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SUBARU XV Outlander Sport

So today I was doing some more research on the various cars I am considering and I found an article on the mitsubishi outlander Sport. A few months back when I started looking I had ruled this car out because of some issues I had read in reviews but it appears that for 2014 they have made a number of nice upgrades addressing some of these issues. So now Im thinking I better go and test drive it. Among

For years mitsubishi was the largest corporate destroyer of the rain forests in South America and other areas. This was decades ago I dont know what their position is now. They for years put profit above being good stewards of the earth and our environment. As far as Im concerned I vote with my wallet. I have no interest in buying anything mitsubishi ever.

SUBARU XV Other vehicles considered before buying a Crosstrek

What other vehicles did you look at before buying a Crosstrek I know some of you are diehard Subaru customers and wouldnt consider any other brand but for those that did why the XV Someone at work recently got one and I like it a lot. Some vehicles that I considered (some before the XV was even available) Honda CRV Toyota RAV4 Ford Focus (no AWD) Ford Escape AWD Nissan Rogue (I used to own one. Would

My shortlist were New generation Impreza Old generation WRX XV VW GTI mitsubishi ASX (outlander in USA) The Subaru dealer didnt want me to go over to the mitsubishi dealer and offered to me a top spec XV that was at a better price than a top spec new generation Impreza.

I also looked into a few other vehicles some others also did some I havent noticed yet Subaru Impreza Sport Nissan XTerra mitsubishi outlander Toyota Tacoma mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Mini Cooper (didnt get far enough to narrow down which type) Hyundai Elantra Hatchback And maybe another one or two. I ruled out most of them due to cost running cost or the company discontinuing them shortly due to


MITSUBISHI i I would avoid the 2011 Rogue nav system

After playing with the Nav system for a few weeks I am very annoyed with it The nav itself is OK but the integration with bluetooth is horrible. Nissan just took the easy route and launched a half-baked product. The issues that I have with it If you use the navigation and then get a call the screen changes to display useless call data instead of the navigation map. If you start a call and want to

navigation system and you get a call your navigation screen should not vanish. Period. It is a major inconvenience distraction and thus a safety hazard. There was no thought behind this - Nissan just took shortcuts and used system that had not been completed. People should avoid buying it. i agree w katkat. i shouldve researched more before shelling out for the SV pkg on my SL. i came from a 10 mitsubishi

NISSAN JUKE What other car(s) have you considered before Juke

Im just curious as to what other car(s) have you considered other than Juke For me Im kinda considering Kia Soul. I definitely love to have Juke over Soul any day but with current incentive Kia Soul looks pretty darn good. What other car(s) have you guys considered

I love the new crossover style and I was considering the mitsubishi outlander Sport for all the great features in it and great fuel economy but its simply not fun to drive. Maybe if they wouldve put the 2.4L engine it wouldve been a tough decision

I want Juke but unfortunately their financing options and incentives are not so good right now. Im interested in 2011 mitsubishi RVR (Rival to Juke) outlander and Mazdas great promotion for 2011 Mazda3 Speed and 2011 Mazda Tribute Anyone have or ride on one of them (I know RVR just came out but rest have been out there for a bit)

KIA SPORTAGE III Cross shopping with other vehicles

I went to check out an EX over the weekend. Looked really good minus lack of headroom in the back and limited trunk space. Of course salesman said no turbo is coming blah blah just so he can make a quick sale on his inventory. Based on my cursory research it appears that many comparable CUVs will be redesigned for 2012 by mid 2011. The most signifcant ones being 2012 Ford Escape - concept looks really

Also checkout mitsubishi outlander sport

NISSAN Whats your Other Car

I know for a lot of people you frontier is either your work truck and you have a gas saver or your fronty is your gas saver and you ahve a bigger work truck. So post up pics of your other car Heres mine Its my work truck the frontier is my gas saverdaily driver. Its a 1999 F150 Supercab Longbed 4.6L V8 5 speed 4x4. Rusty but trusty Its actually for sale at the moment so when it sells the Nissan will be doing double duty.

