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NISSAN MAXIMA 5 speed manual hard to shift.

I have a 96 maxima SE with the 5 speed manual. When im rolling and slowing down it wont pop into first gear like 5 mph. It has to be completly stopped to go into first and even then sometimes it wont. I have to put it in second gear roll forward just a hair and then it will go into first. Also somethimes it when im accelerating and going to shift up to the next gear it misses the gear and just grinds.

the time the wrong gear oil is used which will make shifting more difficult and will reduce the life of the synchros. I recommend Redline MT-90 or similar basically a GL-4 only gear oil with the factory recommended viscosity will do. Absolutely avoid any GL-5 gear oil as that is the stuff that will make shifting more difficult and reduce synchro life. Lastly it could be the synchros themselves. nissan

the time the wrong gear oil is used which will make shifting more difficult and will reduce the life of the synchros. I recommend Redline MT-90 or similar basically a GL-4 only gear oil with the factory recommended viscosity will do. Absolutely avoid any GL-5 gear oil as that is the stuff that will make shifting more difficult and reduce synchro life. Lastly it could be the synchros themselves. nissan

Yeah I have pretty much memorized where to rev it to when im down shifting. It makes for a much smoother ride and is usually what it takes to get it into first. The cluch release point is right at the floor. I think all the upper pedal travel does nothing and its just a small movement at the bottom that gets it. I replaced the slave cylinder 3 months ago and i made sure it was bleed properly. I dont

DevonD wrote The cluch release point is right at the floor. That sounds like your problem right there. If your clutch released near the floor that means its not opening up as much as it should be which is what is causing your shifting problems. Go ahead and bleed the system be sure to bleed the damper as well as a lot of people miss that and that can make a pretty big difference. The damper should

NISSAN MAXIMA Hard shift from 1 to 2

When i accelerate there is a hard shift from the first gear to the second. I dont know what the problem is.. does this have to do anything with the knock sensor 1996 maxima with Injen CAI WarpSpeed Y Pipe & Hi Flow Cat Tokico HP Performance ShocksStruts V1Specs Cross-drilled Rotors 2004 maxima 18 wheels Ventus K104 245 45 18

And can this hard shifting cause problems for the transmission or any thing else

your tranny fluid If youve never done a fluid change then get a full tranny flush done. It will probably be over 80 to pump out ALL your old fluid and put in new. You can do a drain and fill but that doesnt change ALL your old fluid. Once you do a flush then you will do periodic drain and fills to maintain your fluid. When you have bad fluid it can definitely cause a hard shift. It did in my 92 maxima

hard. also if it turns out to be that none of this so far is it i agree with aaron on the tranny flush it will be a bit expensive but its worth it of instead of paying 1300 for a good rebuild of your tranny. I might also think about changing the tranny filter if its bad. I paid 120 for teh tranny flush and tranny filter so now you have more or less something to go on if you wanna do it. 1999 nissan

danielekfuj wrote correct me if im wrong but it will shift hard all the time wthe drop resistor mod unless you have the resistor wired to a WOT switch. very true if you only want it at WOT you need the micro switch but thats why i asked if it was when he hit it hard or when it was granny driving nj1sh wrote Well its noticeable when i hit it hard and soft but more noticeable when i hit it hard. I found

NISSAN MAXIMA Engine missing & Sloppy Auto trans shifting...Related

Hey all I have a 2002 maxima SE that has developed a couple of issues in the past year or so and I was wondering if these can be related. First At 18 to about 38 throttle my engine has been making noises as if it was misfiring...This clears up if you push the throttle to about 12 or greater. I cant notice any significant loss of power when I hear the noise so I am having a hard time trying to diagnose

NISSAN MAXIMA Overdrive switch and hard starting problem

Hello all. I recently purchased a 97 maxima GLE with a 4spd auto. I have two questions. The overdrive switch on the gear selector doesnt seem to work. If I press it to the off position the OD off light does not come on. This light does illuminate when you put the key to the ON position and then goes off so i know the light works. It seems to stay in overdrive during normal operation and will not shift

