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NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Strange Transmission Problem - 2000 Maxima - Goes into Neutral while Driving

have a 2000 maxima - 110000 miles on it. up until recently its been fine i take care of it - (oilfilters etc). recently i was driving and the transmission went neutral while driving. this was about after an hour of driving. it would not go into gear even though i was in drive. i had to pull over - shut the car down and let it sit while i figured out what happend. i waited about 2 - 3 minutes started

Solonoid Control Assy mentioned in the link) would cause such a symptom Id think or the default of some input sensor such as the throttle position sensor or others. why cant mechanics - specifically aamco - figure it out they dropped the tranny inspected it said its fine. hooked it up to there computers and the only thing that came up was the 02 sensors. i found this while searching the net httpnissan-maxima-car.blogs....html

cland7890 wrote Hi guys - My 2000 maxima is giving similar symptoms i.e. the tranny going into neutral while driving. Its a very scary experience -- I was driving on the freeway when suddenly lost power even if I stepped on the accelerator and the engine is giving some loud noise. Thanks to bpomps for posting the solution ... I will go ahead and purchase the Speed Sensor but I was wondering if this item issue has been raised as a possible Recall Notice This is a potentially safety issue. Thanks -Conrad ahhh the ol maxima issue... i get goosebumps when i see a reply in my inbox because i get flashbacks of driving on the highway and all of a sudden the car going into limp mode. it took alot of time and money but i learned alot about the car and working on it. the big thing was changing the fuel filter in the tank that thing was sooooo dirty oily and had metal fragments in it I have since moved on from the maxima because i was done putting money into it. I got an older model audi that has a V6 like the maxima but the audi V6 has a supercharger on it -- ill never forget you maxima and the problems you gave me but it was a learning experience and I was the person who figured out the issue after no one could... wheres my award mr. nissan president

NISSAN MAXIMA III J30 1990 Nissan Maxima Transmission Problem-Please Help

I have a 1990 nissan maxima. I went around a corner and then my car reved up real loud and the transmission just quit pulling. The car will start but the transmission will not pull in any of the gears. It is an automatic. Any suggestions on where to start

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NISSAN MAXIMA 4th gen Nissan Maxima Transmission swap

I would like to know what all is involved in doing a transmission swap from an automatic to a manual transmission in my 1997 nissan maxima se 3.L V6 Will i have to install a new computer Anything i have to do to the rear gears Thanks Greg

NISSAN MAXIMA DIY Nissan Maxima Transmission Cooler Install

(just as a reminder i sold the car a while ago RIGHT AFTER THIS INSTALL AND A TOW HITCH. i got an offer i couldnt refuse so i parted ways - but i figured i would do a write up anyway just to add some more content for anyone looking to do this simple mod) I decided to go with well known & recommended tranny cooler radiator supplier instead of some ebay supplier from Asia. I am running this in a series

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima Auto Transmission Stuck in 1st Gear

I rencently had a problem with my super reliable 1985 nissan maxima. I drove somewhere with no problem but when I left the (automatic) transmission would not shift out of first to second gear no matter where the shifter was set. It slips some when set to D (drive) but not really when set to 1st. It has been that way ever since. The history of the transmission is as follows I bought the car about 80k

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 Faulty Transmissions on 04-08 Maxima

The car has been a good car except for the transmissions is not wanting to go into 2nd and 3rd gear. Then when it does it jerks really hard which is now messing up the motor mounts. There are many people with this issue. I made a complaint with safetycar which is with the NHTSA.The more complaints they get they will investigate it and hopefully a recall will be issued. Here is the web site

Aside from submitting a complaint with NHTSA have you done servicing on your transmission Which model year and what mileage do you have in your car. The Infinitinissan transmissions are reliable and your car or the 6th Gen maxima could be an exception. transmission problems are more common with the Lexus ES350 and LS460. I flush the transmission fluid in all my cars every 2 years plus a bottle of LubeGard Red and never have had any transmission issue (knock on wood).