2004 mitsubishi outlander AWD

NISSAN JUKE Anyone dyno a 6mt Any tuners Why no 6mt AWD Option

I am always car shopping (not necessarily ready to buy but the research is fun regardless) and the juke has really peaked my interest. The fuel economy good power small tossable car aspect is intriguing. I saw the one dyno a person did on a fwd CVT that showed 128whp. I am hoping because of the cvt those numbers are not correct. That would be a parasitic loss from the drivetrain of 31% If that were

I am on the fence about the opinions in this thread. I love the Jukes bold new look its versatility and the fact that its available in awd (a must for me)... as r00st said too bad the awd is only availbale with cvt but I think that the level of sophistication of the awd system & power distribution also mandates the use of cvt for its controls rather than an MT. But then again as consolation the cvt can have the semi-manual mode use... I have yet to trytest-drive the Juke. For my liking the other increadibly appealing side is the engine power I am also an hp junky (or rather a torque junky) up to a point. I also looked at the Juke because of the 1.6t power and tunability ... which will sure be developped as more and more users tinker with their Juke. Mind you that is if the reported engine problems doesnt kill this dream for me... Alternatively on my shopping list the mitsubishi RVR (AKA outlander sport in the US and ASX in europe I think).

has proven its reliability. Dont get me wrong I prefer the Juke also but this engine trouble issue is really scaring me thats why I will keep shopping. Hopefully when I am ready to buy in a few month the issues will be a thing of the past Also Edmunds is only one critic. There are others I also found this interesting video quite impressive demonstarting the awd capability of the RVRASX that mitsubishi

KIA SORENTO II XM Install SX Fogs housing on EX-V6 Luxury

Hello all proud owners of Sorrento I might soon become one as well from a long time Honda loving fan. Im still researching and debating which I like the most. So far from a huge list of SUV selection it finally boiled down to 2 choices itll either be a mitsubishi outlander XLS vs. Kia Sorrento EX V6 Lux or SX I like the looks of the EX V6 Lux more than the SX i dont really dig the SX much specially

KIA CARENS My new Rondo- My opinion

Hi I bought a Rondo LX V6 7 seater(Almond Beige with Beige interior )on Dec 31st Here is Seattle. I think I got reasonable good deal. I bought it because I need a occasional 6 seater. I traded in my 2003 mitsubishi outlander with 36k and bought this. Since I have been driving this 2003 outlander for last 4 years I do compare with that. And remember these are my observations and my opinion based on

KIA CARENS The Real Rondo Demise

The US Kia site does not show the Rondo as of today. It is on the rebate page(2009 model). Its not in the new vehicles area. Darn

Quote Originally Posted by Tubaryan12 True but the Toyota Matrix lives on. other cars are still in that segment Dodge Caliber Nissan Cube Scion xB Suzuki SX4 Subaru Impreza Wagon Honda Fit. No need to name Hyundai Kia just canibalizes the other. You can add to the list Nissan Rogue Honda Element Volkswagen Tiguan mitsubishi outlander and the Calibers cousin Jeep Compass. Etc. Like the

NISSAN JUKE 2011 Nissan Juke vs

Shopping for a Juke What other vehicles are you (or would you) consider What are the top competitors to the new 2011 Nissan Juke 2013 Infiniti JX35 AWD (Midnight Garnet Java) & 2013 Nissan Maxima Sport (Pearl White Black)

I believe the direct competitors to the Juke are the Suzuki SX4 Crossover Toyota Matrix Subaru Outback Sport mitsubishi outlander Sport and the Mini Countryman. We were looking for the smallest car we could get with AWD and a hatchback body style. Those vehicles appear to be the only choices in the US. I tested all those cars except the Mini. It was a bit too pricey for my liking and there werent any

NISSAN Throttle Lag Firmware Flash

Ive been researching vehicles to determine what I want to replace my G20 with...after a few months of home ownership I can see that something with more cargo space is a must. Ive set my sights on the mitsubishi outlander for various reasons instead of a compact truck as I originally thought. Anyway as I browsed various outlander forums I read thread after thread about the DBW throttle lag that owners

NISSAN Toyota Venza.

