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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 chrome on doors. glued or screwed

Does anyone know how this piece is attached to the car I want to get rid of it and id be happier if i didnt have to get it painted. Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by Manuel Payawal hi if anyone wants to buy a chrome door handle shell for MB W-204 or other high standard MB accesories follow this link. SchĂtz - Car Accessories for your mercedes [COLOR]. its cheap i guess and easy to fit plus its made on MB country Germany... what kind of bs hijack is this

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C II 203 What are the best sites for accesories

I am looking for different sites that sell w203 accesories. Wrigth now i have been buying from .com and ebay. But i have not found two things the chrome pice on the upper part of each door and chrome handles not shells. Please share the knowledge.

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Interior trimming accesories from EBAY..anybody have em

Guys I just purchases some parts from EBAY from the seller Chrome-Tec and one from another random seller. I just wondered if anyone here had already baught these parts and could vouch for their quality etc. Im really eager to recieve these as I think they would go nicely with the other things I have planned for the interior........ Chrome roofmirror cover eBay Motors CHROME COVER ROOFMIRROR SWITCH

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S I 116 wont crank.. help

Greetings I have a 77 450sel 6.9. I have purchased every book I can find and still cant seem to find the answer to what should be easy questions. a) my car will not crank. Not sure if this is due to a bad keystarter switch the starter etc.. I would like to jump the relay on the starter with a screwdriver (or anything you guys recommend) to see if it turns over etc.. My problem is that I have NO CLUE

Sorry to hear about your car. doors Be patient and get the locks keyed by a locksmith to match your current key OR look on ebay for some new door locks. I know someone with a car that can MAYBE sell you the door locks (I purchased the trunk lock though) you can drill out your trunk lock out and with a flat-head crew driver turn-and-push in the unit... this will unlock your trunk. BUT you still wont

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Just received the accessories from ORC in Germany...Great people check out the pics...

I finally received the accessories ordered from ORC in Germany this weekend. They are very professional and pleasent to work with. It all arrived in 7 days door to door. Not bad. Very helpful and knowledgable on G br I also highly recommend Europa for buying accesories. I bought the rear lamp guards and the rear mud flaps from Europa. Great experience as br Here are some br

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G rear view mirror on new Gs

there are three buttons and a sensor in the right corner of the rear view mirror on the new Gs. What are the functions of these buttons and sensor I just got one out of a junkyard and put it in my older G. I just wanted to know if they were anything I could put to use. Thank you Tom

Homelink (garage door opener and other Homelink accesories)


Ok ive recently purchased a 96 w202 and ive also been trying to fugure out if i had a special model or just all the upgrades...Hopefully someone can guide me in the right directions or tell me.. 1996 c280 fully loaded has heated seats phone bose system headlight wipers. It doesnt seem to have the bumper skirts that have seen on alot... just seems plain jane but with all the goodies on the inside..

Mmmm well if I understood correctly you want to know if your c280 is a special model Since you have all the goodies inside and believing thay came installed from the factory the first owner probably chose a C package that included those accesories. The car however isnt sport first because it has the chromed line throughout the doors and bumper and second because it doesnt have the sport badge on the

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S III 140 w140 radio relacement

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I bought a subscription to All Data to get some wiring specs for my car. Well worth 20 for a year if your into messing with your car. The 7 channel Bose amp has a R and L input not a Rear or Front though probably due to the fader. I also located all the output wires at the plug. Being my amp will probably need the ill fated rebuild (pops and hisses at times) I am making an executive decision to install

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Using kickdown freaks tranny

If I use my kickdown to get on freeway or just for a blast the car is immediately unresponsive to the throttle. Car will idele but pushing on the throttle does nothing. If I tirn off and start again the car is fine. Any ideas I have a 2001 E 55 since new and am off warranty I own it so will be doing some maintenence soon anyone have a great performance oriented mechanic in the Los Angeles area

The first step is yours - do a throttletranny reset which takes less than 6 minutes 1) Start with car off car must be turned off for over 20 minutes. 2) Make sure all electrical accesories are turned including airconheater fan heated seats and stereo. 3) Turn ignition key to Postion 2 (not the start position which is position 3) 4) Slowly and delibrately press the gas pedal to the floor. Hold the

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Tips for accesoriesupgrades for a 190

aight does anyone have any advice or tips to upgrade or supe-up my 1986 190E 2.3. like any success stories (lol) or even good random ideas... anything im willing to hear it all. cause right now i dont have much money and i have many ideas but i wanna know if they sound good to others and visa versa... soo please give me some tips. br br thanks in advance - David

on a budgetbr br 1. polish & paint cleanrestore your carbr br 2. get some cheap lowering springs to give the merc a sporting look if rubbing occurs put rubber pads from dealership on the springs for suspension mountingbr br 3. get some clear lensed indicators and if possible try to find headlight eyebrow spoilerbr br 4. try to replace your grill with an SEC replica grill for the 190Ebr br 5. debadge


Was extremely bored on a Saturday night and found this on . Doesnt it look like a bird swooping down concluding with a graceful landing Or how about this one. Looks like its about ready to take off huh Amazing...

Naw those gull wing doors are always cool. It really gives the car a futuristic look. I wonder how well they latch and how well they stand up over time Of course the obvious question is how much does the modification cost ----------------------- My two favorite accesories SLK R170 Windscreen windblocker SLK Shift Knobs

Quote Originally Posted by BigMouth Naw those gull wing doors are always cool. It really gives the car a futuristic look. I wonder how well they latch and how well they stand up over time Of course the obvious question is how much does the modification cost ----------------------- My two favorite accesories SLK R170 Windscreen windblocker SLK Shift Knobs mercedes SLK 05 06 07 Vertical doors Inc Lambo KiteBay Motors (item 260297059008 end time Jun-03-09 212458 PDT)

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Accessories.....

Can someone please indicate to me where I can find some really nice accesories for my 1988 2.3 190E (please note that my car is a Right Hand Drive Manual) . I am in search of accessories such as Wood grain Dash Kits Chrome Grilles Crystal Headlights Chrome door Handles.....and many other cute little accesories to make my 190E look like a top notch ride. Pictures of my car in its current state will be posted by Sunday. Beware of it

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 My W124 T-model

Hi there. Im from Romania 32 years old. Ive bought this car one year ago fron Sweeden. Its a 2.5 diesel 602912 engine 66 kw - 90 hp made in 1988. Ill present here all the accesories and the upgrades Ive put on my car...

Thanks for the appreciation... The wheels are 6J x 15H2 ET 49. The double roller blind is a very useful part - it has about three metters lenght and protects very good the luggage. My car is made in dec 1989 but the front hood is a facelift model...but its OK for me. The next accesories Ill buy are - Electric windows (back doors) - Sun visors with lights - Lights at each door A 1248200401 - Functionally heated and adjustable driver seat. I already have a part of the parts.

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