signs of a large vacuum leak....quite possibly a gas cap....but dont hold your breath. Vacuum leak lean mixture Lean mixture can trick the ECU in to believing the cats are not functioning as efficiently as they should. It takes an apparent decrease of as little as 4% in catalyst efficiency to set this code. When diagnosing DTCs start with the highest number and work your way down to the lowest code. Correct the vacuum leak disconnect the negative battery cable and with the cable disconnected put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position (to discharge the capacitors in the ECU) switch the key off wait 1 minute and re-connect the negative cable. Scan for and clear codes if necessary. Start the vehicle and go drive it. If there are any codes re-set then diagnose the highest code first and work your way down...lather...rinse...repeat. Please dont be a drive-by poster and COME BACK AND LET US KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Welcome to the mazda6club

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Hidden button under the dash

Hi Im new here on the forums very resourceful place I might add. Recently I bought an oldie mazda 6i 2.3L 2006 second hand. It is in pretty good shape so I couldnt resist. Im planning on making a few upgrades small upgrades to it ( the car came with a few upgrades on its own). Mostly electrical stuff like an amp ipod conectivity TPMS sensor and a start buttonkeyless entry system. Regarding the latter

the alarm and kill switch. Every alarm is different so the keystrokes if you may is different between models. Meaning you probably have to turn the key on press the button 3 times turn off the ignition and press buttons on the transmitter. Once this is satisfied you can enter program stages into the unit. Thanks for the comment. If I follow you correctly then the keyfob that I have (standard mazda


i started a thread across the net and figured id post up here what i have been doing since i got back from the National meet. im just gonna copy and paste everything. __________________________________________________ ______________________________ __- TIMELINE AND UPDATES july 19th - well as some of you may know. i have my tranny out of my car so i can get our LSD group buy finished up. I have the

This is my ride. most know her as Punisher 6. i originally brought her for a DD while i built my other car. but when i totalled that other car (my escort) i started building this. and this is where we are at since i crashed my other car in 2008. i brought the 6 sometime in 2006. 2004 mazda 6s (was a base model) 3.0L Duratec V6 Had the nasty tanbrown interior when i brought it. Currently 102k on the

MAZDA 6 I GG GY How to change spark plugs on your 2.3L I-4&33

My car just hit 60000 miles. So according to my owner&39s manual it&39s time to change spark plugs Time 30 minutes. Cost Around 55 with new spark plugs and new wires around 36 for plugs only. Tools mazda OEM NGK platnium tipped spark plugs (4 total). Motorcraft spark plugs wire set (optional but new wires new plugs optimal performance ). Torque wrench. Gloves (Protect your hands and avoid static).

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Remote Starter Wiring colors and location

cable Type (Color) Polarity [Location] 12volts (black and blackyellow) [ ignition harness] Starter ( blackblue ) [ ignition harness ] Second Starter ( NA ) ignition ( blue ) [ ignition harness] Second ignition ( NA ) Third ignition ( NA ) Accessory ( blackred ) [ ignition harness] Second Accessory (blackwhite ) [ ignition harness] Keysense (whiteblue ) [ ignition harness] Notes for this

MAZDA 6 I GG GY 2008 Mazda 6 No Start No Crank

Im working on a 2008 mazda 6 at the moment and it will not start. Theres no cranking at all when the ignition is held in the start position the positive cable on the battery starts to smoke and heat up. The start solenoid can be heard clicking and when the starter is jumped directly with power it still cannot turn the motor. I have pulled the wheel off and turned the motor over with a socket. I got


Hi - I&39m new to the forums as I&39ve only owned a mazda 6 for two weeks so be gentle. -) I have a 55 plate 6 sport bose head unit with 6 CD changer. I&39ve installed an XCARLINK for ipod connection. Unit is installed and the ipod turns onoff with the ignition as expected but no sound. Ipod charges as well. The xcarlink connects to the TAPEMD port at the back of the unit (not tape or MD installed)

