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NISSAN MAXIMA III J30 94 Maxima digital Temp display panel intermittent. Why

I have a 94 maxima and my blower motortemperature controls AC and heat all work. BUT the green LCD digital dash display often does not display well enough to see. Sometimes its fine but most of the time its either too faded or not displaying at all. Do i need to replace this or is there some other reason for this I just replaced the resistor (reo-stat) for my blower motor but this display was acting up way before that. Anyone else ever have issues with theirs

Its not likely related to any other problems. display failures on those early nissan climate control systems were pretty common. You probably just need to either replace the climate control unit or have it rebuilt. -The MinisterofDOOM

yeah the 2 potential matches at the wrecker had the display units gone. how can these be rebuiltIs it a DIY project

I believe the rebuild procedure is replacement of bad electronics. Fine PCB soldering. Probably replacement of LEDs or ICs Id guess. rebuilds them. Also remember that a lot of nissan climate control units were used in a wide range of models (nissan and Infiniti) so dont restrict yourself to maximas when looking for replacements. You may even be able to swap to a different control

thanks MOD. I noticed there are some little illumination bulbs on the PCB. nissan wants 8 each for 4 of them and 11 each for the other 2. How can you guess its an OEM part only Anyways that still doesnt fix the LCD display. I bumped into a guy at the junkyard and he told me that on somebody posted a fix for this. Apparently the capacitors burn out. I know some capacitors have tiny rubber

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2007 Maxima SL outside temperature display error

i got a 2007 maxima SL and the reading for the outside temperature on my screen is always -22 C and it never changes. i was wondering if there is a way i could change it or the actual temperature module is messed up on the car help please thanks

Sounds like an issues of some sort dealer maybe Do you have any warranty left My Car Domain

no the warranty just expired about 2 month ago.

NISSAN MAXIMA Noticed Something New Today - Temp Display in Mirror

I see it happen everyday but Ive never thought anything of it until just now. When I start my car (the 02 I35) I noticed that the directional display in the rear view mirror flashes 100 and has a little degrees fahrenheit and degrees celcius symbols to the right of the 100. Are the mirrors supposed to show the exterior temperature too (And yes I do know it shows the temp in the gauge cluster with all mpg information too) Just curious... httpwww.cardomain.comride2572947

This is a Homelink mirror right Theyre not maxima or even nissan specific. Theyre universal so they may have features that arent used on all cars. -The MinisterofDOOM

My homelink buttons are on the sun visor. But youre still right - theres a good possibility these mirrors arent nissan specific.

NISSAN MAXIMA Heat Issue- temp works but fan doesnt

Hi all...I think I have an issue with the heat... I can regulate the temperature hot and cold but when I try to increase the fan it does not work. All I get is a little bit of hot air blowing- nothing more no matter what I turn the fan speed up to. Has anyone else had this problem Any idea what this could be Is it a major repair Thanks

The blower motor itself is probably bad then. Does the display still reflect the fan speed increase The blower motor is located behind the glove box. Its not hard to get to but you have to remove the glove box. -The MinisterofDOOM

Thanks The display reflects everything- temp and fan speed like normal. If I change the temperature I can feel the air temp change but if I change the fan speed it shows the change on the display but nothing happens with the fan itself. Is this an expensive fix I would have to take this to the deal and I feel like I am making them rich My I35 has 165K miles on it and is 7 years old. I start to struggle with whether these repairs are worthwhile...your thoughts

NISSAN MAXIMA 2012 Nissan Maxima FULL Details - First posted here on NICO

2012 nissan maxima FULL VEHICLE DETAILS FOR THE 2012 MODEL YEAR - UNPUBLISHED May 13th 2011 Thanks to a few connections within nissan North America (NNA) I have been provided with complete details about the upcoming 2012 nissan maxima . The following are details which until now have not yet been published by nissan or any other automotive enthusiast blog or forum. Fortunately you are a member of

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2000 Max SE w87K miles P1132 code

(Pretty sure it was p1132...but will check and update if diff.) CORRECTED P1320 was the code NOT P1132 Daughters SES light has been coming on and going off.... Took it to nissan and they said it was definitely a coil pack but could not pin point which one. THey said that nissan advises to replace ALL in cases like this. I have been turning the light off and it stays off for 100 - 300 miles. Sometimes

-X is for the System Code (PPowertrain BBody CChassis UNetwork) -A is for the Code Type (0Generic 1Specific to Manufacturer) -B is for the Sub-System Code (1&2 Fuel and Air Metering 3Ignition and Misfire 4Aux Emission Controls 5Speed and Idle Control 6Computer Output 7&8Transmission and Controls) -C&D are for the specific faults So most likely you have DTC P1320 (PPowertrain 1Problem Specific to nissanInfiniti

