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SUBARU XV Outlander Sport

So today I was doing some more research on the various cars I am considering and I found an article on the mitsubishi outlander Sport. A few months back when I started looking I had ruled this car out because of some issues I had read in reviews but it appears that for 2014 they have made a number of nice upgrades addressing some of these issues. So now Im thinking I better go and test drive it. Among

KIA SORENTO II XM Install SX Fogs housing on EX-V6 Luxury

Hello all proud owners of Sorrento I might soon become one as well from a long time Honda loving fan. Im still researching and debating which I like the most. So far from a huge list of SUV selection it finally boiled down to 2 choices itll either be a mitsubishi outlander XLS vs. Kia Sorrento EX V6 Lux or SX I like the looks of the EX V6 Lux more than the SX i dont really dig the SX much specially

View Headlight washer for MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER

KIA SORENTO II XM Daytime Running Lights...How to add

I need DRLs in order to import my 2011 Sorento into Canada. Does anyone know of an easy way to add this feature

Quote Originally Posted by slimym I need DRLs in order to import my 2011 Sorento into Canada All UK cars registered in 2011 must have DRL fitted by law so if my new sorento is a 2011 model I want it to be fitted with DRL when I buy it I asked kia UK how they will fit DRL to my new sorento they don&8217t know Hopefully it will be the same way they added it to my mitsubishi outlander they just connected

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Update on the full repaint

So after my car get scratched the insurance sent to be repaired it the estimate is 7700 and it might go up a bit. Drunk FK scratched my car

Quote Originally Posted by Josue6WGN Nice progress Id like to see the headlights and the glass out but it looks like they taped them off pretty good. they still need to remove the headlights so far they worked 30 hours on it 35 more ours to go cant wait to get it my car back so sick of the mitsubishi outlander rental they gave me

BMW X3 F25 Cold weather and the battery charge

Hello I have got my X3 xDrive35i 2013 in August this year and did not have any problems with the battery before today. We do not drive too much every day although we do driver every day. I have seen the messages from the people having problems with X3 having to charge it regularly. I anticipated that it may happen and bought the original BMW charger once I have found a good deal. Last night the temperature

Cold weather is just a killer on batteries especially when you factor in seat heating radio climate control headlights etc....and dont forget all the other electric components (coolant pump steering etc...) Of course but I assume that these other electric components are powered by the generator not by the battery I.e. none of them would work without the engine running. I had my old car mitsubishi

FORD ESCAPE My 2 cents

I just found this site and thought that I would share my thoughts on my 06 Escape Hybrid. It is a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid AWD and has leather upgraded sound system and side curtain airbags and got it in May 2006. Overall I really like this car. As far a options go (on the 2006 model the 2008 model has a bit more to offer) the options for the price paid was not great compared to my other vehicle the

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