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Anyone replaced the piston rings on their engine How big of a task is this whats involvedbrp

Valve seals come to my immediate attention as well as timing chain. That all equals Engine Overhaul IMO and thats major surgery. DUTCHp Agree with Dutch. brWhat are the symptoms leading to the decision to change the ringspThis is the kind of task that the causal mechanic would not want to do without experience or technical assistance tools a dry clean place to work and lots of time. Diesel or benzinegas

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Need oversized piston

Hi Restoring my engine block. Anyone know where to buy oversezed pistons. . The cilender is now 97mm need probably for 98mm. AMG A1131400412 ZGS 005 Q3

or custom pistons that have been tinned. The coated pistons will be a crap shoot. May or may not work. You can always sleeve the engine with iron bores or coat the bores with Nickasil. Other than that you will want to go with an OE piston manufacturer. I have E55 Your coment is cose for cunsern. Here is the actual quote. Hello Vidar We do have some information on file for these engines but mercedes

Quote Originally Posted by fast4door what company did you find and does it include the pinslocks and rings for that price Are they doing any mods or are they duplicate the stock specs Toppend Here is the quote. Hello Vidar We do have some information on file for these engines but mercedes and AMG models in particular can be very unique. There are too many variables in these mercedes engines. So We

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Excessive Oil consumption on ML

1300 miles after leak fix and oil change the Oil light and check engine light came on yesterday. checked oil and is 2 quarts low..... after the repair i check for leaks every weekend (no oil at all under the car or any where i check regularly) i put the 2 quarts today and both lights when off (of course) but i was thinking that the check engine light was due to a gas problem (it was coming on and

I too was having a problem with excessive oil consumption. I have a 99 ML320 and last year at around 115000 miles it started using a quart of oil for every 600 miles or so. The dealer told me it was a known problem and they replaced the piston rings for no charge. The service notes read ...replaced and cleaned valves...cleaned pistons and installed new rings...replaced connecting rod bearings and reassembled

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Can pistons be restored

Each piston for a 119.980 cost roughly 375.00 usd. Lol -) My question is if piston looks to be in good condition including connecting rod. Can I clean pistons from top to bottom change pin re ring and run

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Replace piston rings from bottom of engine

My Indy told me the piston rings can be replaced from the bottom of the engine that is without removing the engine from the car. Is he blowing smoke or can it be done just like he said

Perhaps your mechanic meant that you can leave the engine block in place if you remove the connecting rod caps from below and slide the pistons out from above. You might as well replace the timing chain and check the tappets while you are at it. Doing everything from below seems like MUCH more time.

So youre suggesting he leave the block in remove the head then push the pistons up after disconnecting the rod caps from below That wouldnt be too hard...just time consuming

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 E 320straight 6 versus V6 engine

Im asking about the best and worst opinions on both engines. thanck you

HTML HEAD TITLE Wolfgangs ML Page mercedes-benz M112M113 V6V8 engines TITLE LINK RELstylesheet TYPEtextcss HREFmystyle.css HEAD BODY TABLE WIDTH740 BGCOLORe1e1e1 CELLPADDING7 TR TD WIDTH100% img srchttpwww.whnet.com4x4pix3M112.jpg font size5 mercedes-benz TAKES WRAPS OFF NEW V6 V8 ENGINE font B New Engine Is 40 Percent Cleaner 25 Percent Lighter and 13 Percent More Fuel-EfficientB MONTVALE N.J. mercedes-benz


Now dont get all excited this is the service manual on-line httpwww.startekinfo.comStarTeko...tedDocId12253 What it is is the Steve Nervig index to the 126 service manual (at this point just the gen 2 V8 - but I will get around to the others however the group numbers are generally the same). You can download the index for your CDs from here . The aim of this index is to allow YOU to SEARCH the archives

41 - Propeller Shaft Maintenance Jobs &82264152 - Inspecting drive shaft flexible coupling Misc &822641-050 - Remove and replace drive shaft &822641-100 - Remove and replace center bearing &822641-200 - Remove and replace centering sleeve 42 - Brake - Hydraulical and Mechanical System Maintenance Jobs &82264210 - Checking brake fluid level &82264250 - Inspecting brake lines for damage &82264251 - Checking

