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MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Transmission Swap

Is it possibly to switch the stock 4spd auto for a 5 spd manual on a 91 300D If so where do I find the parts and what do I have to do

Quote Originally Posted by sbaert In addition to the stuff listed above by winmutt youll also need the proper bellhousing pedal assembly cables. Dont know if the transmount is the same on the manual gearboxes as on the auto. Finding the right used unmolested driveshaft & suitable bellhousing will probably be the hardest part. Send me the list of pns if you pull off this project as I might consider

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Anyone hosting Supplement 14 is now W124 ECEDTD class Forum It is now hosted in this thread starting with post 7. Please look at post 2 for links to Complete Maintenance Manual and Supplement and post 3 for printed version. If you reached this thread by a search the matched words should be highlighted below in one of the posts. Please note the component number and the figure number to find it on the hyperlinked page.

Component ......Component Designation...Location...............Page - Figure X42Connector anti-theft alarm frontfrearBeneath passengers footrest 244-3 X422Connector right rear door contact switchdome lamp(ATA) (1-pole)In right B-pillar X429Connector left front door ATA harnessIn driver&8217s left kickpanel near floor X4210Connector right front door ATA harnessIn passengers right kickpanel near floor

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MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 How to fix this SC plug wire broke

Any ideas how to fix the 2 wires that go into the back of the SC pulley My serpentine belt broke and somehow one of the wires got pulled out of the plug. Here is a picture I found on the site. Do not pay attention to the red and green arrows. Its the 2 wires that seem to plug into the back of the pulley. Thanks for your help

here are some pics... depends how far down it cut the wire... the pics show thats where it goes into the coil... if its cut it down there very low its probably impossible to repair. i would IMMEDIATELY unplug the electrical connector to the sc clutch as the voltage from it may be shorting to ground (engine) and destory the ecu. if its cut higher up you probaly dont need to remove the pulley to get

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 New to me 1987 190D 2.5 Turbo (has a few issues)

After the sale of my 1984 2.2 5-speed I have wanted a turbo model for quite some time. After months of searching Craigslist regularly I found my 2.5 Turbo. Its pearl black on tan no rust CA car 187k miles. Shes not without her faults. 1. Transmission shifts hard 1-2 flares 2-3 when cold. Update - Fixed leaking vacuum hose 2. ATF leak. Update - Fixed 3. Leaks engine oil. Update - Fixed oil level sender

Quote Originally Posted by PorscheH6 Bay Area traffic is a nightmare during peak hours. I have a manual tranny BMW for the weekends I want my 2.5 to be a DD cruiser. As cool as a 5 cog 2.5 turbo sounds the clutch work during traffic kills it for me. I will adjust the Bowden cable tonight. Does the service manual specify how its adjusted Or is it be driving feel alone Guess Im a minority in actually

Ill take a few minutes to explain a little bit about this car. Ive been driving a 190DT for a dozen years. I rebuild it periodically because I cant find anything with the size power economy and reliability to replace it After all these years its more like an affliction than a possession. There are only a few things that can cause a transmission leak of this magnitude. Tranny oil pan dipstick o-ring

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 1987 190D Automatic Transmission Problems

I have recently purchased a 1987 190D and have had an excellent experience with it. However since I purchased the vehicle it has had shifting problems. When having other small necessary repairs serviced my mechanic searched the vacuum lines of the transmission modulator. He came upon a small leak and after replacing hosing in the trouble area the transmission improved considerably. However despite

To address the original issues 1) Your transmission may start in first or second depending on how it was equipped at the factory. I think that if the differential is less than 31 ratio it will be set up to start in first. My 190DT has a 2.65 rear and starts in first but many start in second gear. There are mods that can make a 2nd gear car into a 1st gear car but lets not go there just yet. 2) The

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Help me oil leakage

my magnetic clutch has a problem as picture shown there are two oil leakage spots In A site(connector) that problem is so famous in korea leakage oil soak into cable and mass up electronic equipment(such as ECU) In B site There is no gasket between magnetic clutch and engine block. If I replace clutch into new one I wouldnt fix it up I guess.. Help me Is there anyone who have the same problem like mine

my car is slk 230(2002) and I use a cable extension(I guess 27115027 is I can find no pix. so I am not sure) that prevent leakage to soak cable but still cant stop leaking and the most serious thing is leakage in B site. leak oil massed up my engine room. David said just the Cam Adj. Magnet sorry I cant understand it. David mean that just disassamble the magnetic clutch and assamble the magnetic properly or adjust other parts


