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nissan maxima trans bearings V CA33
nissan maxima trans bearings V CA33

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NISSAN MAXIMA Need manual trans expert.

Hey Folks- Im in a bit of a pickle and could use the help of someone who is familiar with 1996 maxima 5 speed. I had an input shaft bearing cage break and the ensuing seal leak clutch slippage. I ordered a rebuild kit replaced the bearings and seals taking pictures and making sketches along the way. I reassembled the unit and installed. Climbed in the car and with the motor not running shifted the

NISSAN MAXIMA Looking for a used or rebuilt manual transmission

So both carrier bearings in my 1997 maxima Manual trans have gone bad and Im leaking gear oil at a rediculous pace. As a result my transmission is gonna go any day now and so Im in the market or either a used or rebuilt transmission. Any have any ideas on where to look for transmissions for these cars

NISSAN MAXIMA Replacing CV Drive Axle and Wheel Bearings How easy is it

Hi everyone I have a 98 I30 with a drive axle that is clicking and a wheel bearing that is allowing the right front wheel to move slightly. How easy are they to replace myself and do I need any special tools I have worked on engines but not anything to do with driveshafts. Any suggestions. Thank you Dave

I would get new CV joints. You can rebuild but it looks pretty tricky and time consuming. I had some friends who tried rebuilding them and they fell out at Jack in the Box on a 96 maxima You are going to want to replace the transmission seals too if the CV joints go in like the 1995 ir 1996 maxima Check your brakes while your at it and get that done if needed. If your power steering needs adjusting it is a good time to do that too as well as changing hoses degreasing etc.

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission rebuilt or buy used one

Hi. When I bought my 96 infiniti i30 the car was broken on transmission. So I wanted to repair transmission. At that time the mechanic told me that buy a used one and set it up is 1000 with 3 month warraty or rebuilt the transmission is 1500 with 1 year warranty. I chosen rebult because of 1 year warranty. It was the last month (May of 07). After that the transmission is leaking until today. Now I

If its leaking from where the axle goes into the differential you have worn differential bearings and will need to replace those. Replacing the axle seals alone will only be a temporary fix as the worn bearings will wear out the axle seals very quickly. If your differential bearings are worn youre best off just rebuilding the whole transmission while youre in there because youre talking by that point

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Considering Buying a 0203 Maxima 6MT

Hey All Im in the market for a new car and have just started reading about the maxima. Im currently driving a 2000 Ford SVT Contour. For those unfamiliar its a great sports sedan. There were only about 10000 SVT Contours made from 98-2000. It is a great car for the money Check out for more info. Unfortunately I think Ive got a nasty valve problem and I think a connecting rod bearing

some white lithium grease to the bearings inside. zgendron wrote Next it seems like the 3.5L consumesleaks oil. Can anyone give me some more information about this Im curious to know how rampant of a problem this is and what can be done to resolve it. Is it as simple as replacing the oil pan gasket There are very few out there (in the grand scheme of things) that have this problem. So few that nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1999 Maxima was totaled

Going home from work a few days ago a car traveling in the opposite direction of me spun out of control and end up in my lane. The short version is the other driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license traveling to fast for road conditions and failure to stay to the right. My car was totaled (cracked frame did it). Im in the market for a new car and hope I could bounce some thoughts around.

switched the maxima over to the 3.7L engine (I havent looked you guys can correct me if Im wrong) so it should have the same engine in my car. I do a lot of driving with a good blend of auto and manual mode. I bought my car just under two years ago and Ive put 62000 miles on the car since then. I have had absolutely no trouble with the CVT. Issues with wheel bearings but no CVT problems. And nissans

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1995 - 1999 Nissan Maximas

Im looking at the 1995 - 1999 maximas and interested in buying one soon. I was just wondering if anyone has had or known of any problems that recur in their maximas. Just trying to do some research before I buy one. If you know of any problems that happen typically I would love to hear from you. Or even just tell me how much you love it because it has no problems either or. Thanks for any help.

