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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Only hot air from vents no cool outside air

1998 ML320 With AC off or on I am getting hot air out of the vents and even when I trying to vent in outside air w AC off nothing but hot air from vents. Any DIY ideas I can try to fix this problem Thnx.

Did a search and found this postreply Go into archives many people have same problem very common DETANE did a video of how to replace it by removing glove box you have access to replace from there about a 2 hour job dealer will tell you that you need to remove dash bullshit for more money dealer can do it in probably 30 min or less. If you dont know how to go to archives go to search this forum on

Quote Originally Posted by towney Did a search and found this postreply Go into archives many people have same problem very common DETANE did a video of how to replace it by removing glove box you have access to replace from there about a 2 hour job dealer will tell you that you need to remove dash bullshit for more money dealer can do it in probably 30 min or less. If you dont know how to go to archives

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 heater always blowing hot

since ive had my 110cdi vito the heater has always blown hot even on cold setting does anyone know what it could be also rear wipers do not work when van is put in reverse have been told it could be a relay have check fuses and they are okay. if it is a fuse where is it to and which one is it

I had this problem with my 108CDI it turned out to be a kink in the control cable causing it to bend behind the switch when turned to cold. Replace the cable and all should be ok. You can adjust the temp by putting your hand up behind the dash between the brake and clutch pedals and pushing the valve towards the front of the van for cold and using the control for hot. Hope this helps Sammy

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Second gear - help

I have a 06 plate 109 Vito with an on going problem with the gear box. It is stiff going into 2nd gear from 1st. The problem is more obvious when the van is cold. I have to come off the gas and drop the clutch as normal but it seems i have to wait for the revs to drop right down before going into 2nd gear (from 1st) to avoid crunching. It get much better as the van warms up. i have taken it back to

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 112CDI - Fitting towing dual-electrics.

Hello there Recent convert to the versatile Vito. I need to fit a towbar and dual electrics and need some advice on the electrical wiring. I will be getting the WIS DVDs. Anyone in possesion be able to tell me if they have relevant info on this Thanks Mo

Adamuk No solder used I used cablecraft CHSB1 connectors. These are crimp connectors with heatshrink sleeving borrowed from work stock. We use them in pressurised oil filled enclosures subsea with no problems so they should be OK for use in british weather conditions I also used self-amalgamating tape to seal the back of the sockets on the towbar as the rubber boots were not a great fit. Another item

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 AAA service inspection

Anyone tried using this for their ML. Would AAA have a lot of experience examining MBs The list looks quite comprehensive for 100. Vehicle Inspection Tests The following tests are performed by AAAs expert technicians at our vehicle inspection clinics and Car Care Plus facilities. General Inspection Horns Windshield Wipers Mirrors InsideOutside Windshield Cracked Chipped Lights Headlight Aim (Visual)

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 2005 Vito jumps out of first gear. (manual 6 speed)

Hi I have just bought myself a new van mercedes vito 109 95000miles and very clean. I have had the problem that it jumps out of first gear almost every time (it will only stay in if you are realy smoth and ride the clutch). could any one help how to sort this problem all the other gears seem to be fine. My thought are the gear cables or gearbox rebuild I have checked the cables which seem fine but

I Dont think its the cables as you cant even hold it in gear and whens you go underneath the selector linkages are moved fully when you select first. Im also not sure about the 1st gear syncro as when i neutral it goes into gear quietly and it is as the power is increased and clutch is engaged that it will jump out into neutral. my thoughts are a damaged first worn bearing or dog clutch damaged . seemingly


Hello guys recently i left my 93 v12 for front timing covers reseal. The shop did great job. Engine is very shiny but now it wont start. heh. I took injector harness for rebuild but after resistance measurement it looks good (no shorts). I will rebuild it anyway but i wonder now how to take my early style ETA connector apart to do eta rewire. ETAs look like they are still factory units. Never replaced.

