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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Crankshaft sensorFlywheeldashboardpollen filter questions

Hello all Ive had an intermitent fault with the rev counter on my 638 110cdi. On tick-over the counter begins as normal then falls to a mm or 2 off 0. Im not sure but to me thats not a correct reading. When traveling ovre 20mph the guage initially goes up then falls down. I havent visably seen the guage go over 3000rpm although I never rev the nuts off any vehicle Ive had. But when travelling it does

try these 2 sets of notes about pollen filter they originally come from this forum. Wheel noise possibly cv joint or intermediate bearing or gearbox output bearing. 2 cv joints (obvious where they are) intermediate bearing is in chassis member just before outer end of shaft that goes from gearbox to inner CV joint.... should have no play. Gearbox output bearing inside gearbox where the intermediate

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 M272 crank bearing pics after dealer replacement M272 owners please look

A month ago I started a thread about my engine knocking in my 2009 E350 (M272 3.5 V6) httpwww.benzworld.orgforumsw211...mlpost6213249 and also 2009 E350 Engine knock - PeachParts mercedes ShopForum I managed to get all the old parts back from the dealer that did the job this week and needless to say they are quite eye opening. I cant really say I agree with mercedes take that this is a normal noise

Hi there Do u know if the mechanic had to remove the m272 engine from the car to replace the crankshaft bearings Thank you for posting pics. Engine was making noise as if it was tappets got worse until it was heavy knocking and now the engine wont start. It had above minimum oil level. Had the balance shaft replacement 4 years ago. Now engine seems to have another problem. M272 fly 350 2006. Only 100th miles.

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 E 320straight 6 versus V6 engine

Im asking about the best and worst opinions on both engines. thanck you

HTML HEAD TITLE Wolfgangs ML Page mercedes-benz M112M113 V6V8 engines TITLE LINK RELstylesheet TYPEtextcss HREFmystyle.css HEAD BODY TABLE WIDTH740 BGCOLORe1e1e1 CELLPADDING7 TR TD WIDTH100% img srchttpwww.whnet.com4x4pix3M112.jpg font size5 mercedes-benz TAKES WRAPS OFF NEW V6 V8 ENGINE font B New Engine Is 40 Percent Cleaner 25 Percent Lighter and 13 Percent More Fuel-EfficientB MONTVALE N.J. mercedes-benz

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 320 CDI v6 or straight six

What are the advantagesdisadvantages of each please

means a considerable increase in output comfort and driving pleasure. With an output of 165 kW224 hp the new power unit betters the existing five-cylinder engine by up to 38 percent and the in-line six-cylinder by nine percent. In conjunction with 7G-TRONIC the maximum torque is increased to 510 Newton metres and is available between 1600 and 2800 rpm. With these torque characteristics the new mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Newbie Advice - buying guides

Hi Im thinking about getting my first G-Wagen. I am in the UK and would like to buy a used one. However I have been unable to find any buying advice such as problem areas to look out for years to avoid etc. I have gone to specialist bookshops and trawlled the internet to no avail. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I am primarily interested in a short wheelbase and

Quote Though as luck would have it I am the only one in my family not to speak German - I knew I should of paid more attention in class Now to sort through the bad Google translation... Here is a small translation from the German Website Hopefully Gerd will not kill me but it was his Buying advice and I am only the messenger. Buying guide In principle all mercedes G are very robust designed

Hi Klaus Heres the revisions. Sorry for the delay but wanted to get a friend to verify first. cheers Max mercedes G-Wagen Buying guide In principle all mercedes G-Wagens are very robust designed for both off- and on-road use. Nevertheless because a lot of them are 20 years old or more there are a number of potential problem areas to look out for. Unfortunately many of the used Gs available for sale

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Budget from the dealer...scared

Hi guys Let me introduce myself first. I have a W163 ML 2002 i bought the car in Dubai 148K really good price. Anyways the thing is i took it to the workshop for general maintenance and because I want to replace some spare parts and when they gave me the budget my face was lol Im not using the car everyday so I wanna do the thing right and after checking for a few days in the forum all the problems

This exclusive performance is made possible by the 5980-cc V12 engine developed by mercedes-AMG. The engine„s credentials are outstanding maximum output of 450 kW612 hp is maintained from 4750 to 5100 rpm while the maximum torque of 1000 Nm can be called on from 2000 to 4000 rpm. Even as low as 1000 rpm the AMG V12 biturbo engine already delivers 570 Nm of torque to the crankshaft while 750 Nm is

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Considering a 2004-2006 E55.... some questions.