Since I wrote this earlier... p Common problems with the 4th generation (1995-1999) maximas - starters. These tend to fail as you get near 100K miles. Some tend to die sooner others later. Fortunately starters are a 15 minute replacement job and theyre relatively cheap. - throttle position sensor (TPS). Again cheap and easy to replace again for cars that get older... Maybe 30 minutes if youre handy

brianw wrote Since I wrote this earlier... p Common problems with the 4th generation (1995-1999) maximas - starters. These tend to fail as you get near 100K miles. Some tend to die sooner others later. Fortunately starters are a 15 minute replacement job and theyre relatively cheap. - throttle position sensor (TPS). Again cheap and easy to replace again for cars that get older... Maybe 30 minutes if

NISSAN MAXIMA Smelling some oil burning in the maxima

There is an oil smell from my car when I hammer on the gas. I dont hammer on the gas often but when I do I get that smell. Now Maxhopper97 said when he looked at my car that there was an oil leak around the bell housing but it wasnt a bad one. If I hammer on the gas is there any reason why there would be more oil coming out of the bell housing than normal or does anyone think I have a leak in a seal. __________________ Modified by BOBCAT at 739 AM 3282008

On my 95 maxima with a 5 speed I had the same symptom....really bad smell of oil when doing any spirited driving. Since the car wasnt using oil Id figure it could wait until the clutch went or was contaminated with the oil. Well the clutch never went but at 150000 the transmission bearings did. When they pulled the transmission they said it was the rear main engine seal with a small leak. That small leak really stunk bad.

NISSAN MAXIMA 4th gen maxima differential carrier bearing question

are the differential carrier bearings for the 4th gen manual transmissions both the same size or is there a big and small one Is the Canadian wvlsd the only ones with the different sized carrier bearings Mine is a US 4th gen 1999 SE...

NISSAN MAXIMA I 97 Max SE Whirring while rolling cronks when I leave driveway

My 97 maxima SE has been making a whirring noise for a while... Im thinking its possibly the 5spd transmission or the wheel bearings if it has them in whatever form (havent looked) but it also makes a cronk noise from the front left suspension when we leave the driveway with the wheel turned like say Im backing out and start turning the wheel left to go down the street to my right and when I get to


The passenger side CV joint is leaking. I went under the car and noticed that the rubber was ripped in the middle. Is this hard to replace and if its possible can someone point me a site where to order the part. 1996 maxima with Injen CAI WarpSpeed Y Pipe & Hi Flow Cat Tokico HP Performance ShocksStruts V1Specs Cross-drilled Rotors 2004 maxima 18 wheels Ventus K104 245 45 18

You want to buy the complete halfshaft assembly to install. nissan OEM is expensive but Autozone Oreillys etc are about 12 of that price. Unless you are a experienced mechanic with a lot of tools and a good shop you will be unable to change out the just the boot and bearings. You also want to change out the seal going into the transmission too. A friend needs to hold the shaft while you put on the

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 CV Joint Replacement - 2000 Maxima (manual)

Does anyone have any advice or tips on replacing CV joints on a 2000 nissan maxima with a manual transmission I have my trusty Haynes repair manual that makes it sound like its no more difficult than replacing struts but I would feel a little more confident about doing it myself if I heard from a couple of guys with hands-on experience. Thanks.

Change out the entire axle-ie. get a rebuilt axle. dont try to just replace the rubber boots bearings and such on the old one. You almost need a machine shop to replace those internal items. Be sure to replace the transmission seals too since its only 8 and cheap insurance. Some people are saying a place called Raxles on the internet is a good place to buy CV Axles (supposedly they are new)

NISSAN MAXIMA 5 speed manual hard to shift.

I have a 96 maxima SE with the 5 speed manual. When im rolling and slowing down it wont pop into first gear like 5 mph. It has to be completly stopped to go into first and even then sometimes it wont. I have to put it in second gear roll forward just a hair and then it will go into first. Also somethimes it when im accelerating and going to shift up to the next gear it misses the gear and just grinds.

