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NISSAN MAXIMA knocking sound in gear

Hi all I have a knocking sound coming from the passenger side when my 98 I30 is in gear and running about 2-3k rpms. Its definately loudest when I put it in gear and rolling about 5-10 mph. I replaced the CV axle on that side and noticed a bad bearing seal. I couldnt get a bearing at the time of reassembly so I just replaced the seal. Would a bad bearing make that noise The only other thing I could

I examined the source of the knocking again and it seems to be coming from under the timing chain cover. I really think my timng chain is loose. I posted in the online mechanic to see how hard it is to replace. Ill check the carrier bracket bolts again too. I remember one was a pain to get to. any hints on the chain please let me know. TY for the response

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima what to look for

Since I need a winter car and a more suitable daily driver Ive been looking into getting a maxima I dont know exactly what I want but I love nissan and there is a good possibility that Ill go with another SE-R sentra or even a 200sx either way I go its gonna see light mods (for performance not looks I want this car to stay as low key as possible Im sick of tickets.). I noticed that this forum isnt

became a rebadged Cefiro the chassis designation changed (no A not J) and the car began using the brand new VQ30DE which made 210 hp and 205 ft lb (I think thats right...). The VQ is famous for both its low end power and its excellent reliability. Unfortunately this switch signaled my least favorite change in the car--the switch from independent rear suspension to a solid rear axle. This was nissans

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NISSAN MAXIMA I The most important info for a Maxima I-3035 owner

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HOW TO Heres a thread of How Tos and Information. If you have any you wish to add please list them and I will addem to the list by order of year. General ----- Generation Specific Detailing Tips - PrinzII ----- Recalls and TSBs ----- maxima Bulb Chart (all years) - audtatious ----- Replacing CV boots - NISTECH ----- Installing Wheel Spacers - Fezzik ----- Strut Boot Info - phenryiv1 ----- Stock nissan

NISSAN Engine whine only on 1st2nd gear

Hey guys new developing issue... When Im accelerating I hear a whine sounds like a supercharger but unlike the YouTube videos about timing chain whine I only hear it during 1-2nd gear and under acceleration. I have a 2006 se 4x4 automatic with the magical 64k miles. I say its magical cause if it is timing chain issues Im SOL with warranty. I tried duplicating the noise while parked but cannot. I also

You are not immune to the issue. You may have the luck that it will reach the 130k mark like your rodeo but it may fail a lot sooner or heck you may get 260 out of it which would make it twice as good as your rodeo. It just happens that we share the same motor as the Xterra Pathfinder and then a very similar block as the Z maxima Altima (VQ) Murano. This is a very documented issue and nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA III J30 1994 Maxima DOHC Lifter Tap

I have 1994 maxima with a DOHC engine. It is not the original engine so I am not sure what year it is but it has a sound like a lifter tap when the engine first starts. The tap continues until the engine is warm or until you put pressure on the engine like stepping on the gas about half way to the floor. I havent had this car long so I am not up on all the technical specs like I am sure the rest of

you have a bad VTC . the large ummm bumps at the front of the valve covers are where they are located(passenger side of engine compartment) they are part of the timing chain cam gear. when they get week they do that. there is a soloniod plug right near that area try disconnecting it before you start the car if the sound is not present with it unplugged that is your problem and it needs replacement.

NISSAN MAXIMA IV Swapping a 03 6 spd in a 95-99 Maxima

I would like to put a 6 spd in my 95 maxima SE 5spd when the clutch is due. Does anybody know if this can be done Any mount worrys Electrical connections Alxe andor spindle changes Thank for the information Coolhand. Coolhand 1995 maxima SE 5spd (2)10 MTX 7500 Autotek MM900 Autotek Crossover Alpine 6.5 Component set Pioneer EQ Kenwood Execlon Head Unit Warpspeed y pipe and 2.5 hi flow converter

You will use a 3.0 ECU (or JWTTechnosquare with highly modified advance timintg timing casechainsprocket. 3.5 Fuel rail to be used will need to be converted to a returnless system. Also using the 5sp gearbox makes life much easier. There a lot more stuff to be considered. IMO it is easier and probably cheaper to simply add a SC to the existing VQ30. 2008 G37s Coupe Invidia Gemini CBE HFCs Cobb Stage

KIA SORENTO II XM Timing belt on the V6

i just read through the owners manual cover to cover for fun. i didnt see anywhere what the recommended mileage was for the timing belt replacement on the V6. i noticed the drive belts replacement at 60k but arent they for serpentine belts (i.e. alternator ps accessory etc.) come to think of it i dont even know if the v6 is timing belt or chain lol.

Too much room for not thinking and cross info useing by others here. To something else in thier driveway. My 96 Volvo 2.9L I6 Belt 91 Volvo 2.3L I4 Belt 89 Ford 300CID I6 Direct Drive (mesh) gear to gear 86 Toyota 2.8L (5MGE) I6 Belt 88 Toyota 3.0L Turbo (7MGTE) I6 Belt 82 Toyota 2.4L (22RE) I4 Chain 78 Toyota 2.2L (20R) I4 Chain 74 Chevy 292CID I6 Chain 67 Chevy 250CID I6 Chain And a 1989 Era nissan

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