Let me preface this by saying that I have never owned a MB but I am now considering a 2004-2006 E55 AMG. Any major concerns with these model years In your opinion is an extended warranty necessary Looks like I can get a low mileage (30-40K mile) E55 for in the low 30s. Sound about right

where enough to question my loyalty to the Motorsports Division. Rear main seal leaks on my Porsche and constant clutch problems where also a factor. In reference to the E63 don&8217t get me wrong I love the 6.2ltr engine. It is a marvel in itself but I think it was primarily built to prove to BMW that Merc&8217s V8 can put more HP out then the M5&8217s V10. Simple as that. That&8217s why mercedes

Quote Originally Posted by W109 SMK SHOW Agreed i think he has been tunning that car with garage door closed and car running. Its a stout car but in reality land. The 03 and 04 are about the reliability equivalent of a similar year Range Rover. I would touch neither with any of my money. With that being said they are stout and when the motors blow because somone had to tune and modify there 90k mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Replaced E-box fan

Its a five minute job but the miniature fan set me back 165.00 US. On top of the 553.00 for the crankshaft position sensor theres not much left for margaritas... They also recommended a LR oxygen sensor and a new driveshaft bearing...

benza The stalling was the crankshaft sensor which had to be replaced. I knew about the e-box fan since it used to be noisy then got quiet I lubed it myself but it ran intermittently so I decided I was going to replace it but forgot. The stalling made me think of it since the problem seemed electrical I thought maybe there was some thermal protection on the computer. I replaced the fan AFTER they fixed

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Considering buying 06 or 07 Diesel

I am considering purchasing a 2006 or 2007 Diesel E class for my wife. I am not new to diesels (I currently own a 2009 VW TDI) but I am completely new to MB. I drove the E350 yesterday and really enjoyed it but unfortunately there were no diesels to be found therefore I will hold out until I find one. I prefer the 2006 CDI for the simplicity of the inline 6iron block. However I really want to verify

Correct the new Aluminum block is a stronger design. Harder coatings on the cylinder walls permit far greater durability than iron more ridgid crankshaft meaning less reliance on bearings to compensate for design shortcomings. Counterbalancing shafts are nothing new and insure the other order vibrations are cancelled out. Either motor is great in its own right however if you want an engine that is a superior design the V6 takes the cake.

Quote Originally Posted by drivbiwire Correct the new Aluminum block is a stronger design. Harder coatings on the cylinder walls permit far greater durability than iron more ridgid crankshaft meaning less reliance on bearings to compensate for design shortcomings. Counterbalancing shafts are nothing new and insure the other order vibrations are cancelled out. Either motor is great in its own right however if you want an engine that is a superior design the V6 takes the cake. I think that if you check the OM642 Bluetec engine has an aluminum crankcase with cast-in gray iron cylinder liners. At least that is what mercedes benz has published.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 too much bad luck my 300 diesel is locked up

I have not a clue how my oil line got damaged and unfortunately im hard of hearing. I didnt hear the racket until i got next to the center median. looked down and no oil presure shut it down immediately and cut off some cars to get her to the side of the road. 95 ride home. cleaned up all the oil under the hood put new oil in rotated the engine a few times manually. started it ran for about 10 seconds

1.800.859.0923 (free shipping) Gaskets Head Gasket set 46.28 Autohaus AZ 6170108520 VictorReinz Block Gasket set 53.98 Autohaus AZ 6170101205 ElringKlinger Turbocharger Gasket set 25.36 Autohaus Az 6170900680 ErlingKlinger gasket total 125.62 Engine Timing chain 114.00 Autohaus AZ 0019973094 Iwis 109.95 Autoparts warehouse A5100-55538 Iwis Timing tesioning spring 2.25 Autohaus AZ 1109933901 mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Bearing kit