MarkC Unless you have purchased an Infiniti Elite Extended Warranty your Powertrain warranty has already expired. If you have an extended warranty better stick to OEM fluid - nissan Matic-D PN 999MP-AA100P which can be purchased from IoS - at a discounted price of 5.61quart. The capacity of your transmission RE4F04B is 9 quarts. If warranty is no longer covered then its your call

NISSAN MAXIMA Are Nissan FWD transmissions interchangable

So my cousin has a 1986 maxima VG30E 5 speed. His transmission is fubard and my uncle happened to come upon a nissan Stanza 5 speed for free. Now I know they were all 4 cylinder but Im not sure what year this one is so its either a CA16 or a KA24E but does anyone know if either of those transmissions would work on a VG30E He wants me to find out to see if he could possibly use the trans from the Stanza

I believe the 2nd gen Max (and its contemporary Stanza and Sentra) all used the RS5F31A manual trans. Might want to double-check that (the maxima in question should have its trans model number displayed on the VIN plaque on the firewall). Just be sure to get that same model trans and youll be fine. Keep in mind though that nissan packages the same transmission with different bellhousings depending

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima transmission troubles

I posted here awhile ago and you guys helped me i was wondering if anyone could help me this time... I have a 96 maxima and the other day my transmission started shifting really hard into 2nd gear. It doesnt rev high or anything it just shifts really hard. My overdrive light blinks 16 times when i put it on the on position and i got a code that read solenoid valve a. i was wondering weather or not

if i dont need to cause then Im going to have to junk the car and i love it. I read up about this and heard something about limp mode but i dont really know what that is. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you How often have you been replacing the fluid and what type and brand have you used I have had good service with the latest Castrol blend made for imports that is equivelent to nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA Changing transmission oil and filter

Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has a step by step procedure of how to properly change the transmission oil on a 1997 nissan maxima I cant seem to locate the oil filter or the drain plug and Im hoping someone cal help me Thanks

maxvq wrote Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has a step by step procedure of how to properly change the transmission oil on a 1997 nissan maxima I cant seem to locate the oil filter or the drain plug and Im hoping someone cal help me Thanks With most transmissions you must drop the pan to change the fluid. Often there is a filter located inside there. There is no filter like you would find for

MCovington wrote There should be a plug located on the bottom of the trans pan. This will only drain about 3 to 4 QTS of fluid. Check your book on how much it holds. The trans filter is a metal screen and is a bugger to get out and clean. You can have a flush done at a dealer that uses genuine nissan fluid or other shops do it too for about 125.00. I would have it flushed so you can get all the fluid

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 2000 Maxima SE Transmission

2000 nissan maxima SE automatic transmission for sale. It has 60000 Miles on it and it works perfectly. The transmission is actually in my garage ready to go. I live in the Salt Lake City area. Make an offer (pick up only or I can ship it if you pay for s & h) Contact Info Jorge Cell (801) 687- 2776 Modified by Utahmaxima2000 at 1128 AM 3152007

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 Maxima 2005 (Automatic) Transmission

My 2005 nissan maxima (Build date of 0804) has 69000 miles and has started showing signs of what may be serious transmission problems. I welcome any feedback as to the best course of action to correct these intermitent and random symptoms that include 1. Takes about 5 seconds to click into gear after the shift lever is put in D 2. Very hard jerky shifts between 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st and accompanied

NISSAN MAXIMA V CA33 Location of TCM - transmission control module on 00 maxima

Can someone direct me to the location of the TCM - transmission control module on a 2000 maxima i have another thread where i stated my problem im having with the transmission just wondering where the TCM is located and if i can replace it myself.

IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE U DO TO YOUR CAR OK I know this is old but its help me alot so i want to help anyone who is having the same problem... my 01 maxima was slipping and change gears very un-normal I went to the nissan dealership and they told me that my transmission control module TCM was bad. They charge me 120 to look at the car. They also told me it was going to be 1200 to replace

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission

please if anybody could please help me out is there a way to change a Manual 5 speed nissan maximas transmission to a automatic or install a automaticmanual switch like some cars have please im new to this and I know its a hard job but anything is possible can someone inform on this

WTF Given how ridiculously RARE and HARD-TO-FIND manual transmission maximas are... youd be committing sacrilege if you did this Sell your manual transmission maxima and buy one with an automatic. The automatic ECU can be made to work with a manual but NOT the other way around AFAIK-- its physically missing a connector or something. Itd be less labor intensive easier and hell youd probably make money on the deal since manual transmission cars are so rare. www .nissanforums . coma32-1995-1999-chassis133355-manual-trans-automatic.html

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission slips during 1-2 3-4 shifts. Found TSB...

The transmission in my car has always annoyed the hell out of me. One day i was bored and looking through TSBs for my car and came up with this Classification AT001-004a Reference ITB00-028a Date December 4 2000 2000-01 I30 AT SLIPS FROM FIRST TO SECOND OR SECOND TO THIRD GEAR If an applied vehicle exhibits slow or delayed shifting from first to second gear or from second to third gear (particularly

I see the following Make nissan Model maxima Year 2000 Service Bulletin Number NTB00039B Bulletin Sequence Number 199 Date of Bulletin 0301 NHTSA Item Number SB620000 Component POWER TRAIN Summary SOME VEHICLES MAY EXHIBIT DELAYED SHIFTING FROM FIRST TO SECOND GEAR OR FROM SECOND TO THIRD GEAR (PARTICULARLY AT ONE-HALF THROTTLE OR GREATER APPLICATION). TT Make nissan Model maxima Year 2000 Service


Hey guys i was wondering how much the manual transmission costs for a 1995 nissan maxima. And if there is and how tos on swaping transmissions. Thanks 1995 maxima -Auto- 5% tint rear passenger and rear window Megan Catback Exhaust Enkei 17 Rimsw Bridgestone Potenza Re92 Tires

NISSAN MAXIMA I30 Transmission

I have a 2000 infiniti i30. 200k miles. when do i replace the transmission

I believe the transmission will last until at least 310000 miles or more. However when I first bought it a couple of months ago the transmission fluid had not been changed in a while.. The fluid was dark and way over due for a change. The transmission had a strange shuttering feel after it shifted. I thought -- well here come the transmission troubles. So I did some research and found some years nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA IAC and ECM generate transmission shifting headaches

I have a 2000 maxima (GXE) and just recently had the IAC valve go and it DID take out the ECM. Today I get the car back after having both parts replaced and as Im driving off the lot I notice the trasmission timing is off. When I step on the accelerator (about half-way to the floor) the car goes through 1st 2nd possibly 3rd but then the tac just revs up to between 4000 and 5000 RPM before the 4th gear

I have a 2000 nissan maxima se and i experienced the exact same thing. i was riding about 90mph on the interstate when that felt like the transmission slipped and all of a sudden i hear a loud bang and it started shifting normal. It also slipped out on me in the city and lasted about 2 minutes before it settled back in and started shifting normal. on another occassion i was on the interstate

NISSAN MAXIMA P0325 code and transmission issues related

Ive been having some odd transmission issues with the maxima the past few days. I blew a transmission cooler line last week and had to top it back off with 2 qts of fluid which I managed to put the wrong fluid in it but that has been remedied now. I did a fluid flush yesterday and filled it back up with the proper fluid but its still shifting rather odd. It was shifting good and firm even with the

NISSAN MAXIMA New (used) Motor and Transmission Installed

Ive been nursing my leaking head gasket for about 300 miles now and the transmission has been slipping for ages. I had been checking out my options on but everything was either too high priced too high mileage or just too far away. So I checked out this company that Garret (big thanks)suggested LKQ. Turns out the have a location in Indiana. I checked their inventory and found

Sunday when we were installing the new transmission axle seals. The passenger side went fine but when it came time to install the driver side seal we noticed a problem. The yard had actually sent me a VLSD auto trans so the seal and axle were different. We proceeded to install the new motor and trans into the car and get the wiring and hoses all hooked up. Monday morning I called the two biggest nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA Locating Transmission Filter