NISSAN MAXIMA Abbreviations and Slang

If I forgot any please feel free to add them. Please do not bother to add insulting or rude ones as they will be deleted from the list. ABS -- anti-lock breaking system AC -- air conditioning AE -- 20th anniversary edition maxima (only available in 2001) AEM -- Advanced Engine Management (aftermarket parts manufacturer) AFC -- airfuel controller AFR -- air to fuel ratio AT -- automatic transmission

NISSAN MAXIMA What sort of handling benchmark are our Maximas supposed to be chasing

This thread is mainly focused on Gen-4 and 5ers but I think anyone could chime in on this... Im well aware that the automotive press never really lauded the 4th and 5th generation maximas handling skills. IIRC they thought it did ok in the twisties but could have used some improvement. By the 03 model year they called the Maxs suspension a bit long in the tooth. Must be nissan took them literally when

NISSAN MAXIMA Wont rev above 4-5K No CEL

I have a friends 2001 maxima that wont rev above 4 or 5K. It also is not displaying a CEL either. I have searched around on the forums and I noticed a lot of these indications meaning a bad MAF. I find this strange because there is no CEL illuminated and Im getting a good signal from the MAF TPS Coolant and Air temp sensors with my scanner. Is this something that any of you guys have seen I usually

NISSAN MAXIMA Auto dim rearview mirror

I have a 00 I30 and my autodim mirror does not seem to work. The green indicator light comes on but at night or when I cover the sensors with my finger nothing happens. Anyone got some info on the subject Also I have found a number of replacement mirrors at salvage yards most have compass and or temp. My current mirror is just autodim. If I got a new mirror with the computer could I install it directly into my 00 Would the compass and temp work Thanks guys.

Im pretty sure the mirrors thermo display is actually separate from the cars own exterior temp display. It must have its own sensors...maybe located on the windshield mount or perhaps you install them yourself. I do know that all nissans from that era and newer with auto-dimming mirrors actually have GentexHomelink add-on mirrors that replace factory mirrors when requested as an option. So you could

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 01 I30 stallsturn off when on idle

01 I30 stallsturn off when on idle. the other day I went to the store and the car just turned at a stop light. I trioed turning it on and it would for a second then it would turn off. If I put my foot on the peddle and have it about 2000 rpms it will run fine. But as soon as I let go the rpms drop and the car shuts off. Lucky for me it was late and there werent alot of cops out. I had to drive home

use a wiring diagram from the FSM to get a better grasp of the testing involved. Use the same link above and start on page EC-506 and go from there. So if you dont have a tester or dont know how to use it ask a friend who may be able to help you. When you take a car to a shop for this problem P1320 they may diagnose and correctly isolate the actual problem. However some shops NOT FAMILIAR with nissanInfiniti

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 99 i30 Error Codes P0325 and P0400

Went to Autozone for the free diagnostics and these were the 2 codes that came up P0400 EGR Flow Malfunction P0325 Knock Sensor 1 Ckt Malfunction Bnk 1 or Single Sensor Im not handy enough to attempt to fix these myself so will most likely take it to a mechanic. But I wanted to know how serious these problems are and how immediate of attention it warrants. Also any estimate or general price range for

The Knock Sensor will not light the Check Engine Indicator. The EGR Flow Malfunction error is probably not the EGR Valve itself. From all that I read they rarely go bad. I called the dealer and he confirmed the above. Most likely a clogged hose fromto the EGR or a temp sensor. I been driving my 1999 maxima for a year with those codes as the cost to repair seemed high for my maxima with 136000 miles

NISSAN Outside Temperature Guage

Once again nissan Australia has dumbed down our version of the Navara. We dont get the outside temperature guage read out in the LCD display in the dash. Does anyone know if you can activate that function simply by plugging in a temperature sensor The sensor sits under the front of the front bumper. Might be a cheap way of getting some additional functionally back

I have the plug but no temp sensor. I have the display in my 02 maxima though. I wanted to buy the auto dimming mirror with temp and Homelink that the LE CC comes with but I dont have the wiring harness in the overhead. Your trucks are not the only ones that are dumbed down.

