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JEEP WRANGLER Brake indicator light comes on not ebrake leak

So the brake light indicator on the dash has been coming off and on the past two days. Its not because I left the parking brake on thats the first thing I checked. First time it happened I was on the highway and had been driving for half an hour. The next time I was at a stoplight and had been there a while that time I felt the brake pedal sink down an inch or two without extra pressure from my foot.

going to all - LED brake lights. My brake dash indicator light is on constantly now. Heres an easy way to see if its the prop valve (at least for 2000 TJ). 1) Disconnect the plug that goes into the prop valve. 2) Jumper across the wiring harness plug (Not to prop valve). 3) See if brake light is still on. If the brake light goes off then its the prop valve. If its the prop valve you could try to reset

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 2006 vw passat ebrake light on and esp light on

Hi guys I got the above lights on I reset them but they pops up again Esp and Auto hold can not be used The gas tank level is going up and down rom time to time What it could be and what shall I do Thx

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 05 525i ebrake abs dtc lights all on

When put in r n or d it stays in park but the car moves dash board lights all stay on when car shuts off...mechanic couldnt even diagnose anything they say it could be my hid lights any ideas...this is so strange also rpms dont work

Quote Originally Posted by jamesching When put in r n or d it stays in park but the car moves dash board lights all stay on when car shuts off...mechanic couldnt even diagnose anything they say it could be my hid lights any ideas...this is so strange also rpms dont work Not sure if this will do anything a long shot but disconnect the negative cable let it sit for a bit . then see what happens.. Something might reset worth a try.

Quote Originally Posted by H F Not sure if this will do anything a long shot but disconnect the negative cable let it sit for a bit . then see what happens.. Something might reset worth a try. 1 Or even one step further. Disconnect the negative then the positive cable and touch the two together while off the battery to completely discharge the ECM.

TOYOTA YARIS Emergency brake light is on constantly

Hey guys I ran a search but didnt find anything similar to my situation. The other day I was removing my PG rear hub spacers and accidentally pulled the wires out of ebrake sensor on the axle. Now the emergency brake light stays on whether or not my ebrake is up or down does anyone know if i can just reset the ecu to solve this I reconnected the wires very well so i cant imagine that it wouldnt be

Quote Originally Posted by CTScott 1 The ebrake has a switch under the console. The sensor you ripped the wires out of is one of the speed sensors for the ABS. Your ABS will be disabled until you replace it. The part number is 89544-52040 and theyre over 100. well the abs light came on before the ebrake light issue arose. i believe that is caused by the suspension the owners manual actually mentions that lowering the suspension may cause the abs light to come on as for the ebrake sensor is there any reason why i would really have to get a new one it seems like i could just reset the ecu

JEEP WRANGLER Emergency brake light will not turn off

Im looking for reasons on why my e brake light will not go out.i havent gotten around to figuring the problem out on my own but i figured i would get your guys thoughts

the front brakes when I opened the bleeder valve relieving pressure from the forward side of the combo valve the pressure differential switch shuttled. For some reason the return spring (I assume there is one on either side) didnt return the shuttle to center and since I did not really have a leak pressure was balanced whenever the pedal was pushed so that didnt return the switch. I just had to reset

JEEP WRANGLER dash light issue

the [ brake ] light in the dash cluster stays on e-brake on and off it wont go off i changed my rear brake drums and shoes today and my lil sister decided to be smart and step on the break to test them but they werent on yet and i dumped quiet a bit of brake fluid is it possible that its telling me that im low on fluid which im going to get at autozone tomaorrow when i get my new lug nuts anyone can help me with this

Quote Originally Posted by ohtenwillys hmmm.. idk if its a fluid indicator but check your brake resi on your master cyl. if not.. then the switch is stuck closed in your ebrake assembly i even reset the dash cluster and still happens anyone know to to tell if the ebrake switch is closed or not

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Brake Light and Beeping

Ok my wife went to take my 1999 c280 to the store yesterday. She gets in pulls the emergency brakeparking brake it releases and she starts to reverse. Only then does she realize that the light is still on in the dash (the one that says brake with the rectangle banner on the right side of the speedo) and the car is beeping. It continues as she shifts to drive. She immediately stops. Pushes and resets

BMW SERIES 3 E46 remove intake manifold now ABS light is on

I removed the intake manifold replaced many hoses cleaned throttle cleaned ICV cleaned DISA replaced CCV etc. After putting it all back together the ABS light is on. The ABS light was not on before this procedure so I doubt I actually have wheel sensor issues. The car runs well codes are clear and the monitors running. Any ideas what I might have done TIA

Try resetting the ABS fuse I had that once on the 96 GT-R I owned while in Japan. It was really weird randomly came on and even one day the brakes wouldnt work had to ebrake it back home lol. But then I just started messing with the fuses and resetting them. Other than that or wires. I dunno Sent from BimmerApp mobile app