Hmm odd. To think that the light does show up when you shut the car off. Thats a good sign. If your tranny is shifting fine then your ecu should be fine as well. I would check to see how the connection of the wire on the overdrive button is. Just because everything else is fine but that. It might be that the switch isnt connected so its not registering any onoff command however also a possibility the cable is cut along the way. If thats not it then something could be wrong with the Ecu. The fact that the light comes on and the car drives and shifts fine makes me conclude that. But... Always wait to see what the pros think. Wait for Beancooker and the others to give an input on this before you take any of my input 2000 nissan maxima (210000 Miles) Still Runs Like New

NISSAN MAXIMA Hard 1-2 shift

Anyone experience a periodic hard shift from 1 to 2 under moderate acceleration I dont drive the 130 much the wife does. I experienced a gut wrenching 1-2 shift sunday & she said it happens periodically. 2000 I30t The car has been dealer servcied since new and they checked the tranny fluid and it was still bright red so not to change it. 46000 miles on the ODO. I have thougth about a flushchange or

sounds like the tranny is shifting at full line pressure. I cant remember the name of the sensor but the harness is right behind the airbox and if it is unplugged your tranny will shift VERY firmly. Friends do this at the race track with their maximas. They call it the drop resistor mod. 1999 Infiniti Q45t -in process of wheelsuspension overhaul

NISSAN MAXIMA I How do i change the lights in a 95 Maxima shifting console

SO this is a little weekend project my buddy and i have started long story short all my lights are red except for my shifting console how do i get it off BTW Im new HI

pop up the shifter trim with a screw driver or anything else thats flat and under the gear indicator youll see a small 194 bulb - hard to get but doable - change that and youre good. btw youre a copy cat crappy camera but theres no illuminated part in my car thats not red - inluding the clock and auto ac controls.

allensteiner wrote pop up the shifter trim with a screw driver or anything else thats flat and under the gear indicator youll see a small 194 bulb - hard to get but doable - change that and youre good. btw youre a copy cat crappy camera but theres no illuminated part in my car thats not red - inluding the clock and auto ac controls. WOW im doing blue in mine. with hyper white bulbs in the gauges with

NISSAN MAXIMA Hard Shift Btw. 1st 2nd Gear 57000

I have less than a month and less than 2000 miles before my powertrain warranty is gone. Ive had problems with the car not wanting to shift or shifting hard between 1st and 2nd gears. I was told by a mechanic friend of mine that a clutch pack is bad and needs to be replaced. Anyone have any ideas Any at all httpwww.cardomain.comride2572947

My fear is that Ill take the car in to be looked at and Ill be told to change the transmission fluid before theyll really look into the problem. From experience I know that changing the transmission fluid will only fix shifting issues temporarily meaning the car will act up again the day after the warranty expires. Would anyone happen to know if Infiniti gives out loaner cars if theyre doing warranty work on your own car Modified by ZGadson at 416 PM 10232007

NISSAN MAXIMA Hard to shift out of PARK


NISSAN MAXIMA Apparetly my car got the service bulletin fix but my 1st to second shift is HARD

So I took my car to the dealer as I was still under warranty. He takes it to two places which run tests and declare that theres nothing wrong with my tranny. Whatever. The gfs 00 GLE with 82k shifts smooth 1-2 (AT) at 6000-6100k... mine hangs at 6500 for a while and then BOOM... It sucks makes me kinda hatedriving my maxima. Dealer says its just something maximas do. He gave me some graph from one

Did a drain and refill along with a filter change yesterday. No immediate change in shifting behavior maybe it will take time. Each magnet was covered in sludge and there were some metal filings on one corner of the filter. Lol there was also a washer a very small one stuck to a magnet. Couldnt find out where it went to.