Yesterday I was driving home and the car seemed sluggish. I thought it might be the 95 degree temp and 95% humidity robbing power. Still it shouldnt have been that bad. Car seems to want to run through the gears quick and stay in 5th. 30-40 mph and Im in 5th low rpm and I have to push the peddle down over 34 of the way before it will kick down to 4th and start to pull. Its like driving my wifes minivan.

Quote adrenalineslk - 7212005 350 PM you should check supercharger engaging while another person pushing accelerator inside the car. It engage at about 2500 rpm while car is stationary. If it doesnt engage you should check supercharger clutch and ECU controller of electromagnetic clutch. You can also do it from under the hood. The throttle cable goes to a converter on the drivers shock tower so you can do it there.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Air Pump Thread

Did a little forum searching on the air pump and didnt quite find what I was looking for. I have a sporadic ringing or tambourine-like noise occasionally that I have isolated to the air pump. This sound is not associated with any particular driving or operating conditions truly random and while the pump is free-wheeling. Anyone else encounter this Anyone been inside a 560 air pump RIght about now Id

Hi Chief Ive never performed this particular job but the MB repair manuals procedure 14-260 appears to show that only one hex nut and two snap rings hold the clutchpulley assembly together andor to the smog pump shaft. No reference is made to requiring a special puller or tool to remove the pulley from the pump. The hardest part appears to be removing the pump from its mount after disconnecting the

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Is this worth it

sorry guys Im a newbie just looking for some advice. I come from the BMW world and found a 1903 2.3 non 16 for sale. Do you guys think its worth 1500 description from the seller Ok heres the story with the car. I bought it with about 95k miles on it. It has just under 104K miles now. It was my first car and after a few years it just sat in the garage and was used as my toy. I put many many new parts

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Rattling Engine Noise

hi folks long time lurker first time poster here.. 99 slk-230 have had this rattling noise coming from the engine for quite a while now.. especially when putting it in gear to move from standstill or coming to a stop.. it goes away when its in park... there doesnt seem to be any loss of power leakage or increase in gas consumption...I asked the adviser at the dealer but you guys know the drill gotta cough up that couple hours labour so you can get an answer what could the source of the noise be

Quote Originally Posted by silberpfeil1234 Have you tried locate the noise with the hood popped open while some else is playing with the gas a bit At least youd be able to discern front engine noise (eg pulley compressor clutch chain tensioner etc) from noise that might come from exhaust (cat heat shields etc) parts. Since it is present at idle you can safely exclude suspension I think engine mounts

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Supercharger sinply wont run...

Im not new at this phenomenon im afraid. My supercharger simply wont engage at all the engine runs smoothly but it feels powerless. I have replaced -Superchargers magnetic clutch -Air mass meter -Air bypass valve Checked -K40 re-soldered the joints -Cold start intake egr valve -Power (13-14volts) to the magnetic clutch ok. But nothing whatsoever...As i said the car runs smoothly and starts in any weather but the supercharger is dead. Does someone have any ideas what to check Carl Sweden

Quote Originally Posted by Subby_ are you sure the harnessplug is ok did you make sure the harness itself is outputting any voltage they K40 relay does the switching to the sc clutch. assuming all joints have been resoldered and the relays sprayed with electrical contact cleaner might need a new k40 altogether. it looks like no voltage is being switched from the K40 itself or if it is there is damage

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 My official AUTO TRANS to 5-speed conversion walkthrough

Background I love my benz but I think its missing the personality of a manual transmission. Its a 92 2.3 8v with 112k miles. A few months ago I found an 87 2.3 8v with a 5-speed. It only had 74k miles the engine had some minor issue that the previous owner didnt want to deal with (a Police Chief in NJ). EDIT Wasnt a minor issue. The PO spun and slid over a nice sized rock which punctured the engine

