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NISSAN Rogue VS Outlander

im not a big mitsubishi fan but i figured i would check out their outlander crossover. its comfortable and has pretty much the same features (intellikey bluetooth satellite radio HID lights etc) i was wondering if you guys would break it down with a comparison with these two great vehicles

Handles well. XM is great. Good gas milage 23-25 mpg cityhighway. The glove box is huge but somewhat hard to acess with a passenger in the vehicle. Rear cup holder in odd spot (have to pull out of center console on the bottom). No rear arm rest. Rear hear rests do not go up or down. Trunk storage space is great feature. CVT is great. AWD works awesome. Interiror quality is great. GoodBad for mitsubishi

Handles well. XM is great. Good gas milage 23-25 mpg cityhighway. The glove box is huge but somewhat hard to acess with a passenger in the vehicle. Rear cup holder in odd spot (have to pull out of center console on the bottom). No rear arm rest. Rear hear rests do not go up or down. Trunk storage space is great feature. CVT is great. AWD works awesome. Interiror quality is great. GoodBad for mitsubishi

SUBARU XV Outlander Sport

So today I was doing some more research on the various cars I am considering and I found an article on the mitsubishi outlander Sport. A few months back when I started looking I had ruled this car out because of some issues I had read in reviews but it appears that for 2014 they have made a number of nice upgrades addressing some of these issues. So now Im thinking I better go and test drive it. Among


KIA CARENS My new Rondo- My opinion

Hi I bought a Rondo LX V6 7 seater(Almond Beige with Beige interior )on Dec 31st Here is seattle. I think I got reasonable good deal. I bought it because I need a occasional 6 seater. I traded in my 2003 mitsubishi outlander with 36k and bought this. Since I have been driving this 2003 outlander for last 4 years I do compare with that. And remember these are my observations and my opinion based on

KIA SORENTO II XM Install SX Fogs housing on EX-V6 Luxury

Hello all proud owners of Sorrento I might soon become one as well from a long time Honda loving fan. Im still researching and debating which I like the most. So far from a huge list of SUV selection it finally boiled down to 2 choices itll either be a mitsubishi outlander XLS vs. Kia Sorrento EX V6 Lux or SX I like the looks of the EX V6 Lux more than the SX i dont really dig the SX much specially

FIAT PANDA Dealer Annoyance

Apologies this is a long thread but here goes.... As I live in Crewe I have the choice of 2 Fiat dealers Lookers at Northwich and B.S.Marsons in Newcastle Under Lyme. My usual choice is the Newcastle dealer. Anyway they are starting to get really annoying here is my latest story- I own a Panda 100hp 2007 with 22500 miles on the clock. A while back mid 2009 I had a squeeky drivers seat. I booked it

NISSAN 11 little annoying problems after the honeymoon

I have 500km on my new Rogue and I guess the honeymoon is over... 1. I am really annoyed wit the knob for the car computer. While driving on the highway I have to pass my right hand through steering wheel and push the knob to see how far I can go with the current amount of gas. That is ridiculous. On my old car there was a small button at the end of the wiper control arm and with my index finger I

KIA CARENS Looking at a Rondo

Although I think the name is lame - the carmpv seems to have utility. My wife currently has a 05 Saturn VUE V6 which is adequate but only seats five. In order to carpool the kids to school including friends shed like a seven-seater. Ive been looking at the GMC Acadia as well as the Mazda 9 and the Hyundai Veracruz. All appear okay but way high on the price scale. The RondoCarens seems to be a nice

hatch and look at the loads of growing room that they really do have back there. (The centre row does slide fore and aft to create more legroom...we usually leave the centre row forward a notch or two...which creates about equal legroom for 2nd and 3rd rows). BTW...if the Mazda 9 or Hyundai Veracruz did not cost 2X what the Rondo does...Id be looking longingly at them as well. (Check out the mitsubishi

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the Nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

FORD FOCUS ST tradein value

How much do you guys think our ST is worth if we ever trade it in How much would you take I got a 2ndbaby on the way and we only got the ST as a family car and she probably has to go. Bought her for 29000 otd and today dealer only offered me 19500 so i was like Hell No. Dont really know what to do. Need advice