hello guys Yesterday i checked both ETAs and they are fine. Today i put my restored injector cables on car but engine did not run. After 2 hours of thinking we hooked up the star diagnosis. What came out is that driver side 4 pin temp. sender reading was really out of range. 17 degree C on pin 1 and -11.8 degree C on pin 2 - yes - 11.8 on a 25 degree C sunny day. And next thing is that with ignition

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Audio cover upgrade

Hello all. I just recently purchased my 2009 mercedes c300 4matic at my local benz dealer this past saturday. I went in for a 2010 as my lease on my 2008 infiniti g37s was up but the deals on the 2009 were far too good to pass up. Anyways I got the pretty much base c300 sport white on black with just the premium p1 package and 4matic (have to take what they have). I have a question about the audioradio

Heres the full part list you need to convert your non-MM to MM A2048702851 Central air nozzle screen switch A20483041549116 (black) Central air nozzle A0225457426 clutch for antenna cable A2118200088 Antenna adapter cable A0018207675 GPS Antenna A1234750120 Pad for GPS antenna x3 A2045405706 Screen wiring harness A2045409706 APS wiring harness A2119840429 Bolt for fan x2 A2048321245 Air duct A2048320645


This is a copy of am email I received through our club of parts available due to breaking a vehicle please contact chris directly his details are there. I am attaching a final list of parts from breaking my G Wagen. Would you please circulate it to your recorded contacts. Thanks Chris Hill BACHELORS SOUTHERN GREEN RUSHDEN BUNTINGFORD HERTS SG9 0SX 6th August 2003 THE FINAL SALE OF D 288NGS 1986 280

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 notchy gearbox

hi allim new to this forum and its my first thread so here goes.i have a 99 108cdi and having problems engaging reverse gear sometimes it just grinds the gearbox and then flyes in.also selecting the other gears are very this possibly the clutch on its way out or could it be something else

the gear linkage is a cable so it might just be a stretched cableor as you said it might be the clutch. have you checked the fluid

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V230 Ambiente (W638) Gearbox Problems

I have recently had a new clutch fitted to my 1997 V230 Ambient. When the car went in the gearbox was working fine ( for a V class ) apart from a reluctance to go into reverse ( especially on cold mornings ) Since the new clutch has been fitted it is now impossible to even find reverse gear let alone get it in to reverse. The same problem applies to 2nd and 4th gears. We have taken the car back but

Zenedge Hang on. They have to remove parts to change the clutch If they are in a bad state of repair or are damaged when removed ( Which can happen just by removing a 13 year old part) is that the garages fault THey have changed the clutch and if that is correct they have done there job Im a mobile mechanic and have had the It worked when it came in now it doesnt line a few times even for stuff that

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Would really like some info on a 1996 C280

Hi All I can get a 1996 C280 for 800 Canadian with 200000 kilometres or about a 120000 miles. Would really like any advice on what to look for etc commen problems. I do notice it has the green antifreeze in it I know that everyone over in the W124 forum say it is a big no no. I know the paint job is horrid but it is cheap. They want 1650 but talked him down to 800 Here are some pictures

The story is lost his job. The car was listed for 1650.00 but I mentioned the two tone paint and how it had the green antifreeze in it. So that needed to be replaced. He came back with an offer of 1000 I held my ground and said was pretty firm with my offer He just emailed and asked when do you want to do the deal for 800 I have a 1988 300CE which is a driving project car This C280 will be my daily

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 First Benz 190 2.6 Fan Clutch Water Pump Smog Pump

Bought my first mercedes a few months ago and I just absolutely love it. Ive read so much on this forum already and Im very thankful for everyones help. Im handy and dont mind diving into projects but Im no mechanic. So far DIY posts have been encouraging enough to want to do work myself. After plenty of searching heres my first stab at posting (sorry for the length). 91 2.6 AT shes got 87k miles.