Yesterday I went back to the junkyard yesterday and got pretty far. Ill post more later this week when I get the rest of the stuff BUT I must notify everyone reading this about one VERY IMPORTANT THING . . . The three enginetransmission bolts on top Dont try to remove them from under the car. Open the hood get them from there. In fact get as many bolts as you possible can from the top. ALSO I noticed

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Vaeth V23 details for 1998 pre-FL

Per your request here is my shot at taking pictures of the the Vaeth V23 Kit my 1998 SLK230 (pre-FL). I will most likelybr not be installing this until next week end. I need to figure out where the two small hose clamps go and what the instructions for the air flow meter mean br br Going away Friday morning and not returning until br This is what you get for 1200 (US) the kit includedbr

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 95 E320 fuse 7 blowing now cranks but no start

Hi I have a 95 E320 Sedan. Symptom was no HVAC. Fuse 7 was blown replaced it & it blew again. Began to troubleshoot components & in doing so refused it & now it cranks but will not start. No other fuses are blown. Fuse in OVP is good. Also the other little Hella single pole relay behind the battery with the fuse on it has a good fuse. Any ideas

Quote Originally Posted by Floobydust A few suggestions . . . 1. Your car is from the deteriorating wiring harness era - is the harness in good condition If it has deteriorated stop do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars and replace the harness before any (more) damage occurs. The symptoms you describe are ALL consistent with a deteriorated harness. 2. You have an M104 HFM-SFI so there is no EZL

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 300E Engine Removal

Ive been looking all over the internet for something that would tell me how to do this. I havent been very successful so Im asking anyone at this forum if they can point me in the right direction. I want to remove my 300E engine and replace it with another 300E engine. I just dont know where to start and what bolts to loosen. Anything would help me immensely. Thanks

Have you ever picked a motor before Its a pretty big job for a first timer. Above ground..... You first need to go around all sides of the motor and disconnect fuel lines power steering hoses engine harness remove fan clutch etc etc. Unbolt transmission dipstick from cyl head and detach kickdown cable from linkage. Also the throttle cable needs to be removed. Then either recover the freon or remove

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Sunroof has stopped working...any ideas

Hi guys.... The factory sunroof has stopped working on my Frankie.... Thankfully it decided to pack up in the shut position. When I tried to use the button to open it all I got was a faint whirringwinning noise and the sunroof didnt move at all. I have had a look to see if its a fuse problem but there doesnt appear to be a fuse for the sunroof in the main fuse box. Any ideas as to how I can find out

there is a clutch on the motor your sunroof seized so its just spinning and not actuating the cable to the roof I recommend you GENTLY move it manually (there is an emergency manual mechanism - nut - in the trunk) and greaseclean it. You can also tighten the clutch but that is not a wise thing to do unless you know there is no other problem... if you tighten it and the sunroof is giving more resistance because something broke - youre in for a lot of work...

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Engine swapping 2.0d - 2.6e

In my w201 engine blew up and I have another 2.6e engine from my old w126 that is in really good shape. I was wondering that can I swap that 2.6 to my 190 I did a bit of googleing and found out that 2.6 engine that is in 190 is 103.942 or 103.983. Mine is 103.941 what is the difference to 103.942 And I also figured that I cant use my old transmission (716.213). What transmission shoud I get to it. Im thinking about 5 speed ones. Thanks for help

Im sure you could make a w126 engine wiring harness work but it would be a lot more work. best just to get a full 190e 2.6 wiring harness and dont cut a single wire. either disconnect them at the fuse box or take the fuse box and the abs wiring. this includes some wiring that goes to the instrument cluster headlight wiring as well on the 2.6 the horn wiring is routed around the opposite direction compared

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 SLK32 AMG Supercharger Pulley Bearing

need the part number for 2004 SLK32 AMG SC pulley bearing. have seen NSK 32BD45DUM but NSK doesnt list that pls Thanks in advance

MB WIS dvd says they have an adaptor cable they plug into the clutch electrical socket and apply 12v to it this causes the clutch to bite so you can then undo the bolt no problems without it moving. once undone turn the 12v source off and away you go

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Frustrating electrical problems