So I spun a rod bearing and Im going to try installing new ones. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to get new bearings

Quote Originally Posted by zakelectric Awesome looks like theyve got what I need as far as bearings go. I just took apart the bearing cap with the bad bearing however and the crankshaft definitely has some damage. It had about 18 of play and when I run my finger over the crankshaft I can definitely feel damage. Id like to get a new crankshaft but I didnt see any on there. Could you recommend somewhere

Quote Originally Posted by edcarls How did you measure the play Where is the play Between the con rods or the main bearings Take the crankshaft to a machine shop and measure the extent of the damage using a micrometer and determine if it can be machined to fit an oversize bearings. If the damage is beyond the last oversize bearing a good machine shop could rebuild it. You dont usually replace a crankshaft

Quote Originally Posted by zakelectric IWill the machine shop know the size of bearings that they can use just by my telling them what kind of vehicle its out of No they wont know the size of your bearing until they measure the crankshaft or see the markings on the bearing itself. And to determine the next oversize bearing needed they would have to calculate the final measurement after turning the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 Warranty Opinion Please

Hello Again There are so many different warranty companies with different optionsco-pays etc. I found a warranty company Continental warranty and they seem to offer a good deal for my 2001 C320 with 25kmiles. 6yr100k for like 1800.00 with 100.00 deduct. But im not sure about the coverages. To me they seem like they are not covering some things especially of engine. They have these clauses like if and

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Converting my 94 C220 from Auto to Manual 5speed

Converting my 94 C220 with 249 000 miles from Auto to 5 Manual. Here is what I have done and found out so far 1.A manual transmission out of a 190E or 190D will fit. It can be the 5 speed 717.411 or the close ratio 5speed getrag with dog leg first gear. 2. Pedal assembly from the 190E 190D will fit with small modifications in order to connect the top bolt on the bracket. 3. The Shifter from 190E190D

The driveshaft from a 190E auto is what I am using but it is a little on the short side - it only is using about 2cm from the 5cm spline length so I am thinking of taking the driveshaft of the 190e manual (which is too long) and having it cut down so it would fit better and maybe even have it balanced to the rear half (which is the original of the c220). I hear something like that should cost around

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Vibration in D at idle and low gear

And I am almost certain its not engine mount as I put in a set three years ago and another pair couple of days ago. Hopefully you can help me out as Ive been chasing this vibration issue for the past 2 months. As the topic said the car is vibrating noticably at idle in D and while accelerating in low gears. Sounds exactly like MM but I cant be any more. At the same time the car drives beautifully without

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Extended Warranty How is AAA extended warranty

I am ready to purchase an extended warranty on my 02 4Matic and AAA is the only one that comes to mind. Any other suggestions I have looked into the archives and there is not much help there. Thanks Paul

Thanks for the info. Now they have several different types of coverages. My car is an 2002 4matic and has only 17800 miles on it. What kind of coverage should I choose Bumper to Bumper or something like httpswww.carwarranty.comwhats_covered.asp which is nothing more than this Engine - (a) The following lubricated internal parts pistons pins & rings connecting rods & bearings crankshaft & main bearings

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Extended Warranty

Well from my other post I am thinking about keeping my car at the end of the lease and I was thinking about buying extended warranty. The car has 74K miles on it. I called the dealer and he said its 3231 for 24 months or 24K miles. Its a non-mercedes warranty. I wanted to know if thats a good deal or do guys know anyway I can purchase a good warranty cheaper either through a 3rd party or through mercedes directly. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I got the following quote. Is this worth it very limited coverage. but better than nothing. Very hard to find a company to cover AMG models. Drivers Choice Coverage 0.00 Deductible 3 YearUnlimited Mile- 1029.00 5 Year150000 Mile - 1099.00 7 Year100000 Mile - 1079.00 This warranty starts from the current mileage and from the date you purchase the policy... (Example If you purchase the 5 year150000 mile

