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NISSAN MAXIMA 2010 Instrument LensCover

Hey folks more question. Hopefully down the road Ill be able to assist the forum in answering some odds and ends as opposed to asking small trivial questions Does anyone know a part number of the instrument cluster lens or cover Ive been looking online I read the FSM on the Instrument Panel but I still cant find an associate part number (or name) to reference it. Mine has something on it

Is that not covered under warranty If not could that be on the inside somehow Id first get a plastic polish and try to clean it if its not a warranty issue. I know for the 2002 maxima when I was looking at the time you could not buy the clear cover without buying a new gauge cluster. So I had to go to ebay to get a who gauge cluster. Current Car 1.) 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible 6MT White w black interior

NISSAN MAXIMA IV Thermostat for 1998 Maxima

I have a 1998 maxima that is running hot. No mechanics open today so Im on my own. Thought I might try changing the thermostat - well not me but my husband. He not much into working on foreign cars so I need some help. I guess the most obvious solution would be to first change the thermostat. If anyone can give me the simple version of changing the thermostat Id very very grateful. (The version for

It might just be the valve cover gaskets leaking. MY wifes 98 needed new valve cover gaskets and after we changed them the car no longer leaks any oil. Its real easy to suspect the PS pump or steering gear for this. Just wipe your hand behind the engine by the cowl from under the hood and see if you get fresh oil. If so change your valve cover gaskets. You may want to clean the idle air control valve

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NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima 2010 CVT Issues & Problems WhiningHigh RPMNo Power

CVT nissan 2010 maxima Problems & Issues ----These are recorded problems with nissans New CVT Transmission on nissan maxima 2010 - Sport Edition 300 horse power . The CVT exhibits Lost of power Engine High RPM Loud Whining Noise and CVT gets stuck in 6th Gear (wont down shift) in Manual and drive mode. The car will not accelerate and gives a P1778 Code after long trips are taken. This only occurs on

I fixed the links to youtube. You had repeated one of them. This is baffeling. the maximas dont tend to have a lot of tranny issues. But I do know that the CVT is mostly not serviceable and is usually replaced. Have the dealer look at it. You should still be under warranty nissan CVT Warranty Extension nissan has extended the nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty for the Continuously Variable Transmission

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1996 Maxima leaking anti-freeze from water pump

I have a 1996 maxima that is leaking anti-freeze off of the engine. The problem I am having is I cant tell where it is leaking from. I recently replaced the thermostat thermostat housing and the radiator since the radiator was leaking. I removed all the necessary hoses and radiator and flushed the system with my garden hose. I then replaced the radiator and thermostat with new parts including a new

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 P0420 - 2001 nissan maxima code question

Just bought a 2001 maxima and it threw a code. looking through the manual it says to use premium gas... well i didnt think it needed premium since it doesnt say it inside the gas cover or the dash so it was filled with 87 octane... well i had the code pulled and its P0420 which has something to do with the cat... (low bank 1). Now my question is do you think the weak gas caused this or do I need to

I would suggest first clearing the codes and see if it comes back. If it does then i would possibly start with checking making sure that all the connections in the exhaust are good and no holes anywhere. Then maybe check the o2 sensor and try a new one. Possibly a bad cat doubt it thought but not ruling it out. EDIT Also check the TSB and see if this code is covered under warrenty for an ecu update. There were problems and a TSB was created about it. Current Car 1.) 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible 6MT White w black interior GTM Stage 1 Supercharger GTM Oil cooler with thermostat 430hp340tq 2.) 2008 M35x 3.) 2013 JX35 Previous cars 1.) 2002 Silver maxima SE 6 speed 2.) 2005 Xterra 3.) 2000 maxima SE 4.) 1993 maxima 4DSC

NISSAN MAXIMA III J30 92 maxima Timing Chain

Anyone have a write up on how to swap a timing chain I can get a car for 600 that needs it done and i would like to know what it takes. All comments welcome.

Well i have the 94 FSM but it should be similar to the 92 since i dont recall any major changes in the 3rd gen maxs. First you have to remove the radiator egr all the hoses Then intake manifold collector Heater pipe injector assembly intake manifold drive belts compressor and alternator idler pulley both exhaust manifolds rocker covers both exhaust camshafts cylinder head water pipe oil pan crankshaft pulley and the chain covers and u have access to the 3 chains. This is real brief as the FSM is more detailed in steps. If you do this you will get to know the engine quite well. Hope this has helped. Current Car 1.) 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible 6MT White w black interior GTM Stage 1 Supercharger GTM Oil cooler with thermostat 430hp340tq 2.) 2008 M35x 3.) 2013 JX35 Previous cars 1.) 2002 Silver maxima SE 6 speed 2.) 2005 Xterra 3.) 2000 maxima SE 4.) 1993 maxima 4DSC

NISSAN MAXIMA help with speakers installation

how do u take of door panel with out mesing it up i gotta install new speakers for the front and rear of my 2000 maxima. any one got tips

Be sure to use a flathead with a cloth around the blade as to not scratch the trim. 1.) ON the 2000 maxima you have to remove the bowl (it has an outter lining to the door handle and is connected to a bowl) that the door handle is in. Its called the escutcheon. 2.) Remove the screw that is covered in the hand hold of the door (aka the door pull the place you put your fingers in to close the door).