Two current questions among many and would like your ideas. Its an 85 190D Ive owned since new driven and cared for by a possessive wife that never let me drive it. She serviced it at dealers throughout her life and Ive learned my lesson. Ive spent the last 6 weeks correcting their screw ups and games most of which Ive fixed. Im in process of restoring and upgrading and among the MANY problems I have

Quote Originally Posted by Bob338 There are only 3 coolant sensors none located on water pump. The only electrical there is the connection for the fan clutch. The coolant sensor which Ive traced all the way to the gauge is a green wire that connects to the sensor on the driver side in the side of the block at the 3 cylinder. There is also one between the 1 and 2 cylinder just forward of the one above

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Sunroof - Help needed to troubleshoot 89 230TE

The problem - most of the time the sunroof just does not operate. On some rare occassion when it works I can open it in tilt position but then it will die on me. I will then have to manually close the roof by going to the boot and crank the grey plastic knob mounted by the sunroof motor assembly. Here is what I gathered so far 1. Pressing the sunroof button to open close tilt gets a click on the relay

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Any pre-2000 Slk 230 owner out in the US that has the Veath pulley kit installed....

br Can you please tell me is there any socall black holehesitation around 2500-3500 rpm. Since Kleemann wont give me discount for not need theirs MAS relocation kit i will not spend 1700 for their kit. Thanks.

Note the new fuel sensor and the instructions on what to do with the MAS (air flow meter ).br br Here is what the kit includedbr br 1 clutch replacement pulleybr Not sure what is it made of probably weighs about 5-7 poundsbr rough measurement is about 22cm across (from the outside of rib portion).br 1 fuel pressure sensor (noted as 3.8 bar)(not sure what the original sensor is rated. It has a MB part

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 supercharger

should the supercharger just work when you set of or when cruising and you kick down should it also work or not cos mine only works when you set of at a junction or traffic lights

The 230 has a clutch mechanism that engages the sc when the engine reaches 2000 rpm although I believe this was changed for a permanent drive system in 2001. Certainly with my 99 you can tweak the throttle cable in the engine bay and see the sc clutch engage and spin up...

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 FTE Bremsen Teile

I was wondering if anybody is familiar with FTE parts. I have to replace my master cylinder & the local parts supplier stocks FTE brake components. I have always used ATE products in the past. I was assured that FTE manufacturers quality components in Germany & that theyre a reputable manufacturer of auto parts for German cars.

I think this is the company. Not necessarily manufactured in Germany. How much are they asking for the part If over 100 they are too high. FTE automotive GmbH manufactures hydraulic brake and clutch systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It offers aftermarket product portfolio which include clutch cylinders concentric slave cylinders brake master and wheel cylinders drum brakes brake calipers

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 Some questions on prep for timing chain guides job.

Im following therlings posts but not so far advanced- Im slow. I have the valve covers off the fan (and fan clutch) and shroud out the tensioner out and the crank set at zero. Ive removed- well undone- the distributor and removed the one vac cable but noticed the plastic piece that surrounds the light green power line where it connects to the dizzy is broken. I can see wire- that cant be good. Is the

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 SLC 4 speed manual in a 77 450SL

So yesterday I found an SLC at the junkyard with a 4 speed manual. Im not sure the year of the car or the engine size. I think it was a 1974. It was a V8 Im guessing it was a 350SLC correct me if im wrong. It made me wonder what it would be like having a 4 speed manual in my 77 450SL. 3 reasons 1. Ive always loved driving stick shift. My last daily driver (before it was totaled last xmas eve while

You will need the pedal group and any special added mounts is uses the hydraulics for the clutch and any mounts for that drive shaft diff gearing maybe different so you should snag that also flywheel and clutch and any balancer for the cranshaft (if needed). Trans mount speedo cable starter ring gear shifter and every bolt and nut you can find.

