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replacment soft tops JEEP WRANGLER II TJ
replacment soft tops JEEP WRANGLER II TJ
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replacment soft tops JEEP WRANGLER III JK
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replacment soft tops JEEP WRANGLER I YJ

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JEEP WRANGLER Looking for people with experience with different replacment soft-tops

My soft top (my only top) has pretty much reached the end of the line. Windows I can hardly see out of zippers tearing away from the top and windows which are next to impossible to get zipped parts of the zippers wont stay zipped etc. So the time has come to replace the top. I would like to stick with a top that retains the factory hardware for a few reasons. I like the look of it as opposed to tops

Go with the sailcloth Replace A Top with tinted windows... every other top is crap and it will leak on you.

Pavement Ends is purported to be owned by Bestop and is positioned as a value line with cheaper materials and manufactured in China. Rugged Ridge seems to have inherited Steel Horses product line after it had gone out of business. If it is the same product Id stay away from it.

I have a Pavement Ends and while Ive dont have anything to compare it to (its my 1st Wrangler and the dealer put the top on new for me when I got the Jeep in Feb) I have to say that overall Im not very thrilled with it. The flapping is unbelievably loud the front part doesnt seem to sit right - it does not overlap the top of the window and so lets in a lot of water in the rain and the back window is

Quote Originally Posted by dspgajeep my .02 I just bought a bestop supertop. I am pretty happy with the quality and construction of the top. I didnt have the hardware so this seemed like the best alternative for me. Used soft top hardware is found fairly easily on Craigslist for an outlay of a couple hundred dollars. If you change your mind about the Supertop you still might be able to return it. Not trying to be pushy just trying to help.

JEEP WRANGLER for those with leaky soft tops....

So my 08 JK likes to leak around the A-Pillars on both sides when it sits all day in the rain while I am at work. Had it in once and Jeep fixed it. It is better than it was but by no means is it fixed. Being at my whits end I called my dealer in a fairly irrate manner yesterday and this is what I was told. ---I can bring it in Monday and drop it off. They will give me a loner to drive. Apparently there

The TSB didnt work on mine. I am not going to get into it long story but I am getting a replacment Jeep in the next few weeks. They decieded where was nothing more they can do. 31 days in the shop and 6 fix tries

JEEP WRANGLER Need help deciding on a new Soft top

Its time for me to get a new soft top. I have a yj with half doors and my soft top is not going to make it much longer. I was thinking of getting one of the following but if you have any other ones let me know. The cheaper the better I do not want to spend more then 500 on a top. Rugged Ridge XHD soft Top 1995 Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge XHD soft Top Rugged Ridge XHD Jeep Wrangler soft tops Wrangler

JEEP WRANGLER best replacment top

what is going to be the best replacement for a 03 TJ with price in mind. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by tombraiderrubi what is going to be the best replacement for a 03 TJ with price in mind. Thanks The best replacement top with price as the 1 factor would have to be the Rugged Ridge XHD series. I have one and it is just as good as the factory top I replaced it with. I paid 325 shipped for a 5 window replacement soft top from Rugged Ridge XHD soft Top Rugged

JEEP WRANGLER soft top questions

i am getting a new soft top soon i am looking at the bestop supertop i have not ever worked with one and i am tiered of the 150 craiglist used tops that last 6 months and the pos replacment top that did not last 2 weeks so i am wanting to know if there is a hieght differance around the b pillar copared to a stock soft top cause i am building a custom cage and need to know if i can use the old soft

JEEP WRANGLER Looking For New LJ Soft Top - Softopper QuestionPic Request

Ive busted the zipper on the rear window of my factory top(which is already gently used) so Ive decided to start looking for a replacement top. In doing my research I came across the softopper and I think I like it. I like the look better then the Bestop Trektop NX and I like the fact that its made right up the road from me in Boulder. In reading about these tops Ive seen several people complain about