Evacuate the coolant and take off the upper 2 radiator hoses from the water pump take off the lower hose from radiator take off the tranny fluid lines and wrap with a piece of GLAD plastic wrap (the upper one can be disconnected below the radiator and the lower one should be disconnected from the radiator itself) No need to take off the condenser.. Release the bolts holding it to the readiator take


is there any way to install a new universal navigation in replace for the 7 non navi

Are you looking to replace non-multimedia setup with multimedia setup Or replacing multimedia setup with new double din setup Confused by the question cause multimedia setup is 7 but it has navi. Non multimedia has no navi but you can install UMI which will give you navi features as well as real time traffic. To my knowledge only one person has replaced their stock console with a double din setup (got_thang).

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 126 420SEL Top End Rebuild Thread

This first post is going to be long. I like to provide all the details. Update posts after this one will be more to the point. So got a big project on my hands and thought I would start a thread to share the process and have a place to vent my probable frustrations Basically I decided to do a full top end rebuild on my 1986 420SEL. I will probably be a little long winded at times so bear with me. I

Might as well get into the tear down. Most people know or have heard this on here before but I am going to emphasize it again. Digital photos (more than you think you will need) and bagging and tagging. Taking things apart is always the easy part. Its getting them back together correctly that is the challenge. Takes pics of everything before and after each step. Sometimes you remove something and then

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 The most reliable 190-class

So Im guessing the diesel engines (IDK which one guessing the 2.52.5 turbo) are more reliable than the gasolinepetrol ones but I have heard the gaspetrol ones are also pretty reliable. What is your take on this Also which do you own (if you own or have owned one or more) how many miles does it have and what are the biggestmost expensive mechanical repairs you have had done to your car and at what cost

1984 190D 2.2L 4-cyl. MT5 250K mi. Can get 45MPG when hypermiling 38MPG mixed cityhwy. If you are concerned about repair costs and not ALL repairs will be DIY then dont buy an antique. Parts cost -- buy a spare parts car for 250-400. Mine has paid for itself three times over -- brake disks speedo cable climate control headlight shroud extra winter wheels sensors bolts alternator starter water pump

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Gaz ans clutch pedal adjustments

Hello to you all i was hoping any of you could help me out with a little question. 1 My gaz pedal has about a whole inch of loose play at the very top before anything happens when depressing it. I got in a BMW last night (E30) and the gaz pedal in that one had absolutely no loose play. RPMs go up as soon as you make contact with the pedal. This leads me to beleive that the 190 should also be like that.

you may be stretching the cable Id replace the stopper on the floor. there is a free-play adjustment at the top of the pedal its a white plastic threaded collar an absolute sob to get at. keep in mind however that the free play you experience may not be related to the cable but to wear on the bellcrank on the CIS. my car has this problem... and if you dial out all the cables slack your throttle will

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Slight grinding sound during the beginning part of acceleration

I have a 2000 w202 with about 85k miles. When I start to accelerate i hear a slight grinding noise coming from the engine. It goes away as I increase in speed but every time I stop and then start to accelerate it does it again. Its not super bad but Im wondering if anyone would know any causes and remedies of this. I just had my tranny oil changed by independent benz shop as well as a leaky camshaft. Any help would be greatly appreciated

i have exactly the same noise in my 99 c230 kompressor are you sure thats what it is when pulling the throttle cable and listening Ive heard the noises around the supercharger (electromagnetic clutch area) to be specific... cause the noise is kind of grindy but also like a computer hard drive type noise... I also found a rebuild kit for 60 bucks including new sc oil and the bearings for the snout.. but maybe I am wrong...