QUOTE (futureechos Jan 14 2010 0145 PM) Quote Hi - I&39m new to the forums as I&39ve only owned a mazda 6 for two weeks so be gentle. -) I have a 55 plate 6 sport bose head unit with 6 CD changer. I&39ve installed an XCARLINK for ipod connection. Unit is installed and the ipod turns onoff with the ignition as expected but no sound. Ipod charges as well. The xcarlink connects to the TAPEMD port at

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Possible Piggy-back tuner

Hey all I found this on another forum and was wondering if it would be benifical. I am tring to talk to the shop that makes them to see if they can do one for the 6. He said he would like to try. I am going to go by there shop and see what they can do. Just want to make sure its worth it. seeing as i know nothing about ECU tuning i was hoping to get some input from the guru&39s. Heres the spec&39s

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Hardwire Radar Detector to cigar fuse

This setup will allow the radar to cycle on and off when you put you key in the ignition. It not only looks impressive every time you start your car but it saves power keeping the detector off while your not in the car (not that it draws much power anyway). I thought this post might be helpful for people who don&39t have auto mirror or moonroof wires to tap into to easily. On the drivers side remove

FORD F150 Ignition (Key Switch)

Hi people I have a question on behalf of my brother he has a mazda B-3000 Troy Lee Edition manual tranny I think it is 2000 or 2001 not sure. I ask here because underneath the truck the only brand you can see written all over is Motorcraft. Recently the truck wont start and after checking all systems that we could we think its the key switch it wont let the currentvoltage flow to the ignition. We have

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Sample wiring diagram

After using my current wiring setup for about 3 months now i thought i would share with you guys how i wired in the system and the advantages of using this setup. The diagram is posted below along with the key to understanding the thing. Im running a 4channel Alpine amp off the front outputs of the headunit and a JL Audio sub amp off the rear outputs. This setup allows seperate volume control over

Goofy I have the non-Bose setup. All the speakers are Alpine. 4channel amp is Alpine sub amp is JL Audio as is the sub. 1) Both amps allow for speaker level inputs so i used those and tweeked the gains to get the proper output. The sound is really good clean with virtually no noise so i chose to forgo the LOC. 2) Mounted the 6.5 in 14 luan that i then matted to make for a more solid mounting surface.

Goofy heres what i can tell you. 1) The ALumapro 5 CAp is a capacitor. Basically it stores energy for the sound system to use when its taxed hard(deep bass passages loud volume levels etc.). Theyre used to help with light dimming and system performance loss because of current drops. The fused distribution block splits the single power cable from the battery into 2 different lines 1 for the sub amp

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Replacing the 7 LCD display

Have a 05 mazdaSpeed Atenza being in New Zealand the netc screen does not work (we are pal) thou you can pick up the sounds to the dvd and tv. I had a choice of either ripping it out and replacing with a flip top glove compartment 126nz or see if I can put something else in its place. Searched the net Buy Safe NZ Ltd - Marbella MK74 7 Portable GPS and found a Marbella GPS unit of the same dimensions

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Idle sputter gets worse with AC on

I have a headache this big (imagine a M6 sedan here) and it has a 5 pound sledgehammer written all over it 2004 M6 V6 manual trans fusion swapped Has a slight but noticeable roughness in idle from cold startup. It sounds more like a sputter than a miss although an occasional miss can be heard. Turn on the air conditioner and the sputter gets noticeably worse. The engine continues to run and does not

So I called in a favor and asked a friend of mine to bring his Snap-On MODIS over (since mine is clapped out) and we mapped out the problems. First the throttle position sensor signal was all over the place. Up down not stable in any way. Second the number 4 and 5 ignition coils were weak and the number 6 coil was nearly inoperable. I confirmed the diagnosis by installing the throttle body and three

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Xcarlink noise question

I recently purchased an xcarlink iPod adapter wBluetooth from RPM and had a question for any of you that are currently using the device. Do you get any background noise when you connect either your iPhone via cable or Bluetooth I get horrible background noise from the unit which makes it unusable. I opened a ticket with RPM and they figured it to be defective and shipped me a new unit. I should mention

