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nissan maxima taillight I
nissan maxima taillight I

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NISSAN MAXIMA I What do you think if I blacked out my taillights on my 2kSE (pic)

I posted on the and they werent too fond of it so I thought I would see what you guys would think Its cool if you dont like it just be honest MS Paint FTW 2006 M35 2000 nissan maxima SE sold 1989 nissan maxima SE sold

Actually doesnt look too bad. Long as you keep it the way the concept is visualized.

I hate to be the hater but I think the maximaaltimanissan Sedans taillights are dead sexy as is. No need to make Halle Berry get a boob job. They are fine as is.

I used Nite Shades on my 89se and I was thinking about doing the same. I saw them on this maxima (I hope he doesnt mind if I borrow his picture) but I dont know if I would go over the reverse light or not. I also think there was a clear coat or something put on as a top layer to make it flow more with the paint job of the car

maxhopper97 wrote Here is a pic of a guy that used a tinted vinyl to cover the tail lights on his G35. It seems an easy way to achieve the look with the ability to remove it if you choose to sell later on or just remove the mod. Not the greatest pic but the best I could find. I saw this car in person and was really impressed. is that vinyl something different then the tint spray that I used before Nite Shades. I really would like some taillight covers. Dont know if they make them

NISSAN MAXIMA IV how to remove inner taillights on 99 maxima

ive been searching for a good 15 minutes how do you remove the inner tail lights. httpwww.facebook.comDailyNeedsLLL

dude...try starting buy unscrewing the four bolts and see what happens i have marked them in red. 99 nissan maxima httpwww.cardomain.comride348731

jeremiah called me last night. he said its the same as the outside. I thought I have seen a thread that saying you had to do it a certain way. pics of mine coming up soon.

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NISSAN MAXIMA taillights

can i put 99 tails on my 95 meaning are they the same size and electrical connections

only the outers.. the inners are different dimensions Austin TX Meet 0726

Whats wrong with your lights VIP Forum Central Region Forum nissanINFINITI FSMs

If you get a 97-99 trunk you can mount inners and outers. 1995 200sx FOR SALE 432whp375wtq 13.2121 1997 maxima being parted out 1991 maxima Low and slow UMADBRO

im with you bro....i like the clear look too i have seen a set like the ebay ones you linked above and they look SICK in person if i had a 95-96 i would have done that to my car as well 99 nissan maxima httpwww.cardomain.comride348731

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 LBC 04-08 A34 Maxima taillight overlay.

Just got my set of taillight overlays installed on my Max. Got them from LongBeachCoupe . The cut was perfect and getting them off the backer was nice and easy. They look great on the car. So much more uniform than tinting spray plus I have the ability to take them off if need be. I wish I had time to wash the car and get some decent pictures. The night I got them on. I will try to get some better pictures this week. Finnish Fury Rallysport on FaceBook.

NISSAN MAXIMA headlight and taillight questions

i wanted to know if anyone had their tail lights smoked out on a 4trh gen maxima if so i would like to see them thanx Eat_Sleep_Shift all in a days work

NISSAN MAXIMA LED Taillight Install

So today I got my set of Eagle Eye LED taillights for my I30. I took out the OEM light on the car and tried to put the new one one and the holes werent lining up perfectly with the bolts on the light. This was on the furthest right light housing the one with the turn signal. I figured I maybe have to bore the holes just a little bit to make it a better fit And then to at least try them out I looked

Id recommend taking pics host them somewhere like photobucket or picasa then post them up. Making the bore a little bigger on the holes should be fine but if they wont plug in youve got bigger problems. VIP Forum Central Region Forum nissanINFINITI FSMs

Not sure how much this would help but heres a pic of the plug on the new taillights. Wont be able to get any other pictures till I get home from my college classes later tonight EDIT Someone on another forum mentioned it and now I realize that that plug goes into the stock bulb socket. Maybe tomorrow Ill have my friend take his dremmel to bore out those holes and maybe use a little silicone to seal and get those lights in