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Ohhh No Have I hurt my transmission

Hello all I recently purchased a 1986 300E with 160k on it and have spent the past month slowly replacing things that it needed including new control arm bushings ball joints tie rods steering idle arm bushings mostly front end stuff. However since I was still finishing my senior year up in highschool it stayed jacked up in the front for about 3-4 weeks before I was able to finish. Then I replaced

Quote Originally Posted by appatula Well now that someone mentioned the bowden cable Im starting to think that it could have been jammed or something when I took the filter assembly off for some engine cleaning. I hope its something simple I mean do these transmissions go from silky smooth to practically undrivable from one drive to the next Unfortunately they can especially as you left the car at

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 1986 560SL front crankshaft seal replacement

How do I remove and replace front crankshaft seal on 1986 560SL

. Not an easy task and it does require several specialty tools. This is from memory and both the steps and required tools are detailed in the Service Manual. Disconnect the positive battery cable. Loosen or remove as needed any belts around the crankshaft and water pump pulleys. Unbolt the fan and fan clutch from the water pump flange. Unbolt the fan shroud retaining bolts at the upper corners of the

Quote Originally Posted by isthisdave . Not an easy task and it does require several specialty tools. This is from memory and both the steps and required tools are detailed in the Service Manual. Disconnect the positive battery cable. Loosen or remove as needed any belts around the crankshaft and water pump pulleys. Unbolt the fan and fan clutch from the water pump flange. Unbolt the fan shroud retaining

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Camshaft adjuster not being activated on R170

Hi got somewhat of a specialist question which has been puzzling me for a while now. On my 1997 SLK 230 I recently replaced the camshaft adjuster magnet oil stop cable because of the well-known oil leakage issue. Other than the visible oil leakage my car was not showing any problems and the operation was purely preventive to avoid oil seepage ruining other components in due time. Afterwards everything


Did it again... I was removing the glove box a couple of days ago to check a couple of items when I noticed the light wasnt working. I spent at least half an hour... checking the bulb checking the switch checking for power coming to the switch... As there was no power to the switch and I still had other things to do I decided it was a job that should probably be deferred to when I had more time. This

Quote Originally Posted by abiby Did it again... I was removing the glove box a couple of days ago to check a couple of items when I noticed the light wasnt working. I spent at least half an hour... checking the bulb checking the switch checking for power coming to the switch... As there was no power to the switch and I still had other things to do I decided it was a job that should probably be deferred

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Problems with 190E 1.8

Ok I received my 190E 1.8 about 5 days ago and Ive been trying to compile a list of things that need fixing. I knew the car had some pretty major engine problems before I bought it and because I am strapped for cash Im happy doing most of work myself if I can. I just need to find out what the problems are and prioritize the order with which Ill fix things. Any help suggesting what to fix first is much

I have the same car 1991 190e 1.8 Euro RHD (UK spec)so Ill try to help you as much as I can. When I first took over the car not sure of the previous owners service history I did the following as a start Ignition stuff Spark plugs cables distributor cap rotor. Engine stuff Fully synthetic oil change oil filter air filter fuel injector cleaner. The car had no hardstart problems cold or warm.Idling

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Cant shut off AC

Gentlemen I received a 1996 mercedes benz E300 that has several issues. The two main ones are The AC blows super cold but I cant turn it off. No matter what button I push on the console it stays on. I am looking for a manual and thought it was just me but I asked the owner and he confirmed that he had someone fix it. They got the AC working but he was never able to shut it off so he just drove around

Beside the many electrical problems The compressor clutch might have failed and locked to the pully causing continuous cooling. Eventually the evaporator will ice and start to leak freon causing more problems. Start by unplugging the cable at the compressor and observing the compressor clutch rotation. should be off. Mike

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 This may sound dumb..Well because...

Because I rebuilt the Transmission myself but need help diagnosing a problem. First off..I am not a professional mechanic and never have claimed to be. I have rebuilt automatic transmissions for many years for race cars but always American such as T-350s and Powerglides. I have a 1988 E300 with the 722.xx 4 speed transmission. It has slipped bad since i got it (very cheap because of it) a couple years

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Need Help with My 85 190E

I just recently purchased a 1985 mercedes benz 190E 2.3L with 5-speed manual a couple of weekends ago (I picked the car up on June 29 2013). I also posted in the New Member Introductions if youd like to see some more pictures of the car httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsnew-...-190e-2-a.html In any event it has been mechanically a good running car so far. However there are a whole host of other (mostly electrical)