Wow It looks so cool. Did anyone notice this new CUV() httpwww.leftlanenews.comto...hotos Gotham Gray Black Interior SL AWD Premium Package Leather Package Sun Roof Package Roof Rail Crossbars Splash Guards Rear Bumper Protector Wind Deflector

AndyP wrote The only thing Ive seen that really hits all the numbers that the Rogue does is the mitsubishi outlander. Its gas mileage is a bit shy of the Rogue but the other options all look about the same with the addition of a few features not found on the Rogue (auto-lift rear gate for instance). Not suprising the outlander gets good fuel economy... it uses the same Jatco CVT transmission as the

NISSAN Versa aint get no respect

OK this is a rant but some of you might agree with me... I recently read several automotive reviews from a few different magazines and it appears that they are all biased towards Hondas and Toyotas. If the Versa is mentioned at all its usually in a negative light or a simple Nice try Nissan but its still not a Honda. What gives The last one I read was highlighting the top-ten cars for urban drivers.

only good thing they said about it was that it was exceptionally quiet. They couldnt get over the fact that it wasnt a good off-road vehicle (). Talk about missing the point. Its just like they find one or two things to harp on through the whole review and then bury the positives deep in the article. Then the Honda and Toyota offerings pass through unscathed. Similarly Im looking to purchase a mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 335 power

just recently picked up my 335 convertible in munich germany and drove it on the autobahn. before my order i test drove the 328 and was impressed by the power. last minute i decided to switch my order to a 335 without every driving it so i can surprise myself when i get to germany. unfortunately i really did not notice much of a power difference. can anyone comment on this. was expecting a really obvious

I was impressed at how fast the car was but WOT my 335 is no doubt faster quicker and more engaging. If you are gentle with the 335 from a standstill it will behave like any other car. If you are aggressive it comes to life and you immediately know you bought the car with the better engine. For me driving it moderately (should have said this above) is surprising. The other car in my home is a mitsubishi

TESLA ROADSTER I think Model S just saved my clueless neighbor and his dog

Live on narrow hillside twisty street. Parking on one side. Often cars parked and little visibility. Room for only one car to pass at a time. Despite this most people drive like maniacs on the street except some of us who live here and know better. Okay coming around turn on way home cars parked causing no visibility to left side down slight slope. Neighbor has dog off leash and decides to saunter

w133 ft distance but is tied with 14 other vehicles wthe same distance starting at position 107. Heres all of them listed wthat same distance Chevrolet Camaro 2LT (V6) Ford Escape SE (1.6T) Volkswagen GTI Infiniti FX (V6) Toyota Prius Four Mazda CX-5 Touring (2.5L) Hyundai Santa Fe GLS (V6) Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Lexus CT 200h Mazda CX-5 Sport (2.0L) Volkswagen CC (2.0T) BMW X1 xDrive28i (2.0T) mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Benz is crap

My wifes 2002 E320 wagon is FALLING APART at 75000 miles. Let me tell you she does not abuse the car and it is literally falling apart. Air bag seat sensors electrical mechanical interior pieces its just a general falling apart Nothing more I can say. I traded my 2000 S500 for the 530xiT because IT was falling apart at 55000 miles. I almost bought the new M but read on benzworld forums that THEY are

to Americans Heres all the explanation you need. There is nothing a Wall-Street adage says that a bit of good product wont cure. The Japanese know this and they have let good vehicles drive them to financial security and sales volumes that never seem to stop increasing. This months New York International Auto Show saw the unveilings of two new and improved Japanese cars--the next-generation mitsubishi

NISSAN 19 Wheels for Blue Rogue Zentralle or Konkave

Alrighty Ive been carefully picking picking picking away trying to decide what I want for my Rogue and Ive come down to the final two choices and am at a total dead-lock. Whats your pick Privat Zentralle EXE Konkave It will go on this car Size will be 19 with 245s. I do not know the weight but they should be similar. Both wheels are close to stock offset so thats not an issue. -Ed ______________________ I drive The EddNog Rogue

sporty AWD wagon--and judging by the February issue of Car and Driver Im not the only one who thinks so Car and Driver said and I quote The Rogue emerged as the sports car of the group posting the quickest sprints to 60 and 100 mph and logging the briefest quarter-mile backed by the highest trap speed. It was tied with the Toyota for the best 50-to-70-mph passing potential. It was tied with the mitsubishi