I am changing my transmission fluid & filter in my 2004 nissan maxima but I cannot find where the filter is located. [url]Help does anyone know where it ishow to get to it Also does anyone know if nissan trans fluid must be used or can another high end ATF be used[url] Thanks

NISSAN MAXIMA Maxima transmission - somtimes does not shift from gear 1 to 2

I have a 2001 maxima that has a transmission problem. Sometimes it does not go to gear 2 from 1 so it stays in one and revs high if you push down the pedal (just like driving a manual car just on gear 1). If it happens I would just put of the engine for a minute or 2 and start and its ok. I notice this happens more often when the car is stressed e.g in traffic higher tempratures... I have used the

any drain and refill. Run the engine for 100 seconds while shifting gears stop engine then drain fluid. Add the exact amount of fluid that was drained. Repeat this process 3-4 times. At the end of the drain and refill sequence add a bottle of LubeGard Red ATF Protectant. Make sure you dont underover fill the transmission fluid. For the pan drop and drain and refill you may need 15 quarts of nissan

Do the transmission Self-Diagnosis starting on page AT-50 of the FSM. If its anything electrical (solenoid sensor) the test will bring it up as an error code. From there you can ohm test most every component at the connector to verify the code. httpwww.nicoclub.comFSMmaxima2001AT.pdf loystock wrote .......Your transmission problem may be due to the condition of transmission fluid dirtyclogged transmission

Hi Azubike I have been searching inetrnet for several weeks and finally got your post. I have nissan maxima 2002 and having exactly the same issue (word by word) that you were having. Since there are no more posts on the topic I really want to know what was the diagnosis of the car and how did you repair it Please if you are still using please help me out Kind Regards

NISSAN MAXIMA Shifter is very stiff when Transmission is cold(Winter Weather cold)

So I came under the thought that well since it is about 10-30 degrees out there everyday here in New England during winter. My Shifter is hard to move. When I get into my car start her up my shifter is very very stiff until warm up or driving even when I wiggle her in neutral(which is kinda odd) she is stiff. It like as if the gear oil was way too viscous(thick). IT will get better as I drive and all

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2004 nissan maxima transmission SL 4 speed

This is the third tranny they have replaced. When going over 65mph the transmission slips and goes all the way to redline. It will not shift properly. I also got a check engine light. Also when going into reverse it shifts really hard and I get a loud bang and it goes into gear. My Question is is there a tsb on this and what is causing this problem and what can they (nissan) do to solve this plaese help............................

NISSAN MAXIMA Is my transmission bad

Hi my name is Kevin and i am new to nissans and the forum. I will warn you in advance - I dont know a lot about cars. I just bought an 2002 maxima with an automatic transmission and 157K miles. I think it has a 3.5 liter V6. A few weeks after I bought it I noticed that every now and then when I step on the gas it would slip for a second then catch and it would make the tires chirp. It has happened

NISSAN MAXIMA need help with transmission and wiper blades quit working

After the heavy snow storm here in New York City my car wiper blades are not working because i turn them on before i clean all the heavy ice that was sitting on top of it and now is not working . I am also having trouble with my transmission i feel a light hesitation when the car shift from first to second gear and also when it down shift from third to second . Is this a sign that i might need to

Have you checked the fuse for the wiper motor It should be Fuse 39 20A of IPDM in the engine bay. transmission flush is recommended every 30K miles. Better do a pan drop clean pan and magnets replace ATF filter install new gasket and crush washer then do a flush. At the end of the flush add a bottle of LubeGard Red (not black) ATF Protectant. Instead of a flush at the shop you can do multiple drain and refill (run engine for 100 secs while shifting gears then drain). Make sure the engine is warm and the ATF level is correct before doing any drainrefill. Always add the exact amount of ATF drained. The 05 maxima with Automatic transmission requires nissan Matic-K (7-34 quarts capacity).