Alright so the noise goes by engine speed and only happens under a load when accelerating and decelerating... its theres nothing wrong with the clutchpressure plate then its likely something along the input shaft of the transmission. Being helical cut gears when put under a load (either accel or decel) they with have a lateral force putting a side load on the bearings. It could be possible that one

NISSAN MAXIMA I Did I purchase a lemon

It seems my beloved 2004 maxima SE is turning into a nightmare for me. Im going to list the problems Im having and maybe some of you can advise me what needs to be done to correct them. Keep in mind I live in a cold climate so some problems may be related to temps. No Heat My heat works fine as Im driving but when I stop at a traffic light it changes to freezing cold air. I cant defrost my windows

The heater issue could be the result of air in the heater corecoolant system. The waterfall noise supports that too. You need to bleed the air out of the coolant system. Park the car facing uphill and remove the radiator cap (while the engine is cold). Then run the car for a few minutes until it warms up and the air has time to escape. Is the vibration ONLY through the brakes or is it a steering vibration

NISSAN MAXIMA Axle Stabilizer Bearing.

I took my maxima down to AAMCO to get an estimate to have a refurbished transmission installed. The guy said that he would have to pull my tranny to give me an estimate...i was like UM NO. He didnt want to give me an estimate for the R&R rather he wanted to have AAMCO rebuild the transmission i have. In my opinion he wanted it his was just so the mechanics could make more money. i would much rather

i totally agree with the guy at AAMCO because the driver side axle input shaft moves around a lot(A WHOLE LOT)...and it wouldnt make sense for it to be a vb problem so it must be the bearings. he said it would be cheaper for me to rebuild the tranny i have with new bearings rather than just R&R it...does that seem logical with the current cost of labor. he is goingo to charge me 500 in labor to just


Hello im in need of some really big help my car has been making a grinding noise in the right front tire when driving . I checked behind the tire and noticed it didnt look right can someone help out dont know much about cars and dont want to get ripped off if i take it to a mechanic Heres a picture Its a 95 maxima with 96000 miles

Also change out the seals that go between the transmission and the CV axle also Be sure you get the clips that go on the end of the CV axle that goes into the transmission I will only cost another 10 and helps ensure no transmisson leaks I would get them from the dealership but Auto Zone or others will have them too I would replace both assemblys-OEM is very high Check your brake pads wheel bearings

NISSAN MAXIMA unknown vibration (bad diff bearing or axle)...Need help

I am having a vibration issue when I turn my wheel left. No vibration when I turn the wheel right. I changed -wheel bearinghub passenger front 1000 miles -passenger rear wheel bearing 1000 miles -passenger cv axle (DSS axle) 10000 miles -innerouter tie rods both sides 5000 miles -alignment was done recently -changed winter to summer tires(still the same issue) -ES motorsway bar bushing -new 6th gen

I have been doing a lot of reading and I think its the diff bearings inside the transmission. I checked both of the axles and the driver side moves in and out of transmission about a 14 when I use my hand to push it outin. Also the passenger side where the seal is leaking a little bit I pushed the axle shaft up and down and there is play there too. So I think its the diff bearing that is bad. Anyone else have this issue Is my conclusion right -Andrew

NISSAN MAXIMA wtf happend to my tranny grrr

2000 maxima SE automatic i just replaced both the driver side and Passenger side CV Axle Shaft Assemblies and now im getting wheel shimmy on the passenger side. i put the car up with jack stands on the control arms then put it in drive. The Driver side wheel spun freely but the Passenger side just sat there. When i pushed the gas peddle down the passenger side engaged and started to spin. when the back AGAIN -( I was able to get a Cardone Axle Shaft assembly from Kragen Auto Parts and install it without any problems. However the shimmy is still there when i accelerate but it shakes a lot less now -). ive replaced --New Genuine NISMO Rims from Rays Engineering in Japan --New Yokohama 2454018 --New front passenger side hub and bearing --crank sensor(thinking maybe the crank was warped