KIA CARENS Rondo 4 vs 6 Question

Before I buy the 4 cylinder and later wish I had gotten the 6 let me ask you 4 cylinder owners a question Do any of you wish you had paid the extra 1k and gotten the 6 cylinder now that you have driven the 4 for awhile If so why I like the test drive I took in both but with only me and a salesperson they both seemed peppy. I will be filling the back up and moving a few heavy things (big TVs and my

There was a post on this board and I also found this by doing research but the Rondo 4 Cylinder is a joint venture between DaimlerChrysler HyundaiKia and mitsubishi known as the world engine. It appears to be a very good engine but lacks low end torque. However this is one of the reasons it gets such great gas mileage if you keep the RPMs below 3500 or 4000. It definitely has a timing chain (and not

NISSAN CVT Noises - Just the facts and any updates

Hello all Rogue owners We have managed to get some further information regarding the CVT issues. Most of this is what we already know however I wanted to post it again for everyone. This information was gathered from some reputable sources within the Nissan community. Note The following information does not represent any official statement from Nissan Jatco or its affiliates dealers etc. Feel free

NISSAN CVT - What are the most miles anyone has with no trouble

Ive read bad threads on the CVT transmission so now I want to hear how durable they can be.

The Rogue CVT is Nissan model RE0F10A Jatco model JF011E. The CVT is made by Jatco. It is shared by 2 other Nissans 07-09 Altima - with 2.5L QR25DE motor 07-09 Sentra - with 2.5L QR25DE motor or 2.0L MR20DE motor And a few domesticimports - Dodge Caliber Jeep Compass Jeep Patriot. Note Chrysler uses different programmingcomputer for their CVT than Nissan. - mitsubishi outlander (FWD and AWD) The Rogue

LEXUS CT Windows locking button disables even the drivers windows buttons

Another really stupid thing just discovered. The button to lock the functionality of openingclosing windows not only locks the windows for other passengers but locks them even for the driver So when a child plays with the window and you want to close this window forget it. You lock the windows but you discover that neither you can close it. You unlock the windows and you try to close it and there comes

We also own a mitsubishi outlander and this functionality works THE RIGHT WAY. I dont have any experience for any other than Lexus and mitsubishi Japanese brands.

TESLA ROADSTER Supercharging Twice is nice

So we know that Elon is going to do a video demonstration on June 20th as the last announcement of his series of 5. Lots of hints about it seem to point to the demonstration having to do with charging or battery swapping (He said there is a way to recharge faster than filling a tank of gas). There will be lots of crazy ideas about what hes going to do so let me throw out another one for discussion.

There is no technical reason why the 40 kWh battery could not be Supercharged. Nissan mitsubishi and GM all offer DC fast charging on 16-24 kWh batteries (even less for the mitsubishi outlander PHEV somewhere in the 5-12 kWh range). I suspect the reason that Tesla did not offer it would be that the number of Supercharging stations required would increase with the square of the range reduction (Elon


here are some wheels im looking at in 17 inch trim for lightweight replacements for my stockers. I need to know if the hub bore is big enough and im wondering what tire size i could run with the 8 inch wide wheels. i know that a width of 8 inches is iffy on the 6 and it depends alot on tire aspect. the stock 6 hub bore is 67mm and i believe many of these are not that large so if the hub bore is not

Whoa -- httpwww.rotawheels.comnews.phpid3 Quote Rota releases its new P45 series wheels Rota is proud to announce the release of the new P45 series wheels. The P45 series is an 18-inch wheel with two width variants specially designed for RWD staggered sizing. The P45F has a width of 8.5-inches while the P45R has a width of 9.5-inches. Applications are available for Nissan Skyline Nissan Silvia mitsubishi

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the Nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

NISSAN JUKE Hard choices...