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Just bought 1997 e420 (Questions or Recommendation)

I got a good deal on a 1997 e420 and first thing I did was send it to a mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection. Going to attach the report so you can see the inspection details What do I need to rush fixing wise I have already replaced all 4 tires and plan on doing the alignment next. Car has 125000 miles on it. I am thinking on starting with 1.Alignment 2.Fuel Filter 3.Bleed the brakes 4. Replace


After reading many posts on error code P0170P0173 and eliminating everthing I can with the limited amount of test equiptment that I have I am replacing the MAF Sensor Insert.Some guys say that after they replace the insert the car needs a few start-ups and the code will clear and all is good.Others say you need to have someone reset the ECU to factory specs. What gives 6br

Whenever a repair is performed following a CEL there are three methods of extinguishing that light. The first and most preferred is using a scan tool to clear the code(s) and by doing so all eleven monitors (some vehicles only require 9 or 10) have to be proven worthy again. If after three drive cycles (explained later) the CEL light does not illuminate again the repair you made was a success. The

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Transimission Slipping

Hi I have a 1997 C 230 benz. Usually almost everyday my transmission seems like it slipping gears. Like it would take a while going at 20mph to 30 and if I do add more acceleration to it the car will jerk to the next gear and then after that it everything would be fine. Any ideas I ask the service rep and a mercedes Authorized Mechanic they said it was OK Seems like a safety recall to me.

My car would be perfect until you pull of on a steep hill or slowdown and then pull off again without stopping. It would then feel like a manual car with a worn clutch where the car still moves forward but the the engine races away. It seems that some where before i got the car some one messed with the selector adjust cable running from the throttle linkage to the transmission. its been a couple of

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 98 ml320 problems

Hi I got a 98 ML320 and I have following problems. problem 1 SOmetimes when I turn the key the starter does not crank sometimes it does. problem 2 After driving a while BRAKE light comes on on the instrument cluster and transmission gets stuck in second gear. It feels like its a fail safe mechanism to prevent you from going fast. What causes BRAKE light to come on and why does it affect the transmission

Quote Originally Posted by masurati ok I am getting the code p0500. vehicle speed sensor. I am going to replace it soon. I pumped some freon into the ac system but still blowing hot air. where is that dual gate located can I get to it easily so I can change it myself please point me to a link on how to change vehicle speed sensor and ac gate. thanks Please update your profile in USER CP to include

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 unmont dashboard in vito w638

Hi i have bought an ex handicap car vito. to get it legal for me to drive i have to take out most of the handicap gear. It was a little more work than espected... so much extra wires and reles to get it right i need to unmount the dashboard and put in a new used one. there are screws in the side inside the instruments and under the steering wheel. its almost loose but its still connected to something. ideas anyone or does anyone have a digital manual would be most grateful

Theres also some screws in and around the center consoleswitch panel. 1 is access from underneath via the ashtray and you have to take all the switch plate heater controls and vents out. Then there are 3 or 4 locating pegs that are right up against the windscreen side of the dashboard so you need to lift the dash at the front to get it out. I went through exactly the same thing as you. Im still pulling

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 AC blows hot air

When I first start the AC it blows out cold air. If I turn the temp control knob to hot it blows out hot air. When I turn it back to cold if the blower speed is 3 or 4 it continues to blow out hot air. If it is on 1 or 2 it goes back to cold air. Also since I bought the car I can get little to no air to the footwell. I have reviewed some of the posts on this site and have read about some of the air

Quote Originally Posted by marcsanders I replaced the module. I can get cold air on low fan settings but after 10-15 minutes of driving it goes to air temp. Compressor clutch engages and pressures are normal. I am thinking of trying to replace the air blend motor as described in other posts on the site. Still almost no air flow to the footwell. You have two separate issues one is electrical which is


Hi I have a problem with my w202 beauty that I hope you out there can help me with. My w202 has a noise the noise appears only when driving (no difference in speed or gear) it will only disappear stop when pressing the clutch pedal down or releasing the gas pedal. The noise is at a very high tone and very disturbing. Please give suggestions of what it can be I really want to fix it Thank in advance Simon