NISSAN MAXIMA Might Sell the Maxima... Dont dis-own me

Well I will be buying a house soon. I am getting ready to start college in the fall. I have been looking for a new car for a couple of weeks now and I THINK Ive decided on the 2004 Dodge SRT-4. I am in limbo about what to do. I owe my parents a little bit of money and they suggested officially signing the SE-R over to my little brother and then giving me some money to even it out. My grandfather who

Cullen... didnt we have a little talk about... neons and how they are really fast... that how we would never own one because of the luxury that you get from the maxima My suggestion is to sign over the SE-R... if u really own this car. Ive never seen it P and use the money that you get from that to fix up the maxima... new engine... turbo... or you may have to use the money for the house... The house

NISSAN MAXIMA IV new 96 maxima owner. questions.

hey all. i just got my first car a 96 maxima gle slushbox. its a 500 beater with roughly 200000 miles and boy does it need work. i already read the stickies here and while they have a lot of information a some of it doesnt pertain to me. right onto the questions. first off this car suffers from rust its everywhere well not so much on the underside of the car from what i can tell. i havent had a chance

karl j wrote hey all. i just got my first car a 96 maxima gle slushbox. its a 500 beater with roughly 200000 miles and boy does it need work. i already read the stickies here and while they have a lot of information a some of it doesnt pertain to me. right onto the questions. first off this car suffers from rust its everywhere short of cutting the rust out and doing it the proper way is there any quick

NISSAN MAXIMA 3rd gen maxima smoke in engine bay HELP

I recently started a repair project on my 89 maxima which was focused at replacing a couple fuel injectors and fixing a coolant leak. The engine DID get really hot from a blown water pump gasket that dumped all my fluid while i was driving. I shut it off and let it cool completely before limping it home on side streets - what actual damage happened from the overheating is a mystery. All in all I replaced

NISSAN MAXIMA Heated seats

My 01 i30 has front heated seats. Now that the weather is getting colder I noticed that the driver side seat doesnt warm up too well. I dont think the bottom element is working at all. One of my previous cars (97 Regal) had the same issue. I was able to fix it by tearing the seat apart and finding one of the element leads were broken and the regulatorrelay was shot...I just bypassed it though it meant

Ive actually take the seat apart and put in the heating elements. Its an easy job. Just gotta take the seat out and there are hog rings holding the leather in place. losen those u and the covers come off and the elements are right underneath. This is if you need to replace them. Current Car 1.) 2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible 6MT White w black interior GTM Stage 1 Supercharger GTM Oil cooler with thermostat 430hp340tq 2.) 2008 M35x 3.) 2013 JX35 Previous cars 1.) 2002 Silver maxima SE 6 speed 2.) 2005 Xterra 3.) 2000 maxima SE 4.) 1993 maxima 4DSC

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 98 Bose audio system help

I noticed that over time my stock Bose CD players lights were dimming some buttons were competely dark at night. I was curious how to resolve this. Also i tried to take off the plastic (wood grain) dash and didnt know there were screws behind it. So i popped out all the screws and have no clue how to replace it. I checked alot of posts but saw nothing that could assit me.....All help is appreciated. Thanks all

I have the woodgrain that frames the Head Unit (including the drawer if thats the piece you broke. I could sell it to you for cheap (5 shipping). Heres a quick write up on removing the stereo. 1. If its an auto shift it into neutral apply your parking brake and take your key out (the jingle annoys me). 2. Take a thin flathead screw driver (a warn out one with rounded edges works best) and pry the

NISSAN MAXIMA help mystery misfire and missing water

ok some history... 99 maxima that has 160000miles on it. and the previous owner didnt do very much maintainence which i think is catching up to it now. but when i got the car i had to put a transmission and do a front wheel bearing. i have also done sparkplugs and valve cover gaskets on it a month ago. but so far havent had any issues other than the normal oil changes and whatnot. about 3 months ago

NISSAN MAXIMA Best company to get good prices on fuel injectors

Hi guys first time poster here. Recently I began my rebuildrepair job on my 3rd gen maxima VG30 ( Fuel injectors Valve cover gaskets water pump thermostat timing and drive beltsintake manifold gaskets PCV and fuel pump etc.). Though most of the issues have been fairly easy DIY stuff and cheap for parts - when it comes to the fuel injectors I see a WIDE variety of prices on the web and local suppliers.