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Strange Transmission Problem - 2000 Maxima - Goes into Neutral while Driving

have a 2000 maxima - 110000 miles on it. up until recently its been fine i take care of it - (oilfilters etc). recently i was driving and the transmission went neutral while driving. this was about after an hour of driving. it would not go into gear even though i was in drive. i had to pull over - shut the car down and let it sit while i figured out what happend. i waited about 2 - 3 minutes started

Solonoid Control Assy mentioned in the link) would cause such a symptom Id think or the default of some input sensor such as the throttle position sensor or others. why cant mechanics - specifically aamco - figure it out they dropped the tranny inspected it said its fine. hooked it up to there computers and the only thing that came up was the 02 sensors. i found this while searching the net httpnissan-maxima-car.blogs....html

NISSAN MAXIMA P0325 code and transmission issues related

Ive been having some odd transmission issues with the maxima the past few days. I blew a transmission cooler line last week and had to top it back off with 2 qts of fluid which I managed to put the wrong fluid in it but that has been remedied now. I did a fluid flush yesterday and filled it back up with the proper fluid but its still shifting rather odd. It was shifting good and firm even with the

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima transmission troubles

I posted here awhile ago and you guys helped me i was wondering if anyone could help me this time... I have a 96 maxima and the other day my transmission started shifting really hard into 2nd gear. It doesnt rev high or anything it just shifts really hard. My overdrive light blinks 16 times when i put it on the on position and i got a code that read solenoid valve a. i was wondering weather or not

if i dont need to cause then Im going to have to junk the car and i love it. I read up about this and heard something about limp mode but i dont really know what that is. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you How often have you been replacing the fluid and what type and brand have you used I have had good service with the latest Castrol blend made for imports that is equivelent to nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1995 maxima stalls at the light knocks while driving

Heres the situation I start the car up in the morning to go to work - starts without issue and idles fine also no problems with acceleration. A few minutes down the road (typical city driving) after the engine comes up to operating temp it still runs normally... until I come to a stop light or have to stop for traffic. About 75 % of the time at this first stop after warming up rpm niddle will go down

NISSAN MAXIMA Pilot bearing dead

So I have a maxima that makes a whooping noise during acceleration... I havent taken it in to have it looked at but the dealer said by my description of the sound it was probably a pilot bearing... Is this pretty common Can extensive damage occur if not replaced right away Approximate cost for a shop to replace This is a 5 speed btw. Modified by djur at 954 AM 6172007

when i had my 95 altima i had the same issues shifting in certain gears was getting a bit harder with resistance i know not the same vehicle but trannies all act the same almost. I would also hear a constant sound when accelerating slowly or hard. Found out it was the clutch. When was the last tiem you changed your clutch if soIs it the original clutch If so how many miles does it have 1999 nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA III J30 NEED HELP Electrical problems 89 Maxima

My 89 maxima (114k miles) has electrical issues I think may be all related auto ac doesnt work but you can hear solenoids working bose stero has power but almost inaudible digital dash lights dont adjust speedo fluctuates 10-14 mph when ignition on with car STOPPED then reads way high when moving. Auto shifting funny makes groaningvibrating noise when coming to stop (this may be unrelated) sometimes

Very useful page for J30 maxima owners Climate control schematics and more. Cant offer much help for the instrument lighting issue or bose system sorry. Ive yet to front the cash for an FSM and my Chilton manual only offers basic chassis schematics...nothing as far as stereo or instruments. I had issues with my instrument cluster a few years back. For a while the tach was acting very funny. Then one

NISSAN MAXIMA Another MAF sensor

Ok.. this is getting pretty ridiculous Heres teh story after changing just about everything in this 2000 maxima.. Coils MAF clean throttle body alternator... Car runs great for a couple days then slowly but surely goes back to s gas mileage and poor acceleration.. I was told MAf sensor.. again.. So I changed it... with an aftermarket one.. Ran Great.. Again for a week or so but slowly back to poor

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1999 Nissan Maxima SE Drop Resistor

Im pretty sure that I need a drop resistor. 1999 nissan maxima SE Limited Edition Automatic. hard shift from 1st to 2nd. Transmission flush and filter done. However cannot find one for sale it called something other than a drop resistor