What company is this Can you PM me their information. Thanks Quote Originally Posted by fkong777 I got the following quote. Is this worth it very limited coverage. but better than nothing. Very hard to find a company to cover AMG models. Drivers Choice Coverage 0.00 Deductible 3 YearUnlimited Mile- 1029.00 5 Year150000 Mile - 1099.00 7 Year100000 Mile - 1079.00 This warranty starts from the current

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Secret Modification almost ready ) WOW

hey boys I just took pics of my next secret mod and it came out absolutely amazing. You guys arent gonna believe it when you see it. This will revolutionize modding for our cars and this is only step 1 . Unfortunately its not 100% ready to unveil yet but once it is you guys are gonna be foaming at the mouth for one. Its about time somebody actually came out with some mods that will actually do something

What does harmonically dampened mean I have a decent technical background (math tube amplifiers just not in automotive). MRB edit Found the following explanation of harmonic dampening....makes sense. This explanation was for a stock Mitsubishi engine component. Nothing stock on the E55 As your vehicle™s engine starts to operate it creates torsional vibration that can affect its operation and the vehicle™s

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Looking for info on the C230s and C280s

Newbie here. I am looking to get a 1995-1999 C280 or C230. I would like to know what is the difference between these models. I figure that its the motor size. Is there other models with the same body style In your opinion which model is better I want a black one with black leather. Thank you very much Josh

Quote I will also acknowledge that the early M104 engines were prone to leak oil externally at the right rear corner of the head gasket. But this engine was in continuous use until 1999 in the W140 chassis S320 and the head gaskets were eventually fixed. The new design has steel inserts in the head gasekts which prevent leaking. A 1994-1995 C280 will likely need a head gasket replacement if it hadnt

[quote] Quote I will also acknowledge that the early M104 engines were prone to leak oil externally at the right rear corner of the head gasket. But this engine was in continuous use until 1999 in the W140 chassis S320 and the head gaskets were eventually fixed. The new design has steel inserts in the head gasekts which prevent leaking. A 1994-1995 C280 will likely need a head gasket replacement if

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 04 C320 4Matic - Growlvibration - Sell -Help

OK good folks of this forum heres one for you all to ponder. Have a problem. Have had it to the dealer 3 times and they keep saying they dont feel or hear what Im experiencing and that the car is just getting old. Problem is Ive been with this car now for 6 years and I know absolutely that something is not right and is actually getting worse. A separate German import specialist shop put it on the lift

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 1968 - 1977

300D 1977 - 1979 SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Type 5 cyl ohc 3005 cm™ Bore& Stroke 91.0 x 92.4 mm Idling speed 700800 rpm Power (Max) 59kw (Din) at 4000 rpm Torque (Max) 172 N.m (Din) at 2400 rpm Compression ratio 211 Compression pressure 22002400 kpa Oil pressure 300 kpa at 3000 rpm Firing order 1 2 4 5 3 No 1 at Front Radiator cap pressure 100 kpa Thermostat opening temp 78™82™C TRANSMISSION

W116 280SE SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Type M110983 6 Cyl. Twin ohc 2746cm™ Bore& Stroke 86.0 x 78.8 mm Idling speed 800900 rpm Power (Max) 138kw (Din) at 6000 rpm Torque (Max) 238 N.m (Din) at 4500 rpm Compression ratio 91 Compression pressure 9801150 kpa Oil pressure 10 kpa at 800 rpm 310kpa at max rpm Firing order 1 5 3 6 2 4 No 1 at Front Radiator cap pressure 96 kpa TRANSMISSION Clutch Type

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Tired of this noise making my car sound like %

All I want is the noise gone Ive surrendered and taken it in twice yet I never get a real answer just theories of a bunch of shit to try. Well I dont want to replace abunch of stuff that isnt causing the noise lol. So Im trying to find some common denominators to narrow it down and Id appreciate your opinions In low rpms gears 1-3 theres a intermittent noise depending how fast acceleration occurs (noise