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Rebuilding Convertible Top Cylinders

This is a basic guide for replacing the rod seals in the hydraulic cylinders that operate the SLK convertible hardtop roof. O-rings are used to replace the U-shaped rod seals that fail and cause hydraulic leaks. For detailed instructions on how to remove these cylinders go to SLK Home Page The small latch cylinder located under the headliner is probably the easiest to do so lets start there. The first

the rebuilding process for R170 cylinders is a bit more complicated. Also none of your sizes fit the R170 cylinders. Top Hydraulics now sells custom cup seals for all R170 cylinders at 25 per piece. (I think you are charging 30ea. for R129 seals It didnt take any trying to make them right our software creates the perfect cup seal for the application right away. We rebuild and upgrade ALL mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Hope someone could answer this w140 m119 engine quiestion

Can I replace a M-119.980 motor with a M-119.970 one year older in a W140 chassis What are the differences since both motors look exactly the same it seems like the 970 could be used with the older style ignition but then again i m sure I can do the same to the 980 Also why is it so hard to find piston and rings for this motor mine needs some rings but i figured since its has that dam Alusil coat....I

engines. Hope it helps. M119.975 .974 .985 .980 differences and similarities performance wise Big Norman thank you... I will be checking it out on a side not I have sourced some Goetze OEM pistons rings the same manufacturer for MBZ So it should have no property differences and they are at Brand GOETZE OEM Part 002 030 07 24 Other Part 0020300724 condition New Price 37.93 here are the mains mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 S class tubo diesel

mercedes S class turbo diesel Looks good I have nothing to do with it but might be able to help with inspection. If you can see this its still for sale. Rare S-class turbodiesel. Below there are two links to give you an idea what the value of this car is Too many people make stupid offers and I will not respond to that Kelley Blue Book 1992 mercedes-benz 300SD Turbo 4 Door Sedan Value Prices & Specs

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Warranty Issue... Need help...

I recently had my 2003 E55 AMG with 21K which is a Kleeman stage II car (2 LBS more Pulley headers software for 90 HP add) on the clock towed to the dealership for a check engine light coming on and the car running poorly. The car went in with 10 days left of warranty. The dealership found what was described as visible scoring on cylinder walls 5 6 7 and 8. I was told this was light and 500 miles for

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 V Class air suspension ......phew

Just a few lines on my experience with the dreaded air suspension....few days ago the air compressor on my v230 just refused to operate and pump up the rear suspension.....fearing the worse I thought the unit had packed up and arranged for a replacement. Called Merc who said that it comes as a complete unit costing a whopping 750 VAT but they have to order one from Germany After downing a few bottles

to me. try another fuse and the thing works again............untill it seizes again and blows another fuse.or as happened to me ...........fractured the piston. my unit is completely knackered......BUT...if I could get a new piston piston pin and a ptfe piston ring I could repair WHAT IS A BROKEN BUT PERFECTLY SERVICEABLE COMPRESSOR UNIT. I know we live in a throw away society but please mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 too much bad luck my 300 diesel is locked up

I have not a clue how my oil line got damaged and unfortunately im hard of hearing. I didnt hear the racket until i got next to the center median. looked down and no oil presure shut it down immediately and cut off some cars to get her to the side of the road. 95 ride home. cleaned up all the oil under the hood put new oil in rotated the engine a few times manually. started it ran for about 10 seconds

1.800.859.0923 (free shipping) Gaskets Head Gasket set 46.28 Autohaus AZ 6170108520 VictorReinz Block Gasket set 53.98 Autohaus AZ 6170101205 ElringKlinger Turbocharger Gasket set 25.36 Autohaus Az 6170900680 ErlingKlinger gasket total 125.62 Engine Timing chain 114.00 Autohaus AZ 0019973094 Iwis 109.95 Autoparts warehouse A5100-55538 Iwis Timing tesioning spring 2.25 Autohaus AZ 1109933901 mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ Bent push rod