Quote Originally Posted by DirectLA My first guess would be a flex disc or motor mounttransmission mount. They tend to cause vibrations at specific speeds. Mine always did at a specific RPM and that was the flex disc that needed replaced. Good thing is all of these can easily be checked up on a lift without too much trouble at most removing the plastic underbody shroud. Can you identify which area


Hi My AC clutch is not engaging how do i check it and replace it thanks

i have made progress i was able to get to the clutch power cable i disconnected it and turned on the car and the ac. and there it no voltage at it. this leads me to believe that the problem is in the circuit. i really need help is there a way for me to override the low pressure sensor even just to a brief moment. the pressure sensor has 3 leads i dont know which ones to short circuit. PLEASE HELP

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Strange Reving Between Changes

Anybody have any idea when iam driving ( 270cdi ) 2002 when it goes through gear changes it revs high for some reason. any ideas anyone.

do you have an auto or a manual if you have a manual its reving cuse your gas pedal throttle cable is sticky so when you put in the clutch the engine revs. if you have and auto then you have a problem that the dealer needs to look at.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito electric starting problem-urgent help please

The van is a 2001 mercedes vito 110cdi. The past few days i would turn keywait for glowplug light then turn keythere would be a few seconds of silence before van would burst into life. Since yesterday it will not startjust a clicking noise from two relays under the passenger seat. Aa tested battery hit starter with hammer few times then jump started van diagnosed starter motor. Starter motor has been

Right looked at your guide and am going to get circuit tester now. So far things replaced.... Starter motortwo starter relaysclutch switchimmobiliser de-activated. Baterry has plenty of charge and been tested. Will let you know how I get on with your by pass. Looks the only way other then that Im thinking of running a cable from negative on battery to an earthing point in engine.....

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Retrofit AC Controller

Okay so I need to replace the AC controller in my 1998 ML320. Is it possible to replace it with the new-style controller off of say the 2004 or so ML The digital controller or will the way it handles the blend-motor be a road-block Thanks Guys JC7

yepp thats what I figured. Guess I was holding out some strange hope that the 2002s some how worked with a motor that tightened the cables. Seemed like a long-shot but why not eh Looks like I will just be buying the old one its lost its ability to engage the clutch on my compressor

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 W211 E270 gearbox jerk 1st 2nd when cold

Hello all. Im hoping to form the definitive thread on this problem once and for all. Ive got bit of a story so bear with me.. I had my gearbox service done 5k miles ago. This was done in September in the UK so it was still relatively warm outside. I noticed by the end of November (when it got quite cold outside) the box started jerking from 1st to 2nd for the first five minutes of a journey. Upon lift

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 auto AC stuck in EC mode

hello Im a new owner of a E240 w210 2001 my problem is that the AC is stuck on the EC (eco) mode there is gaz in the circuit everything is ok except the mode and the light of the console doesnt work also. the dealer told me that he has to change the console what do you you all think of this is there something you know to reapr it or to look after I leave in New calĂdonia the temperature is 35c outside

Quote Originally Posted by szk hello Im a new owner of a E240 w210 2001 my problem is that the AC is stuck on the EC (eco) mode there is gaz in the circuit everything is ok except the mode and the light of the console doesnt work also. the dealer told me that he has to change the console what do you you all think of this is there something you know to reapr it or to look after I leave in New calĂdonia

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Hard Cold Start 98 ML320

My wife has a 1998 ML320 we got it with 107000 miles and it now has 138000. We have have owned it for 4-years. We are in the process of selling it and I need to work out a few problems that my wife was able to deal with but Im sure will hinder us when we try to sell it. We just got her a 2001 ML320with 36k M1 package and chrome nerf bars. The 98 ML320 has a tough time starting when its cold out. It

Quote Originally Posted by ziska1999 My wife has a 1998 ML320 we got it with 107000 miles and it now has 138000. We have have owned it for 4-years. We are in the process of selling it and I need to work out a few problems that my wife was able to deal with but Im sure will hinder us when we try to sell it. We just got her a 2001 ML320with 36k M1 package and chrome nerf bars. The 98 ML320 has a tough