Having bumped this thread to the top can anyone provide additional input to help xserve and me with apparently the same serious engine rattle noise Here is some more info on my cars noise&8230 I had a closer inspection of my GFs car (99 c230k) this weekend which apparently has at least two apparently separate engine noises. The loudest and most worrisome one is very much like xserves. (The other noise

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Trouble starting my 230G

After running smoothly for about a month since coming out of storage my 1980 230G has begun failing to start correctly. brbr Sometimes when I get in and turn the key it is perfectly normal and starts fine. Other times it makes this terrible grinding sound with no engine turnover whatsoever. It sounds like what you would expect to hear if you turned the key in a car with the engine already running.

I havent looked at the starter on my G yet but I have experience with many others. The basic problem is that the nose gear on the starter is not getting fully engaged with the flywheel (or ring gear if you have AT). First rule out easy things liek the starter attachment bolts being loose. If the starter is properly affixed to the engine then the problem lies either with a sticky Bendix Drive (a bendix

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Drive shaft with U-joint - where to buy

Hello everyone... Vibration. Good center support good bearing and good doughnut couplings but the U-joint seems to be sticky. When I wobble the splined end around by hand I can feel it getting slightly stuck in the straight-down position. I shopped around for a replacement back portion of the drive shaft but couldnt find a new one or a good used one. Ive sprayed it with WD40 as a temporary solution but I know Im going to need to replace it soon. Any idea where I can buy a new one TIA Shady

Quote Originally Posted by sbaert My guess is on flex discs & driveshaft support bearing followed by engine trans & diff mounts. Tranny-side flex disk - new. Diff-side flex disk - good condition. Driveshaft carrier assembly - good rubber mount and bearing (bought a replacement assembly just in case didnt need to replace it.) Replaced fore and aft center bushes on the driveshaft. Motor and tranny mounts

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Hate my life. Crankshaft bad

So I was showin off to my buddy how quick my new 90 300E is. Has 189000 miles on it. While driving home I started hearing it knocking and the knock has definitely gotten worse since I got it home havent driven it at all. Now it is LOUD so loud that I doubt it to be a valve problem I even popped off the valve cover and turned it on didnt see anything wrong. Now I have heard that if it is a crankshaft

If you have a busted crank shaft bearing your oil pressure would be close to zero at any engine (rpm) speed.

Quote Originally Posted by yaric To me that really doesnt sound like a bad crank shaft. Oh and unless you really want to destory everything i wouldnt run the engine anymore... and if you do I wouldnt rev it up to see what it does. If a connecting rod lets go your block will be toast too. 178000 miles and you just got the car Well even 178000 miles and if maintained accord to MB is a hell lot of miles

MERCEDES BENZ 300 Series Diesels NA Pre-Chamber to Turbocharged Intercooled Direct Injection

The birth of a legend the 300 engine series first unveiled in 1949 is a major advancement A lightweight diesel starts the ball rolling The engine family causes a sensation worldwide The design holds up until well into the 1990s How it all started the OM 312 was unveiled in 1949 with a displacement of 4.6 litres and an output of 90 hp. A false start that turned out well in the end. The history of

Further developments with durable direct injection engines But first the 300 series reached a watershed with conversion to direct injection. &8220New engines with a special focus on economy&8221 was the title of a mercedes-benz brochure in 1964. Following testing of direct-injection systems over a period of more than twelve years mercedes-benz finally presented the OM 352 in 1964 &8211 a little late

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 The Porsche Cayman

Bruce asked me to post some pictures of my Porsche. It has been a long time since I posted pictures so I hope I am doing it correctly. I dont think I can compare the Cayman to the SLK 230 because of the 10 yeare age difference and the difference in price. Perhaps a comparison of the current SLK would be more appropriate. I can say that as a new Cayman owner I am much more satisfied with the fit finish

Quote Originally Posted by sparcolite Was seriously thinkin of getting a 986 Post 2000 cos heard that the engine failures had been corrected. Is it a safe bet to go or is there any link that i can read up or research more before i lean towards a Porsche I figure we are all car buffs and like information and since the question was asked (but I dont want to hijack this forum so this is my final post