Sorry guys if you have been following the Mog Mail but I still have not heard any advice on 1.Oil leak at the oil pressure sending unit 2.Frozen valve For those of you that are not up to speed was helping the good ol girl by starting her when the temps were real cool here in Calgary (-35C) every 7- hours. Real easy to start. Shut er off... came back after the time frame and what the hell---a diesel

I have heard that bent valves and pushrods can result from too much idling with cold engine temps. Finally found the info attached below from Cummins. Look specifically at the 4th paragraph. Hope that explains the bent rod. Bob Cummins....Extended cold weather idling Solution We publish and state some simple guidelines but we have no official policy for diesel engine idling. Basically engines are made


Ive been thinking about some performance for my ML and Ive looked at superchargers that are made for the ML but they are too expensive i was wondering say i bought a turbo and intercooler and bought pipe like this httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotors2-5-I...QQcmdZViewItem would it be possible to put a turbo on myself has anyone done this to there ML before

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Extended Warranty

Well from my other post I am thinking about keeping my car at the end of the lease and I was thinking about buying extended warranty. The car has 74K miles on it. I called the dealer and he said its 3231 for 24 months or 24K miles. Its a non-mercedes warranty. I wanted to know if thats a good deal or do guys know anyway I can purchase a good warranty cheaper either through a 3rd party or through mercedes directly. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I got the following quote. Is this worth it very limited coverage. but better than nothing. Very hard to find a company to cover AMG models. Drivers Choice Coverage 0.00 Deductible 3 YearUnlimited Mile- 1029.00 5 Year150000 Mile - 1099.00 7 Year100000 Mile - 1079.00 This warranty starts from the current mileage and from the date you purchase the policy... (Example If you purchase the 5 year150000 mile

What company is this Can you PM me their information. Thanks Quote Originally Posted by fkong777 I got the following quote. Is this worth it very limited coverage. but better than nothing. Very hard to find a company to cover AMG models. Drivers Choice Coverage 0.00 Deductible 3 YearUnlimited Mile- 1029.00 5 Year150000 Mile - 1099.00 7 Year100000 Mile - 1079.00 This warranty starts from the current

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 Have a few questions...

I am about to buy a 6.9 and I have a few questions I hope you can answer. First is there any way to wire the suspension so that you can adjust it manually If not is there a way to lower it easily until I can get an airbag set up Are there any companys that make air struts for this car or ones that will fit with minor modifications How many miles have you gotten out of your 6.9 And finally which newer