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Noisy mechanical gear change

I just bought my first Van Vito. Its a 2007reg 111CDI. When I change gears there is a noisy (from the exterior) mechanical clinking clanking sound. Its not gears grating Its more like cables and metal being knocked about. Is this normal Gear selection works fine. Just a bit ing noisy

Thank you for your excellent advice. Ive done some more driving this morning from cold and have come to the conclusion that the loud clanking from cold happens on gear release or rather when I get a delayed release. I had a gear change from 1st to second when I had the clutch fully pressed and I got a delayed clank about 1 second later. Sounds like your idea about the counter weight is a good one.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 need some gearbox pictures

Hello all I have a vito 108cdi thats been having problems with gear changing especially when cold 2nd gear is a killer until engine warms up.I have read all the posts of similar problems gerabox magic.. etc. and its not that bit might be the cables... but the counter arm weight is knackered just flopping about. so had to by a new one from merc as mine was missing plastic rectangle and bushes were cracked

Quote Originally Posted by Custom Chris Id be half tempted to whip the square bush out and glue the bloody thing back down. Did you take any measurements of the bush Ill be dammed if Im gunna pay a oner for a bush. Big thanks to MB for that i replaced the mising bush with cable ties about 10 or 12 of them tied them through the square hole around the edge and snipped off the excess with 5 or 6 on each

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 112 gears sticking

so this problem has returned after 2 years came about suddenly and is intermittent. i start engine and cant get van in gear-alll gears offer resistance- if i do force it in or start in gear-with the clutch fully down the van will engage and start to move slowly or just cut out..after a few secs of changing gears with the engine off it suddernly rights its self-i can get in gear and drive away wont

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 638 112cdi heater only blowing hot air

Hi There has been posts before regarding heaters only blowing hot air but all seem to mention things such as blue cables and fuse number 17 under the steering column none of which I have. Nor can I manually locate a valve between the brake and clutch pedals I have had the whole of the underside of the dash out. So here is the problem...No matter what position the heater temp knob is in I always get

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 108cdi knocking noise from engine bay

Hi again all. The saga continues. Got the van back after getting the clutch done and its spot on but now there is at least one if not more horrid knocking noises when moving. The garage cant recreate the noise when the van is still or jacked up. They have prie barred all the mounts and he finally told ms the top mount was gone as it was moving so much. One trip to my local merc dealer later they said

Just had a look at the drive shaft and most of the bolts are now missing and the ones that are left are only hand tight and ready to drop out. One of the washer plates has flown off and chopped the low pad warning cable in half. Will post some pics when I figure out how but a call to trading standards is on the cards about the garage that did the clutch.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 stiff gear change

hi guys im also a vito owner for 5 yrs now great van but the gear change is not very good my van has done 100k i need to overhall the gear cables and this magic bit which i saw on ebay.does anybody have the part no for this magic part so i can go to mercedes and get one im really finding get cetain gears very difficult now can anybody help me otherwise i may have to let mercedes do the job which im not very keen on doing thanks guys [ simon ]

you really need to get this done sooner rather than later mate ive witnessed several sprinters with a similar cable change burn out clutches because the gears arent being enganged correctly good luck

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 New owner impressions C240 6 speed (v. long)

Picked it up on Saturday morning have about 125 miles on it so far (dealer was about 50 miles away).pSilverCharcoal premium leather C2 package.pI have had numerous BMWs for the past 18 years and several Porsches. Currently have a 78 SC concours 86 535i and the C2406. Have had a E36 325i E30 325 some other weird cars (Fiat Spider BertoneFiat X19 some others). Lots of sport bikes too the last one a Honda

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 108D Revs but delays on pulling

It seems to be okay when I first start it up all runs fine but after a few minutes when i put my foot down the revs pick up and it doesnt really do anything till around 2000-3000 revs anybody have any idea as to what the problem could be

Quote Originally Posted by jimmyjames Sounds like slipping clutchthis would be more noticeable when you floor it. If soit will be pricey to replace as it is an engine-out job. I hope Im wrong and you can sort it without too much stressgood luck mate. Yeah I thought this too However doesnt have any problems when it starts going Might be the throttle cable. Will inspect it and get back

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Selling my W140...