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Any one got the specs

Hey I cant seem to find the specs of my car on the net... its a W124 E220 Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jeff

Type E 220 Name E 220 Name mercedes-benz type E 220 Short name E 220 Model W 124 E 22 Production 07.93 - 06.96 Number produced altogether 105.346 (since 05.92) Comments concerning the production period seit 09.95 nur noch ckd-TeilesÂÅtze Prices 05.93 54.05000 DM 03.94 55.89000 DM 08.94 56.75250 DM 05.95 57.90250 DM Wheelbase 2800 mm Track rearfront 15011491 mm (Sportline 15181509 mm) Length 4740 mm

MERCEDES BENZ SL R230 Shopping 2004 (or so) SL500 - common problems

Hello everyone Im actively shopping for about a 2004 SL500 and I couldnt find a buyers guide or common problems kind of post here. For what Ive read I wouldnt touch one without a warranty but are there specific common problems to look out for Thanks for any advice and hope to join you regularly soon

Quote Originally Posted by jlb911c 2003 mercedes-benz SL500 Common Problems 1 Shift lever getting stuck in park - 1000 2 Trust arm front suspension 1000 3 Engine mounts crack 4 ABC hydraulic issues 5 Roof issues Other BrakesThis vehicle has sensotronic brake control (SBC). If the SBC light on the dash illuminates have the brakes checked. If the SBC is not working limited brake pressure is delivered

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Help please from 300D techs...

Hi here from the w201 board and need help anyone know the crankshaft specs from a late model 300D- W124 body... Looking for borestroke specs. Any help greatly appreciated.

Does this help Type 300 D Name 300 D Name mercedes-benz type 300 D Short name 300 D Model W 124 D 30 Production 09.89 - 07.93 Number produced altogether 131.647 (since 03.84) Comments concerning the production period Prices 09.89 49.13400 DM 01.90 50.21700 DM 10.90 51.64200 DM 06.91 53.12400 DM 02.92 54.72000 DM 10.92 55.74600 DM 01.93 56.81000 DM Wheelbase 2800 mm Track rearfront 15011491 mm (Sportline

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 OT Dont buy chrysler. least stay away from the infamous 2.7 liter they stuck in everything they could in the late 90s to the mid 00s Here are some pics of a job im(regretting) doing for someone with a 2002 Chrysler sebring with about 80K miles. and religious oil changes The 2.7s are prone to sludge build up and boy they arent kidding. First thing I see when I drop the pan..chunky. Gunked up pickup tube Icky icky...yes

Quote Chrysler 2.7 Liter V6 Engine class Action Lawsuits Consolidated - Been there read that data. should have been my first clue. 4 of 6 of the crankshaft journals check within spec unfortunately no way to get a micrometer on the rods while in the block. the rod surface has minor scratches but nothing deep and the bearing retaining tangssockets seem in good shape. The other two are

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 200 D

Just got an 1991 W124 200D with 601 engine and 160k km ( 100k in milles). Looking for some specifications and technical details. Its my first MB

copypaste from Type 200 D Name 200 D Name mercedes-benz type 200 D Short name 200 D Model W 124 D 20 Production 09.89 - 07.93 Number produced altogether 236.926 (05.84 - 08.95) Comments concerning the production period Prices 09.89 40.64100 DM 01.90 41.49600 DM 10.90 42.63600 DM 06.91 43.89000 DM 02.92 45.20100 DM 10.92 46.34100 DM 01.93 46.74750 DM Wheelbase 2800 mm Track

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 95 E320 Shaking

Ive got a 95 E320 with 104K on it. Recently at highway speeds of about 55-60 and continuing up to 70 or so Ive been experiencing something of a fairly high frequency (but not intense) shimmy or shaking in the car but Im not entirely sure where its coming from. This seems to come and go intermittently however just on the highway at around those speeds. I bought this car used with about 73K on it in

little to quell the vibration. The center support and its bearing were fine when I last checked them out at the time I replaced the said bushings. Another source of vibration my mechanic stumbled upon while replacing bad pulleys was a loose crankshaft pulley. That too helped a lot. Now I still have some residual barely discernible vibes at those same speeds. My cousin who is a company-trained mercedes

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Vibration issue getting better but...