Quote Originally Posted by trahajopro86 I just gave up on the xCarlink. I figured after 2 units it wasnt worth trying again. RPM took both units back and had such great customer service that I just went ahead and purchased the Metra Turbo2 Single DIN dash kit from them and replaced the head unit. I really wanted the xCarlink to work because really all I wanted to add was bluetooth audio and didnt want

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Need help with electrical problems

Hi all So today when i was driving the car on the highway something happened with the power in the car so all my gauges went down for a 1-2ms immediately CEL AT light on. till i stopped tranny was shifting really rough. stopped the cartook the key off then turn in on position.. and then when try to start all the power disappears.... nothing works. when try to open the hoodjust in the moment that

Your CAN bus shut down and all coms were lost. Car went to LIMP MODE Remember post 31 Final Impacts running list of links that help solve issues Were your probing it for data through the OBD interface If you say yes and you were using Torque Torque is NOT friendly and should not be used while in motion SPECIFICALLY to acquire DTC and MIL codes. That is exactly when it hammered on my 06. More details

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Passenger power window problem

Hi. Ive got a problem with the passenger power window on my 6. It wont go either down or up from the drivers side. The window can be pulled both down and up from the passanger door so we can exlude that the power window engine is broke. AND Ive tried to reset the windows a million times by pressing the windows down and then up til the click from all doors. Is there anyone else who had this problem

wont achieve the expected results. Example lets say the glass stops in the channel before the limit switch is triggered so the system doesnt know the glass is at the top. In this case it will not program. The thing is they could use current sensing as the limit. When the motor stalls its at topbottom ect. Thats my 2 cents. . . Sounds like its time to pull the door panel off but wait here is what mazda

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Constant 12v supply

Hi I want to have a always on 12v supply to power items without the ignition turned on. Where can I tap into to get a 12v supply I can&39t see a easy way to put a cable from the engine bay into the cabin. Has anybody got any suggestions (mazda 6 1.8ts 2004) Thanks in advance for any help.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Issue with my 2008 After Gps navi and Back up Camera Installation

Im in the process of finishing up work on my 2008 mazda 6 2.3. While testing everthing a few times to make sure whether gps and navi worked the car suddently started to experience some issues. Tach speed fuel- Not working but lights power and red backgroung display works (NOT lighting the gear box around the display) Reverse Ligths- Not working (just attached the power cable to power camera in the

MAZDA 6 I GG GY I4 1.8 wont start with fully charged battery

Hey all - Im an RX8 owner myself but my girlfriend has the 04 1.8 mazda 6 and it recently started having some sort of bizarre electrical issue. Its driven really without flaw since she got it about a month ago she had a hard start and we drove 5 or 10 miles and shut it off. It wouldnt start at all and the gauges would spin around like wild. I couldnt hear the starter clicking over at all but dash and

MAZDA 6 I GG GY OEM Head unit install gone horribly wrong

Hi All New to the forum and my first time posting on a forum ever - hope i have posted this in the right place - apologies if i havent S Hope someone can help me. I have a 2005 mazda 6 (non Bose) Australian release I attempted to install an aftermarket head unit the other day and its all gone wrong I bought a fascia kit to install the head unit where the upper dash bin goes. So heres whats happened

one that is hot only when the ignition is on (so that the radio can only be played when the car is on) and a ground. For the aftermarket radios these wires are standardized yellow red and black but could be any color for the OEM. Test them first - for an aftermarket radio there really is no reason that you cant use ANY always hot igniton hot and ground source you dont have to use the ones that mazda

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Car wont start...

Hiim new to thisso please bear with me... A few days i couldnt start my mazda 6(2004 i4). When the ignition key is turned nothing happensall i hear is relay click somewhereand thats it. Starter doesnt turn i can hear fuel pump working dash lights are up and there is some sort of buzzing noise coming from throttle position sensor (thats what i think it isbut since i see no throttle cablescan it be throttle position regulator...). Any help appreciated. P.S. Ill keep post progress on this issue...