NISSAN MAXIMA drain plug for transmission

does anyone know how to drain some transmission fluid from a 1991 nissan maxima gxe the fluid is like past the full mark and it shifts kinda hard especially in the cold morning i just wanna drain a little to get it to the right amount.

NISSAN MAXIMA Advice on Manual Transmission Rebuild

I have an 01 5 speed with 70000 miles and my local shop told me today that my leaking transmission fluid is a bad output seal which is a result of the bad bearing on the left output shaft. They dont rebuild trannys and they called the nissan dealership and they dont recommend it. Anyone have experience or opinions to share on this situation I am forced to consider new (2500 w 1 yr warranty) used (2000

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission

please if anybody could please help me out is there a way to change a Manual 5 speed nissan maximas transmission to a automatic or install a automaticmanual switch like some cars have please im new to this and I know its a hard job but anything is possible can someone inform on this

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission fluid and Power Steering fluid are the same fluid

Does 1996 nissan maxima GLE use the same fluid for its transmission fluid and power steering fluid

NISSAN MAXIMA Dont Know transmission hose connect to

Hello I have bought a used 2000 nissan maxima SE. I was replacing the air intake housing and notice that a line thats on top of the transmission is not connected to anything. I also not a wire (with a red tip that comes out of the coil wire harness) was that that is near the hose is not connected to anything as well. Can Anybody tell me what goes there thanks

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 95 Maxima Transmission

Hello everyone I have been royally screwed Yep That is me... I recently bought a 95 maxima with what they claimed was 87000 miles on it. My odometer failed after a day or two So not too sure if that is the right mileage on the car. Anyways I have a 95 maxima GLE with AT. The tranny is dying. I need to replace it. Checked with a dealer who quoted 3200 to do it. A transmission dude quoted 1700 to rebuild

My transmission is slipping....or that is what the mechanics who checked it said. maxima is known to be a fast car but I really chug along till I get to the third gear. The maxima revs to 2500 before it shifts to the next gear and a tranny guy said that his meter didnt show a second gear being present I have no idea what to do with a transmission ..althought I would like to give it a try. I am in

Thank you for the help guys. I couldnt get to reply earlier on and I apologise. I am getting tired of dealing with my maxima. Found a dealer who was willing to give me 3000 for the car. Most likely will trade this one in for another newer maxima. I sorta like the 4th gen body style better than the 5th gen ones. So might go for a 1999 maxima I guess. Are the 5th gens superior to the 4th gens in the enginetransmission areas other than the niceties that dawned in the 21st century

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 97 Maxima transmission advice

My 97 SE currently has just over 310000 miles on it and has given more trouble in the last 10K than it did the 100K before that. Typical stuff though like a alternator power steering pump egroxygen sensor trouble (FINALLY got it solved and inspected) and replaced the exhaust under the car and muffler. Im not fussing and I couldnt have asked for better service thus far. I have had the trans fluid drained

It lowers transmission fluid temperatures (always a good thing) and can help smooth out shifting. Its noticeably smoothed downshifts and initial shifts into reverse (less delay) on my Pathfinder. A Magnefine in-line filter installed on the transmission cooler return line also might be a wise addition to help keep the fluid free of wear material and other debris. I believe a 38 one will fit your maximas

A more efficient way of performing a complete fluid exchange one can use the transmission cooler return line to do a full fluid exchange. You will need 12 to 15 quarts of automatic transmission fluid preferably nissan Matic D A clear gallon jug something like an empty milk jug Another large container to store used fluid for disposal 1. Disconnect the transmission cooler return line and secure it in

response to transmissions still requiring certain properties of Dexron III and is a licensed fluid which meets the minimum specifications of Dexron III so if youre hellbent on using Dex III and want to ensure that it meets specifications use either a fluid which meets TES-389 spec (Mobil ATF DM does [ see label at bottom of this page ] which typically can be found at Target) or obviously nissan

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission Interchange

Hi all I am new to the site and really need some help. I have a 94 Villager (Quest) with a blown automatic transmission. I have been unsucessful in finding a useable replacement here in Winnipeg. Can anyone tell me if a similar year maxima auto will fit Thanks