I would be prepared for a number of people to ring in with large objections to buying a 6.9 and removing the suspension. There were only 7800 (more or less) 6.9s EVER made and buying one just to (frankly) butcher it to satisfy your automotive desires will not be looked on with kind eyes. Personally I dont approve... All that being said (and to be clear I own 2 6.9s) it is your car and you are free to do with it what you choose and Ill say no more about my opinions. Ill answer your questions directly but first - LOOKING AFTER MY OWN INTERESTS and second SAFETY LECTURE. Self-interest DO NOT BUTCHER the items your remove from the car in your search to build a bagged MB. Invest in a GOOD set of metric line wrenches and some PB Blaster (good for loosening stuck fasteners). Disconnect everything at its source and remove the items intact. I WILL BUY EVERYTHING you take off the car suspension wise. Its not gold so dont get any ideas but it is worth money - real money. Safety Messing with the suspension on these cars can get you turned into a Flat Stanley in short order. There are NO springs - just 4 hydraulic struts with LOTS of pressure inside - over 1000PSI on properly configured cars. DO NOT make any adjustments to the car where it could drop and pin you underneath. DO EVERYTHING in small increments. Nothing happens immediately it takes a few seconds for the suspension to react. ALSO - the suspension pressure is generated by the pump on the left front side of the engine (drivers side on left hand drive cars). There is a hydraulic accumulator (some call them spheres) under the fender by the left front tire that provides a residual engine-off pressure supply but not much. If youre lowering the car this wont matter but if you go to far and want to go back up you may need to start the car to repressurize the accumulator. When you are ready to remove things contact me via PM and Ill tell you how to go about removing the pressure in the system SAFELY. DO NOT ASSUME that just by lifting the car you releive all the pressure in the system. BAD things can happen if you mess with this system without taking care to properly relieve the pressure. Answers Yes you can lower the suspension. There are 2 level control valves that keep the car height set based on load. One is under the hood on the passenger side of the car (assuming left-hand-drive). Its a square aluminum block with a bunch of brake-line-like tubes running in and out - about 2 square. It has a lever and a linkage attached to the anti-roll bar that runs across the back of the engine compartment. The link is adjustable for length. I do not know whether you need to lengthen the link or shorten it but changing the link length will change the ride height of the car. The second valve is under the car back by the rear axles. Same valve as the front same adjustable link. There is a limit to how low you can go and still get the car aligned properly. Be aware of that limit as there are no aftermarket altered-length control arms to help with camber issues like with other makesmodels. Because of the limited of 6.9s on the road I dont think youll find anyone that sells a in the box solution and dont believe them if they tell you they do. The rear setup is the same as a standard run-of-the-mill W116. The front setup has a completely different set of inner fenders (remember this is a unit-body car so the fenders hold the load of the front chassis) than a regular W116. There is a member (I think of the forum or the forum that has removed his suspension and replaced everything with coil-over springs and is very happy. His work looks very professional so possibly theres a bagging option with his approach. As the previous poster noted MBs are durable cars. However be aware that a 6.9 is not JUST ANY MB. If properly maintained a 6.9 motor can easily make 200000 miles with minimal upkeep. If you purchase a 6.9 on its last legs congratulations youve just bought the mother of all money sink-holes (exceptions being a a cheap 300SEL 6.3 or 600 Grosser). Rebuilding a 6.9 motor costs easily 5000. (Plus-sized pistons are 3000 a set if I remember correctly) so BE SURE youre potential purchase has a solid motor. Spending a C-note or so at a good MB specialist for a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) is a good way to protect your investment. If the seller refuses to let you get a PPI - WALK AWAY. When you go shopping for an MB shop to do the PPI ask this question What can you tell me about the 6.9 - dont ask it any other way do not add any words. If they say whats a 6.9 - say thanks anyway and look for another MB specialist. If they go into detail about the car then theyre probably a good place to start. Depending on your location (assuming USA) a good MB specialist will charge between 75 and 125hour. If theyre substantially cheaper avoid them. Good work and good knowledge costs good money. The forum can probably advise you on a good MB specialist depending on where you live in the world. ( is not an open forum you have to apply and wait for your membership to be activated - if you need a quicker reply then PM me and Ill ask the question for you). As for rims all MB rims are hub-centric meaning the inner bore of the rim rests on the outer bore of the hub. The lugs are there only to hold the tire onto the car and handle cornering and braking loads. Trying to fit different rims to the car and going lug-centric is a short trip to the rough ride road. Hub-centering rings will help you with this problem. 5x112 is the standard MB lug spacing and is a very common one. The rims on the car now (assuming it has the standard 14 bundt aluminum wheel) have an offset of 23 (or very close to that). Other poster is correct - just make sure you dont have any calipertie rod issues with the rim mounted. Also make sure you have good steering clearance as the W116 cars can turn VERY tightly. Ride quality frankly is going to go into the bucket once you move beyond 15 or 16 rims as these old cars really dont have the suspension design to tolerate thin-sidewall tires - be ready to feel all the pebbles on the road. Ive said my peace - good luck. Dont buy a cheap mercedes - Theres Nothing More Expensive than a Cheap mercedes. Regards

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Serious help needed

I need a real mercedes expert or someone who had similar problem to give me advice on this one. I bought flooded C230 2006 V6 that needed new engine. Used engine came from junkyard with only 9000 miles on it but the alternator mount was broken. Front lid and oil pan are replaced. While doing that mechanic figured out that it was water in chambers and he replaced head gasket on the right head. When