Quote Originally Posted by RUparrothead I recently got the supertop nx from bestop for my LJ. I absolutely love it. There was a minor issue (bent bow) and their customer service was top notch. They sent a replacment piece and all is good. I love the sunrider feature too Thank you for the reply. Ive read a lot on the different tops from Bestop and I know a lot of people have them. Im not seeing a ton


Sorry if this has been discussed to the brink of insanity before.....I searched and can not find anything that pertains to this exactly.... So i want soft doors. I have a full metal set for the winter. Ive been looking through quadratechs and JC whitneys cataloge and can not find a set that is just the lower half with the option of adding soft uppers later. I can not afford both but am getting sick

I was thinking of looking for those replacment sleeves for soft doors and welding them on to the soft lowerd. I have been looking at them and can not seem to see any difference between them and the ones that come with the soft tops....

JEEP WRANGLER new soft top

looking for replacment soft top any heard much about rugged ridge tops

JEEP WRANGLER Soft Top What Brand

Hey I am looking to get a replacment soft top for my 95 YJ and after looking in a couple catalogs ( Quadratec & 4 Wheel Parts) I am looking at two. one from Rugged Ridge 279.99 or Best Top 339.99. I am on a tight budget on this one. Just thought I would pick everybodys brain on this and see if anybody has used these tops.

JEEP WRANGLER Soft top removal from frame question

How do I remove the soft top skin from the frame Need to get the rear window zipper repaired and they do not want the top on the frame.

Id go to the Bestop site. They have installation instruction for the replacment tops.

JEEP WRANGLER Buying a New Softtop Question

I need to replace my old softtop as well as the frame. My question is do I need to keep anything off of my old top The header Anything Or when I buy the new top and frame will it have everything I need

Quote Originally Posted by Crashnburn80 If your old top is a factory top you would be in for quite a suprise going to a supertop. Major PITA by comparision. If you need to replace your frame (vs just getting a replace-a-top skin) then I would look to craigslist for a better condition factory top. It will be cheaper than a new top and operate much easier. who other than craigslist and such sell replacment factory tops

Quote Originally Posted by Boone 98 who other than craigslist and such sell replacment factory tops Quadratec httpwww.quadratec.comproducts11105_XX_A_PG.htm As you can see they are expensive its much more cost effective to buy a used one that is in good condition.

JEEP WRANGLER Smittybilt Top OR QuadraTop

Hey guys Before you say anything yes I know you get what you pay for I am a highschool student with a 97 Wrangler on a tight budget. I think my Wrangler has the ORIGINAL (15 YEARS) soft top on it its dreadful. So what I have narrowed it down to is either the Smittybilt replacment soft Top OR the new Quadratop. They both come in Black Diamond which I like. I also like the nice tight fit that they both

JEEP WRANGLER Do you really need the rear swaybar

Do you really need it is anyone not using theirs Will it make that much of a difference without it on

Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bransford That 4x4 store guy doesnt know Jack Schidt. Not only is he ignorant he tries to charge double for everyting. For exaple soft doors that DONT accept the soft half tops cost 250 A set of 4 Pro Comp MTs costs 800. This guy is outa control. Where would I be able to get the replacment links. I would like to get a Currie Anti-Rock but I cant untill my rear is set up right.

JEEP WRANGLER Unlimited questions

Hello all. Im looking to buy a Wrangler sometime soon and I have a couple of questions. Did anyone buy an Unlimited and wish they had went with the smaller wranger instead (or viceversa) Why Does anyone have pics of an unlimited without doors Pics with half doors For what its worth Im looking for a daily driver. Doubtful that it will see offroad much. Maybe on a hikingcampingbiking trip. Thanks for any help or suggestions J

have made valid point on the Unlimiteds extra size. Bottom line is get the Jeep you like best. When I shopped for mine I looked at both and had the same concern. I started making a list of - and the Plusses will won out. A good number of after market MFGs make parts for the Unlimited and even more than when I bought mine last year. The only thing that could be a long term thing will be soft top replacment

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