You really need to get your hands on a copy of the factory manual as you are never going to sort out these issues without it. Specifically there is a section in there called the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual that is essential for working on these cars. Regarding the electric seats are you CERTAIN that the diagram you are looking at is for your specific year and engine There are big differences

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 HELP I need an electrical connector

I have an 85 190e 2.3 on which the AC suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago. The AC system is not leaking and the relay and control box are okay but it simply wont turn on. After much searching and consulting with an automotive electrician capable of reading the schematics (after finally finding the right one) the problem was traced to a disintegrated connector at the temperature sensor on the thermostat

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 URGENT URGENT Need ExpertsVeterans Advice for E220 serious problem

Hi I want to seek advice on behalf of my uncle who own a W124 E220 Petrol car His car used to run fine But Now the problem we are facing is that When we start the carengine the RPMs are no longer staying at idle postion which is roughly 800-100 RPM as idle stand-still rpms But instead with the Ac being on on idle running the Rpms drops significantly and even much lower than 500 RpmS and ultimately

I would like to provide my E220 experience for you. First try to change your belt tensioner pulley...that bearing failure will drag your belt alot... Second remove one of your three AC shaft washers...this could create a better catchbinding force between clutch and pulley. Third make very sure your Engine Harness is after stamped on the head of HFM sensor connector. Four lube the butterfly

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Mercedes Fault Codes

Pls delete if was allready posted Circuit Malfunction P0466 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit RangePerformance P0467 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Low Input P0468 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit High Input P0469 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Intermittent P0470 Exhaust Pressure Sensor Malfunction P0471 Exhaust Pressure Sensor RangePerformance P0472 Exhaust Pressure Sensor Low P0473 Exhaust Pressure Sensor High P0474 Exhaust

Body B1000 HRA Headlamp range adjustment Supply voltage of the control unit is too low (undervoltage) B1004 LCP Lower Control Panel Control unit does not match vehicle type B1056 Automatic Air Conditioning Problem in CAN communication with control unit DCM-RL B1201 Electric seat adjustment front left Hall sensor front height M27m3 B1213 If seat memory installed ext left rearview mirror voltage faulty

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 0 - 100 Kmh takes 10 sec

I have had a wining sound from my supercharger since the day I bought the car please see httpwww.slk-r170-ge...ercharger.html This week I did a acceleration-test. Most of the times it took around 10 sec (should be 7.2 sec) to reach 100kmh. Managed once to bring it down to 8 sec but it seems that something is wrong with my supercharger (should perhaps not be named super at this moment because nothing

see if the supercharger is making boost hook up a boost gauge temporarily via a T peice to the fuel pressure regulator. it should read 6-7psi on a stock SLK. also scan the car for error codes... the supercharger is always on (the m45) as there is no clutch but the bypass valve may not be shutting letting boost come out. check the cable to it

Quote Originally Posted by Subby_ see if the supercharger is making boost hook up a boost gauge temporarily via a T peice to the fuel pressure regulator. it should read 6-7psi on a stock SLK. also scan the car for error codes... the supercharger is always on (the m45) as there is no clutch but the bypass valve may not be shutting letting boost come out. check the cable to it From Your answer I can

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Sunroof please open

I posted a message a few weeks ago regarding my sunroof the problem was that when you pushed the switch backwards and forwards up and down the sunroof would not move but you could hear the motor going. Also you could openclose it manually. Now I got told to pull out the roof lining and grease the the little channel that the cabel goes down. I did this but nothing then i got told to tighten the clutch

hi blackbenz. It is quite important at this point to know what the circumstances are that led to the roof not working. Did it just stop from working fine or has it got progressively worse The workings of the roof are very complicated but it does have common problems. Yours is not one of the common problems. If you can open and close the roof by winding the manual adjuster there cant be a problem where


Should I assume the cable is damaged I can hear the motor and I can move the sunroof to the closed position by hand (not sealed in the back) How do I take the sunroof apart so that I can inspect for damage. 1990 300E Thanks for any ideas.

Sounds like the slipper clutch is out of adjustment so the motor disengages the sunroof cable before it can generate enough torque to move the assembly. Look for the instructions in the DIY section. Theres a thread to the online service manual.