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Warranty Opinion Please

Hello Again There are so many different warranty companies with different optionsco-pays etc. I found a warranty company continental warranty and they seem to offer a good deal for my 2001 C320 with 25kmiles. 6yr100k for like 1800.00 with 100.00 deduct. But im not sure about the coverages. To me they seem like they are not covering some things especially of engine. They have these clauses like if and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Rebuild or swap in another manufacturers motor transmission

Ok Before all theyou purist start taking out your stashes of holly water and home made crosses out of your robes... just bear with me for a second It is just amazing to me how a tinkerer such as myself knows more about engine re-building buildingswaps than an everyday mechanic. That being said majority of mechanics are just part changers I have gone to countless shops and the second they hear the words

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R171 Consumer Reports on Reliability

First let me start by saying that I LOVE mercedes. I fell in love withe the new SLK the first time I saw it. I plan to buy one next year now that my daughter is graduating from college. The SLK 55 will be my dream car. I just got through reading the latest annual consumer Reports magazine on reliability. It seems that mercedes did not fair to well. In fact they were pretty near the bottom of the table

Following is an article from the Wall Street Journal Toyota Agrees to Sludge Pact Accord Will Settle Claims on Damage From Oil Build-Up By JONATHAN WELSH January 30 2007 Page B14 In an important legal precedent for car owners Toyota Motor Corp.s U.S. sales unit agreed to settle with thousands of consumers who say oil-sludge build-up ruined their car engines even though they followed maintenance guidelines.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 W116 hood unique to W116 or will W126 interchange

Ive just bought a 1980 280SE which has some minor front body damage. I need to replace the hood and it would help to know if any other models will interchange. Ive found a white 78 450SEL hood and the price is right (50) but if I could find a gold one that matches my paint...Id be surprised. The more potential sources the easier it gets. Ill run the M110 dohc engine and hopefully get away with it as

Currently I am adding a set of twin turbo manifolds that I bought recently and have 2 rebuilt Garrett T-61 turbochargers that were included with all hardware. httpwww.big-toys.netdetail.cgi143.htm I wouldnt suggest that you add 2 turbos to that engine unless you at least build it to Stage 1. My 450SE engine was rebuilt a while back by Paecoand work done includes Crankshaft knife edged connecting rodscrankshaftmainspistons


Hi Guys Being doing a bit of research but seems to come up blank Im building a little project myself and have set aside some money for the heart of my new beast. Ideally I would like to have a M120 V12 maybe stroked (if doable) for nice torque and makes 550hp (reasonable) dry sump. So I was wondering if anyone know any place that can build a motor like M120 (i know there arent many aftermarket options out there). Appreciate all the help ou there guys

Crankshaft knife edged connecting rodscrankshaftmainspistons and valves were glasspeened. Precision 3 angle valve jobportedpolished and chambers contoured. Chromemoly wristpins and chromemoly connecting rods Aluminum pistons with Deves piston rings and knurled piston skirts with oil bosses added Overbore .040 More aggressive grind on camshafts Copper headgaskets and a little this and that Total cost

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 To engine and transmission guys.

I am thinking about buying mercedes with bad engine or transmission. 94-00 Are aftermarket engine and transmission parts available pistons rings connecting rods Transmission repair kits converters Are 4-speed transmissions much easier to repair Are they installed on up to 96 cars Which models have removable crossmember 4 and 6 cyl in line should be easy to repair if oil pan can be removed wo removing engine. I dont want to deal with V-6 and V-8s. S320 is probably easiest to repair. Thanks.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Valve Stem Seals V12 No fix here in Sydney

I have been ringing around mercedes Mechanics in Sydney to get a price of how much it would roughly cost ( an estimate more o less ) to fix the Valve Stem Seals on my V12 engine every single one told me that they dont want to touch the v12 engine or that they dont do them at all . Reason Im doing that is before I take this engine out due to the embarrassing smoke on take off when the engine is at

Hi Chris Do the compression test before anything else It seems strange the valve stems seals are gone to me If you have bad compression on a cylinders then it might be just dropping the oil pan and doing the rings Its been a long time since Ive done this but I did a piston bearing rod change over once in an old Holden and this is how I did it - just dropped the oil pan - undid the rod connecting bolts