Hi W140 family. Unfortunately the time has come where I need to choose between family or car its obvious which I have chosen. So up for sale is the Princess. Its an S420L. Full service history Rebuilt gearbox. New Amp Radio tuner box CD stacker. However will come with a new headunit with AUX and USB connections. New seatbelts and pre tensioner on front seats New Brakes discs and pads on all wheels.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Vito 110D Gearbox problem

Hi I have a Vito 110D from 97 (210000 km) with the following problems with the manual gearbox. Changing gear is in general not easy. Sometimes it seems like the gearbox is not properly syncronised and you have to disengage the clutch twice to push it into gear. In the winter time the gearbox seems more heavy. The problem seems to have increased for the last couple of months. Is there an easy fix to this problem changing oil in gearbox changing gearbox cable Thank you Michael Denmark

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Finally got my Rotzler-winch mounted...

... and also legal by the german safty inspection - aka TÃƓV -) br Will just test the winch this weekend at a playground at the former germangerman border... report br G-reetings Arnd

Hi Arndbr Was Rotler the winch fitted to Gs by MB from the factory when new Does the cable free wheel out with a clutch It looks very good.I had a PTO winch on a landcruiser and it was very br Roly

Yes. The Rotzler winch was a DM4460 factory option in 1984. By pulling the round ball out on the end of the cable spool it free wheels out. Its not a clutch per se but is a gear that disengages to free wheel br If youd like to see more photos of my Rotzler winch as it came from the factory click on the link below.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 road trip - spares

heading out on a 2 week trip of about 2500km. will be mostly far from civilisation and driving some mountain passes ( google image results for sani pass). I will be taking some tools along and am looking for any recommendations on spares not to be left behind - 99 ML 320.

I would take the following spare items - Engine Belt REAL extra spare tire (not the dummy tire) radial tire repair kit small air compressortire inflator harmonic balancer Crank Position sensor jumper cables etc. Before going on the trip put the truck on a vehicle-lift and look under for any leaks creaks wobbles etc. Also check for playsnoise in any of the pulleys (idler tensioner water pump steering

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G pictures of my ex military 240GD

Here are some pictures of my norwegian ex military 240GD. httpcommunity.webshots.comusertorfinn9990 Torfinn

Quote FernandoRubio - 1112005 1228 PM Mine is short wheel base I believe your is long. Mine didnt come with anything in the dash in the small sphere slot I just got a VDO vision tach to put there....what do you have there Mine is convertible as I think is your...I see the latchs in the hood. The windshield does fold over the hood. I also have the military canvas. Regards Fernando Yes It is a long wheelbase.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Vexing rattle in front right spring under engine torque.

In recent weeks I have lived with a rattle that seemed to come on now and then as I power-up after shifting especially from first to second. It has a metalic sound. That is metal on metal. I have been looking everywhere for metal sheeting that might be loose or other componants that might be telegraphing from distant places in the body. It was clearly coming from the front of the vehicle however. I

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 History on the services done at Dealer

Find a E55 at a local used car dealer and the they said the car was serviced at mercedes dealer most of its life but they dont have any paper work to prove it. Would like to know if I call up any benz dealers they will run the VIN and tell me what has been done on the car or if the info is available online.

Katjek- My son is almost 3. He will need a laptop and good computer skills to work on cars. Learning to rebuild and synchronize carburetters and set points on my MGB will probably not benefit him much directly. I wonder if he takes the MG to school one day will he be the only kid who has to stick his key in the car to open the door or start his car For all we know he may be the only person who need

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