Thanks Scott You are right....Advance and Autozone had no clue....even with the nissan part number. Technically it was called resistor A but the dealer knew exactly what it was when I said drop resistor. 48 and Ill install it this weekend to see if it works. Just bought the car and it looks like my resistor is beat up (and hanging) from the air filter cover coming off and on and hitting it so wondering

NISSAN MAXIMA I 2000 Maxima stalling when I try speed up

Help me out guys my 2000 SE hesitates when I try to speed up. When I gradually speed up I have no problems but when I am around 45mph and try to floor it it feels like it loses power the rpms will hit between 4000 and 5000 and the engine revs up like it is trying to accelerate but it kicks in slowly. I took it and had it hooked up bc recently my service engine light came on and the computer said I had a bad o2 sensor. Could this be the cause of my problem

of power problem is not because of that. you have a bad mass air flow meter. if the final 5 digits of your meters part number is ad200 there is an updated part for that which will also require a reprogram of the ecm to the most current revision part number. be aware if you take it to the dealership they will miss diagnose this problem because it seams there is a fail safe in the computer most of nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA A new guy and a story. Need some schooling on Maximas.

Hey everyone. I have been reading through your Topics and am very impressed with the welth of knowledge you all have to offer I am yet another soldier heading over for the third time. I sold my Subaru and truck to buy a new car. I have been bouncing from BMW to New STi and now that I dropped them I am moving on to nissan. maxima to be more specific. I am interested in the 05 and newer and need to be

Levissan wrote Holy crap that was amazing info Okay next questions What are some bolt on upgrades for the engine Also can you re valve the tranny for faster shifting If I LOVE the duel exhaust of the SE can I swap that onto another model maxima of a different year Thanks a load Jesse Welcome aboard If you have a hard on for the 6mt first off it will be hard to find something like 3% of production and

NISSAN MAXIMA They finally fixed the problem

Ive been posting & asking others advice on the problem I was havng with my01 maxima. New IACV & new ECU but car was still idleing rough & stalling outhard shiftingpoor gas mileage and poor acceleration. I asked them if they checked a few things I mentioned & they said they did. One thing I did ask about and they said they checked was the MAF. Well low & behold it ended up being the MAF that was bad.

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2009 Maxima discussion UPDATED Full pics inside

Figured Id open this one up for discussion 2008 New York Auto Show nissan To Take Wraps off Redesigned 2009 maxima NASHVILLE Tennessee nissan is not even planning to hold a press conference at next weeks 2008 Detroit Auto Show. Instead it is saving all of its firepower for the 2008 New York Auto Show where it plans to unveil a completely redesigned 2009 maxima a nissan spokesman confirmed on Thursday. is saying 290 hp (estimated) 3.5 with new more advanced variable valve timing Intelligent CVT with 4 driver selectable modes two of which include Drive Sport for aggressive shift points and sportier feedback Manual Mode to shift gears by tapping the shift knob or by using new F1-style paddle shifters. I personally think the CVT is cool and all... but... its still an automatic and unless

NISSAN MAXIMA I Engine jumps - complicated issue and I need your help - 2004 Maxima

I need your help. Ill do my best to piece together the story. 2004 maxima 94000 miles and I am the original owner. 10 mile commute each way mostly freeway in Southern California. In April I took my car in to a AAA approved repair shop and they replaced an engine mount. When shifting especially from N to D and starting from a dead stop...the engine was lurching forward and you could feel it inside the

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2006 Maxima Tramsmission Problem

I just bought a 06 maxima sl. I have a hard shifting for 1st and 2nd gear. The car has a violent jerk. Also does this out of reverse. My mechanic did a diagnostic and found a code P0726. Anyone know the fix for this

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 01 I30 stallsturn off when on idle

01 I30 stallsturn off when on idle. the other day I went to the store and the car just turned at a stop light. I trioed turning it on and it would for a second then it would turn off. If I put my foot on the peddle and have it about 2000 rpms it will run fine. But as soon as I let go the rpms drop and the car shuts off. Lucky for me it was late and there werent alot of cops out. I had to drive home