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 E320 CDI Sport Timing chain Removalrefitting guide

Hi there I have recently bought a 2007 E320 CDI sport which has ingested water and now needs a new headgasket. I have carried out all nesscary diagnosis steps to reach this conclusion and am now in the process of taking the cylinder heads off. But before I actually do I would like to get my hands on some good technicle reference just to make sure everything goes back as it should. I see the engine

I thought I would give it a go. I have replaced several timing chains in the past and have been a keen mechanic for the last 7 years and have rebuilt several engines turbos gearboxs etc so its not something thats unfamiliar to me saying this I know I will need some technicle reference for torque settings and timing info etc to do this right so any info would be great. Ive read WIS is the main mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 Literature on 119.980 long block engine rebuild

Hey guys want ask and see if anyone has literature on rebuilding m119.980 long block I DO have access to alldata wanted to see if anyone had more detailed info on this exact engine. If anyone has them and can pass them along Id appreciate it or if anyone can point me in the direction as to where I can find this info. Thank you advance for any input.

It is just amazing to me how a thinkerer such as myself knows more about engine re-building buildingswaps than an everyday mechanic. That being said majority of mechanics are just part changers I have gone to countless shops and the second they hear the words MBZ late nighties coming out of my mouth the excuses start flowing oh that would tie up my bay oh too problematic etc... I too wanna rebuilt

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Brabus 2.6 S250 252hp Conversion Kit

Hi all at the end I found a German shop which can supply Brabus 2.6 S250 252hp conversion Kit. the kit price is 1400 Euro postage cost from Germany to buyer country kit includes 1- 2.6 crankshaft 2- oversize pistons piston rings 3- crankshaft bearings 4- cylinder head gasket. he told that it is genuine Brabus kit which makes M111 engine 252hp. by the way I know that engine should dismantled rebored

Now that hard to get you can call JE or Wiesco and they will make you a custom piston Ive seen it done not too killer on your pocket What about connecting rods What are the stock rods capable of I dont know much about the strength of our block but wiesco and JE both make pistons that can hold 1400 HP I would just get custom forged pistons should cost about 600-700 rings will be in stock and as far

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Extended Warranty How is AAA extended warranty

I am ready to purchase an extended warranty on my 02 4Matic and AAA is the only one that comes to mind. Any other suggestions I have looked into the archives and there is not much help there. Thanks Paul

Thanks for the info. Now they have several different types of coverages. My car is an 2002 4matic and has only 17800 miles on it. What kind of coverage should I choose Bumper to Bumper or something like httpswww.carwarranty.comwhats_covered.asp which is nothing more than this Engine - (a) The following lubricated internal parts pistons pins & rings connecting rods & bearings crankshaft & main bearings

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 460 460 Locker Hydraulic Hose line

RE 460 Locker Hydraulic Hose line from reservoir to master cylinder Went hunting last weekend and did my usual under the hood pre-check and all was fine. Going back out again tomorrow and did my pre-check again. Found the Locker Reservoir dry and the lid loose. Traveled some of the worst washboard roads I ever experienced and assumed the lid came loose and everything splashed out. WrongÂ. poured in

Mark The black pieces are usually the L connectors - the ones that lead towards the slave cylinders on the axles. You would need to take the springs off first then pull out the securing clips for the rods going up pull off rods from pins take off the two 10 mm nutsbolts the the entire master assebly can be pulled down carefully remove flex lines to axles I would not remove the F connector unless it

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 m112 engine

My MB Tech friend called the other day to tell me that he had one of these new high tech engines apart if I would like to come by and see it. I made the time. The car had been in a wreck which busted the oil filter housning and it lost just enough oil to cause some lower end problems. This engine is an absolute engineering masterpiece. Starting at the top the rocker armcam followers look like something

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 C280 1995 180k miles Engine backfire injector clog valve broken

My car have clog injector on cylinder 3 went to shop and no fuel go into cylinder 3. I am broke so i didnt fix it for months and running it like that with some backfire and low torque (still get 60-70mileshr) so i dont feel the rush to fix it since in Los angeles u lucky if u can drive faster then that. Now i finally replace the injector but didnt fix the problem. Turn out cylinder 3 have very low