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 98 i30 burning smell near front left wheel

my i30 has been giving nothing but problems off late latest one being the one in topic headline. the vehicle itself is kinda dragging. i dont think its the engine. i have those drilled or slotted rotors in front that i got off of ebay like 3 or 3.5 years ago. i recently changed the pads but didnt turn the rotors. could something be holding onto the brakes and not releasing it...could that be why it

took it to local firestone guys. 14.99 for whole chassis inspection or whatever. they didnt find anything other than alignment front tire noise....they said nothing wrong with brake system ie. calipers or bearings etc. went for test drive with the tech...the grinding he says is coming from transmission. i dont have that grinding noise at high speeds. he says thats quite normal but advised me to take

NISSAN MAXIMA I35 Plug change slight engine rattle

Hello I have a 2002 I35. It has 91000 miles and Im getting ready to do some maintenance to it. I plan to have the plugs changed along with the plug wires. Is this something I could do myself or does the manifold really need to be removed completely If its something that I take to the dealer any suggestions on appropriate cost so I dont get ripped off Also are there any other suggestions as to other

xerexabante wrote Try this look at power valve on intake where there is a link from the vacuum solenoid. The plastic wears out and dis-engages when power valve opens for more airflow. This will create a rattle at 1800rpm when it opens (idle and or load). I had some carbon deposits when i had this link to power valve issue ( I got beat by a Prius on a green light) It adle look around the hood why I

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Need advise on buying 2002 Infiniti I35 with 41K on it

Hello this is my first experience with Infinity. After leaving my 1994 Lexus ES300 I decided to switch to this beautiful car. The dealer gave it to me for few days to test drive it. First thing I mentioned is that the heather is not working properly. I can drive for a while until it gets warm - and not hot - just warm although the temperature is set up on 85 degrees to get some warm air. At 30 degrees

The heat issue sounds like a thermostat. Get them to fix the problem b4 you buy it. The dancing rear end could be struts. I replaced mine with KYBs and it solved the problem however the KYBs did produce a stiffer ride. That was fine with me. The original struts felt too floaty. They had about 75k miles on them. Even though the car your looking at only has 40K on it the struts are almost 9 years old.

NISSAN MAXIMA Same old problem...

The new throw out bearing and clutch are in but my car is still making a noise that is really pissing me off. Its a 5 speed manual and with it parked and in neutral it makes a ticking noise probably once every second. Then as I rev the engine the noise speeds up. If i push the clutch pedal to the floor the noise stops completly. I can rev the engine do anything. with the pedal on the floor it makes

I doubt its a wheel bearing. That wouldnt be dependent on trans load plus bad wheel bearings dont click the thrum. Youd most likely feel a bad wheel bearing too. -The MinisterofDOOM

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2002 I35 Left Turn Noise Slip Grind

I have a 2002 I35 with 150K miles on it. The symptoms that I am going to describe do NOT happen all the time only under certain conditions which I have found hard to recreate consistenly. When taking a left turn under mild to hard acceleration the entire front end seems to grabgrind. There is noise which seems to come from the outside front wheel (passenger side). With my foot on the gas while in the

NISSAN MAXIMA 4th Generation Timing Belt or Chain

A friend of mine told me that 4th Generation maximas have Maintenance free timing chain and does not need any service. I have a 1995 maxima GLE with 106 k miles. can anyone please confirm if the car has timing chain or Belt. And What kind of beltchain maintenance it needs.

Hello guys Im new to the forum so work with me now Anyway this seem like the right atmosphere to get some help. I got a 2000 I30 auto trans and was doing a water pump replacement. yikes. Prior to Ive been hearing the chain rattle and assumed it was the tensioner or one of the arms inside. I put a scope up and noticed the location of the nose. I removed timing cover which didnt matter since I had to

NISSAN MAXIMA Drive Axle issues

2001 I-30 69K Just had a shop replace my rotors and brake pads with brenbo rotors and ProAct there is a clicking noise in the front passenger side. The shop I had do the brake work checked everything and they said its a drive axle jointbearing that is bad. I called Infiniti and it is covered under warrenty but the Service Rep said was really strange. Could putting the brembos rotors caused

That blows. I would tend to think that if your CV boots are not torndamaged that the axle bearings are just fine depending on agemileage. I know you should be able to get a re manufactured axle from between 60-90 depending on if has ABS what kind of trans etc. But its unfortunate that its the passenger side due to the axle bracket on the rear side of the motor. You will need an impact wrench to get

NISSAN MAXIMA Morning Hum from the Tranny

I have a hum from my five speed 99 maxima in mornings when the engine is cold. It fairly loud and only happens when I first start out in first gear. I am not sure what this is I know that it has to do with the transmission and maybe the clutch. Is it the clutch slipping

when you have a whine noise from the trans in the am then it gradually goes away as you describe it usually is generated from the bearings and is a result of the gear oil still being cold. what weight oil are you using

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 02 Max GrindingSqueeking sound from front end...