Actually it looks like I got a couple wires crossed in my last post. The maxima years I mentioned actually use a slightly older variant of that transmission (the RE4F02A). So the recyclers are probably right. It might still work but it wont be a direct the recyclers said some sensors would have to be changed out. I also noticed looking closely at the specs for the transmissions that

NISSAN MAXIMA Transmission strength

I am considering the vgXXe as a mid engined project but wanted to clarify my options for a transmission that would readily work. Obviously the FWD maxima came to mind and I was curious what this transmission has been known to handle. Or if there are other manual FWD transmissions that would work

why not use a vq30 cheaper to build imo. oh and i have a spare 5spd lsd tranny lieing around from my 92 max. brand new rebuilt never used. let me know if you wants. formula94lt1 wrote I am considering the vgXXe as a mid engined project but wanted to clarify my options for a transmission that would readily work. Obviously the FWD maxima came to mind and I was curious what this transmission has been

NISSAN MAXIMA I30 transmission cooler

I have a 99 I30 Limited w a little over 38000 original miles (engine and ATF) and live in Dallas TX. Did a pan dropfilter replacement and refill wsyn ATF 10000 miles. Im about to take it in for a full fluid exchange w Mobil 1 ATF. I plan to also install an aftermarket ATF cooler. The B&M looks good. Ive seen reference to the 70264 (and 70268) and wondered if itll fit in the I30. The size is 11x6x1-12.

Wow I feel bad posting here since this thread is so old but here goes anyways. The B&M trans fluid cooler is a great piece. Im currently using a B&M 6X9 trans fluid cooler on my maximaI had to add this to my set up when I got my transmission bulletproofed and a stage 3 VB moddue to the increased heat the VB mod makes. Installation location is ON THE RADIATOR. It comes with zip ties that hold it to

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2004 Maxima SE Transmission Problem - 2nd time

2004 maxima with 135000 miles. At 60000 miles had to have transmission Control Valve Assembly replaced when car would down shift hard at approx 20 mph.. It is happening again at 135000 miles - estimated cost is - 1600. The first time was under warranty - now it is out of my pocket. Has anyone had any experience with transmission failures. How long should dealership warranty the initial repair.

Have you done any transmission flush since the the transmission was repaired Its recommended to flush the ATF every 24-30K miles. Also the 4-speed transmission in the 04 maxima is problematic. It would be better to do a pan drop clean the pan and magnets replace the filter and install new gasket followed by a flush and addition of LubeGard Red ATF protectant. It may not fix the problem but not much

suzeqbee wrote 2004 maxima with 135000 miles. At 60000 miles had to have transmission Control Valve Assembly replaced when car would down shift hard at approx 20 mph.. It is happening again at 135000 miles - estimated cost is - 1600. The first time was under warranty - now it is out of my pocket. Has anyone had any experience with transmission failures. How long should dealership warranty the initial

NISSAN MAXIMA III J30 Auto transmission acting wierd 93 Maxima GXE

My favorite thing in the world. transmission issues. As stated in the title the cars my 1993 maxima GXE. The car was stuck in third gear for a while tonight. But only for a while. After I turned the car off and restarted it it went back to normal. I have no idea at what point the car became stuck in third (I say third which is merely a guess because of where RPMs where and things. I doubt it was 2nd

I need help with my 93 maxima Engine in top shape but transmission issues. Gets stuck on 3rd gear new transmission fluid but when overdrive is on sometimes runs smootly and climbing a slope looses power when OD turned off picks up. transmission does not slip. Can someone help point me to right direction to solve this issue

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 96 maxima transmission swap

is it worth the time and money to do a automatic to manual tranny swap and if so is there somebody that has done it to steer me in the right direction

dont see how this belongs in the nissan online mechanic section. Moved to the maxima boards. 1. Search 2. Lurk moar 3. Dont post till youve searched 4. Dont forget details. Were not mind readers over the internets.

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