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 96 infiniti overheating issue

Brief overview 96 infiniti i30 after about 30-1hours time temp. needle is climbing to reading H as hot as it can read. when it gets to this point theres no smoke no change in the way it drives and no leaks or loss of coolant. Fans are working properly and AC works fine but when its on it climbs to Hot faster then if it was off. im new and recently posted a similar problem. since then i have taken my

The picture below shows the location of both water pump and thermostat. The thermostat comes out from the engine a bit at an angle. To get to the water pump youll need to remove the timing access cover shown in the illustration and remove the timing guide for that side. To get to the timing cover youll need to remove the drive belt as well as the idler pulley bracket. Im not sure exactly what is involved

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima running great but warm

Hi all I have a 2000 maxima runs great but increasingly warmer. thermostat and and water control valve are new and temp sensors check out fine according to Haynes manual. A couple weeks back I flushed out the radiator and water came out very clear so running out of options. Do water pumps every slowly die over time without springing a leak or do you have any other thoughts Thanks.

Welcome to NICO Sounds like youve covered most of the bases. Are the electric fans working properly One option would be to take a low pressure water hose and clean the fins on the radiator itself. Sometimes the space between the fins can become clogged with dirt and lessen the cooling ability of the radiator. Just remove the fans from the radiator and spray from the engine side out towards the front of the car. If that doesnt help you could try installing a lower temp thermostat. - Scott

NISSAN MAXIMA High Pitched Noise

Hello Hope there is someone familiar with this problem. I have a 1996 nissan maxima There is a high pitched noise that sounds like the power steering fluid is low. However the fluid is up there. We have checked the alternator the power steering unit and belt tension. My sons friend drives a maxima 96 also and it makes the same noise. Has anyone heard of this and is there a solution Please help.

I seen on another thread that the same problem was fixed by replacing the water pump. Im leaking coolant by the water pumpthermostat area. I went ahead and bought a water pump and thermostat because I bet that they have never been replaced in the cars 180k mile lifetime. I also hit all the pulleys with a little wd40 to see if the sound would quiet up any with no luck. I will be upset if its the ac

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 code p1126 on a 2001 I30

I own a 2001 I30 with about 59000 miles. Since I bought the car 18 months ago the service engine light has been on. About a month ago a shop scanned it and said nothing was wrong they also reset the light. A week later the light came back on. I went to a different mechanic and he connected a small Mac scanner and it came back as if nothing was wrong. Again it was reset. A day later it came back on

It means the engine is not heating up enough to open the thermostat. This could be due to a leak in that area a faulty themostat or a faulty coolant temp sensor. 2008 G37s Coupe Invidia Gemini CBE HFCs Cobb Stage 2 GTspec FSTB BC Coilovers Hotchkis Sway bars Eibach Camber kits R2C Intakes StopTech PowerSlots TBW engine cover 20 ForgeStar F14s 6000k HID Fogs

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Need advise on buying 2002 Infiniti I35 with 41K on it

Hello this is my first experience with Infinity. After leaving my 1994 Lexus ES300 I decided to switch to this beautiful car. The dealer gave it to me for few days to test drive it. First thing I mentioned is that the heather is not working properly. I can drive for a while until it gets warm - and not hot - just warm although the temperature is set up on 85 degrees to get some warm air. At 30 degrees

The heat issue sounds like a thermostat. Get them to fix the problem b4 you buy it. The dancing rear end could be struts. I replaced mine with KYBs and it solved the problem however the KYBs did produce a stiffer ride. That was fine with me. The original struts felt too floaty. They had about 75k miles on them. Even though the car your looking at only has 40K on it the struts are almost 9 years old.

NISSAN MAXIMA Check Engine light 30

MY CHeck engine light came on today. The car is running fine.....with no problems......oxygen sensor what could it should I proceed

From looking around I have found the following Diagnostic Trouble Code 0908 indicates a bad Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor and also says the ECTS always says cold engine and this prevents the Engine Control Module (the computer) from going into closed loop mode. This could indicate a bad sensor or a stuck-open thermostat. Diagnostic Trouble Code 0304 points to a problem with the Knock Sensor. The


Driving a 99 I30 that just passed 150K miles. No issues at all until last month when the radiator cracked and it overheated. I got it shut down before any lasting damage occured and its now got a new radiator hoses thermostat water pump temp sensor and a new temp gauge is on order (all DIY). Only had it back on the road for a week when the ps belt broke. Installing a new one I found that the crankshaft

NISSAN MAXIMA Rack and Pinion Leaking

Anybody have any experience with changing the rack and pinion in a 97 maxima I just discovered mine is leaking the car has only 52K miles on it. I put in some stop leak for PS but I would imagine that wont last forever (if it stops the leak). How hard is it to replace the rack Is it a DIY project - I can turn a wrench somewhat. FloydFan

Thanks for the info Nistech. I hope I dont need to change the rack Ill wait and see if it stops leaking. I have done a timing belt change on my 94 300ZX along with the cam and crank seals water pump thermostat etc. I have a garage full of tools so I think I could probably tackle this. I just wanted to make sure the engine didnt have to come out to get to it. One question I have is How is the steering

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