Ended up installing them earlier tonight. Only the far-right taillight assembly was giving me a problem all the others were fine. A drill with a unibit ended up solving that problem. Now to decide if I want to put LEDs in for the reverse light and turn signals

Awesome. May I make a recommendation I would use LED for the back upreverse bulb but not the turn signal. Whatever the turn signal is (7440 or 1156) order some chrome amber bulbs from eBay. I like them because it appears as if the bulb is not there but when you hit the turn signal switch theyre orange like it was intended. Solely up to you

NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

Little find while looking Quote » With the 240Z which it introduced in 1970 Datsun (a.k.a. nissan) proved that it could build a vehicle so good that it would sell on inherent virtue rather than price advantage. But the sports car market is a fairly narrow one hard-core enthusiasts can make a car a success while seeking characteristics most buyers would never even consider. Midsize sedans on the

NISSAN MAXIMA I The most important info for a Maxima I-3035 owner

Moderators the converted maxima32 loystock maxhopper MinisterofDoom jltibbs Please email or send us a PM if you have any problems or questions. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to notify one of the Forum Moderators. Thanks.... MEMBERS RIDES AFTERMARKET PART SUPPLIERS FOOLPROOF COIL TEST TURBO ANSWERS HERE httpforums.nicoclub.comturbo-product-list-t199194.htmlhilitturbo

HOW TO Heres a thread of How Tos and Information. If you have any you wish to add please list them and I will addem to the list by order of year. General ----- Generation Specific Detailing Tips - PrinzII ----- Recalls and TSBs ----- maxima Bulb Chart (all years) - audtatious ----- Replacing CV boots - NISTECH ----- Installing Wheel Spacers - Fezzik ----- Strut Boot Info - phenryiv1 ----- Stock nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA How do you like your Maxima

OK maxima people I need your unbiased opinions here. Im thinking of buying a daily driver so that my 240SX can be just for fun and tracks and I was thinking maxima. I dont have a big budget so this will probly have to be an early 90s model. Things that I want out of my DD are reasonable gas mileage reliability and sorta sportyness so its not too boring to drive. I dont doubt that it will be plenty

comfortable the J30s seats are--even people who drive much more expensive and luxurious cars. I get mid-to-upper 20s fuel milage. On long strictly freeway roadtrips I get about 31mpg (and this is driving at 80 mph. 65mph should yield even better milage). The maxima has a HUGE trunk. Depending on what year you buy you may have several options to choose from. The maxima is a luxury car and the nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 Quick but prob dumb question about 2004 maxima

Does the sun roon actually open up if so how which direction and does it slide open or what also can I get a pic if possible thx. )

MinisterofDOOM wrote Strange bit of info I was reading the other day in my Popular Science about that Piggy bank. Apparently nissan has a show car using the Piggy Banks (Its a Quest so it of them) and a very cool new technology called OLEDs. OLED stands for Organic Light Emiting Diode (Organic LED). But you wont be finding these in your taillights. OLEDS are transparent until current passes

NISSAN MAXIMA curious about 3rd gen maximas

Im toying around with the idea of buying a third gen maxima with an auto trans for my wife to drive to work and back so we can keep miles off her Escape. Wed like to trade it in in a few years for a new Max Pathfinder or Murano when we are not upside down in it. Im just wondering which years are best. I have heard of them having problems with auto transmissions and I was wondering if any of them dont

the labor on it. Appearance differences were limited to the taillights and grille. From 89-92 had smoked tails on the SE but not the GXE. From 93-94 all tails were the same (and also 93-94 tails were different from the 89-92 tails having a taller clear section with the badging printed on it rather than the red as was the case with the earlier models). The earlier grilles (up to 92) had the word nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA need tailight removal on 98nissan maxima

i have a 98 nissan maxima and im trying to replace the stock tailights with the generation 2 altezzas. When i got the aftermarket tailights they came with no directions on how to remove the old taillights. do anyone have a diagram to exactly what needs to be removed from my stock or walk me through it