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Engine error code po301

Ok. I cleaned the air filter on my AEM SRI and then I cleaned the Maf. Then when I started the car it started hesitating like crazy. After a while the engine light came on and then I took it to autozone so they can put the scanner and give me the code. Well the code was PO301 which measns Cylinder 1 misfire condition detected WFT how did this happened According to the autozone printout it could be


05 mazda6s Long story short my battery died because I left my lights on with the keys in the ignition for an hour or so and attempted to jump start it. The positive battery terminal was corroded making it hard to get a good signal for the jumper cable so I brushed it off a bit which ill reference back to this later on. Finally jump started the battery and all I see is a nice big CEL TCS off and the

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Resetting the Theft Deterrent System

Hi folks . . .Ive got an 06 mazda 6 5 door with the theft deterrent system installed. I recently ran into a deer and after the body work was complete the theft deterrent system doesnt work. The car stops and starts normally and my key fob opens the doors but the lights dont flash when locking or unlocking to indicate that the system is armeddisarmed. I found a couple tips I followed . . .one was to

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Ground Wiring Kits for the 6s or 6i

This product is great I noticed major low-end torque improvements. The best results are in combination with Hyper Voltage System. Combined I gained 10-12 HP and 10 ft-lbs torque. This system provides direct ground path from battery negative to body chassis and engine components to give extreme improvement on electrical circulation. In addition Hyper Ground System cables have 10 times less impedance

to prevent electrical power loss.The higher resistance of factory grounds effect the ignition system and obstructs the primary potential. The Hyper Ground System uses thick gauge 99.99% pure copper and connects directly from the cylinder head and other points under the hood to the battery to provide an ultra low resistance connection. Also check my page for the Hyper Voltage System httpforum.mazda6club.comindex.php&...12&CID1634

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Is this for real 2

So I fired up my internet search skills and this is what I found (for reference see Is this for real posting). These guys ( ) claim their product increases hp and torque. I think it is scam. What do you think I copy from their site (translated by babelfish) Light guide power hoist --- power supply end ---- one&39s own photoelectricity technology Mechanism So-called the material

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Can I Used A 8ohm Impendance Subwoofer

will 8OHM impendance subwoofers work on our cars (mazda 6s) non bose EDIT thought i was in noob section feel free to move it.

Quote At a high-level you will definitely need - Amp - Sub(s) - Box(es) - Line out converter - Wiring kit The wiring kit should include a power wire to run to the battery an inline fuse a ground wire a remote wire which will be connected to a switched 12v signal a set of RCA cables and speaker wires. If you feel like you&39re in over your head I suggest you find a friend who can help you or take it

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Best spark plugs for 6i

Just wondering if there are spark plugs out there that could offer me a noticable difference in how my car runs. Willing to spend whatever on them if it is worth it.

I believe the NGK plug is a very good one and would consider it a premium plug. However the plug wires are a different story. I upgraded my ignition cables to Magnecor 8mm. My previous car was a Ford Focus and noticed an immediate difference for example smoother idle and smooth acceleration. However for the 6i I didn&39t have 5K miles on the car before I swapped them out. I can&39t really comment on

MAZDA 6 I GG GY CarPC Is In The Car&33

The CarPC is up and running in my car I&39m so happy I finally got this thing done and I have no idea why I kept pushing this project back. I don&39t have any pics of it in the car (I did a really sloppy job but that&39s because I was between &39studying&39 and working on the carPC). Without further ado.. Motherboard & CPU Intel D201GLY w Celeron CPU 1.33GHz RAM 256MB DDR667 (1 stick) PSU M3-ATX 125W

Quote im really close to getting a carpc but couple questions. where are you getting your power from for the PC and monitor[b] Powering the PC is JUST like powering an amplifier. You run a cable from the battery into the trunk and a short ground cable within the trunk. Then there&39s a remote-turn-on (ignition) line going from a 12V power source that turns on with the car (e.g. cig lighter). The power

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Plugs and hotwires

Was wondering if anyones found iridium plugs or hotwires for their six. I e-mailed Nology about their hotwires and application in a 6 but so far no response.