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 And I thought I was going to make it through the summer without any big projects

Mothers day family-o-four ride in the car longest ride yet with the whole family. Ive heard the AC clutch rattling before but it seemed like I was able to get the rattle to disappear by just turning on the AC. Well on this ride it got loud and I wasnt able to get the noise to go away. Im planning on recharging the AC but doubt that will solve the rattle. I tried to pop the hood and the stretched hood

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Stuck in between 3rd and 4th gear.

My 1987 190e 2.6 had no transmission troubles when I bought it almost two years ago so I dont know what happened. Just a couple days ago by baby benz stopped shifting up to 4th gear. It shifts up from 2 to 3 fine but when its supposed to shift up to 4th it FEELS like it shifts but it doesnt connect to the gear (or thats what I think is happening). The RPMs just go up and up (I even hit 50000 RPMs and

Quote Originally Posted by Stretch Before you rip into it have you checked the obvious (Such as 1) Fluid level 2) Colour of fluid 3) Bowden cable accelerator linkage 4) Vacuum ) A good exercise but none of these would cause just one gear to slip. The color of the fluid is going to be red and unburned but if he gets enough of it in a clear container it will appear somewhat cloudy due to floating clutch material.

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Coolant temperature switch

Actualo photo of the coolant temperature switches on my car. After a while fighting (I was just tired of pouring like a half a litre of gas on the venturi everytime I wanted a ride) with hard starting cold (after the repair of the engine remember) I got mad today. I made a variable resistor gizmo (fixed at 300 ohms for 80 celsius on the diagram for warm engine as the engine is warm I have no major

I have checked the OVP both internally and externally (the fuse). Ive also checked the cold start valve by unmounting it applying 12 volts at the connector and crancking (before the major repairs when I was searching for no start issues) and it sprayed well. Its difficult to check on that by myself though because on 5 deg valve activated cold start valve the time is 0 seconds in the manual so somebody

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 New Transmission Questions

OK Hows everyone doing Today I picked up my 1991 300E from the transmission shop after having the trany remanufactered (every movable part was replaced). I lost reverse about a month ago which from everything I learned from the forum is a predictable problem for a car with 200K miles on it. Driving home from the shop I noticed that the car would shift into the next gear (first to second second to third

Worked like a charm Just reached in turned it about one full turn and now the car shifts like a dream. Thanks again cbc Next adjusting the throttle cable and possibly changing out the fan clutch. Ive got a slight overheating problem Nick

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 95 E320 buying guide

I located a 95 e320 with 145000 miles and I always liked 94 and 95 look and Im considering it. According to the dealer it has everything loaded and asking 3500. Is there any things I need to make sure before I buy one How is MPG for this model

Be Carefull the 95 e320 can have lots of problems. I bought mine with about 150K miles I now have 240 miles here is the list of repairs I have had. New mass airflow sensor Leaking differential needed new seals Lots of relay problems climate control pushbutton unit Engine wiring harness Radiator Alternator Massive oil leak from the cylinder head ignition wires Water pump fan clutch bearing Tensioning

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Any R170 electronics gurus here

Looking for advice for what systems would be lost in the R170 buy disconecting the ECU and the transmission controler. I know The ignition system needs the ECU. What about the ABS I know the traction control would probably be lost. How smart is the BUS system on the R170 What signals must be retained for dash operation etc

Andrew replied to me and stated that he has installed a LS1 in an XJ8 but that the car still is not running. He is optimistic that he will be able to get the cars electrical to work. But he hasnt done so yet. He will have a much easier time getting an LS1 to run in his Jag. He has throttle by cable versus ETB on the LS3s. The ECMs on an LS1 only have about 13 of the complexity of the new GM CAN systems.

Quote Originally Posted by tijoe Andrew replied to me and stated that he has installed a LS1 in an XJ8 but that the car still is not running. He is optimistic that he will be able to get the cars electrical to work. But he hasnt done so yet. He will have a much easier time getting an LS1 to run in his Jag. He has throttle by cable versus ETB on the LS3s. The ECMs on an LS1 only have about 13 of the

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