Replace your IACV then go from there. I just went thru all the same stuff on my wifes 01 maxima. P0505 code came up replaced the IACV and still had problems. It fried the ECU so replaced that but still shifted hard and car would whine out alot before shifting & car stalled out in park. MAF was tested & showed it needed replacing. Once they replaced it man oh man runs like it did when we bought it new.

my remote was dying I meant that it physically was dying the buttons are somewhat broken that is why I was gonna order another set of the remote. Oh and one more thing the window opener switch of the back seats is not working. And I know for sure that it is the switch that is not working because windows can be opened when I use the drivers master switch to operate them. So my question is will maximas

Oh Yeah Just came from Autozone and guess what No more P0301 and P1320. Yahoooo (I hope it wont come back after a while) But now there is only two of P0446 left which I am gonna look at during this weekend then. As of right now I am more worried about transmission. So I started calling local shops to see how much they charge for transmission oil flushdrainrefill. And unexpectedly to me I found a really

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 01 maxima takes too long to shift from 2nd to 3rd anye ideas why

hi guys so i thout i was imagining stuff but turns out there is something wrong with the shifting in my car it takes too long to shift dorm 2nd to 3rd. usually the car shifts at lik 2200rpm - 2300 but not it goes all the way to 3500 and some times 4000 to shift and it stays there for like 2seconds before shifting gears. but still shifts smooth tho no knock or hard shifting but can clearly her the engine

NISSAN MAXIMA whats the difference between gxe and gle

mines not an se but dont know if its the gx or gl. has driver power seat leather heated mirrors moon roof. is there any diff between them

GLE is very composed over small bumps. It doesnt feel like the car moves around much during acceleration or during turning on sharp corners. For what its worth right now the GLE is outfitted with 15 steel rims Goodyear Regatta IIs up front (21565R15) and Eagle GT-Hs in the rear. My GXE rattles and thumps over small bumps and it feels like it rocks during acceleration and sharp corners. It has 16 maxima

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2000 i30 rattleclanking from front passenger side

2000 i30 with 93K miles always had some minor strut suspension noise since I bought it at 70K not major enough to worry. A week ago started to hear some bad metallic rattlingclanking coming from the front passenger wheel area sounded like your typical sway bar link issue so I did some investigating still cant figure out. Heres a list of what I tried and resultsobservations. At its worst sounds like


Hey all new to the site I have 99 Inf I30t that I bought off of my grandfather back in about 2005 at the time the car has 20000 miles on it and now I just turned 62000 but I have a couple of questions its a 4 spd and when I floor it to down shift it works fine but up shifting it shifts hard is that normal for that tranny I check all flulds on the car it looks great ( the car is in amazing condition

NISSAN MAXIMA anyone here in the Inland Empire in So Cal

Have some issues with my wifes 2001 maxima and was wondering if anyone here is in the Inland Empire in So Cal that could take a look at it Possible MAF or knock sensorTPS issue an dont know much about this or how determine if it is any of these. hard shifting at times and the way it sounds is different than before. 140000 miles on the car. Anyone Thanks

NISSAN MAXIMA weird noise from engine bay...

Whats up... My car is a 1999 maxima SE 5-Speed just over 93k miles... Earlier this week its started making this kind of a clicking noise... It doesnt do it when the clutch is pressed down and its louder in lower gears. Its also more noticable at lower RPMs... it doesnt do it if I hold the clutch in and give it a lil gas... It sounds like it may be coming from the rear bank but its hard to tell... Also

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2000 GLE...Sluggish acceleration etc

Ive got a 2000 maxima GLE that recently starting giving me problems. When I start the car in the mornings or when it has been sitting for a while I have problems accelerating. I put the car in drive and hit the gas and it basically doesnt respond. The tachometer doesnt move. Its like no fuel is getting to the engine. I also am having a problem driving on the highway. I can be cruising down the road