Just found out that my Juke is eligible for the buyback program. Didnt think there was much else out there that I was interested in until I went to Kia and checked out the new Sportage. Wasnt able to drive the SX with 256 hp and 264 torque that only weighs 400 lbs. more than the JUke. Was impressed with the options though. Panoramic sunroof dual climate zone heated and cooled driver seat better sounding

Juke) and there is just no comparison between the two. 2) I like almost everything about the Juke especially the AWD vectoring and CVT. I simply cannot find another car out there with the same features for the same price. For example A) KIA Sportage (AWD). In the same ballpark as the Juke if you get the 176hp engine 2-3K more with the 260hp engine. No vectoring potential reliability issues B) mitsubishi

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 2006 ML350 (70000 mi) Oil Leak

Hello I just returned from the dealer with our ML and we have yet another problem. We were in to get our weekly bulbs replaced and have them look at a leak that I noticed on the garage floor. On the receipt it says replace valve plugs. I have looked for similar threads on this but have not found any. Could it be that this has the same name as something else Such as cam plugs Any help would be greatly

some other cover...300.00 for both). I also have a p0012 CODE tha comes on occasionaly. Some type of solenoid. Im handy and will start looking into doing some of these minor less critical jobs myself. They are good cars but do require maintenance like most others. Even my Honda Pilot was not immune to these types of failures and repairs. I am really dissappointed in this car. My daughter has a mitsubishi

NISSAN Sell me on the Rogue.

Hi there Well Ive been over at the Versa forums for awhile (havent posted in a long time) as my 07 Nissan Versa was my first Nissan product ever. I liked the car and the dealer so much that I my wife got a 08 Sentra. Now we have a child and another one on the way so its time for me to upgrade. Ive driven an 08 Xterra 07 RAV4 09 CX7 and of course the Nissan Rogue. Out of all of them I liked the Rogue

to stay with SUV (Outback is an in-between) bigger than the Rogue like Kerrton said check the 2011 Explorer which seems to be good (based on the Taurus). RAV4 will be slighty bigger than the Rogue but not enough if you can live with a Thule on top. CX7 is fun to drive but less at the pump Premium fuel and not fuel efficient as it is bigger and heavier than the Rogue. You can also look at the mitsubishi

BMW X3 F25 Cold weather and the battery charge

Hello I have got my X3 xDrive35i 2013 in August this year and did not have any problems with the battery before today. We do not drive too much every day although we do driver every day. I have seen the messages from the people having problems with X3 having to charge it regularly. I anticipated that it may happen and bought the original BMW charger once I have found a good deal. Last night the temperature

Cold weather is just a killer on batteries especially when you factor in seat heating radio climate control headlights etc....and dont forget all the other electric components (coolant pump steering etc...) Of course but I assume that these other electric components are powered by the generator not by the battery I.e. none of them would work without the engine running. I had my old car mitsubishi

BMW X1 E84 IIHS Crash Ratings are In for X1

Hi everyone Not sure if this has been posted already if but it looks like the IIHS just posted ratings for the X1 on their website. They also have recently released youtube videos of the tests all found in the link below. Kinda sad to watch actually but good to know its designed well. httpwww.iihs.orgratingsratingsbyseries.aspxid760 J

s205designs is right - this is really an update of their testing to include the small overlap test. In this regard the BMW X1 is not impressive and did poor on both the structurecage and the legfoot portions of the test (although the other portions were rated good). New test so the results are not that surprising. But not all cars had the same problem - the Subaru Forester did very well and the mitsubishi

NISSAN Nissan Rogue GPS screen

Can it look any cheaper Looks like a screen shot of asteroids. Why do all car Manufacturers have cheap looking in-dash GPS animation compared to stand alone. Just a pet peeve. Last edited by casperfun on Tue Nov 23 2010 1115 am edited 1 time in total.

I agree if it looks low-quality and cheap now think about how bad it will be in say 5 years. Spend 2 grand on a marginal in-dash GPS system now and not only wont it help resale value later on but it might actually harm it. Ive never been very happy with the cost of some options packages particularly most of the NAV packages which are so overpriced and sometimes very mediocre. I test drove a mitsubishi

BMW X3 F25 X3 2013 original towing hitch (and newcomer intro ) )

Hi A bit off-topic first First post on this forum actually By a funny coincidence I have become an owner of new BMW X3 xDrive35i in August...I was looking for a car to replace my 4-year old mitsubishi outlander XLS. Got tired of it and was thinking it was a good moment to upgrade. Tried a number of different new cars only liked Jeep GC 2014 but finally have not bought it. Here in Canada Chrysler is