CHORAY911 wrote Its pretty simple. Take off the trim piece held down by plastis screws. Pull back the trunk carpet. Unbolt the lights and pull them out. The hardest part is not getting black crap everywhere. reverse for install Choray just like above...very straight forward. remove trunk carpeting so its out of the way unbolt the nuts holding in the taillights and pull out. i personally thought pulling them out was the hardest part - even used a small mallet to bump them out 99 nissan maxima httpwww.cardomain.comride348731

NISSAN MAXIMA Just Picked Up My New Daily (yay for debt)

Well an uncle of mine is quitting EA because well...he hates them. Horrible hours poorly managed etc etc... (He was responsible in large part for NCAA 2004 and the Fight Night games. Only sound in NCAA but the physics in the Fight Nights were all him. Ya know the super punch at E3 That was his work. Moooving on hes taken a job in Vancouver with a new developer (Propaganda theyll be trying to redeem

audtatious wrote MOD there is nothing wrong with the tail lights Yeah youre right. I loved the 00-01 SE blacked taillights so much--one of my favorite tail light designs ever--it made me mad that nissan replaced them with clears. The clear ones arent bad though. The fifth gen IS my second favorite maxima body style for a reason

MinisterofDOOM wrote Yeah youre right. I loved the 00-01 SE blacked taillights so much--one of my favorite tail light designs ever--it made me mad that nissan replaced them with clears. The clear ones arent bad though. The fifth gen IS my second favorite maxima body style for a reason Before I bought the Maxi I was looking at the 2k2 Alti SE. Im glad I dont have one now because those tail lights aged horribly. IMO. Maxi is clear but they dont look as much like Altezzas.

that mean growl when you get on it. Anyway..VERY nice car and for the 6mt That will be my next Max if I ever get another.. That will be in the quite distant future though. I will still get a 5 gen because I am not too fond of the 6gen styling.. MinisterofDOOM wrote Yeah youre right. I loved the 00-01 SE blacked taillights so much--one of my favorite tail light designs ever--it made me mad that nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Thinking about lights for my 01 max

Hey guys ive posted pictures of my car before but heres a couple more for you to help answer my questions. I know pretty much for sure that I want angel eyes and foglights and I also want to change my ugly tail lights. But before anything I need some questions answered. I hope to make my car look like a combination of these. First off angel eyes. 1. Are they bright enough alone or mainly just for looks

davskins97 wrote httpwww.1aauto.com1ATailL...87366 I have an 01 with the then optional smoked tail lights. I like them better than the clears and I think they would coordinate with the color of your maxima. By the way I think the single biggest thing you could add to your car to make it look better would be to upgrade those stock wheels and wheel covers. You wanted some opinions theres mine. on the taillights. they look exceptional. the angel eyes seen here are on an 02-03 maxima which would require you buying 02-03 headlights with and HID conversion. go with the AE look. drop the angel eye idea. theyre cool if you have a BMW. heres some AE look headlights i found on ebay now you could make the angel eye thing easier if you went with lenses like these davskins97 - - - those are stock wheels not wheel covers. worst looking wheel nissan ever put out IMO. VIP Forum Central Region Forum nissanINFINITI FSMs

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2007 Maxima Redesign

Word has it that the maxima is getting a redesign for the 2007 model year. What changes to the current 6th gen maxima platform would you like to see - Scott

but with a straight six that doesnt make sense. I personally dont want AWD. Itd be a good option but I would not want it to the the only option. Interesting that you commented on the taillights. taillights are one of my biggest pet peeves as far as car designs. I think the A34 tails are exceptional. I was never too fond of vertical headlights...I think they are far better done than most on the maxima

NISSAN MAXIMA Update on my Max. The new rolling gear is finally on.