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 My E-brake handle wont go all the way down

I use the ebrake as I normally would on a hill. But this time OMG the ebrake wont go all the way down i think the spring on it is jammed It seems like it wont cause a sudden braking episode when Im driving but it triggers the brake light to come on even if the pressure of the brakes arent applied. How do I reset the ebrake to go back down normally and has anyone experienced this issue before

AUDI New Car - Help me De-Bug

just so I dont look like a complete tool when i got to the Audi shop to have it looked at I just purchased a 2000 B5. It needs a few things like brakes and tires and it has some little issues (i.e. a wrinkle in a quarter panel like 2long). These are the things that Im sensingseeing. If theyre normal which IMHO some might be let me know so I dont go in and pay for partslabor that I dont need. PROBLEMS

times and says SERVICE then goes off. Sitting for a month souldnt cause any problems but maybe you did somehting accidentally while fixing the squeeking that did. Wat did you grease and what spring Dont know if i can answer this one but this is the ABS sensor FYI.... 2. Center screen between tach and speedo is missing lines for lack of a better way to put it. It is difficult to read can it be reset

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Braking system

What up the ppl. I have a question for anyone who has encounter a problem with there ebrake. I was resetting the computer for the brake fluid and for the brakes since i changed the brake and rotor yesterday and i got to reset the brake fluid but it is now telling me that I need back brakes and that the e-bake is engaged when it is not so I tried to rest the computer again but it did nothing.. Can anyone


Hi everyone first post and its a biggy. I just purchased my first jeep the other day its a 89 YJ 4.0L. And lets just say its not fairing to well the body has been rusted badly and alot of the wiring is not working or undone so to start i have 2 requests first off can some one please send me a pic of there dash so i can see what the e-brake release handle should look like seeing i dont have one. and

it should look like since allot of folks that upgrade to larger tires have to replace the gear. 5. Hazards (and other lighting woes). Proper groundings My rear tail lights when I put my Kongo cage on were rusted to the point of being brittlecrumble under touch. Id hate to have to tell you to delve into the steering column harness. If so watch out for reassembly (self canceling spring and plastic reset


I was driving and without warning my 2006 Taco 4x4 made a loud popping sound and shut off. I coast the truck to the side of the road. I restarted the truck no problem however the truck will not go. Parked on a hill in park the truck rolls backwards. In 4x4 it doesnt roll backwards but it will only pull forward not actually roll forward. If you put it in reverse while in 4x4 its will go a small ways

check ebrake lines mine got snagged when one of the chains I had on came partly lose... Probably not your problem but I had the exact same symptoms even after I reset the chains. it would go backwards but not forward. we seemed to fix it with a host clamp since it was ripped from the original clamp to the drum. side note my brake light and abs lights were on until I was able to completely release the line on that one side. Edit I was in 4wd at the time

JEEP WRANGLER Parking Brake Indicator Issue

So Ive done a fair amount of searching on this to no true avail but bear with me. Yesterday the indicator that my parking brake was on started intermittently flashing and dinging. I checked numerous times that my brake was off (I dont use it much anyway) and the indicator would go away for a few seconds then back on. After I got done work last night I drove home with no issues or indications then today

Im having the EXACT same issue with mine right now. Sometimes Ill drive 20 or 30 miles and it will be fine other trips the light will come on and then off and keep beeping the whole dang trip. I know its a short somewhere because it wont stay either on or off it keeps flipping back and forth sporadically. If the ebrake is on when you move the beep lasts for about 15 seconds then stops and the light on the dash keeps blinking. Problem with mine is that since it flips the beep keeps coming back. Drives me NUTS. DeadHead23 ever find a fix for it Im considering shorting it so its just always on and wont keep resetting and beeping.

AUDI WindowsandDoors

Help Got out of my 01 allroad left the key in the ignition for the passenger who remained in the car. When I returned started up drove off dash indicator showed two rear and front passenger side doors as open which we confirmed they were not. Windows would not operate and interior lights including vanity lightswould not come on. Whats up Circuit breaker and if so how long does it take to reset Thanks Jacquot

i would unplug battery and reset the computer. Thats weird. Sometimes i start mine up and my abs and ebrake light stay on. I turn off turn back on and its ok.

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Gas Pedal Trick Question

Do I need to run the car for a while and let it get warmed up before trying the gas pedal diagnosis trick And do I depress the brake to make the check light go off

It is in the same row as ebrake antilockbrake lining lights except it is all the way to the left side. It is right under the trip mile reset button.

Quote Originally Posted by bluebimmerman It is in the same row as ebrake antilockbrake lining lights except it is all the way to the left side. It is right under the trip mile reset button. (((((((((((((Runs out to check this out)))))))))))))))) It should come up when tumbler hits accessory right

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