KIA SORENTO I JC Sorento Wins Motor Trend 2005 Suv

The FallWinter 2005-2006 Issue of Motor Trend picked the Kia Sorento as the Compact SUV Winner over 15 entries. Just got hold of Motor Trend&39s 20052006 FallWinter issue with their Editor&39s Choice and Best in Class Awards. Here are the picks 1. Among Compact SUVs (an enigma considering they originally classified the Kia Sorento as midsize) the Kia Sorento is the winner with the Ford Escape as honorable

BMW X3 E83 Overlander

been web-surfing and came across the Mitsu Overlander which I was intrigued with when a magazine test-drove a home-market only EVO version. Not available in US of course but Ive seen a few new ones on the road and they remind me in shapesizedetails of the X3. Seem to have a lot of content for less money. No manual tranny in 6-cyl 4wd models but there is a paddle shifting 6spd 3 rows of seats and some

in 2007 From the title I thought this was something completely new. The 1st. generation came out in 2003 and didnt compete well with other cute utes because of its 140hp 4 cyl. with a 4 sp. auto. or CVT. Much better now with 6 sp. auto and 6 cyl. option and as with the sharp-looking newer Lancers it has an above-average warranty. However independent mechanics often seem less than enthused about mitsubishis

NISSAN CVT RattleNoise - Discussion Thread

OK so coming to work its mostly down hill and I go back and forth between D and N. Coast most of the 6 miles in. This morning I heard a rattle or grinding noise every time I threw the trany into N. By the time I got to work the noise was gone Was it my imagination or something with the trany Thx.

The QR25DE motor is on its second generation and has been used in a variety of Nissan products including the Altima Sentra Rogue X-Trail (Canada) and Frontier. The CVT itself has been changed since it first appeared on the Murano. The current CVT design is shared with the Altima 2.5 and Sentra SE-R. The ChryslerMitsu twins also share use the same CVT Dodge Caliber Jeep Compass Jeep Patriot and mitsubishi

NISSAN JUKE Juke finishes 2nd in April Car & Driver comparison test of cute utes

Tested were the Jeep Compass 4x4 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 and Nissan Juke SV AWD. Yeah the Mini Cooper won but it also costs (as tested) 11000 more than the Juke THe Juke was quicker in 0-60 times by .1 seconds (7.3 vs 7.4) and 14 mile times were tied with the Mini at 15.8 seconds 89 mph. The Jeep was way slower and actually seems like some sort of antique when compared to the Mini and the Juke.

KIA SORENTO I JC Sorento VS Grand Vitara

Hello I am shopping for a Small SUV... My requirements are as follows 1.) Aftermarket off-road options 2.) Rugged 4wd System 3.) TCS Stability control 4.) Decent gas mileage This leaves me with the sorento and GV mostly because they are the only small suvs i can find with a rugged 4wd system. (can anyone think of anything else) I have recently test driven the 07 GV and it was very rough and rugged

NISSAN JUKE Theres a brand new Juke in my garage

Drove a gunmetal SV MT home today and parked it in my garage. Which is odd because 1) I didnt buy a car and 2) my wife never lets me park in the garage. The dealer wants to close a deal RIGHT FRICKING NOW for some reason and didnt like my idea of bringing my wife back for a test drive on the weekend. So he loaned me a Juke. Im a little nervous about something random happening to it but otherwise its

i wouldnt worry about finding an SV with the nav. you can get the nav on ebay easy enough. or put something better in. i bought the nav package in my last vehicle (mitsubishi outlander) and regret it. oem navs are vastly inferior to your average smartphone. and it sounds like the industry is going to be coming out with some cool stuff soon where the head unit is just a mirror of your phone display.

NISSAN Rogue need SECOND replacement transmission-What will Nissan do

My 2008 AWD Rogue began to make the dreaded transmission rattle at about 3500 miles and was replaced by Nissan at about 8000 miles. Another 3500 miles and the rattle starts again-dealer is once again replacing transmission. Car currently has 13000 miles on it. I have opened a case with Nissan USA. I asked for them to buy my car back and they implied that wont happen. Has anyone had a second replacement

that the CVT wasnt the source of the problem it just displayed the symptoms or was damaged as a result of the mysterious cause. So if its not a bad CVT part then what is causing the damage is it a computer problem or something else mysterious The fact is there are hundreds of thousands of these exact model CVTs in RoguesQhashiDualis Altimas Sentras Ford Escape Hybrids Jeep PatriotCompass mitsubishi