Finally got the wheels wrapped with rubber and on the car. Some of you may remember I picked these wheels up in rough shape but did a cheapo refurb to make them useable again AKA The 40 solution I left off there waiting for tires. I did a lot of searching when it came to tires. Since I work for a company that just happens to sell tires I decided to get something nice. Since my wife primarily drives

NISSAN MAXIMA are these a good deal

httpkansascity.craigslist.o....html i am looking for lowering springs along with new struts and found these locally i could try and offer the guygirl 100 for em but who here has the it only drops 1.51.3 that dosent seem like much how do they ridei have looked at both threads on spring choices for maximas but it really gets sidetracked and hard to stay with so... would you guys reccomend these .....Dont Hate

The 1.51.3 drop is the best drop for performance on the maxima. You can go lower for looks with Tein Megan Racing K-Sports or coilovers. If those are 3 years old I would pay no more than about 50. Eibachs stiffen up over time (as do most) but you would probably have a very harsh ride. Also if you still have stock struts I would not recommend aftermarket springs until the struts are replaced. I recommend the Tokico strutspring combo. Theres the HP kit (HPK245) which is a firm replacement with the 1.51.3 drop. You also have the option for the Illumina kit (ILK246) which adds the ability to have a soft or firm ride with the same drop. Here are some pics of my 95 going from stock to Illuminas w springs. Also heres a link to the maxima Suspension thread for other options. Please ignore the wheels taillights and exhaust it was 4 years ago. VIP Forum Central Region Forum nissanINFINITI FSMs

NISSAN MAXIMA I Do I need a modulator to wire for a small trailer

New Member 1st post. Did a Search couldnt find relevant post. I have a 93 maxima gxe that I put a hitch on for a small trailer. Trying to hook up a 4-way flat connector to the taillights but running into problems. Wiring diagram for connector says White Ground Brown taillights Yellow Left turn and stop Green Right turn and stop According to the wiring at the taillights I have separate wires for taillights and stop on either side. Do I need one of those Modulator thingys

NISSAN MAXIMA I Okay Ive confused myself...Maxima generations and years...

Okay in my strange second gen maxima fascination of late Ive been doing a lot of research. Ive found some slightly confusing information. What I had always thought was that the first gen maxima was the 180B 810 Datsun from the 70s. This (click it for the whole website and more pics--very cool stuff) After that I figured the 1981 to 1988 were the same. However I have read that the 1981-1984 were rear

NISSAN MAXIMA Question and opinion about tail lights...

I can get these new tail lights for my 1999 Max for a good price because of an unnoticable manufacturers defect... What do yall think and if anyone has a picture of their max with similar lights i would much appreciate seeing it so i could maybe give a gander at how it would look on mine.. thanks guys... Austin TX Meet 0726

the altezzas. I love the led altezzas for 2 reasons...1 because of the leds and 2 the biggest reason they dont look huuuge because the gen. II altezzas have a thick black strip around the edge of the taillights. Take a look at my pics on the members page and look at my taillights. They look unique but not gaudy in any way and thats because they dont look bulky like the gen. I altezzas. 1999 maxima

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 95 4th gen front & back end conversion

Guys Ive been racking my brain on what additional mods i can do cosmetically with my 95 max. So in my ventures Ive toyed around with the idea of converting the front & back end of my 95 to a 97-99 front & back. Is this possible How difficult would it be and what all would it involve Mainly wanted to do this when i came across a lip kit that looked really awesome. Sadly its only available for the 97-99 models. Not really much of a selection when it comes to lip kits for the 95-96s.

i agree with brad (tigershark) .... front headlights grill bumper rear taillights trunk and possibly bumper if you havent checked them out before stillen has a lipkit for both 95-96 and 97-99 models. they are polyurethane and wont crack like many of the fiberglass kits out there. i have a stillen kit and LOVE problems 99 nissan maxima httpwww.cardomain.comride348731

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