Being a mechanic i have to say that a broken valve is a very serious issue. When a valve breaks it usualy results is a failure in the piston connecting rod ect usualy not able to run in this state. If you ran it for a long period of time with the cylinder not firing you have proabably caused the rings to carbon up and stick. The unburned fuel will be burned in the converter with a real risk of a fire

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G 617.931 vs 617.951

My beloved 85 300GD seems to be getting ready to give up the engine. It has a terrible loud ticking sound that doesnt sound too good. In trying to locate a replacement engine I can not seem to find a 617.931 however I have found a few 617.951s. Not being a mechanic I ask for some insight as to any significant issues that I might run into by using the 617.951 in lieu of the 617.931. Thanks Terrance

My mechanic responds The camshaft cam followers and valvetrain are all OK they removed the rod caps and bearings from cylinders 1 & 2 and found the bearings to be good. There is a loud metal clank syncronous with the movement of a single piston (1 or 2 ) and the sound is comming from the area of the cylinder head. The injectors were removed and the prechambers examined and found to be OK the compression

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 ML430 general issues

Hi Everybody My ML430 - 2001 has - 215 000km on the clock. Ive maintained it through my local MB Dealer (except for basics like brakes and a few repairs I did myself). There are a few issues that are bothering me and I dont seem to get answers for them. I really dont want to keep sending the truck in. Its getting old and I dont think the dealer pays as much attention to it as they used to. I planhope

I believe there was an issue with some of these 112 and 113 engines about high oil consumption and many of them prematurely but repaired under warranty. I have zero oil or very close to none oil consumption on my 320 engine at one year (about 8-10K miles) oilfilter change intervals and now at 175K miles (280000 km). Im not sure if all the oil going into your exhaust will get eventually burned all up

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Now about 25% more power in my GWagen

Hi all.p I thought Id share this with you folks in case youre thinking about doing the same as I did (need more power is a common thought among owners of older Gs).p Some of you may recollect my making inquiries in preparation for an engine swap. Its done and I just got it back from the shop. It feels terrific noticeably stronger but Ill wait for a few thousand miles of proper breakin before I go for

Actually I just want to confirm I had a long block built from scratch -- while my engine was still being pulled out of my G. The finally assembly of the long block was held up until the oil sump and especially the flywheel could be shipped to the facility (so that the flywheel and crankshaft (and all the other parts) could be balanced as a whole unit).pFrankly Im not sure Im familiar with every one

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 oil pressue malfunction on w210 e220 diesel

hi folks my dads e220 diesel has recently been overhauled generally the following parts replaced piston piston rings liner con-rod bearings main bearings timing chains small and big water pump oil pimp intake and exhaust valves and all parts necessay for a complete overhaul after everything was assembled the engine oil pressure light went on i had this car run more than 100kms already sonce the overhaul

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 I think they put regular oil in my car now what

Hi Guys New to MB world. Just purchased an 04 e320. Has about 55k on it. I bought it from a used dealer rather than the MB Dealer. Im almost positive that they changed the oil before I bought it and put regular oil in it rather than synthetic. Is there a way to tell which oil is in the car What is this going to do to my engine What should I do to fix the problem Thanks I really appreciate everyone knowledge. Jack

Quote Originally Posted by drivbiwire Does the turbo on your truck spin at 210000 rpm Last time I tried to count em it I lost count at 119326 rpms. Does the turbo on your truck operate in temps as high as 1040C Naw never measured too hot to get in there. Does the turbo on your truck use VNTVGV technology to control boost pressure and turbo rpms Nope none of those thingies either just up the boost until

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Things to look for

The E500 wagon we ordered will arrive in mid January. I know that its a little late to be asking this question but are there any mechanical or electrical problems with the E500 serirs that we should be concerned about Were planning to almost immediately go on a trip to see a new grandchild. Are there speed or throttle setting variations required for a new mercedes for break in Thanks

Thanks for the advice. Weve had a number of new autos and everybody seems to have a different idea. The primary concern has usually been to avoid high speed starts that encourage blow-by at the pistons and valves. I am a cautious driver and that is usually not a problem during the break in period. I have also been told on occasion to accelerate to a high engine speed to permit the connecting rods to

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Dreaded harmonic balencer

I have checked my harmonic balencer today and it has the dreaded A112035 (0000) number . The one on the US recall. My car has covered 113000 miles and it seems ok to me. No bulging or cracks that i can see. What should else should i look out for and does anyone know if it is a recall in the uk. Thanks.