TOYOTA RAV 4 Toyota Sees Underwhelming Future for All Electric Cars

httponline.wsj.comarticleSB10001424052702303918804579107213728805086.html Requires subscription looks like Quote WASHINGTONToyota Motor Corp. 7203.TO -2.64% is committed to hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to displace the use of gasoline said Takeshi Uchiyamada chairman of the worlds largest auto maker. Reuters Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada addressed the Economic

They wanted to make sure they had their hands in Teslas cookie jar. They just wont build a car in volume that has drastically lower margins than the rest of their products. They also cant take risk on batteries like others have. They produce very large quantities of batteries for hybrids but have been slow to transition them to clearly better Lithium Ion packs. Look at the terrible position mitsubishi

FORD ESCAPE My 2 cents

I just found this site and thought that I would share my thoughts on my 06 Escape Hybrid. It is a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid AWD and has leather upgraded sound system and side curtain airbags and got it in May 2006. Overall I really like this car. As far a options go (on the 2006 model the 2008 model has a bit more to offer) the options for the price paid was not great compared to my other vehicle the

KIA SORENTO II XM Few questions about this and that..

I am looking at buying a Sorento. (I will be buying a 2013 not sure what colors are available) So far I like the Dark Cherry with Beige interior. So getting the beige interior color how does is hold up against stains and dirt over all Does it clean up easy Will I be sorry getting it down the road Also FWD or AWD Like the fact that FWD you get 2mpg more then AWD. But for you owners do you have regrets

as much. Even on the beige interior the carpets are still black which is usually the the dirtiest point. Im of the opinion that black plastic interior parts (door panels etc) show dirt just as much as light ones - the black always looks scuffed and marked too. Id go with whatever you like most. Taking about the YES Essentials its basically the key thing which made me pick the Sorento over the mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 3 F30 2014 BMW 328d - to buy or not to buy

Hi all New member looking to buy a nice car but also one that makes sense for the amount of driving I do for my work. Id say I drive about 90% Hwy10% city and I typically drive at 72MPH (65MPH zone) and 80 (75MPH zone). I live in Houston TX and drive south to Victoria TX almost every day. I would say on average I drive anywhere from 3000-4000 miles a month. If you were me would you buy a 2014 BMW 328d

NISSAN JUKE What compares to the Juke

OK - So Ive had the Juke for about a year and am already looking for a new car. Why you ask It has nothing to do with the Juke which you will read in a minute. I actually have about 27000 miles on it already. Was driving a lot for work I really dont want to trade it 45 or 50k miles due to depreciation and I know if I try to trade below 36k Ill probably get a better trade. So to the point I am looking

NISSAN Rattling noise in CVT

Ok lets get a count of this issue. This has been described as a rattling noise in the CVT area of some AWD Rogues at very low speed. ssimon001 says I can always duplicate the sound by driving in a silent area very slowly at around 5-7 mph and letting up on the accelerator..... I included the FWD in the poll just to be sure the problem is limited to the AWD Rogues. Modified by Ticmxman at 1159 AM 792008 Tic

from directly under the vehicle definately not the rear end. Also if you arent sure if you have the noise then you probably dont because for those of us who had or have the noise it is very obvious. Im sure youre fine this seems to be a very rare thing. And like Philip said this exact CVT part number is shared with the Altima Sentra Ford Escape hybrid Jeep Compass Jeep Patriot Dodge Caliber and mitsubishi

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 RWD snow Terror

This my first winter with my 2010 328i with rear wheel drive (no xdrive). After a few hefty snow storms here in the Northeast Ive learned how truly terrible this car handles at least on OEM all-season tires . Far worse than a normal front wheel drive sedan. Ive gotten stuck in snow many times. Any slight incline and the wheels just spin. Its white-knuckle driving all the way Does it pay to spend the

the A lot had to park 200 yards back. Do you know why I wasnt able to get to my assigned parking Two ssholes one in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and the other in an Audi A6 Quattro with all-season - EXCUSE ME NO-season - tires were blocking the entrance to the lot spinning tires and skidding all around and unable to get purchase. (Two of the earlier slowdowns were an older Honda Civic AWD Wagon and a mitsubishi

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