Originally Posted by RR13ST3 2 car seats fit fine in back seat keep it. By time they are 4 theyll get to like lift throttle over steer. Mother probably wont but the lil tikes will Agreed. Keep it for family use. I have a 7 year old in a booster and a 3 yr old in a car seat and we are good to go every single day. I have also taken my niece in the back as well with her car seat. We own a mitsubishi outlander as well and when we all go out we take the St

NISSAN And Now a Toyota Verso

Just when you thought we had seen the last of Nissan Versa knock offs the company that you would least expect to steal the name (nearly) and copy the specs..the mighty Toyota...has stepped up to the plate with a hatchback they unashamedly call the Verso Heres quote from a Toyota spokesman at the Detroit Auto show... For its part Toyota boasted that it would build a plug-in hybrid by 2010 potentially

Sheesh...Im not the one who dubbed it so thats its classification in Europe. Anyway I dont think MPV is even a common classification here in the US it seems to be a European thing. And no I dont think that it comes strictly from exterior dimensions - the point is it has seating for 7. I cant imagine those back-back seat occupants are terribly comfortable as even the third-row on the larger mitsubishi

NISSAN QASHQAI J10 JJ10 Rogue vs. Qashqai (Europe) vs. Dualis (Japan Australia)

The topic of how the Rogue is related to the Qashqai (Europe) and the. Dualis (Japan Australia) has been brought up a few times. This post will consolidate some of that information. The Rogue as we call it has been in development for the past several years. Here is look at how it evolved Qashqai (Europe) - Concept vehicle shown in 2004 at the Geneva Motor Show - Unveiled Sept 6 06 at the Paris Auto

Qashqai wrote The only thing I really like about Qashqai is they have a newer version Qashqai2. When I was searching for a car to buy the mitsubishi outlander and Dodge Journey both have seven seat options. I am sure many people want to buy extra two seat for the same samesimilar price. Have you seen the 3rd row seat Suitable only for passengers that have no legs under 5ft. tall and can contort like a gymnast I wouldnt even put my dog back there

KIA CARENS Advice needed from from soccer moms- Rondo or Sportage

Hello there. Ive been reading most of the posts in this forum and its been very helpful so far. We are trying to decide on which vehicle we need for our family of 4 with 2 kids (in car seats for a while still) and one large dog. I feel like we are close to making a decision but thought Id post on here to see if I am missing anything. We have a larger vehicle that we can take on trips and haul everything

MAZDA CX 5 2012 Mazda CX-5 - Photos released

Mazdas new entry into the CUV market (and replacement for the aging Tribute) was previewed in a web release just recently httpwww.mazda.compublicityrelease2011201108110802a.htmllink_idnr Hi-Res Photos Front 34 view Front view Rear hatch view - Skyactiv badge Interior view Skelton view The new 2012 Mazda CX-5 will make its formal debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show on Sept 13-25 2011. The CX-5 will feature

Looks really interesting competition is at an all-time high in the small to midsize crossover class and I think its only going to accelerate with efficient next-gen powertrain R&D on accelerated fast-track schedules at the expense of large vehicle development taking a back seat. I believe the CX-5 is smaller than the Rogue competing in the newer compact crossover class with the mitsubishi RVRoutlander

KIA SORENTO II XM Hello a quandry

So my wife wants another RAV 4 (we have an 06) Changing the oil at 53K It was down 2.2 Qts in 5000 miles. Toyota says thats normal..(dwon to 500 miles per Qt) So I started lookig at alternatives and the Escape (old styling boxy) and the new Sorrento came on my radar. Outside of the issues associated with new models in their first year how has KIA worked out for you folks. Especially service. Seems

dealer 200K warranty. Now after owning the Sorento since october 2010 I have 19K miles on it and could not be happier. I average 24-25 highway and 28 city (yes reversed deliberately) with all-wheel drive that is not quite as good as the Jeeps but is still VERY good. My wife was still interested in Toyota but today we went to look at new Toyotas and noticed more quality issues...we went to the KIAmitsubishi

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