Ive been getting this grindingsqueeking sound for a few days now. Sounds almost like rubber against metal. As far as I can tell its coming from the front. Could it be a bearing out The sound speeds up along with the car and I can feel it come thru the steering wheel as my wheels can hear a ruuub....ruuub...ruuub. Sound horrible Any ideas on what this might be I need to bring it in to the local nissan shop this week GOT JIC MAGIC J-FORCE 5s

Yep Crank sensor fixed...transverse link fixed been bout a year since that recall. Thanks Just got the max back from Neil more rubbing anymore. bearingshubs were shot...prolly thanks to these local pot holes & normal wear and tear. sounds so nice now... FEZZIK How much did your Cattman strut tower brace run you Next thing for me is my suspension upgrade...I like how your FSTB looks compared to the one.

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 to buy a 2001 anniversary edition a 2002 se or a 2004 se

Hi Ive had 3 maximas in my past. Ive had a 2001 anniversary edition and traded her in on a 2002 se with nicer headlights and more power.Then I traded the 02 in for an 04 new generation with more power and new design. Anyways I just had my 04 stolen which only had 42000 miles on her. The car has been written off and the money from the insurance company is black book. I would like to stay with a maxima

Hi all thank you for you advice so far. I would like to buy a 20022003 full load but the money given to me from the insurance company just isnt there. This will be a second car and driven from October to May. I dont want to spend a lot of money for a second car. I did like my 2002 the 30 extra ponies was nice. I didnt know that those engines suffered from poor piston rings and burned oil though. I

NISSAN Help me choose a truck

Guys I need professional help Seriously though heres my story I used to have an 04 Fronty Crew Long bed. This past Sept. I traded it in with only 64k on the clock. For only 2 reasons The 3.3 was a DOGGG The bed was too small Im too ashamed to tell you folks what I traded it in on. Anyway Im not real happy with my current vehicle. So Im looking for a new generation Fronty. 05-07. My question is What are the common problem areas Weaknesses I wont be off-roading. Strictly street and 4x4 for snow.

limiting chances are you cant spin your tires. In 4wd low the front wheel action looks really cool not sure it makes any difference though. Remember its meant for lower speed operation if you use 12 throttle the computer pretty much locks engine rpm to 1500 and the traction control does the rest. VDC works great but takes all the fun out of trying to drift. ABS works well. Just like our old maxima

INFINITI FX Used FX Purchase Advice

I am considering the purchase of an FX35 2004 - 2006. My son has his eyes on the model as his first car. Some of the research I have done indicates there may be some serious transmission issues with these model years. Most everything I have found has more than 100K miles. 100K miles does not concern me with some other Japanese makes of which I am more familiar assuming proper use and maintenance of

simply dont know enough about Infinity or the FX models. Can you guys give me any advice Thanks....... my first car was the hand me down minivan when I was 15-17 when I was 17-18 I bought a 2005 Honda accord v6 EXL at 240hp with some mods bringing it to 250ish. it was super fast and light compared to the 90hp mini van that we had prior that was rwd. the Honda is fwd. When I was 19-20 I bought a nissan

BMW SERIES 3 E36 info on E36 - newbie

Hi I am looking for info on buying a used BMW 3 series. I currently have a 93 nissan maxima. lets say that car is getting tired of me and I am getting tired of it.. I am in market for a used car. leaning towards 1996-98 3 series mostly sedan or coupe I did not like later models and they are out of my budget. my budget is around 10K. Older ones I am not sure how tough it would be to maintain. I need

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