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2000 Maxima Ti transmission about to die

4 weeks ago after all 6 Electronic Ignition Coils had been replaced it was suggested that I get a transmission flush as the car seemed to be a bit sluggish. As the transmission had been flushed earlier in the year I didnt worry about getting it done. Over the weekend when driving locally it became noticeable that the car was losing power when going up a hill and even sometimes between gear changes

The shop which replaced the coils did not do a proper diagnostic before and after the coil replacement. And to release the car to you recommending a transmission flush because of sluggish response is just beyond me. Return the car to their shop and demand a warranty repair. Most shops have at least 30 days warranty. DTC P01320 indicates Ignition Signal in the PRIMARY CIRCUIT is not sent to the ECM

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 HELP - 2002 Maxima Radio Install

Hello everyone. I need some help. I took on a task this weekend that Ive never done before...installing a new radio myself instead of paying someone to do it. But now Ive run into a few snags. The new deck (Kenwood MP332) is installed and working...mostly. A couple of things are not working. First is the audio controls on the left side of my steering wheel. Im guessing that Im going to have to live

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1996 I30 Few problems

Good day all just bought a 1996 I30 with 216000 miles as a temporary replacement for the next few months. I guess I am a newbie for now. I like the car plus I got it for a good price. I have a few questions and I tried to search the forums and found some information about these problems. 1. The lower radiator support is rusted badly by my readings it appears to be a normal problem with these cars.

NISSAN MAXIMA Compact Disc Player

Hello i have a 96 maxima se and it has a Bose audio System. The front two speakers on the doors dont work and the cd player doesnt work. when you insert a cd it says error. Can someone please help me

My Clarion tape headunit had the same dead display problem but not the sound issues. I fixed the dead display (temporarily) by removing the headunit and fiddling with it. When I put it back it worked...then it went to working intermittently then died again completely after a few months. I just bought a Pioneer P5500.

NISSAN MAXIMA Dead Clock Resetting Trip Odo AC Forgets

I recently replaced the starter on our 2001 maxima SE 20th Anniv5spd. Now the clock is dead the trip odometer resets to 0.0 everytime I restart the car and the AC doesnt remember the mode from the previous car trip. Does anyone know what the fix is Thanks in advance for the help.

I only suggested the battery as I had a similar issue in my 95 Lexus SC400. The car started drove and did all other things fine the Trip worked the odometer worked even the temp gauge worked all same digital type display across the bottom of the dash. I had the battery tested and they told me it was only 16 months old it wasnt the battery. Fast forward 3-4 months and the car is slow to start on cold

NISSAN SENTRA B16 Auto Climate Control Retrofit

Hi I always missed an Auto Climate control in my 6spd 2.0S. nissan really should have included that option. Here in Brazil even the Versas offer it in the SL trim. I missed it so much that I got brave enough to try out a retrofit. After hours studying the FSMs for the 08 Sentra 06 Altima and 02 maxima it seems to me it should be doable with little modification. Mainly because the B16s so-called manual

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Car beeps at me when temp hits 37 degrees or lower

The car beeps at me when the temp hits 37 degrees or lower is this normal

possible. Seems kind of silly that you can set the option for the temp display to stay on or go back to previous display on the OBC in carkey programming but not toggle the audible. Of course on the Audi the friggin alarm for low windshield washer fluid is loud and repetitive enough to think that you have gotten a missile lock or something of equal consequence Still not as bad as the late 80s nissan

NISSAN Strange problem with electronics of the car

Last night I parked my car outside a shopping wall. After I return back to my car I immediately noticed something strange happened -The clock on the upper right corner of the information screen (the screen that is between the speed and rpm) was disappeared. -There was only temperature centered on the top row -The temperature is constantly changing between 8 - 9 - 8 - 9 - 8 in a rhythm (normally outside

check your battery terminals to make sure they are tight. (any modificationsinstalls in the past week of anything in your car) with computers and electronics its ok to once in a while get strange things happen when extremely cold or extremely hot. a few years ago when i still owned and drove my 2002 nissan maxima i was driving at about 35mph in the hot summer of about 105degree outside and out of nowhere

NISSAN Surprised with the TPMS

Disclaimer This isnt a Mines broken post. I hopped in the car to drive to work today and that dreaded TPMS light came on. Pulled over about a half mile from my house into the corner market and examined visually all 4 tires none looked particularly low. I got out my trusty digital PSI gauge and checked all 4 tires. 31. 31. 30... 26. The sensor went off when one tire hit -5psi below recommended. I had

BMW motorcycle does 2 better by displaying the pressure of both tires AND correcting the pressure based on ambient temperature to a cold psi at 68F. They only vary by 1 or 2 psi as the tire heat up above ambient while riding. Its pretty cool. The computer also shows average mileage for each tank distance to empty and average speed. Typical european. Im suprised the Versa and Sentra dont have it. nissan

AUDI 80 B2 80s technology... Today

Does anyone know why nissan began impregnating their vehicles with futuristic technology back in the 1980s... and suddenly stopped Why cant we have these innovations in our cars now Im referring to Bitching Betty nissans voice-command system used in the early-mid 1980s maximas and 300ZXes. Famous words Door Ajar. Door Ajar. Door Ajar Four-Color Dot-Matrix warning display (used in the late 1970searly

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