The harmonic balancer is designed to tune out harmful resonant vibrations that are generated by the moving parts of the engine esp. pistons rods and crank. It consists of a rubber bonded pulley that is attached to the crankshaft. The inner and outer mass of the HB work together with the elastomer part to dampen vibrations. If the rubber and metal parts of the HB delaminate then the HB will wobble excessively

Quote Originally Posted by Magweed The harmonic balancer is designed to tune out harmful resonant vibrations that are generated by the moving parts of the engine esp. pistons rods and crank. It consists of a rubber bonded pulley that is attached to the crankshaft. The inner and outer mass of the HB work together with the elastomer part to dampen vibrations. If the rubber and metal parts of the HB delaminate

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 4 cylinder upgrade information

The Complete M271 Engine thread. - MBClub Forums This thread off the UK MBClub Engine forum is based around the C series benz BUT a lot rings true for us SLK230 owners. remember its not our engine but I thought it was worth reading. Take it as you like. Credit to R2D2 off that forum Bazzle The Complete M271 Engine thread. People are forever asking about how to mod their M271 C180 Kompressor so I thought

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 400E Transmission Shifting from 1st to 3rd gear

Hi I have a 1993 400E. It is shifting from 1st to 3rd gear. If selector is in position 2 it will not shift from 1st gear to 2nd gear instead it will stay in 1st gear unless I put it on position 3 where it skips to 3rd gear. Remember 400EE420s have 1st gear start. When it worked correctly when lever in position 2 it will start in 1st gear and shift to 2nd. Now on positon 3 and D it will start in 1st

planetary gear set is heard. If noise seems too loud or if in doubt a similar vehicle should be used for comparison. Rolling Noises When Driving In Reverse Disc brake B-3 release clearance too great. Adjust release clearance to 0.06-0.08 (1.5-2.0 mm) or replace disc brake plates. Outside plate carrier of clutch K-1 contacts piston. AUTO TRANS DIAGNOSIS - W4A020 & W4A040Article Text (p. 11)1994 mercedes-benz


Hi guys i was wondering what is the difference between the 2. My clk has the rear and front amg bumper i think the side too not sure... And I was wondering what else is different between the 2.

I have read the post and in my opinoion I believe that there are some valid points that have been made by both sides. But before I bought my 2001 CLK 430 I did some research and heres what I found. MB and AMG teamed up to produce one of the 1st ever C class team effort part MB and part AMG automobile for public use. From the factory Facts The mercedes-benz CLK430 is powered by a 4.3 liter V8. At mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLK I 208 CLK 430 AMG Sport Package

As I continue looking for one I have noticed some ads say that their CLK has the AMG sport package on it (00-02 i think) . I also noticed some have the black sport emblem in the front fender molding. Ive searched and searched over to find what exactly this package is and what signifies that this package as legit over a normal 430...any help or links where I can tell the difference

I have read the post and in my opinoion I believe that there are some valid points that have been made by both sides. But before I bought my 2001 CLK 430 I did some research and heres what I found. MB and AMG teamed up to produce one of the 1st ever team effort part MB and part AMG automobile for public use. From the factory Facts The mercedes-benz CLK430 is powered by a 4.3 liter V8. At mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 What it takes to build an Evolution II 2.5-16 Replica

I am starting this thread in hopes to put together as much info as possible about what this car had and if known where to get it. I am currently building an EVO II Replica and I want to put together a list of all known Parts and suppliers that anyone knows of. This will include Engine such as 2.3 to 2.5 evo modding 2.5-16 engines & managment system etc Transmission it was different who knows Drivetrain

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