I use Magnecor 8mm plug wires for the 6i and have been happy with them. I used my first set on my Ford Focus. If you were to compare the Magnecor wires with the stock ignition cables you will see a noticable difference in size. As in 8mm being much larger than the stock cables However I did not change the spark plugs. The 2.3L engine seems to be happy with this configuration very smooth at all RPM ranges.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Questions about hardwiring a radar detectormirror

Hey all I just picked up my 04 5 door and I&39d like to hard wire in my radar detector but I&39m a bit worried about the pillar which is labeled Airbag. Is there really an airbag in there and if so what safety precautions do I need to take to work near it safely and not damage it either The other topics regarding this don&39t seem to say 100% if there is an airbag in that pillar or not (I have the

Thanks for the heads up about the manual. I found one with the airbag information in it. Very helpfull (not a US version though so if someone knows where to find that let me know). It looks like the side curtain is a single bag that runs from the base of the A pillar all the way down the C pillar so just tucking the cable in from the head liner then crossing over to the rubber seal to run down the

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Carpter

Hi I am trying to decide which would be the best option to fit into my MPS (mazdaspeed). I have been looking at a clone DVD Changer LCD monitor but have seen on the other posts that maybe a Carputer would be best. I&39ve looked on ebay and found the following item and would appreciate it if someone with a little more knowledge could check it out and let me know if its any good. Thanks in advance EBAY CARPUTER

Hi I&39ve made the decision to use my hp E-PC40 thats been lying in the loft for some time and put a laptop dvd rom drive in it together with an Opus 90W power supply and the Xenarc touch screen monitor. The only thing that&39s really concerning me is the connection to the battery. I see from other posts that the positive connection from the Opus power supply needs to come directly from the battery

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Sirius radio input wiring diagram

I&39m thinking I should be able to use one of the generic ipod cable like this one httpcgi.ebay.comNEW-iPOD-CHARGING-ADAP...8QQcmdZViewItem And modify the factory Sirius cable and take the audio out to a relay that I can use to bring either the Sirius audio in or the iPod by using a switch. I won&39t be able to control the iPod through the radio but when I choose the Sirius button I&39ll just hit a

Aux mod would probably be the best a switch can sometimes be a source of noise. The aux mod is super clean and no hacking(). That ipod cable looks good (and cheap) but i bought a periphial Pxod cable. It&39s more expensive but got great reviews and has a built in ground loop isolator (a mandatory). It also pauses your ipod and continues to charge it for twenty minutes after you turn off the ignition

Quote Aux mod would probably be the best a switch can sometimes be a source of noise. The aux mod is super clean and no hacking(). That ipod cable looks good (and cheap) but i bought a periphial Pxod cable. It&39s more expensive but got great reviews and has a built in ground loop isolator (a mandatory). It also pauses your ipod and continues to charge it for twenty minutes after you turn off the ignition

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Security- No start- clicking noise- HELP&33FIXED&33

OK guys... I searched and read for hours tried everything I came across that looked like it might be related to my issue... I have a 03 6 with about 30K miles automatic bone stock other than remote starter Friday drove to school then back home. Shut the car off (it started and ran fine then) and has not started since turn the key all I get is a click and a buzzing noise from under the hood (buzz is

Well the battery is still sitting at 12.06V I took the battery out and ran the jumper cables from my truck directly to the positive and negative battery leads (with the battery completely out of the loop) and there was no change in results when I hit the key just the starter solenoid click. Also there is 12.4V at the hot terminal on the starter itself and when you turn the key to start about 10.4V

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Bose System aftermarket SubsAmp

Went through the bose wiring posts that were pinned above and didnt get the answer i was lookin for. maybe im just not car audio savy.. yet. Anyway is it possible with the bose system( including the 6 disc changer) to either keep the 9inch thats back there and run an aftermarket ampsubs OR disconnect remove the 9 and run aftermarket ampsubs Wouldnt care either way just wana throw in my old setup till i can afford a more custom approach Thanks in advance for any help

You can keep the stock BOSE sub. I tapped my RCA cables into the wiring right before the sub. Works great Only problem I had was with my remote turn on wire for the sub I first had it conneced to the power for the stock sub but got a terrible vibrating thud when I turned the ignition off. I ended up running the wire to the fuse box and tapping into another power source that came on with the ignition.

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