Hello folks As some of you may know Ive been grappling with this issue on my 1994 E320 for quite some time now and Ive managed to get some ways ahead in quelling some of it off but so far I havent been able to get rid of it entirely. By better I mean that the vibration is now less severe and starts to appear at higher speeds (it starts to get really noticeable - and annoying - at about 150kmh but now

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Extended Warranty on SLK32

I know this subject has been brought up before but Ive checked two companies that were in previous posts and they dont cover any AMG models. Now that I have 41K on my 2002SLK32 Im thinking about getting an aftermarket warranty. I would appreciate advice on what companies cover AMG models and recomendations

I found a post on a warranty by Auto Advantage and got a quote. Im checking ou the company but it looks pretty good. Warranty Offered By Auto Advantage Inc. Administrator Americas Choice Protection Plan Underwriting Guidelines 70% Intake To Reserve (The Highest In The Industry) Vehicle Eligibility Yes this vehicle qualifies Auto Advantage Inc. Extended Warranties Direct to consumers is our Business

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Transmission Swap Imminent

Im in a bit of a bind. Ive got a 93 190E 2.6 auto which Ive had for about 10 months now. The transmission wasnt in good shape when I got it with first gear slipping quite a bit. As of now first gear is almost completely shot. The rest of the gears are completely fine with no slipping at all so it has to be a problem with the physical first gear. Ive replaced just about everything else on the car but

Quote Originally Posted by Jippi have you tried just a simple trans flush and filter changemay be worth doing as the car is almost 10 years old and over time fluids wear down. usually the first step to diag a trans issue is a fluid and filter change and not go straight to trans swap. This would be a good idea especially if its just slipping. Quote Originally Posted by MacktheKnife Yeap. I did my research

MERCEDES BENZ SL 107 350SLC just wont start

Im not so experienced. But I need a push here So I bought a 1972 350 SLC for little money. She didnt start and was taken out of circulation in 2001. I have no idea what happened afterwards. Until I bought it yesterday. So I took a New Holland tractor home and used jump cables and cranked it. There went my lucky shot. Next I sprayed some brake cleaner in the air valve. Nothing much happened. I poured

Quote Originally Posted by kloij Im not so experienced. But I need a push here So I bought a 1972 350 SLC for little money. She didnt start and was taken out of circulation in 2001. I have no idea what happened afterwards. Until I bought it yesterday. So I took a New Holland tractor home and used jump cables and cranked it. There went my lucky shot. Stop right now. Its good it didnt start up--hopefully

Quote Originally Posted by RobertinMn Stop right now. Its good it didnt start up--hopefully you have done no wrong. If it really has not been started in that long you have a list of things in front of you to do before you even try. 1) there is no no oil anywhere no oil no lubricant. You would have fried the engine had it rolled over. You will need to pull the plugs and the valve covers and manually

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 1985 190E 2.3

Am helping my son to restore a 40k 1985 190E. It has broken a rocker arm and cam gear. We have replaced the rings rod bearings seals done a valve job etc. to rebuild the engine. When replacing the rocker assemblies we discovered the crankshaft gear spinning on the shaft. The gear has a keyway but the crank doesnt. There is a divit on the crank approx.18 in diameter but it has either broken or worn

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 Manual transmission for 300 E

Hello Does any of you own a 300 ECETE with a 5-speed manual transmission (clutch stick shift and all) Whats it like and do you recommend replacing an auto unit with it Just curious. Shady

Ill try but you should do a search on this board (and others). There was a post yesterday somewhere that had all parts for sale for 1000 (about right) in Ark. Input shaft support bearing in crankshaft its cover flywheel clutch disc and pressure plate throw out bearing and fork transmission crossmember and mount driveshaft shift linkage rods clips shifter boot and wood surround. Pedal assy clutch master

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