NISSAN MAXIMA fluid changes-will it really matter at this point

dealer suggests trans service coolant service and replace 2 soft hoses[top and bottom] replace brake fluid 149000 2000 i30t runs well no codes oil chg every 4000 coolant and tran done at 70K never touched brake fluid or hoses plan to run car 3 -6 more months15Kyr mostly hwy but never know made need to keep longer before purchase of a 2007G Should I spend the 500 at the dealer or some or none saving for 2007 purchase Thanks

of the radiator. If I were you I will not remove the drain plug on the engine (may be hard to remove and can even cause leak) -for the transmission pan drop is followed by a flush desirable but may not be practical in your case. You can just do multiple drain and refill. Just make sure the engine is warm and the fluid is at the correct level before doing drain and refill. Your car requires nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA how long will a maximas auto transmission last

how long if taken care well ok and neglected just wondering coz the owner before me looks like a st head and have abused the car but i fixed the whole thign and now its being taken care well has 135k and bough it when 128k btu the owner before him took good care too has all the paper work form the dealer ship and all httpwww.cardomain.comride2960959

I just hit 200K and my rear main seal went out tranny was shifting hard so I replaced it under warranty anyway.

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2002 Maxima shift points

I have a 2002 maxima with an automatic transmission. When I really get on it from a dead start I feel like the engine revs too long and high before it goes into second gear. Under normal and moderate driving conditions it works fine. When I bought the car a few months ago I took it to the nissan dealer so their transmission guy could try it out. He said the tranny worked perfectly and what I might

I have a 97 with the 3.0 Im not sure how similiar the tranny is to your infiniti but my 2002 will bring it right into the redline without shifting unless I let off the gas.(only under hard acceleration) Its annoying....I needed to get into a right hand lane that was occupied by a 2002 Cavalier. When the light turned green I blew past him and then in front of him. That first part went great. When I

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2002 I35 Steeringsuspension movement

The car has mild torque steer maybe more than I realize but Ive been driving it so long that maybe I dont notice any longer. What I will describe below is NOT Torque Steer. Ill provide my attempt at defining torque steer to clarify. Torque steer occurs when you are accelerating. In a FWD vehicle the torque produced from the engine will force the steering to pull in one direction or the other. On any

NISSAN MAXIMA Non OEM parts from Rock Auto...

I am getting ready to buy quite a few parts for the wifes 2001 maxima. Parts like the ignition coilsthrotle bodymass air flowpcv valvetps and motor mounts. I know alot of people on this board buy their parts from Rock Auto and I was wondering since most buy non OEM parts from them are there any parts to NOT buy from them because of performancequality issues The prices for OEM parts and other brands that are not OEM are ridiculous for this car.

Maxiiboy I ended up getting some beck arnley mounts and the front one I got the electronic one that is required. Man both my mounts i replaced the front and the right side were tore up badly. The right side one is what was causing my car to have a rattle being heard when idling and the front one was what was causing there to be a clunk noise upon accelerating out of a stop as well as hard shifting

NISSAN MAXIMA Clutch Problems.

ill try to be as brief and as informative as i can. To sum it up my clutch isnt working properly. The cylinder that pumps the hydraulic fluid broke and was replaced. After that my clutch has been behaving strange even after adjustments have been made to the cylinder. here are my gripes -it is very difficult to shift into first or second gears. Its so difficult i have to ram my back against the seat

NISSAN MAXIMA tranny filter

213k on the ol girl and she is starting to show some signs of transmission wear. Its a 97 auto max and a few weeks ago she would barely make it up a very steep grade without shifting down into first. It almost felt like the CV shafts were gonna break it shifted so hard lol Anyway how hard is it to replace the tranny filter It only shifts hard like that on hills but around town its fairly normal so I figured its the tranny filter. lemme know what you guys think. peace.

NISSAN MAXIMA adding a blow off valve to a car without turbo

is it possible to do i i just love the sound it makesand no the littles whistle thigns they sell on eaby suck httpwww.cardomain.comride2960959

Saw some incorrect info that I need to straighten out. A blow off valve relieves intake air pressure before the throttle plate after it has been shut to prevent damage to the compressor (turbo or centrifugal sc can apply in this case). If you have a turbo and dont have the blow of valve it can cause the wheel to slow down stop and even worse Ive heard that it can reverse the rotation... all of which

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